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I: Preparations 

It was a fine Sunday afternoon, and everyone seemed pretty pleased with the grades they got...all except a pair of kids who were all studying in the chemistry area. They all got low Bs because of the one professor who did not teach them well enough for them to understand the test questions. 

This teacher's name was Ellen, and she was a blonde haired girl with blue eyes, and most people made fun of her because of the fact that she is a chemistry professor, yet she is blonde. She proved them wrong that she would not be able to survive being  a chemistry professor, but what she did not say is if she would teach well. She does not give good notes at all, she simply gives them an old powerpoint from five years ago. The students never understand the notes because it was all written by the author of the book who writes in fancy terms. The kids were all planning on shrinking her and making her understand the pain they went through, so they decided to get their potions ready.

All of them worked day and night to get the stuff prepared, but they had a shrinking potion ready to use. The next step was to sneak into her home. They all thought about all of the worst case scenarios, but nobody thought about how to enter the house. By the time they got to the house, they realized they did not have a plan on getting inside. One person said they could check the front door first, and they all ended up agreeing on this but one person. "Look guys, I know this is late to say this, but shouldn't we just talk to her like grown ups?"

"You egg head! We are doing this like grown ups! Now hush and come in with us before we decide to shrink you!" That one kid who resisted gulped as he followed inside of the home. It was strange that she did not lock the door, so they wiggled the door knob and saw that it was unlocked. "Easy as one two three" one of them said as they opened the door, and they all quickly ran inside. As soon as the computer scanner scanned that they were all intruders, an installed taser shot all of them, and they all fell to the ground paralyzed. The potion dropped and spilled all over the group of college students, and it shrunk each one of them slowly. The computer tried to alert the professor that someone entered her home, but she was a heavy sleeper and did not pay attention to her computer. After a while, it assumed she didn't care, and it closed the door and locked it along with hiding the traps. The college students were already trapped...they did not have a chance to escape anymore.

The next morning came quickly, and the group of tiny students woke up first. Plenty of them were freaking out, but one of them tried to calm them down. "Listen everyone! We can not freak out like this! If we freak out, we are all going to die because we were foolish and did not pay attention to our surroundings! We have to split up and find the girl! Maybe we can get her attention!" Everyone agreed except for the one kid who knew that this was all going to end terribly. He simply agreed with everyone, and everyone went into different directions 

II: The Professor Rises

The clock timer stuck 8:00 am, and the alarm began to ring. The professor did not want to wake up because she forgot to turn it off so she could get extra sleep on Saturdays. She only sighed as she peered at her phone which was buzzing and playing "The Final Countdown" by Europe. She tapped the turn off button, and she got up and stretched. She then moved down the hall in the upstairs area as she went into her bathroom. She made sure to grab her morning clothes, and she went to do her business.

The tiny who knew everything was going to go bad was looking for somewhere that the professor would go to work at. He would have better luck if he got her attention there. "She would most likely have a desk or something right?" He then looked up and saw the massive stairs. Bingo! He hoped that her office would be upstairs, and he began the struggling journey of climbing the stairs. Luckily they were composed of a carpet, so he had a perfect grip. He did not care about the other tiny people right now, he was looking for help. He did not actually want to hurt her like they did, he actually wanted to have a person to person conversation.

Ten minutes passed, and Ellen was finished with styling her hair and brushing her teeth. Her teeth were sparkling white, and her hair was put into a pony tail. She put on her glasses and smiled as she was proud to not look old at such a young adult age. She then carried on with her day as she went down the stairs.

The tiny guy continued to climb up the stairs, and he finished the fifth step when he heard thuds, and he quickly ran to the edge of the steps so he would not be squished. He heard the thuds get louder and louder until he saw a massive foot slam down. She did not even know that he was close to her heel. "They are going to die.." he said sadly looking around and continuing his journey up. This tiny guy was a rare scientist who believed in a religion, and he prayed. "Dear God if you can hear me, please spare me! I was forced upon this, and I did not believe they would actually go this far! Even if I am to serve my professor, I want to live please!" He then continued climbing

Ellen yawned as she looked around. She saw that the door was all of a sudden locked, and she raised a brow. "Someone tried to come in?" She quickly checked the entrance to the living room, and she saw... nothing. "Must be the malfunction again.. I really need to upgrade.." she said as she walked off. She already crushed someone under her foot because they decided to stay where they were shrunk at. He was the first one down, three more to go.

Ellen then went to the kitchen as she was looking for her daily dose of coffee. "Oh yeah.... it is Saturday, and I didn't prepare the coffee like a school day" she said groaning, and she saw that she had one coffee packet left. "You know what? I am going to actually have another warm drink." She decided she was going to make some chocolate. She then began to gather the stuff along with stuff to have cereal. The tiny people beside her feet were not so happy.

The tiny people were all screaming as they were trying to avoid getting squished like her last victim was. The leader was tired of getting to her by ground, so he then began to climb to the top of the counter top. The other two were screaming as they tried to get her attention, and they noticed her feet stopping moving everywhere. This was their chance! They all quickly ran to her massive feet, and they slammed their fists trying to get her attention. They figured that at some point she would feel a rough amount of pain. She did not notice them, and she simply squished one of them. The other one saw what happened, and he ran away. He ran as far as he could until he found some cave to hide in. He did not know that he was in her slippers.

Ellen finally made her hot chocolate along with her bowl of cereal, but she forgot to warm up her TV. She walked over to her old TV that took one minute to warm up before it would show a picture. She sat there for a moment while tapping her feet up and down. She was close to her slippers, and the tiny person in her left slipper could hear her tapping her feet, and felt his heart tremble in fear. He only tried to not get caught. 

The leader of the tinies bowed his head as he knew this was a mistake as well, but he still tried to lead them to victory. "If I get her attention, I am going to shrink her somehow" he said as he was upset she killed his friends. He felt his stomach growl, and he looked up to see the bowl. He already knew this was going to be a big risk, but he still took the risk, and he tried to climb in to grab a piece of a food, but he instantly slipped inside of the bowl and fell into the milk. There was no escape now, and Ellen came back as she grabbed her bowl of cereal and her chocolate. The leader tried his best to fight her massive silver spoon off, but he was no match, and he was quickly slurped up into her mouth. 

Ellen seemed to not enjoy her bowl of cereal. She did not know if it was because of the mixture of the chocolate and her cereal brand, but it tasted like copper. She simply shrugged it off and put her bowl and mug in the dish washer as she put on her slippers and walked back up the stairs as she went to get changed. She crushed the tiny person inside of her slipper, and there was only one person left. 

This tiny person had so much time. He ended up finding a laptop on a desk, and he was sitting by a pencil sharpener on the desk. He knew she had to check her e-mails eventually, and he could get her attention. He saw the massive professor, and she sat down by the office. "Maybe a quick skim through my e-mails before I get dressed" she said as she opened her laptop. She skimmed through the e-mails until she saw that someone sent her an e-mail about their grades, and she sighed and face palmed. "If only they did not have an attitude, I would gladly talk to them properly about the grades." She was going to reply, but she then heard her phone buzz. She read the notification, and she got side tracked. She got up and moved into the bathroom so she could change clothes.

As she did that, The last tiny man standing quickly hopped onto her laptop, and he typed something out before hopping off. He made sure that he spelled everything correctly, and he sat by the pencil sharpener again as he waited for Ellen to come back. Sooner than expected, Ellen came back and sat down. She saw that someone wrote something on her side of the texting, but it never sent. She read it carefully as it said: MISS BACHER PLEASE HELP ME! MY FRIENDS WANTED TO SHRINK YOU, BUT THEY DROPPED THE POTION AND SHRUNK US ALL! I AM AT THE PENCIL SHARPENER!" Ellen simply looked confused, but just in case if this was true, she looked where her pencil sharpener. She then gasped as sure enough, there was a tiny college student where he said he was at, and she picked him up by his shirt as she observed him. "no way... I thought this was going to be some sort of prank."

"I-I wish this was only a dream ma'am.."

"Please, just call me Ellen okay?"

"Okay.. please let me explain before you hurt me! I-I didn't want to do this I swear I-I-"

"Hush" she said as she wanted him to calm down and  breathe. Sure enough, he did calm down as she was then ready to speak. "Now I already know you were not wanting to do it."


"I see you with the group of kids. They are so rude to you that there is no way you are willing to be their friends. What happened to the rest of them?"

"You probably killed them."


"Yeah, but it was best you did... they were going to shrink and torture you."

"Do you think... do you think I ate one of them in my cereal?"

"W-well I couldn't answer that other than if you let me listen to your stomach." Ellen then puts the tiny guy in the palm of her right hand, and she lowers him down to her belly. He walked up and listened closely. 

"I can't believe this" the leader said as he screamed continuously inside of her stomach. "This was not supposed to happen! I was supposed to be the one who ate the professor! I will see her when she dies!" The tiny outside of Ellen's stomach backed up.

"Yeah he is still alive." The teacher grinned as she then decided to be cruel to the last tiny since he tried to shrink and kill her. 

"Well well well, it seems someone's plans did not end well. Maybe next time you will think things through- oh wait there will be no next time! You are going to be nothing more than food for me!" She chuckled and patted her tummy, and she giggled slightly as the other tiny was still scared of Ellen due to her massive size. "Oh don't worry! You are okay, but I do want a favor of you."

"Y-yes anything. It would make me feel better since I followed them into this mess.."

"Oh I promise it wont be bad" she said smiling. "You see I am a single mother after my husband passed away. I have a seven year old girl who does not have many friends due to her enjoying dolls unlike the other girls who want Iphones. Do you think you could pitch in with me and talk with her? Maybe play along?"

" I do not mind at all! She is not rough towards dolls is she? You know like the kind of girls who rip their hair out.."

"No not at all! She takes care of her dolls actually, so I am certain you will have fun. Besides, your leader is gone anyways, and I surely can't figure out how to grow you back, so you don't have to worry about people telling others about how you let yourself be a doll for a little kid."

"Heh your right about that" he said as he sat down in her hand, and she got up and went into the living room. 

"So tell me, how come they wanted to shrink and harm me?"

"They were not happy about their grades.."

"Are you?"

"Well... I was just concerned.."

"What was the grade you got that you were concerned about?"

"I got a 0 on a test I knew all answers to..."

"Oh goodness! You were the person I forgot to grade! I knew I was forgetting to grade someone, but I was excited for something on that day, so I rushed my work. Your a lucky person. Are you hungry at the moment?"

"No miss.... Ellen."

"Alrighty. I am going to give you to my daughter right now okay?" The tiny guy nodded, and he got prepared as she opened the door. A little girl that had brown hair tied up in a pony tail and blue eyes looked at the tiny person as she smiled. "Hey sweetheart" Ellen said sitting down, "I have found a special doll I used to have."

"What is special about it?"

"This one is magical and can actually talk with you. Do you want her?"

"Y-yes please!" She seemed to stutter when she got excited.

"Alright, but you have to be careful with him. He can be easily bruised."

"Okay mommy" she said, and the tiny guy was passed over to the little girl, and Ellen closed the door. "Wow... my first responding tiny. Do you need any batteries?"

"N-no I don't" he said blushing. He did not know if she really bought that he was a doll.

"Then you can't be a doll. You even feel real... are you really a doll?"

"Well... to be honest, no, but I am willing to be one."

"Okay! Can I ask you stuff though?"

"Of course little girl!"

"What is your name?"

"My name is Manuel, and what is yours?"

"Susan! How did you get this small?"

"It was a scientists potion accident that a group of my friends did with me."

"Are you sure you want to be my doll? I don't want you to hate me for playing with you like a doll" she said as she got saddened thinking about the other girls who made fun of her.

"No no really I am fine! I had a sister who loved to play dolls, and when I was big I played with her. Now I can play with you!"

"T-thank you" she said, and she explained what she was currently acting out. Manuel simply listened closely so he can get an understanding of what to play as. He even told her his ideas, and they both agreed. Eventually they began to act it out

III: Epilogue

The time passed by rather quickly, and Manuel was currently in a car as Susan drove him to and fro from place to place. Susan had quite a collection of cities, so she could easily move him everywhere. She had a doll in each building for any kind of situation. He was headed to a mansion as he had won plenty of money in a way that only made sense to a little kid. As he was about to walk into the mansion, Ellen opened the door. "Alright you two best friends, it is lunch time!" Susan smiled, and out of habit, she grabbed Manuel like a doll and took him out. She realized what she did, and she put him in the palm of her cupped hands. "S-sorry" she said blushing as she felt bad for doing that.

"Oh your fine! Do what is comfortable!" Susan then smiled and held him in the doll grip again, but she let his arms hang out. She let him go once they were on the dining table as she ate her sandwich. Manuel saw that Ellen made a tiny chunk of food for him, and he smiled as he quickly went and ate his food. He loved how it tasted, and he continued to eat until he saw some shadow towering over him. He looked up and saw Ellen as it was now just Ellen and Manuel. "So you seem to enjoy being with Susan hm?"

"Yeah! She is fun to be with!"

"Well that is nice, but I have some good news! I do have a potion that can make you grow back to normal, but it is odd on how it works. It will periodically shrink you. How about this: I will explain what happened to your parents in a way so they will calm down, you can come here every day to get your lessons, and all you have to do instead of paying for my classes is spend some time with my daughter, maybe stay a night as well?"

"Okay that sounds reasonable! Do you know the time periods?"

"Well it seems to work for about one day you swap sizes." Ellen gave him the tiny glass with the liquid in it. "You wanna do this?" Manuel nodded, and he began to drink it. It tasted like some sort of coconut drink as he shook the weird taste off, and he looked at her. "So I should grow back tomorrow?" Ellen nodded, and she took him upstairs as she talked with him about a little more things, and she even began her free lessons with him. 

So this was Manuel's life now. He was a size changer, and the news was astonished to see someone truly be a size changer. He was well known in school now for surviving an unaware giant woman, and he was also well known for saving many college student's lives from the teacher not teaching well. Manuel told Ellen why most people failed her class in a polite way, and she decided to change her methods. Most of the kids pass the class from then on. As for Manuel, he is taken by his parents to Ellen's home so he can get his lesson in, and when he is finished he is taken to Susan's room so he can continue his life acting. Susan made sure to do her best acting as well, and Manuel enjoyed being with Susan. Overall, Manuel could say now that he has a pretty good life now.

Chapter End Notes:

So I guess it is a happy ending huh? As my other stories, I would love to see reviews about how good some stories are compared to others!

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