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Story Notes:

AN: Jay-Bug and Molotav, back together for another illustrated story, this time more than one page long. For convenience, chapters will start with a quick note as to what content is present.


Author's Chapter Notes:

CW: Feet, breasts, crush



Les Sœurs de Terreur

“I absolutely cannot stand him.”

“Ugh, right?  Like, there's gotta be some way to deal with him, you know?”

Minus kept his position at the entrance of his room, listening to his older sisters, Plus and Sum, talk about him.  He tried to steady his breath, before straightening his back and slipping from his door frame.  Step by step, he moved as quietly as possible down the hall.  Peeking into the living room, and seeing that his sisters were seated on the couch and facing away from him, he attempted to continue his trek to the kitchen.  However, at the moment he stepped into the common area, his sisters immediately snapped their attention onto him.

“Speak of the devil.” Plus sneered.

“Yeah, really.  What do you want, nerd?” Sum said.

“N-nothing, just, haha, just going to get, uh, some, uh, breakfast...” Minus stuttered, looking back and forth between his sisters, “No n-need to, uh, haha, worry about me, ha, just really hungry is, um all...”

“Less worried than disgusted.” Plus stood up and rounded the couch, towering by at least a full head over her younger brother.

“Seriously.  We don't want, like, pests in our kitchen, you know?  You'll spoil all the food.” Sum swung her long legs around the back of the couch and effortlessly popped herself over, so that she was now standing between Minus and the kitchen, trapping him between the equally tall sisters.

“We may forgive this intrusion though.” Plus said, her always inscrutable expression tightening, “If you can prove your worth.”

“Uh, sh-sure, whatever you want Plus, just, uh, don't, um, whatever you want...” Minus bristled at the feeling of Sum behind him, but dared not to take is eyes off of Plus.

“Bow then.” Plus commanded, to which Minus immediately prostrated himself.  Plus moved her shoe in front of his face, “Kiss this.”

“Y-y-yeah.” Minus barely sputtered out before pressing his lips to the patent leather surface of his sister's ballet-flat.  

“Sum's as well.” Plus said.  Minus scuttled around in his bowing position, only to meet the upturned sole of Sum's flip flop.

“Yeah, c'mon dork, kiss my dirty shoe.” Sum laughed, while Minus's lips made contact with her cheap, rubber sole.

“Get up and look at me.” Plus spat the order, which Minus quickly followed.  He looked hopefully to his stern sister, while still being painfully aware of how situations like these had turned out historically.

“Well, he did, like, kiss our shoes.  I guess that means he can eat, right?” Sum chirped.

“Considering that he so willingly used those lips on the dirt we've collected, I do not think he's fit to eat our food.” Plus sneered.

“Haha, oh yeah, good point.  Maybe he can keep eating dirt though, you know?” Sum snickered, as she sneaked closer her brother, a move Minus was aware of, but helpless against.

“I'd say so.” Plus nodded to Sum.

“Perfect then.  Hey bro, heads up!” Sum suddenly swung her arms around her shorter brother, and lifted him up into a tight bear hug, using her considerable strength to constrict his chest.

“W-wait!  Pl-plea-!” Minus tried to object, but it was too late.  He could already feel the powerful squeeze of his sister doing its work.  As his head was pulled into her breasts he could feel them getting larger.  As his feet pulled further from the floor, he could feel the onset of vertigo.  As his hands became smaller, he could feel the soft skin of his sister expanding in his struggling grip.  Whatever strange magic it was that caused it, it didn't matter; Sum was literally squeezing the size out of him.  

Through scrunching eyes and blurry tears, Minus could see Plus approaching.  Sum dropped her arms quickly enough so that the sudden intrusion of Plus's breasts pressing against hers kept Minus trapped, completely helpless and dwindling between the combined chests of his sisters.


It didn't take long; soon enough he was small enough to be completely enveloped by the bust of even one of the tall girls that surrounded him.  Plus eventually stepped back, allowing the toy-sized Minus to fall from his position, hard onto the wooden floor.  He turned his body over and looked up at the giant women towering over him.

“Hah!  That never gets old, you know?  He's not quite small enough yet though, right?” Sum laughed down at Minus's tiny body.

“Not yet.  Would you like to do the honors?” Plus asked.

“Um, duh!” Sum smirked, lifting her flip flop above her brother, “Hope you didn't like being a doll too much, 'cause you're about to totally be a bug.”

With that, Sum's dirty shoe pressed down on the entirety of Minus, continuing the process of his errant body's diminishment.  The speckled, rubber surface stretched out around him, and the neat sole pattern grew into barely recognizable distortions.  His sister's considerable weight doubled, then tripled, then quadrupled, making it feel as though his minuscule body was about to pop,  until finally the boat sized sole lifted off of him.

“Barely as big as my big toe!  Perfect!”  Sum squealed, “Now you'll get plenty to eat.  Like, from the bottom of my shoes, of course.”

“I think he'll be cleaning my shoes first.  You did get to shrink him, it would be unfair otherwise.” Plus butted into Sum's personal party.

“Oh, that was your game, being so generous, huh?  You're so, um, strategic!” Sum gave her sister a firm pat on the back, something which seemed to knock the unyielding Plus off balance, if only for a moment.

Plus's sharp fingernails snatched up Minus's body, sending his stomach reeling into bouts of nausea.  The air moving through her loose grip felt, to Minus, like a violent tempest, and the jarring shifts of balance and inertia felt like atmospheric reentry.  Plus added a light squeeze, the press of a deep ocean to the small Minus, to the maelstrom before depositing the tiny boy on the carpet in front of the couch.

“Lick these clean, insect.” Plus demanded as she sat, her enormous flat thundering in front of Minus.  He wasted no time catching his breath and began his task, not wanting to raise the ire of his titaness sister any more than he had already done by, apparently, existing.

“Yeah, make 'em spotless, squirt,” Sum chimed in. “And when you're done, you're not just going to clean my sandals, you're gonna lick my feet clean too.  Hope you're as hungry as you said!”

Minus stole a quick glance to Sum's wriggling toes and sighed deeply.  He hadn't even been that hungry to begin with.  Why did he risk leaving his room?

-To Be Continued-




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