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There is nothing more classic than a woman being dominant over a male by shrinking him or encountering a tiny male. It is the main element that started the giantess fandom, and everyone loves the classic giantess format. In these stories, you will see the simple female macro stories that everyoe knows and loves!

Rated: R
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Shrink: Micro (1 in. to 1/2 in.)
Size Roles: F/m
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Published: February 12 2018 Updated: October 08 2018

1. Ellen's Unaware Morning Routine by Tocinodorado [Reviews - 1] (3422 words)

2. All For Her by Tocinodorado [Reviews - 0] (1400 words)

3. Cram Session by Tocinodorado [Reviews - 0] (1359 words)