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                Ben and Thisa gave birth to a twin sons and they named them mark and Fred. They were living a happy life and as an add-on, both Ben and Thisa got a good job and due to this, they were forced to go for various places around the world for work,they could spend time with their kids rarely.  This made the twins to grow alone in their big house.  This life continued when at the age of 5, due to some strange disease, Fred shrank to1 inch tall.  thisa was much worried and so, she took Fred wherever she went by keeping him in her purse.  The size difference didn't made any change in the relationship between the twins, But the act of thisa carrying Fred alone with her made mark to feel jelous.

                  After that mark and fred met rarely till mark reached the age of 15. once mark reached 15 years, and also because of heavy work load, fred was given to mark and told to him to take care of his brother well and they left for work.The real story starts from now on.

                   At first, mark took good care of fred for couple of weeks.  At the age of 15, mark stood a heafty 5 feet.But his twin fred measured only 2 inches. 

                  The change in their life happend on a fine day when fred was sitting on mark's chest as they both were watching some pictures on internet. It was a random view and suddenly a picture caught both their attention. in that picture, a shrinkee was licking a normal size man's shoes. on seeing that picture, mark could feel a slight tremble in fred's 2 inch body. He could say for sure that fred felt some discomfort on seeing that picture. Mark took a big move and clicked that picture. In that, it said "How to humiliate a Shrinkee". that words were the changing point in the twins life. 

                    exactly one week later, fred was hanging for his life between Mark's finger grip.

                    After viewing those words, mark started the conversation with fred. "fred, are you thinking something?"

                   fred sighed and replied"Yes, i m thinking of getting some sleep.  can you place me on the bed please?"

                   Mark thought for a while and said,"But it is 11 in the morning and why do you need a sleep now.? And you know what, say me what you feel after seeing this picture. "

                  Fred was worried. He could feel where mark is taking this conversation to. He got irritated about this and shouted," It is my wish when to sleep and not. now i said you to just take me to my bed"

                   Mark made a grin in his face and spoke some more,"common fred,lets talk somemore. you know our birth story? you know how we born? mom told me that you were pinned to my ass as a baby. haha, a crying baby in my ass"

                   Fred felt humiliated. He never thought mark would speak to him like this. so he stood up and started walking in his wide chest thinking of getting down. suddenly, he was caught by marks huge hand. fred was terrified. He shouted," mark, what do you want now?" Mark face looked serious. he said" too much anger for a shrinkee is danger for him." fred tried to free himself but in vain. Mark looked like a god to him. he was like a muscle mountain.

                    mark finaly spoke,," okie fred. i will leave you by bed. but on one condition. you should make me laugh.If you win, you go to be or else, we play somemore time."

                    fred agreen and once he was released by marks hand, he sad down and said an old joke. mark felt it was humorous, but he controlled his laugher. Seeing marks reactionless face, fred ran to mark's armpits to tickle him. he was in a mindset to make mark laugh anyhow and go to bed as soon as possible to end this act. But mark couldnt even feel the tiny hands of fred tickling his armpits.

                    fred made a desperate face and openly shouted," oki i couldnt make you laugh. so what game are we going to play now?".

                    mark told the game name and it caused a sharp tickle in freds backbone as soon as he heard the name...of the game.....

Chapter End Notes:

If you are reading this means that i love you.  appreciate me for more works. expecting reviews. 

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