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They say that love is a road full of detours and roads that come and go, but for Elsa Wood, for her it's more like a labyrinth or a dungeon. Elsa Wood lives in Bahia del Sol in California, the city where men, women and E. Humans live in harmony, leaving their mark on every beautiful young lady E.human who falls into her subtle (for her) game of conquest. Until that night where life had something to say ...


In case someone is only interested in the part that concerns the perspective of a giantess (in this case, our co-protagonist) The chapters that lead (Hannah) are those that revolve around her and how she lives her life

Rated: PG
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Published: January 20 2018 Updated: February 19 2018
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1. Chapter 1: Defcons and you by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 2] (2118 words)

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- I can not force you, but I hope you enjoy this story!

2. Chapter 2 (Hannah): Drowning by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (1685 words)

This chapter occurs a few hours before the final scene of chapter 1, from the perspective of the other protagonist of the story, Hannah the giantess

3. Chapter 3: And both fell by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (1945 words)

This chapter has been so early because Link gives me a link explaining how to make a cleaner and worked (I guess you have already read it, but go to see Elite Sister, a real story like a good diamond), and after reading it I have tried to put into practice everything I have learned. This time if I ask you to comment if you like this style of writing more than the previous one.

4. Chapter 4 (Hannah): Connected destinations by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2051 words)

Many thanks to the more than 500 readings! I hope that now that the prologue is over you are still reading! Enjoy the chapter!

5. Chapter 5 Stairway of hearts by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2201 words)

In case someone was asked, Hannah to enter an elevator (only those who are prepared for extrahumans) gets on her knees and squeezes in an attempt to curl up against the left corner, picking up her legs under her ass.
Normally she did not have many opportunities to go in the elevator, so for Hannah this is one of those beautiful moments of personal overcoming.

6. Chapter 6 Say something (part 1) by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 2] (2766 words)

Para que este capítulo tenga sentido, tuve que rehacer todo en primera persona, desde el punto de vista de Hannah.

¡Espero que todavía te guste!

7. Chapter 7 Say something (part 2) by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2388 words)

Many thanks to everyone for exceeding the mark of the 1100 readings! I love you all! I hope that you stay here to discover what the future holds for Hannah!

As I said here is the second part of yesterday's chapter! Hannah continues with Elsa and Chris, while in another part a report is delivered. A bright road has appeared in front of our protagonists. Bright but full of dangers.

8. Chapter 8 History lessons by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2384 words)

Some say that those who do not know history are condemned to repeat it over and over again. The truth is that as much as you know the story can not do anything but sit and watch the progress, the story will continue with you or without you.

Changing the subject today we have a lot of change of points of view to make sense of a certain event! I hope you like this mini-experiment! Thanks to the more than 300 people who have read my story from yesterday to today and thanks also to those who will read tomorrow!

9. Start of story arc 1: Stay together by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2193 words)

Welcome to the first story arc of our history! Also note that from this point also include the current date of the scene next to the location (Whenever it does not appear is because we continue on the same day)



This first arc story will take place 2 weeks after the last chapter, and will be centered mainly on the past and the path that each person transits.The people who have been by our side are the ones who have guided us to become who we are now, although sometimes it is painful to continue when they are missing.

The road can sometimes be painful, but it is our duty to travel it.

10. Chapter 10 Dancing with danger and eroticism by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2830 words)

1500 readings! Simply amazing! Thank you all and I hope you like the new story arc! This chapter is something more ... special than usual, since finally the "main" character that makes the story have the Dwarf Tag (4 feet to 5 feet, or more specifically 4 feet and 5 inches) appears on the scene! And because that chapter contains a talk that is based directly on something personal of mine!

I hope you like it!

11. Chapter 11 Those who take care of you by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2648 words)



"Thousands of worlds, thousands of lights, and after so much time, I finally found who I was looking for"

12. Chapter 12 Jane by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2244 words)


Life can be completely twisted in just a few moments. But even with that, we must continue on our way.

13. Chapter 13 Our dream by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2250 words)

In today's chapter, the first part of having too many characters together in the same scene was too overloaded, so I've tried a new kind of dialogue for this kind of scenes.Tell me in the comments if you like it or not! (for the next similar scenes)

I hope you enjoy the chapter! Thanks for all the readings as always!

14. First boss: Psychotic police, Clay by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2918 words)

A thousand thanks as always to more than 2100 visits! You are the best!

15. Chapter 15 Heaven by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2273 words)

16. End of story arc 1: Between Heaven and Hell by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (4086 words)

And with this we reach the end of the first story arc! Thank you very much to all of you who have been here reading it every day and to those who will read them in the future!

I hope you enjoy the future and what is to come in history!

17. Chapter 17 Utopia by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (3531 words)


While some live their dream and crash with it, others present a project that is full of hope and illusion.

Bahia will never stop moving forward. And it is the bonds that are formed between people who pull on it no matter what happens.

18. Chapter 18 Fair monkey by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2241 words)

Today touches a chapter of transition with Hannah adapting to its new size, something shorter than usual for lack of time. Tomorrow, as I am free, I will play a longer and more important chapter! At the end of the chapter I leave you a question that if you have time I would like to know your opinion!

Many thanks as always to everyone you have read! Enjoy the chapter!

19. Chapter 19 Loaded elements of love by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (3180 words)

Today I'm going fast that the chapter is loaded with content!

Thank you all for the readings as always! I hope you like this approach to the action more "fantastic"!

20. Start of story arc 2: Dirty Lover by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2843 words)

"Every so often, someone with the potential to mark the world around them is born, history itself has shown us that this potential can be used for good or for evil, but if there is a truth in all this ... It is that the third growth giantesses have always been.This has always made me ask a lot of questions.

Is it because of this fact that they are born so few with so many years of difference between one and the other?

What is it that marks the individual with potential? The person himself? Or the genes of giantess?

Humans with potential have always been good or bad. But the giantesses have only marked on the side of the common good. Is it in its own nature? Or are they incapable of being evil?

In the end, there are too many questions that I do not think I live to answer. But I hope someday someone will answer them."

21. Chapter 21 Power of Love by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2663 words)

Just I just realized that we have already exceeded 3100 visits! You are the best! I hope you like the episode today and the beginning of the story arc of the Dirty Lover and the King of the mausoleum!

Back to the future, best movie of the last century

22. Chapter 22 Distrust, Tears and how to gather the team by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (3354 words)

4 very different people, a fondue and a goal.

Can ties be formed from distrust and fear? Will hearts be opened? Will the fondue be good? So many questions, so few answers.

23. Chapter 23 A Bullet for the future by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (3036 words)


Living so many years in the dark, only a futile dream held his sanity. But the time to rise again had arrived, and his dreams were no longer necessary for the future

24. Chapter 24 Vs Carmen, Exspear of GUN (Part 1) by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2735 words)

There are people who only come to their senses with a good beating.

There are people who do not learn to kneel, getting to fight for something small that is the reason.

There are people who only understand a law, the law of the jungle.

Carmen did not reach the top of GUN being a coward that hid behind the first line of combat. Not at all.

She WAS the first line.

25. Chapter 25 Vs Carmen (part 2) feat. All hail Elsa by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2791 words)


This episode is the first to have a flashback interspersed with the action in the present, so I hope it was not too bad! Many thanks to everyone for the readings as always!

Enjoy the chapter!

26. Chapter 26 "4 Points of views on a countdown." by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2823 words)


A news story went around the world, the destruction of a remote Argentine rural town.

But the news was not the fire that destroyed their homes. The authentic news was the being that the locals said that they had attacked... and the message that he had given them.

"I will arrive Bahia del Sol, home of Calia Sol, in less than two days... and I will destroy the Dirty Lover and anyone who gets in the middle of both... be sure of it..."

27. Chapter 27 Hero by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (3244 words)

I will repeat myself a lot, but I can not stop thanking all the readers! I know it is not a story of an erotic giantess like most here, that's why I thank you even more for your support!

Comment if you want, and be prepared that this is the last chapter before the arrival of Jolbirth!

28. Chapter 28 That person who relies on you by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (3712 words)

First of all, sorry for not uploading chapter yesterday. They cut the internet connection not only in my home, but in the whole building ... and as you can see by the time it is reconnected super late (at least for me, which is already 4 and a half am).

Now going back to the important issue... 4000 visits! And right in the chapter of the arrival of Jolbirht! All of you are incredible! I hope you enjoy as much as I do this chapter and those who are about to arrive!

The decisive battle time of Bahia has arrived, and the contenders are each in their position! Time to give everything or die trying!

29. Chapter 29 King of an abandoned and forgotten kingdom by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2513 words)




Thank you all for the readings as alwa-



30. Chapter 30 "Will card" by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2252 words)

First point: 4500! Every time I think I can not love all my readers anymore, you can surprise me! I hope you are drifting away from the


Anyway, let's go fast because this brings me to the second point:
We still have cuts in the Internet service throughout the building, so I do not know when I can upload this chapter, I hope that today-


"TELL THE OTHER THING TOO, HUMAN! Do not be shy to me now!"

God, to take so much time locked up is too impatient.

The third point today is that I took advantage of the time without internet to redo the first two chapters! Adapted to the style of all the last chapters, but describing the scenes and the internal and external concerns of the characters and less "as if it were a play". Take a look if you want! I think they have been much cleaner and more enjoyable!