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Story Notes:

I have no idea what I'm doing.  Keep in mind, though, this is a work in progress.  I plan on expanding into other areas (butt, feet, etc) but it feels weird to add those tags in if the story doesn't have that stuff in just yet.  I'll add them in as I upload chapters.

This is primarily a vore story, but I'll include other things along the way to give everyone a bit of something.  There will be a combination of unaware and aware throughout.


Author's Chapter Notes:

Shrinking, Unaware, a bit of Vore.  Let me know if I'm missing something here I should be putting in, if you happen upon it.


“Oh my god, Val, we’re just going to a movie, y’know?”

Valerie walked up to her friend in front of the theater.  “Hey, I like looking good.”  She smirks, giving her friend a playful shove in the shoulder before walking into the theater with her.  “It wouldn’t kill you to try once in a while yourself.”  For Valerie, it was an added bonus to dress up since it seemed to get on her friend’s nerves so much.  It was always easy to get a rise from her.  Maybe, sometimes, too easy, Valerie thought.

“Geez, Val.  I mean, you look better than most people do on interviews.  Sometimes I wonder if you really are trying to turn me into one of your.. people.”

“First of all, Crystal, I’m bi.  Secondly.. what?  Am I like a fairy or a smurf or something?”

“A fairy?  Isn’t that actually KIND of what ‘we’ call you folk!?”

They were now waiting in line to get tickets.  Valerie and Crystal were actually the same age, being in their early 20’s and going to college.  Most people couldn’t tell with an initial glance, and the more you watched them the harder and more confusing it became to tell.  Crystal by no means looked bad in jeans and a shirt, her fiery red hair let down, but Valerie was dressed up to the point where she looked like she had a good 10 or 15 years on her. Valerie was wearing black dress pants and a nice blouse with a matching fashionable scarf, her dark brown hair gathered back into a ponytail.  She was even wearing make-up.  It was a stark contrast to how plain and mousy Crystal seemed to be alongside Valerie.

Valerie wrapped her arm around her friend, holding her steady in an almost kind of headlock.  She pulled Crystal in close and whispered, “Call me anything you like, baby.” 

“EW.  Gross, Val let go of me!” Crystal yelled, shoving her friend away. 

Valerie giggled mischievously.  “Come on!  You’re too easy, Crys.” 

Crystal shook her head as the pair approached the Ticketmaster.  “God… you’re insane.  Why do I hang out with you again?”  Crystal always felt a bit nervous going out and about with Valerie.  She didn’t like attracting much attention, and hated especially giving off wrong impressions.   

Valerie grinned up at the Ticketmaster, a 16 year old boy timidly watching the back and forth unfold between the two girls.  “I make things interesting and you know it,” giving Crystal a sidelong glance then turning to wink at the young man.

After the Ticketmaster nervously gave them their tickets, they ordered popcorn and sodas at the concession stand before entering their theater and taking their seats. 

“I thought the guy giving us our tickets was about to pass out or something,” Valerie giggled. 

“Shit, Val, I swear I can’t take you anywhere.” 

“Oh please, this world just can’t handle a lady as refined as I,” she replied, tossing a popcorn kernel into the air and catching it in her mouth. She gave Crystal a wolf-like grin and raised her arms as if in triumph.

“Ugh, whatever,” Crystal replied as Valerie began munching on her prize.  “For going all out with dressing yourself up so much, you are really too good at that.”

Valerie shrugged.  “Girl’s gotta have skills,” she said as she popped a handful of popcorn into her mouth.

The night continued more or less normally. Popcorn was thrown, and the previews started to begin.  Valerie smirked to herself, considering dropping some popcorn down Crystal’s shirt.  She really did consider Crystal as more of a sister rather than anything else.  Of course, that came with all the fun of getting to be the older sister.  Very slightly older sister, that is.  And Crystal was a lot of fun to tease and mess around with, though she could be kind of a nag.  They didn’t know each other for much longer than a year, but their dynamic seemed to work for them, somehow.

Crystal couldn’t help but be jealous of her best friend, though she’d never admit it.  Despite being annoying at times… well, a lot of the times, and other than being so attuned to fashion and looking good, Valerie also had top grades in their school.   ‘She’s not even majoring in anything like fashion in our school, she’s going to become a fucking biologist of all things,’ Crystal thought, ‘How the hell is she going to contain all of that… ‘personality’ in a lab-‘

Crystal’s thoughts were interrupted as she felt a couple of popcorn kernels fall into her shirt.  She twisted and yelled out (as quietly as she could) while Valerie giggled and stuck out her tongue.  Crystal gave an exasperated grunt, fished out the popcorn in her shirt and mashed it against Valerie’s face before turning back in her seat.  “I’m surprised you didn’t try eating that you fucking savage.” 

Valerie just continued to giggle, proud of herself.  As the previews ended and the movie began, that was when the incident happened. 

Suddenly, a small percentage of the world’s population had shrunk.  And Crystal was one of them.  No bright lights or sci fi sound effects, everything around her became gigantic in an instant as she shrunk to about 2 inches tall, clothes and all. 

She didn’t even have the privilege of shock, since as soon as it happened her seat flipped upright, and she was falling along her seat.  She managed to grab a hold of a bit of the seat’s fabric just before reaching the ground, hanging on for dear life.  “What the fuck… what the FUCK is going on!?” she cried. 

As she hung onto the strands of the chair, safe for the moment, it allowed her brain to process.  Was this a dream?  No, this was too real.  Is this part of some weird stunt or prank?  She took in her surroundings.  It certainly seemed like it, though it made no sense.  She glanced over at Valerie, who seemed to not notice what just happened, being too absorbed in the movie and eating the occasional bit of popcorn. 

So, she started the seemingly impossible task of climbing to the top part of the chair.  ‘I need to get her attention somehow.’  Struggling, pulling herself up bit by bit, she was getting exhausted quickly.  The sounds of the movie echoed all around her, and once in a while Valerie would make some kind of reactive noise or chuckle.  ‘When I get her attention I’m going to kill her, I swear,’  she thought. 

Valerie had just put a handful of popcorn in her mouth when something in the movie caught her off-guard.  “Oh-ho, damn, Crys did you see that?” she asked, popcorn getting flung from her mouth in her surprise.  She looked over and saw the seat empty.  ‘Huh,’ Valerie thought, ‘usually I’m a bit more perceptive than that.’  She frowned and looked around where she had spit out the popcorn before turning back to the movie, feeling a bit sheepish.  ‘Darn.’ 

Unfortunately for Crystal, one of the popcorn kernels from Valerie’s mouth hit the seat right beside where she was climbing before falling onto the floor below her.  She held on tight for a moment as it happened, the surprise almost causing her to lose her grip.  She closed her eyes and steadied her breathing.  ‘Damn her.  Did I mention I was going to kill her?  Cause I’m going to kill her.’  Oddly, focusing on this idea was helping her calm down a bit.

After what felt like hours, and after clinging to the fabric to take several breaks, Crystal finally made it to the top.  She rested in between the soft cushion of the seat and the hard metal beneath, and laid there for a bit, resting her sore arms.  ‘Okay… I should be able to get to the armrest from here.’  One thing she was glad for was no one typically comes in the middle of a movie to sit down, though the more she rested in her spot the more uneasy she became that someone would suddenly flip the seat down. 

Crystal picked herself up after a couple of minutes and started making her way to her armrest.  Her eyes went wide as she looked up at her drink sitting in the cup holder.  ‘Good fuck,’ she thought nervously.  She looked over to Valerie, seeing her place several bits of popcorn in her mouth.  Something about seeing all that popcorn disappear inside her mouth made her feel… uneasy, though her brain was too distracted and scared to sort out why at the moment. 

She arrived at the edge of the seat just before the armrest.  There was a pretty sizable gap, but she figured she should be able to make it.  Plus Valerie wasn’t hogging too much of it.  She took a few steps back, then made a running jump for it, managing to land successfully onto the armrest.  ‘I did it!  Oh my god.  Fucking Val, I need help!’  She ran up along the armrest a bit closer to Valerie, hoping to wave her arms and get some good yelling in to try to get her attention, but her foot slipped on the armrest and she ended up falling off of it right onto Valerie’s lap.

“Ough.  Damn it.”  She sat up, seeing that she was on Valerie’s left thigh.  ‘Holy shit.’  Seemingly from everywhere Valerie’s perfume hit her.  It wasn’t displeasing, but it was probably more of it than she felt comfortable breathing in, especially since she was so close.  Suddenly, Valerie’s fingers snatched her up. 

Valerie had felt something fall on her leg, and absentmindedly grabbed it up.  Crystal felt the giant fingers delicately lift her up to her friend’s face, and for a very short moment she thought she had gotten through to her much bigger friend.  But then Valerie’s red glossy lips parted as her mouth opened wide, and she found herself moving slowly and deliberately to it.

“Val… VAL!  Oh god Val please LISTEN TO ME!”  she screamed as loud as she could, gazing into the dark abyss of Valerie’s opened mouth.  A thick saliva strand connected the top and bottom part of her mouth, and there were little munched up pieces of popcorn all along her tongue and in her teeth.  Her tongue slithered out to accept the new morsel, hot breath washing over Crystal reeking of popcorn and spit.  She could just barely make out her friend’s uvula and the awaiting darkness of her throat.  “VAL!  NO!  PLEASE!” Crystal cried as she was then flung right onto the waiting tongue before it retracted and the mouth closed, trapping Crystal in complete darkness. 

Inside, Crystal immediately felt such intense heat and humidity it just about sapped her of the rest of her strength. As soon as Valerie’s mouth shut, she found herself being pressed up along the tough sticky palate of her friend with her tongue, getting covered in a good amount of spit and pieces of popcorn in the process.  Her face was pressed against Valerie’s tongue and she couldn’t breathe, having to turn her head and gasp for air through all the spit and heat.  She felt the tastebuds of the tongue brush along her face as she did so, and she started screaming and squirming against it once her face was free.  Then, she heard a sound echo all around her.  It was Valerie, making a sound of disgust as she tasted her squirming friend. Crystal then felt her world lurch forward as Valerie spit her out into her bag of popcorn and stood up coughing. 

“OH MY GOD!” Valerie yelled, backing away from the popcorn expecting to see some kind of bug or something emerge.  ‘WAS it a bug?’ she thought.  ‘It almost tasted like…’ she cautiously peered over the edge of the bag, narrowed her eyes, then picked up the bag and brought it closer to her face.  “Oh my god.  Crystal!?  What the… what?!” 

Crystal was laying on top of the remaining popcorn in the bag, looking up at her gigantic friend.  She finally managed to get her attention.  It was really all of less than a second she spent inside Valerie’s mouth, but that was all it took to drain the rest of her energy. She felt a moment of zen lying there on top of a few kernels of popcorn, despite the cold feeling she had from being wet with Valerie’s spit and the revulsion from having pieces of popcorn from her friend’s mouth stuck in various places around her body.   Even still, Crystal breathed a heavy sigh of relief now that she could finally tell her precisely what she wanted to say to her for some time now. 

“FUCK you, Valerie!”  Crystal yelled, flipping her friend off.

Chapter End Notes:

Again, I have no idea what I'm doing.  But I'm actually enjoying this so far so we'll see where it goes, figure if I enjoy it someone out there surely will too.  I have a lot of different things planned for this story, and we should be getting into the "good stuff" next chapter. 

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