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Fking Keys and Fking Hades. How can he get rid of death all the time?

My name is Dalia Reyes Wood, I am currently 20 feet and this is the story of my growth and my path to being a hero... or at least since chapter 104, whatever it may be, this is MY story.


The chapters revolve around Dalia and her day to day during her third growth, which will raise her up to 60 feet in height. (Feet up, feet down)

But each chapter will contain segments from other perspectives or scenes for the sake of history.


Rated: R
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Growth: Brobdnignagian (51 ft. to 100 ft.)
Shrink: Dwarf (3 ft. to 5 ft.)
Size Roles: F/f
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Published: January 20 2018 Updated: July 10 2018
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1. Chapter 1: Defcons and you by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 2] (2118 words)

- I do not own copyright of any title, real person or companies used in the story, except for those created by me for the story.

- Any expression, name or point that is not clear will be answered in the reviews (as long as they do not alter or advance too many important points;)

- Any criticism will be well received so be honest of what you like!

- I can not force you, but I hope you enjoy this story!

2. Chapter 2 (Hannah): Drowning by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (1685 words)

This chapter occurs a few hours before the final scene of chapter 1, from the perspective of the other protagonist of the story, Hannah the giantess

3. Chapter 3: And both fell by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (1945 words)

This chapter has been so early because Link gives me a link explaining how to make a cleaner and worked (I guess you have already read it, but go to see Elite Sister, a real story like a good diamond), and after reading it I have tried to put into practice everything I have learned. This time if I ask you to comment if you like this style of writing more than the previous one.

4. Chapter 4 (Hannah): Connected destinations by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2051 words)

Many thanks to the more than 500 readings! I hope that now that the prologue is over you are still reading! Enjoy the chapter!

5. Chapter 5 Stairway of hearts by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2201 words)

In case someone was asked, Hannah to enter an elevator (only those who are prepared for extrahumans) gets on her knees and squeezes in an attempt to curl up against the left corner, picking up her legs under her ass.
Normally she did not have many opportunities to go in the elevator, so for Hannah this is one of those beautiful moments of personal overcoming.

6. Chapter 6 Say something (part 1) by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 2] (2766 words)

Para que este capítulo tenga sentido, tuve que rehacer todo en primera persona, desde el punto de vista de Hannah.

¡Espero que todavía te guste!

7. Chapter 7 Say something (part 2) by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2388 words)

Many thanks to everyone for exceeding the mark of the 1100 readings! I love you all! I hope that you stay here to discover what the future holds for Hannah!

As I said here is the second part of yesterday's chapter! Hannah continues with Elsa and Chris, while in another part a report is delivered. A bright road has appeared in front of our protagonists. Bright but full of dangers.

8. Chapter 8 History lessons by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2384 words)

Some say that those who do not know history are condemned to repeat it over and over again. The truth is that as much as you know the story can not do anything but sit and watch the progress, the story will continue with you or without you.

Changing the subject today we have a lot of change of points of view to make sense of a certain event! I hope you like this mini-experiment! Thanks to the more than 300 people who have read my story from yesterday to today and thanks also to those who will read tomorrow!

9. Start of story arc 1: Stay together by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2193 words)

Welcome to the first story arc of our history! Also note that from this point also include the current date of the scene next to the location (Whenever it does not appear is because we continue on the same day)



This first arc story will take place 2 weeks after the last chapter, and will be centered mainly on the past and the path that each person transits.The people who have been by our side are the ones who have guided us to become who we are now, although sometimes it is painful to continue when they are missing.

The road can sometimes be painful, but it is our duty to travel it.

10. Chapter 10 Dancing with danger and eroticism by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2830 words)

1500 readings! Simply amazing! Thank you all and I hope you like the new story arc! This chapter is something more ... special than usual, since finally the "main" character that makes the story have the Dwarf Tag (4 feet to 5 feet, or more specifically 4 feet and 5 inches) appears on the scene! And because that chapter contains a talk that is based directly on something personal of mine!

I hope you like it!

11. Chapter 11 Those who take care of you by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2648 words)



"Thousands of worlds, thousands of lights, and after so much time, I finally found who I was looking for"

12. Chapter 12 Jane by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2244 words)


Life can be completely twisted in just a few moments. But even with that, we must continue on our way.

13. Chapter 13 Our dream by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2250 words)

In today's chapter, the first part of having too many characters together in the same scene was too overloaded, so I've tried a new kind of dialogue for this kind of scenes.Tell me in the comments if you like it or not! (for the next similar scenes)

I hope you enjoy the chapter! Thanks for all the readings as always!

14. First boss: Psychotic police, Clay by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2918 words)

A thousand thanks as always to more than 2100 visits! You are the best!

15. Chapter 15 Heaven by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2273 words)

16. End of story arc 1: Between Heaven and Hell by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (4086 words)

And with this we reach the end of the first story arc! Thank you very much to all of you who have been here reading it every day and to those who will read them in the future!

I hope you enjoy the future and what is to come in history!

17. Chapter 17 Utopia by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (3531 words)


While some live their dream and crash with it, others present a project that is full of hope and illusion.

Bahia will never stop moving forward. And it is the bonds that are formed between people who pull on it no matter what happens.

18. Chapter 18 Fair monkey by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2241 words)

Today touches a chapter of transition with Hannah adapting to its new size, something shorter than usual for lack of time. Tomorrow, as I am free, I will play a longer and more important chapter! At the end of the chapter I leave you a question that if you have time I would like to know your opinion!

Many thanks as always to everyone you have read! Enjoy the chapter!

19. Chapter 19 Loaded elements of love by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (3180 words)

Today I'm going fast that the chapter is loaded with content!

Thank you all for the readings as always! I hope you like this approach to the action more "fantastic"!

20. Start of story arc 2: Dirty Lover by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2843 words)

"Every so often, someone with the potential to mark the world around them is born, history itself has shown us that this potential can be used for good or for evil, but if there is a truth in all this ... It is that the third growth giantesses have always been.This has always made me ask a lot of questions.

Is it because of this fact that they are born so few with so many years of difference between one and the other?

What is it that marks the individual with potential? The person himself? Or the genes of giantess?

Humans with potential have always been good or bad. But the giantesses have only marked on the side of the common good. Is it in its own nature? Or are they incapable of being evil?

In the end, there are too many questions that I do not think I live to answer. But I hope someday someone will answer them."

21. Chapter 21 Power of Love by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2663 words)

Just I just realized that we have already exceeded 3100 visits! You are the best! I hope you like the episode today and the beginning of the story arc of the Dirty Lover and the King of the mausoleum!

Back to the future, best movie of the last century

22. Chapter 22 Distrust, Tears and how to gather the team by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (3354 words)

4 very different people, a fondue and a goal.

Can ties be formed from distrust and fear? Will hearts be opened? Will the fondue be good? So many questions, so few answers.

23. Chapter 23 A Bullet for the future by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (3036 words)


Living so many years in the dark, only a futile dream held his sanity. But the time to rise again had arrived, and his dreams were no longer necessary for the future

24. Chapter 24 Vs Carmen, Exspear of GUN (Part 1) by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2735 words)

There are people who only come to their senses with a good beating.

There are people who do not learn to kneel, getting to fight for something small that is the reason.

There are people who only understand a law, the law of the jungle.

Carmen did not reach the top of GUN being a coward that hid behind the first line of combat. Not at all.

She WAS the first line.

25. Chapter 25 Vs Carmen (part 2) feat. All hail Elsa by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2791 words)


This episode is the first to have a flashback interspersed with the action in the present, so I hope it was not too bad! Many thanks to everyone for the readings as always!

Enjoy the chapter!

26. Chapter 26 "4 Points of views on a countdown." by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2823 words)


A news story went around the world, the destruction of a remote Argentine rural town.

But the news was not the fire that destroyed their homes. The authentic news was the being that the locals said that they had attacked... and the message that he had given them.

"I will arrive Bahia del Sol, home of Calia Sol, in less than two days... and I will destroy the Dirty Lover and anyone who gets in the middle of both... be sure of it..."

27. Chapter 27 Hero by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (3244 words)

I will repeat myself a lot, but I can not stop thanking all the readers! I know it is not a story of an erotic giantess like most here, that's why I thank you even more for your support!

Comment if you want, and be prepared that this is the last chapter before the arrival of Jolbirth!

28. Chapter 28 That person who relies on you by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (3712 words)

First of all, sorry for not uploading chapter yesterday. They cut the internet connection not only in my home, but in the whole building ... and as you can see by the time it is reconnected super late (at least for me, which is already 4 and a half am).

Now going back to the important issue... 4000 visits! And right in the chapter of the arrival of Jolbirht! All of you are incredible! I hope you enjoy as much as I do this chapter and those who are about to arrive!

The decisive battle time of Bahia has arrived, and the contenders are each in their position! Time to give everything or die trying!

29. Chapter 29 King of an abandoned and forgotten kingdom by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2513 words)




Thank you all for the readings as alwa-



30. Chapter 30 "Will card" by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2252 words)

First point: 4500! Every time I think I can not love all my readers anymore, you can surprise me! I hope you are drifting away from the


Anyway, let's go fast because this brings me to the second point:
We still have cuts in the Internet service throughout the building, so I do not know when I can upload this chapter, I hope that today-


"TELL THE OTHER THING TOO, HUMAN! Do not be shy to me now!"

God, to take so much time locked up is too impatient.

The third point today is that I took advantage of the time without internet to redo the first two chapters! Adapted to the style of all the last chapters, but describing the scenes and the internal and external concerns of the characters and less "as if it were a play". Take a look if you want! I think they have been much cleaner and more enjoyable!

31. Chapter 31 Will of the moonlight by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2131 words)

Now that Jolbirth is distracted burning houses, 4700! Thank you all! I want to see if we get to 5000 for a certain chapter, a very close one! It would be so beautiful and majestic!

In this chapter only Jolbirth, Hannah and the voice of Hannah's head appear. So as an extra:

"The van came directly to the cathedral, Chris almost crashing on the doors of it." Elsa ran out as much as she could to warn Light, but she fell to the ground exhausted by Jolbirth's corruption. 

To her surprise, Sofia put it on her shoulder to carry her as a sack of potatoes.Without strength to complain to the lion, Elsa indicated how to enter the authentic cathedral. "

Now, let's go to the important thing!

32. Chapter 32 Stuck by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2260 words)

As you can imagine, we still have no internet, and after a disastrous attempt to write the chapter with the phone, I'll have to upload them alone with the internet from my parents' house (which is fucking slow!)

Nuisance aside, 4800! Thanks to everyone as always! And be prepared because the climax of the battle is about to take place!

Let the lights and the music take you on this special night for Bahia!

33. Chapter 33 Vs Jolbirth, ancient king imbued by the moonlight by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (1928 words)


Moon, oh beautiful moon, your light calms our souls.

Moon, oh beautiful moon, your blessing calms and dominates the beasts.

Moon, oh beautiful moon, you will guide our steps towards a better future.

Moon, oh beautiful moon, when you wake up from your dream you will open the door that will take us to paradise.

Paradise, far from the resentment and contempt of the sun.


34. Chapter 34 My legacy by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2801 words)

5000! And even more! 5200! I hope you have really enjoyed the fight against Jolbirth! (even with all internet interruptions ...)

 Here is the final outcome of the king of the deep mausoleum!


Things are going to escalate a lot from here, because all this will not be easy to hide, I hope to see you here following the progress of Hannah, Elsa, GUN and all Bahia

Because now they are the focus of attention of the world

35. Chapter 35 Talk from heart to heart by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (1979 words)

(This whole fragment is part of a flashback, which has no place in the current chapter, so I think that placing it here makes more sense.)



Minutes before the party.


"Now, Sofia, you'll be the third to enter the fight, and your goal... will be... the stomach. That's the most recent wound and bigger than Jolbirth has, so with your size and strength you should be able to open it easily, do you get it?"

"Hey hey... are you sure about this?..." Sofia was visibly nervous, mentally trying to imagine the situation. Jolbirth had kicked the asses of all the GUN spears present, and considering that now the lioness had to attack her on her own, tearing her stomach were bigger words.

"Easy Sofia, I'll cover you with the rifle, so when he try to do something, I'll shoot the eye, that helps calm you down?" Sofia nodded nervously, because although Lloyd had an aura of confidence, Jolbirth was Jolbirth.

"See, Lloyd is going to shoot him from the top bleachers, and with GUN's armor hacked by Jack, we'll be able to shoot him from different angles! That asshole will not see where the shots come from!" Unlike the lioness, Elsa exuded confidence in herself.

And no wonder, Elsa's plan was so well designed (not really) and everyone was so desperate that they unknowingly put all their hopes on her.


"Elsa, there's something on the roof" Bolt's voice was heard through the walkie talkies of the team. (previously stolen from the warehouse by Elsa)

"Hey, what, some pigeon, you're a harpy! Take care of her!"

"No no... she's a perso ... a kind of proto-slime just out of a western movie... she seems to be meditating..."

And as was evident, Jack got into the conversation. "A slime cowgirl ?! She's my friend! I'll talk to her!" Elsa remembered, and after a few seconds, she decided to go up to the roof too.





Fiona was sitting on the edge of the roof of the stadium, meditating on what to do next. Her work forced her to kill all the survivors, and her debt cheered for accomplishing her mission....

It was her "heart" that prevented it. That talk with the lady of the town hall had made her think of all the bad decisions of her life..."Why is it so hard... I need to think something fast! AGGGG!" Grabbing her head, Sofia let herself fall backward.

"Are you still warming your head?" A voice from the past echoed all over the roof.

"Jack?... I'm so sick that I start having visions of ex-partners?" Fiona laughed heartily as she put her hat on her "face".

"Hey, I'm not a vision! I managed to avoid jail by agreeing to work for GUN, and from what I see you were not caught either!" Jack walked towards his old friend and sat next to her.

"Dont get too close, I'm supposed to kill you... and everyone in the stadium if you survive Jolbirth... Im soooooo trash... a trash-slime..." The protoslime hit the roof with the fist, leaving a small burn mark.

"So fucked is the group where are you?... Fiona if I can do something... we were partners-in-crime for a long time... you were part of the assault group and I was the technician... but even so you were my frie- "

"Kill me please... shoot me in the Core with all your strength... I will pray that the bullet will not be founded..." Fiona's voice was broken and weak.


"You want to die? The height of the roof should be enough so that even a protoslime like you will not survive." Elsa laughed softly as she approached the couple.

Fiona pretended not to be surprised to hear Elsa's voice, but a small flame on the top of her hat struggled against her. "I cant believe that even you have come... Elsa... is not the roof supposed to be a forbidden place that no one can access?"

"The roof is a key point in my plan, so it's normal to have access! So... kill us all? It may have a counter-offer"

"....I hear you"


36. Chapter 36 "Sparkling Sea" by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2108 words)

We're still right in yesterday's scene! Thanks to all the readers as always and enjoy the chapter!

(Today finally I present the last recurring characters of the plot, rather the last group of recurring characters of the plot, so from tomorrow I will return with the descriptions of characters, that now if I want to have everyone present and I would like have everything neat!)

37. Chapter 37: Blue Key and the lost Keyblade by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2785 words)

Thanks to all the readers! Here is the first part of the meeting!

(And something else... )

From tomorrow (this time really), I will leave to work sooner, so if I have time to lengthen the chapters and make the descriptions correctly. Wait for more interesting chapters and collect more scenes in the coming weeks! (minimum two weeks I will be with the new schedule)

38. Chapter 38 Written with S of Bahia del Sol by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2402 words)

5600 readings! one of my favorite numbers! (do not ask me why)

Thank you all for reading!

And without further delay we go with the chapter!


(Today comes loaded with dragons and giantesses!)

39. Chapter 39 Promises for the future and barbecues by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2202 words)




Thanks as always to all the readings! This is the presentation chapter of Calia as part of the group, so enjoy it!

Calia may be placed as a super powerful and unattainable being, but it does not matter how different their genes are.

We all remain human and we all have weaknesses.

At the end of the day... the flesh and our will is what differentiates us from the machines.

40. Chapter 40/Chapters from Bahia 1: Our Azure blue world. by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (3187 words)



First of all, let's go with the bases: Thanks to everyone for the readings! That said... Welcome to a new series of chapters!

"Chapters from Bahia" will collect the stories of other characters that are not Hannah or Elsa. From Bolt to Adell, from Chris to Veronica.

Bahia is a huge city (in every way!) And its inhabitants deserve to have a voice!

Well, to begin, let's give voice to one of its most recent inhabitants!


As the second daughter of the Ashcrew family and as a third growth giantess, Victoria rules her life from honor and duty. But deep down she is still a young girl about to enter the university.

Maria has relocated her home and that of her family to Bahia to be with Calia and Hannah directing everything, but that brings something else... change of residence.

41. Chapter 41/Chapters from Bahia 1: Our Azure blue world (part 2) by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2577 words)



I have been helping my grandmother move all day and I'm super exhausted, so today I will be quick and go straight to the point.

We are about to reach the 6000 readings! One of my favorite numbers! Thanks to everyone as always and enjoy the conclusion of the first "chapter from Bahia"

(think for a moment, when something is 5000 they seem a lot, but when something is 6000 they are almost a legion)

(Doesnt make sense? Maybe not, but it makes me happy!)

42. Chapter 42 And both fell (in the depths of their passion) by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (3285 words)



We entered the final stretch of the story arc "Dirty Lover!"

Thank you as always and enjoy the chapter!

Also ... how is the celebration of the 6000 readings ... the end of the chapter has something special!

Only for adults! ;)


43. Chapter 43: Myths and legends by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2744 words)



Thanks as always to all the readers! And I hope you enjoyed the beginning of the king's final plot!

The trip is long and I plan to use it to engage and deepen the relationships of the chosen characters in the group! This chapter is a good example of this!

Know a little more about how these characters are, about the world and more importantly, about the functioning of certain extrahumans! Have a good time reading!

(In a certain part of the chapter, I was inspired slightly by Asian legends about the seasons and others, but very, very slightly.) I know perfectly well that by the time the Azure key meteorite crossed the skies, there were almost no legends and myths, but still I have been searching for a few that have served as an example.

However, Enjoy the chapter and this approach to the unique mythology of this world!)


44. Chapter 44 "Excalibur shines for the righteous!" by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2380 words)




You do not understand the title, but calm down! Right away, everything will be clear!




(Thanks to everyone for reading as always! Today we have beaten record of readings in one day! Enjoy the chapter!)

45. Chapter 45 Heiress of Excalibur by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (1810 words)



I recommend for the whole final section of the chapter (from the third segment) listen to Knight of the Wind (Acoustic Version)


As always, thanks to all the readings! Enjoy the chapter and what it holds for the protagonists!


46. Chapter 46 Save him by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (1960 words)



Loading system, patch applied correctly. Glamor recovery needed.

"That's something I already know! For now... the D.S is still working correctly?"

D.S in full operation. Glamor recovery needed.

"... if the D.S continues to work, it means that I can launch my first attack correctly, right?"

"Royal Decree" ready and loaded, even so I would recommend recovering the Glamor before starting the first attack.

"I dont have so much time! I have only loaded the D.S with information for 2 more hours ... is the protocol "Claus"ready?"

"Claus" 100% operative, but before I would recommend-

"Start "Claus", and spread it through all possible networks. I want everyone to understand who is their only and true king ..."

Hierophant, I can not allow you to use "Claus" without first recovering the Glamor system, do not force me to do it ... sir, please

"Start "Claus"now, and redirect the remaining Glamor to the main system ... I dont care if I have to fight while you are loading the" royal decree"

...I dont know if we have a soul, or if God would sympathize with machines like us... but I will pray for your safety, sir... I hope... that you will survive...

"Dont do this harder, please"

I hope I do not see you on the other side ... goodbye Number 47-1D

"Why she had used my serial number?... why right now?... We are machines created to grow and evolve, to understand what it is to be human and feel this rotten world... No matter what we strive for, we will never really feel... "


Hierophant rose from his chair and walked through the room, running his hand over the D.S.

He had never been afraid, even with his nightmares roving him for days and nights, but all this... could be a big mistake...

"This world is based on information, and I was born to collect it and face the Dirty Lover... that makes me the king of this rotten world...

Moonlight... protect her if she manages to reach the heaven... and give me resolution to face what is to come, please... "



47. Chapter 47 Clash of kings, giants, lichs and hackers by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2431 words)




Hierophant walking down the street, watching as everyone passed by, he was looking at his telephones, the televisions of bars and restaurants (which many had taken to the streets for the occasion).


Wherever he passed, chaos slowly reigned in the streets. On the one hand you had those who distrusted cyber attacks, ranging from endless lines of adults taking their money from banks, to children telling other children to turn off their phones.

And on the other you had everyone who did not stop reading the declassified documents and spread the word. The situation ranged from young university students preaching in squares everything their government hid from them, to old people who stopped everyone on the street to tell them the last thing that had reached their ears.

The world began to realize the rotten heart of those who governed them, and the thing only grew and grew every minute. The snowball was unstoppable, and once the "Royal Decree" is launched and people discover the truth, the revolution would be total and global-



Hierophant fell backwards, thrown by the shockwave of Jolbirth's landing. Rubbing his head, the android looked up.

"Maybe the others will not be able to notice that disgusting essence of moonlight that you emanate... but I havent been resurrected to sit and watch, you know?"

"What do you mean?" Hierophant smiled nervously as he looked for the gun in his back pocket. "We have to go look for the mayor! So we dont have time for games!"

Jolbirth said nothing, smiling at the coming battle. "I'm going to have a lot of fun... king of shit"




48. Chapter 48 Great battle of Bahia del Sol! Vs N. 47-1D by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (1985 words)




 The priestess ran through the streets of Bahia, destroying all the vehicles and urban furniture in her path. (Whenever they were empty, logically)

"47 has started the fight alone! Hannah can match his forces, but Zoe and Jolbirth unleash the fight completely!" Taking a run, the priestess jumped towards one of the apartment blocks and began to climb it. "If I dont hurry... 47... AGGGG! DAMN YOU ARE ALL, WORSHIPERS OF THE SUN!"

Once at the top of the building, the priestess managed to see explosions and Jolbirth in the distance, which made that street its main objective. Standing on all fours, the priestess clawed her hands on the roof of the building and launched herself into the battle-

BOOM! Flynn appeared in midair and succeeded in intercepting the priestess, throwing her against the ground.

"FLYNN!" Falling on her hands and propelling herself backward, the priestess covered her claws with the eternal light of the moon, ready to face the prophet.

"Eleanor, how long! I'm sorry to tell you, little wolf, I'm not going to let you pass!" Flynn landed gracefully on the ground, wielding his spear with both hands toward the priestess.

"You're not enough to stop me, Flynn! You've never been and you never will be!" Accumulating the force of the moon, Eleanor shot a wave towards Flynn.
Wave that was intercepted by a luminous portal.


"And me, Eleanor, is the thing more balanced now?" Calia left the portal, positioning herself in a combat position while smiling at her old friend. The people of the nearby buildings were completely stunned by the course of events.

"Is it really... Calia Sol?" "In her top she puts on Sol! And she is a third growth giantess!"

"Papa! A giantess has appeared! Like in the movies!"

"The terrorist cyber attacks, the fight that is taking place in the bank and now this ..."

"I'm going to be a Star on YouTube with this!" "Shut up and keep on broadcasting! It will be the greatest direct in history!"


"We are old glories, Eleanor, it's time to let the heirs of tomorrow decide the course of history!" Calia shook her fists, covering them with her golden aura.

"ALL THE TIME YOU HAVE PASSED SLEEPING, CALIA, I HAVE BEEN FIGHTING DAY AND NIGHT! Only the moon could save this world! And I plan to show you here and now!" The extrahuman wolf emperor clawed its claws on the ground, and with a powerful howl, made the moon appear in the sky of Bahia.

"Honey, are you ready to fight, havent you spent too much time sleeping?" Flynn pointed his spear at the 20-foot-tall wolf, as he read a small verse to cover his spear with his wife's aura.

"Of course I'm ready to fight! But I'm not going to kill Eleanor... I've made many mistakes in my life! But now is the time to make the right decisions! The sun and the moon can coexist if Hannah's will dictates it!"

"Wise words, Calia Sol" Calia and Flynn looked back, watching as Vagrand walked towards them as he took off his jacket and unbuttoned his shirt.

"I may just be a human, but this is my city and I am its mayor!" Benjamin "Iron knuckles" Vagrand comes to battle! "

Calia smiled as she moved away so that Vagrand occupied the middle position. "Are you sure about this, mayor? No one will tell you anything if you retire!"

"I've been a Middleweigh national champion for 2 years in a row! Represent the United States in an Olympics! I can handle myself in combat even if my opponent is the strongest extrahuman in the Wolves category!" Vagrand threw his jersey aside, standing naked from the waist up in his first round position.

"The mayor is going to fight!"

"That's our mayor!" "I voted for him!"

"But your opponent seems much bigger and more powerful ... he will not be afraid?"

"Iron Knuckles never retires from a battle, however hard it is! That's his style!"

"You have guts, Vagrand! That is recognized!" A howl from Eleanor forced Flynn to leave the sentence halfway and put the trio in tension.


"COME WHAT YOU WANT! THIS NIGHT IS OUR NIGHT!" Eleanor launched at full speed for the group, ready to fight and succeed. Because that is the only mentality that the moon knows.




49. Chapter 49 Pray to whoever wants to listen by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (3510 words)



Thanks to everyone for exceeding 7000 readings! (now already 7100 readings!)

These last chapters are being very hectic, but it's normal! We are approaching the end of the second story arc and the thing is burning! Prepare for the inflection point of humanity and the reason for the new tag of "New World Order"




50. Chapter 50 End of story arc 2: A new beginning by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2554 words)



"Everything is ready, I'm going to Earth!"

"Wait ... how are you going to appear?"

"Well, like last time, it'snt a good idea?"

"I'm not so sure... the last time there were no cameras to record you! You have to assume that millions of phones will be recording you at the same time!"

"That's true ... then I'll give the humanity a good show! What do you think?"

"Remember that you must calm their hearts, not everyone will take the news well"

"You dont need to remind me of the basics! I've been doing this a long time before you were born!"

"I was born from you, so that's obvious, chump!"

"You can see it that way, or you can see it as a gesture of pure kindness!"

"...go away now, and keep those words for humanity, they will need them"



51. Chapter 51 The Last Days of the Earth (Part 1): Ain't No Mountain High Enough by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2108 words)




The last days of Earth are coming! And each person lives them in a totally different way.

Throughout the following chapters, we will see how each of our protagonists faces the "end of time". In addition, in this space, each chapter will have the current situation of governments and countries.

As always, thank you all for following the story! May the end of the earth be easy for you too!




03/15/2018 (according to the old terrestrial calendar)

After the destruction of the language barrier, a social web similar to Twitter has been launched by a larger alliance of countries of countries. (mainly the great majority western along with a great part of Eastern and middle east)

This "social web" is being used to process the votes for the future "terrestrial government", which will be voted on March 27. To ensure the greatest possible participation and security, individual smartphones (with all the official data of each citizen) are being distributed among the citizens of these countries.

It is an unprecedented movement, but given the situation, it has been chosen as the safest, most efficient and most direct way.

(mainly thanks to the extraordinary collaboration between leading companies in mobile technology, .informatics and security)




52. Chapter 52 The Last Days of the Earth (Part 2): Songbird by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2233 words)




Somewhere: In another time

"You have returned, how has it been with humanity?"

"I have to admit, they forced me to cheat, I had to alter their global conscience so that they would not panic in my presence"


"Also... I had to lie to them a little... For them to survive in their new home, I have had to modify all humans in general, it has been extremely difficult"

"You'll want to rest now, will not you?"

"I cant afford it, I have to go back to the earth in no time to prepare the "Azure Gate"... I understand why Calia throws herself away for 100 years sleeping after each great work"

"Reassure yourself, humanity will know how to manage without your help once they reach the new world... whom I want to deceive... It will be a miracle if they survive the first week..."

"I have faith in them... but I have sold their new world too beautiful ... I hope they survive, I could not stand another dead civilization on my conscience"

"It will not be your fault! They have sought it out! They destroyed their atmosphere in only 100 years of industrial expansion! If they die now, it is because they arent necessary for the balance of the universe"

"I'm afraid ... The only good thing is that the conquistador's candle is about to turn on, I want to see how they manage to face it."

"Wherever, however, humanity will fight, it does not matter how big its enemy is, or how advanced its technology is.

 Your mentor already said it! Humanity grows and evolves under pressure!"


"They have the key... and they will never hesitate to use it, I will pray that you are right"

"I'm always right, how could I be wrong? I was born of the best "Observer" in this side of the milky way!"




53. Chapter 53 The Last Days of the Earth (Part 3): Level differences by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2390 words)

54. Chapter 54 The Last Days of the Earth (Part 4): Azeroth 2: electric boogaloo by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (1923 words)




This chapter is divided into 4 segments with 1 flashback in between and encompasses a broad group of characters:

(Bolt, Zoe, Robin, Sofia, Victoria, Hannah, Sisters of Victoria, Dylan, Jolbirth, ????)

So the correct order to understand the chronology of the chapter would be:

First segment> Flashback> Second segment> Third segment / fourth segment (at the same time)



55. Chapter 55 The Last Days of the Earth (Part 5): An act of compassion by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (3863 words)

56. Chapter 56 The Last Days of the Earth (Part 6): Victory of the astral by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2028 words)

57. Chapter 57 The Last Days of the Earth (Part 7): Bright and Burning love by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (1966 words)

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61. Chapter 61 (Terre dell'alba Saga):: Azure Gate by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (3099 words)

62. Chapter 62 (Terre dell'alba Saga) Glyph of bad omen / Love stamp by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2462 words)

63. Chapter 63 (Terre dell'alba Saga): Encounters in Novaterrae by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2675 words)

(Important note for the chapter: When a human speaks in this way, it indicates that the Iloans arent understanding the message)

64. Chapter 64 (Terre dell'alba Saga): Silent protest by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2015 words)

65. Chapter 65 (Terre dell'alba Saga): Gospel Truth by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2173 words)

66. Chapter 66 Iloa manners at table 101 by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2472 words)

67. Chapter 67/ CfB ReMiX 2:: Lights in the sky: Darkmoon heirs by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (1628 words)



As I said yesterday, the following chapters will be lighter in content, showing the first Human-Iloa relationships. Well, to begin with, the beginning of a "Chapters from Bahia"!

"Lights in the sky" will tell the story of Flynn, on his way through Terre dell'alba to meet the person called Phoenix,

Jeellel, the Iloa leader of the desert tribe, in her search for information about humans,

and Valeria, who with her new team is preparing to make a name without Light behind her.  (Also all this under threat of murder, but we'll see that tomorrow!)

I hope you enjoy this sub-story! Thank you all for reading, we will soon reach 10,000 readings! Enjoy reading and have a good day!




68. Chapter 68 CfB ReMiX 2:: Lights in the sky: Ambush by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (3454 words)





- When a character speaks "like that",

it means that they are only understood by the Iloas and those who know their language.




69. Chapter 69 CfB ReMiX 2:: Lights in the sky; Bittersweet timeless by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2442 words)

70. Chapter 70 CfB ReMiX 2:: Lights in the sky: LIVE AND DIE FOR BAHIA DEL SOL!!! by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2888 words)

71. Chapter 71 CfB ReMiX 2:: Lights in the sky: Lead the way, I will follow you by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2007 words)

72. Chapter 72: A step forward by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (3001 words)




Good evening / day everyone! As you can see from the title, the last chapter was the second "Chapters from Bahia"!

Why if today will history continue to stop Flynn-Scarlet Key?

Mainly, because in the second segment of today the history of humanity in Novaterrae will advance to a great extent, which will imply the "first steps" (now in a literal sense) as a society in its new home.


Enjoy the chapter!


73. Chapter 73 Dawn Acropolis by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2188 words)

74. Start of story arc 3: The hero that everyone dreams of being by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (3168 words)




It's Friday and what better way to celebrate than with the start of the third story arc?

Iloa and Humanity begin their new coexistence, two completely different peoples clash between them, while unconventional alliances are forged in the underworld.

Two of the four cities of humanity begin their construction, before the watchful eye of a distrustful and spiteful society.


It is a time of changes for both races, one where everyone wants to be the focus of attention!

But the empty dreams or their false expectations dont matter, because in the end... in the watchful eye of the Master we are all the same scum!

The Master waits, and his patience is infinite, because he has already won the war!



75. Chapter 75 Waste pile by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (1950 words)

76. Chapter 76 Change of narrator. by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2652 words)

77. Future days 1: Flame of the revolution by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (1420 words)



Save File? "Yes! Please, yes!"



Copying ... copying ... Chapter 76 archived.

Do you want to make a backup? Estimated duration of the process-

"Come on, I dont have all day to be here!" Dalia started clicking through all the menus as quickly as possible, without stopping to look at what she was clicking.

"Wait a minute, Dalia, did you say that Elsa recruited Nu'ma at the Faydenn landfill? I'm pretty sure it wasnt like that! "Dalia stopped clicking for a second, turning to the C-Com and activating the video call.

"God, you look horrible! I understand that you dont want to get pretty to be in the club, but please! You cant wear your hair as if you were a vine from a tree!"

"It's called a ponytail!"

"It's called a horsetail when it's picked up, you havent even bothered to comb it, and that's about your shirt... it's a coffee stain... For the love of God, Dalia!"

"SHUT UP! Jolbirth, You said that mom didnt recruit aunt in the dump?

According to the Archive, aunt Nu'ma participated in the fight in the Nights Nation! It is virtually impossible for the order of events to be different! Dont be offended, godfather, but I've been in the Chronomancy Club for 4 months, and I think I know how the Archive works!"

Jolbirth under his head, closing his eyes thoughtfully. The dragon was silent for a full minute, until he suddenly stood up. "Dalia, I'm 100% sure that Nu'ma participated in the assault on the Nights Nation, but I'm also sure she didnt do it on our side!"

Dalia sighed, while extracting the memory glass to prevent the chapter from loading unintentionally. "I'm not going to take a bad note for this, so I'm going to fix it here and now"

The giantess rose from her desk, lowering the shutters of the Chronomancy club while the "Tenohira" went off. "Can you call mommy and tell her that I'm going to take a little longer to go home, please? I'm going to go to the Archive to check this personally, if you're sure, godfather, then I want to believe it's a mistake by the previous transcriber"


"It will be the best... if you tell Hannah that you're going to take longer to get home... you're going to force her to call GUN... and God knows I dont pretend or want to go looking for you! You have an age to be on the street at eight o'clock in the afternoon, you arent a baby to pick you up as soon as the sun sets!"

"Thank you, godfather! Tomorrow I will call you at the same time to continue with chapter 77!" Dalia cut the call, and after checking that the C-com had enough energy for a few hours, the giantess turned off the club lights before locking the door and leaving.




78. Future days 2: The miracle girl by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (1396 words)




Roof of the Archive, 20:45 in the afternoon.

Night fell on New Bahia, while the cathedral district began to light up with the ambient lights. One of the bases of the architectural team of Elsa was that Bahia 2.0 was illuminated with environmental electric crystals, for even in the darkest night there where you see a dim light illuminate the streets, creating a perpetual sensation of nightfall.

Do you know that it was not so well lit? The roof of the Archive.

"DAMN DOOR! WANT YOU... to open... at once!" Dalia kicked the employee door again, again resulting in a new fault. When the giantess escalated to the roof of the Archive with the objective of entering discreetly dodging the security guards, the last thing she thought was that the only one. STUPID. DOOR. IT WOULD BE CLOSED!

"Aaaahhhh... aaahhh... I cant believe it! How can they make doors so strong?... I am a giantess! I have much more strength than a human or an Iloa of the forest!..." Dalia threw herself again against the door, hitting her with the shoulder. The door, even being the human/Iloa of the forests size, resisted each one of the onslaughts of the giantess teenager.

"Well... you've wanted it stupid door! I didnt want to, but you forced me! So you know... that all this... HAS BEEN FOR YOUR GUILT!"

Dalia sat on her knees on the floor, closing her eyes and beginning to channel her aura. From the moment Dalia was born, Hannah and Elsa had taught her to be a good person, to respect others, and to have confidence in one another.Only one thing she had restricted to her daughter for her own safety:

- The use of the Willcard

Needless to say, since she turned 11 and she managed to use her first Willcard, the giantess had been using them again and again to be able to catch up with her sister or her relatives.

Did she feel good disobeying her mothers? Of course not! Dalia hated it with all her might.

But ... it was a matter of self-confidence ...

Sarah had been born with a natural gift for the control of the aura, the elements and her own will, which had led her to be considered a serious candidate for representative of extrahumanity in the race council.

A gifted, a genius, everything Sarah touched turned into pure gold!

Nothing could go wrong if Sarah Reyes put her will into it!

The girl who was born with the will of a king! Able to make tremble to the heroic heroes of Novaterrae from her most tender childhood! And it wasnt for less... Sarah is living proof that the fall of the Master, born during the time that Hannah was still... that would be considered spoiler...

Whatever it was, Sarah had talent to govern and lead, she had intelligence to take advantage of it and she had the strength to make her dreams come true. An authentic superstar.

And where was Dalia in all of it? In the shadow. In the perpetual and gigantic shadow of her big sister.

Dont get confused, Sarah had been an absolutely great older sister! Everything Dalia wanted... Sarah got it. No one or anything was against the wishes of the child, because Sarah made them reality without sweating. And that was absolutely great!...

Little by little... so great that it was only became an echo... because Dalia was growing, and becoming more and more aware of herself. As the younger sister was comparing herself... things didnt improve. Examination notes... friends, achievements in the combat academy... nothing Dalia achieved could even compare to what Sarah had previously achieved...

That was his day to day, making little Dalia a more proud person, always trying to overcome her sister at any price. Looking for things that Sarah had ignored to become a star in them... even if she did not like them too much... like the chronomancy club.

"WAIT A MOMENT! Why am I describing myself as if I were the villain ?! AGGG! Damn door! You make me mad!"


"That's because you know you need me to be able to overcome your limits, little bug..." A dark, ghostly voice frosted Dalia's ears, while a sensation that the giantess knew too well ran through her spine. "Come on... use the Willcard and let me give you the power you deserve! We are a team or not, my little bug?"

"HADES! GO AWAY!" The spectrum laughed as it materialized completely, taking its shadow shape as usual.

"My Dalia... Dont be so cruel! I just want to help your potential help you reach ... and for that, this little door is now the obstacle that stands in your way! Look at her! Just a little aura and stroke PUM! You would be in the Archive!"


The specter flutters around the giantess, caressing her while she forces her to look at the door. "I am the product of your mind, the voice that will make you leave your name in the story! Thanks to me you defeated the fragment of Scarlet Key! That can only mean ... that I have or rather you are right!"

"It is true that Jolbirth was sure that the Archive was wrong... and I have come too far to stay here! I will leave my name in history as the best chronology! And for that... I must start making decisions!" Dalia squeezed her eyes, while Hades faded and the giantess activated the Will card.

Dalia charged against the door, this time thanks to the extra strength of the aura managing to knock her down.


Behind the door ... there was a small corridor, a railing ... and the stairwell.




79. Future days 3: Professor Shaw, please read this chapter by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (1678 words)




North Garden District, Mansion of the Reyes family: 00:00 at night.

Hannah sat in her chair, leaving Elsa in her little chair at the table. The giantess felt completely exhausted physically and emotionally, and as soon as Dalia's doctors left the mansion, neither the blonde nor the giantess wanted to dine.

Both sighed at the same time, while Elsa looked for the number of Dalia's tutor on her phone. Every time Hades took control of her daughter's body, it meant that Dalia would be in bed for several weeks, completely destroyed...

At least now she was awake after a few hours, because when she was younger Dalia remained unconscious for whole days.

"Hi, I'm Elsa, the mother of... leave the honoraries for now, Dalia has become possessed again... it's fine now, thanks for asking, but I guess you'll know what it means.

At the very least, she will be absent this week... will you send homework with the same girl? Thank you, and good evening... "Elsa hung up directly, without letting the tutor answer.

Hannah looked up to see her wife throw the phone on the table, before leaning back in the chair. "You should have let he end, now he will be thought that the mayor is rude..."

"My love ... go fuck yourself for a while ... I do not feel like listening to anyone's false condolences"

"That's domestic violence!... I dont even have the strength to joke... Shiiiiit!!!!!! Why, why cant we get rid of Hades?!" Hannah hit the side of the chair, causing the entire floor of the living room to shake.


"We'll find the way, my love... we'll find it, we'll get Hades out of Dalia's body... and then we'll kill him..." Elsa leaned against the back of her chair, while closing her eyes trying to rest.


"We'll kill him well killed... and then I think I'll find his body, dig it up and burn it, then I'll spread the ashes to the four winds and shoot one of them with a cannon into the sea ... then I'll ask an elven druid to become in a marine form, pick up the ashes and throw them into a volcano... "

"I love you so much-" "MOMS! WHERE IS DALIA?" Sarah hurried into the mansion, banging on the front door so hard that Hannah shivered thinking it was broken.

The couple's eldest daughter came running into the living room, her face completely red and covered in sweat after running from the university to her home. The 62-foot redhead giantess grabbed the armrest of Hannah's chair, kneeling and trying to catch her breath again.

Sarah, born 5 years before Dalia, had inherited only her hair (and giantess genes, of course) from Hannah, because the rest of her face was an almost exact reflection of Elsa's.

"You've been running all the way from the university?! You're an idiot or what, honey?" Elsa said making the attempt to get up, but in that she stayed, in a feint.

"Dalia deserves it! I would run all Novaterrae for her-"

"She's in her room, resting," Hannah said before Sarah began with a speech about the importance of her little sister... again.

Sarah nodded, running again leaving a mess of open doors, clothes on the floor, backpack and books lying on both sides of the hall and more.Hannah and Elsa sighed at the unisolo, taking a look by which one of the two should go to pick up the mess.

Contest of useless looks, because although Elsa was definitely as strong as a 20-foot giantess, lifting the books, jackets and shoes of her 62-foot tall daughter was extremely difficult. Hannah stood up heavily, muttering as Elsa could only smile.

Being the smallest person in the house had its advantages.

(If you ignore the disadvantages like the thousands of times that Dalia or Sarah had thrown it on the floor playing, or the dozens of times that Hannah or Sarah had accidentally stepped on it... or... many more, when in the future too much close there is a third giantess more than 50 feet by the house, many many more footprints ...)

Elsa's smile disappeared, realizing that that night, Hannah would take revenge.


80. Future days 4: Chapter 77 by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (1039 words)




Mansion of the Reyes family: 

1 week later


Caesar Shaw, the iloa of the sands formerly known as master chrono-archaeologist Shaw Duneater and one of the first Iloas who moved to Bahia, spent many years alone in the Great Desert. His parents bequeathed him and many other companions the goal of discovering what the alitian artifact "Fountain of dreams" was and was working for.

Shaw for many years remained with his companions investigating the mysterious seemingly dry spring, but until the arrival of humans to Novaterrae, all their research and testing had been in vain. During the battle against the Master, a group of humans led by the "Dirty Lover" Victoria arrived at the temple where Shaw and his fellow researchers resided.

The group of Iloas and humans collaborated together, managing to restore the fountain of dreams and fulfill the dreams of Shaw's parents and fellow researchers. After this, Shaw decided to take one of the fragments of the fountain, taking it with him to Bahia and refounding the ancient alitian order of the Chronomantics.

Many years later, Caesar Shaw retired from the order, devoting himself to the teaching of chronomancy as a teacher for young people.

"Shaw! Professor Shaw!" Shaw opened the door of the mansion garden as quickly as he could, while his beloved student Dalia and his ex-pupil Sarah waited for him at the door of the mansion.

"Dalia Dalia, calm down, my legs arent what they used to be!" Dalia was still bouncing in her wheelchair, while Sarah tried to calm her little sister's spirits. "Listen to your sister! If you're still with fatigue, you should slow down!"

"This tired, dont worry! This is too important! We are going to locate "H" and finish it! This fatigue will be the last, I swear!" Dahlia ended up hyperventilating, having to grab her chest and fall on the back of the wheelchair.

"Look, I told you! I should take you, little sister, so I'll make sure you cant get rid of that much!" Sarah rummaged in her backpack, taking out a small bottle of water for her sister.


"Thank you... but it isnt necessary... the wheelchair is for these occasions... if I see that I cant continue... I will ask you to carry me in my arms" Dalia stuck a long drink to the bottle, almost emptying it in one gulp. The teen giantess left the bottle in her lap, watching as Shaw looked at her with sorrow in his eyes.


"Dalia, I can take care of this only with Sarah, you can stay at home if you need to-"


"No, I can ... I swear, I want to be able to talk with Ogden, it's the living history of Bahia! And this is the only opportunity I have ... ahhhhh ... to be able to clarify the foundation of Bahia!" Shaw and Sarah approached scared before the attack of fatigue of Dalia, although the teen giantess stopped them with the hand.

Shaw rummaged in his pockets, finding the envelope with the investigations of his colleagues in the Archive for Dalia. "Listen, Dalia, I've been watching what you told me and I think Jolbirth may be wrong, because as far as I could figure out in the Archive, Nu'ma was recruited by Elsa before the battle of the Nights Nation."

"I believe Jolbirth, so I hope that Ogden can clarify the facts! I have no problem... in taking this matter to the director of the Archive personally! Sarah, are you with me right?"

Sarah nodded to her sister, carrying the wheelchair and Professor Shaw in her hands. "Of course, yes, besides, if you do not pay attention to yourself for not having gone through the third growth, I will be your voice in the meantime!" Dalia silently thanked her sister, while Shaw settled into Sarah's palm watching the pair of sisters.

In the background, Dalia is affectionate, only that she needs a lot to show it.






81. Chapter 77 or not by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (988 words)

82. Future days 5: Overcome our mistakes by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (785 words)




The sporadic sound of typing filled Dalia's tired mind, which stirred in her slight sleep. The teen giantess navigated between the vigil and the oneiric world, while all the accumulated fatigue kept her tied to her own tiredness.

"Ummm ..." Typing became more and more continuous, forcing the giantess to open one eye. Even among all the exhaustion, Dalia could recognize both the sofa where she slept and the living room, with her mother Hannah sitting next to her on the floor, typing things on her portable C-comp.

"Have you already woken up, my love?" Hannah stopped typing quickly, turning to her daughter while Dalia rubbed her eyes weakly. "I'm going to get you a glass of milk, you'll have an empty stomach"

Dalia tried to refuse, but her stomach protested strongly with her dry throat, forcing the teen giantess to sit as she could against the back of the sofa. The vast majority of furniture (except Elsa's furniture placed on the center table) in the room were built for Hannah, so Sarah (while growing up) and now Dalia felt like little girls in most rooms.

One of the favorite songs of their mothers sounded softly through the loudspeakers of the living room cinema, and judging by the lights that came through the window, it should be almost dusk. Hannah returned at 5 minutes, with a small cup of hot milk with chocolate and a few cookies for her daughter.

"Eat slowly, my love ... dont overdo it"

Dalia under her head while Hannah left the tray with the food next to her, only able to think because her mother was not scolding her once instead of taking care of her so much...

"You'rent going to scold me? I'm sure I deserve it..." Dalia said as she nibbled one of her mother's homemade cookies, tasting how once again Hannah had exceeded using chocolate.


"Scold? Of course not! I'm angry? Pretty... but I cant blame you for trying to fight fatigue... or Hades" Hannah sat back on the floor, gently stroking her daughter's hair while she was wet the cookies in the milk.

Dalia didnt say anything, drowning in her own frustration, cookie to cookie. The teen giantess just kept on eating, chewing unconsciously to the rhythm of the music while little by little the tears broke through her face.

Hannah approached Dalia little by little, hugging her carefully so as not to interrupt her daughter's snack.

Mother and daughter remained silent, freeing themselves from all the bad spirits. (Logically not literal, since Hades still existed)





Elsa was the first to return home, while Sarah continued her classes at the university. The blonde came talking as she used to, but as soon as she approached the living room and saw the scene, she decided to stop talking about her day at the town hall, entering quietly to her bedroom to change clothes.

Sharing life with someone who is 53 feet taller than you is not easy, but Elsa was accustomed and in love to do so... except for the theme of closets and drawers.


Hannah insisted that Elsa had her own separate bedroom, one of human size just for her; and although Elsa didnt intend to sleep away from her wife or have a separate room as if Hannah were dangerous, she did enjoy having her own cabinets on the wall and not in the drawers of Hannah's closet as Flynn had them.

What was the architect's solution? Build on the bedside table, on her side of the bed, a mini-closet with its built-in wardrobes, its drawers and its own dresser and dressing room.

(The difference in size between Hannah and Elsa, although it is a lot, is not enough to be able to put so much furniture on a night table.

Solution: A much larger bedside table, since Elsa didnt need a bedside table narrow to get up)

And while she was changing, the blonde could not stop thinking about that morning, about to call GUN for the disappearance of Dalia, when Sarah had confessed the plan of the youngest daughter. And right there she was, sleeping on the roof without being able to move.

Dalia had been a restless, laughing child since she was a child, running (or crawling) everywhere from the moment she learned to walk / crawl. But this? risk so much being under post-hades fatigue? As much as Elsa hated him, it was not a behavior that as mothers should allow.

"Remenber U... eh?" Elsa closed her eyes, quietly listening to the song Hannah had in the dining room while she dressed in her comfortable home clothes. As much mayor as she was, Elsa enjoyed as anyone else to dress in a cloth tracksuit at the time of being with his family quietly.

"Nice song, very retro" Flynn appeared on the giant double bed, crossed legs while looking at Elsa's dressing room. "I come to see how my granddaughter is, but I've seen the scene from outside and I do not think I should interrupt"

"You do well, but today I can only give you a little information because I just came from work ..." Elsa came out of the dressing room yawning and scratching her belly. ("belly", because the pack of abs was not taken away by anyone)

After a long day of work making decisions about the upcoming parties in Nueva Bahia, the blonde had no desire to maintain her aura of dignity and less in front of her family.


"I checked what you asked me, and according to the old pirate, Dalia went to him to find out about the origin of an evil that lives inside her... my granddaughter is fucking smart!" Flynn smiled as Elsa gathered her hair in the boudoir.

The blonde sighed, cursing how smart her little daughter was, and smiling at how smart she was. Strange? You can, but being a mother / father is always strange. "We're going to have to talk to her... I'm very afraid"

"You're afraid? Dont make me laugh Elsa, nobody can believe that..." Flynn got up, walking on the bed until he could jump to the bedside table. "Look on the bright side, this may be the opportunity to end our sins. Dalia now knows about Hades, and that means maybe, using cronomancy- "

"I'm not going to use cronomancy, Flynn!" Elsa swiftly swiveled toward Flynn, threatening him with the comb she was using. "Chronomancy serves to learn from the past, but ... you also saw it, what happens when you use chronomancy to alter the past... I will not let more people suffer because of the magic of the Alitian gods, and although I allow chronologists to have their headquarters in Bahia, the conditions are clear-"

"I've got it, I get it, I have to admit that Alitian magic is extremely dangerous ... but more dangerous is the magic of Eldritch and Hades is a creature created by it... it's your daughter, Elsa, but sometimes..."

"We have to make decisions..." Elsa and Flynn said at once, both living before their eyes on the day of the Master's fall. One of the worst things about being adapted humans was the perfect memory, because although Hannah had forgotten part of that fateful day ... Elsa was simply incapable.

"I'll let you enjoy the rest of the day with your family, Elsa ... but I hope you make a decision, whatever it may be.

Calia doesnt stay still when she knows that her granddaughter knows about Hades... and like Calia, all the others... Juddit asked us to take care of our granddaughters with our own life, and her words have penetrated deep into all of us"

Elsa sighed as she got up from the dresser, giving Flynn time to disappear dramatically. The blonde had been making decisions all her life, and for an endless being like her, she was very afraid that she would have to keep making decisions all eternity.





Back in the living room, when Elsa came in, Hannah was still hugging Dalia, only this time the teen giantess was sitting on her mother's legs. Elsa leapt onto the couch, climbing onto Hannah's other leg without bothering to say a word.


The bond between both wives was so great that without saying anything they understood what the other wanted to say. "Dalia... have you rested well? If you really wanted to call Ogden, you simply had to ask me for his phone number... we have never denied anything to you, always within the logic, so this behavior ... I cant understand it"

Dalia came out of her mother's embrace, looking at her other mother out of the corner of her eye. The teenage giantess's tears were already dry, but her eyes were still red. "There's nothing to understand... I've tried to make the hero who defeated the inner evil with his own strength... and I've failed miserably... I'm so sorry, moms..."

Dalia cried again, while Elsa jumped from one thigh of Hannah to the other and approached her daughter to comfort her. Hannah continued to stroke Dalia's back gently, trying to make her feel protected.

Elsa and Hannah looked at each other for a second, both knowing what they had to do."My daughter, we have ... to go somewhere" Elsa jumped to the ground, teleporting herself to look for the keys of the car while Hannah carried Dalia in her arms, fearing that the teen giantess wasnt sufficiently rested to walk.


When the humans arrived at Novaterrae, the Iloa had only developed for some reason the crystalline technology to create two-wheeled vehicles.

Joining the land vehicles (which logically reached the moment where the non-electric stopped working, as there was no oil as such in Novaterrae) and crystalline technology Iloan, different brands of vehicles brought the new generation of cars.

These were completely clean and tens of times more efficient than the Tesla, because the crystals were surprisingly cheap to manufacture, load and replace.

Like cars, many electronic devices evolved into Iloas versions, pleasing both the humans they saw and their inventions were much more effective, such as the Iloa, who marveled at the comforts these devices brought to their lives.

After sitting Dalia in the back seats, Hannah climbed into the driver's seat and started the car. "Have you warned Sarah, Elsa?"

"Of course, who are you taking me for? Sarah says that she will have dinner with Calia and Flynn and then she will come home, and I have already warned that tomorrow I will surely arrive later"

"So far are we going?" Hannah and Elsa looked at each other, until Elsa lost the battle again.

"About 4 hours on the road... so get comfortable and relax, my love, we'll get food to go"




83. Future days 6: J.M.S by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (1657 words)




J and M from New Bahia.


"So ... you need our help, little bug? Interesting... very very interesting" He looked at the side of his desk, looking at the calendar for some reason not to come to the call. Empty, empty, empty, appointment with the baby's doctor, empty."I can make room for you in my busy schedule, Dalia! Belle, honey! We have to leave the children at your parents' house, we have work to do-"

Mirabelle came kicking (and tearing) the door of Jack's study, carrying her baby in her arms. The jabberwock had seen better days, and between the dark circles, the drooling stains and vomited from her pajama and her hair completely disheveled made Jack even look away."Fool! Jackie had fallen asleep a damn time! Why shit you scream?!" Mirabelle walked with such force that the whole apartment trembled, turning Jack's chair with her tail and leaving his son in his arms.

"Girl, you dont need to attack me thatway either..." Jack rocked his son little by little, trying to avoid the baby continued crying. "Only Jackie has woken up? Alice is still asleep? That girl really does look like her mother, not a damn train can wake her up-" Jack stopped talking at once, as he noticed how Mirabelle's tentacles were tied around his neck. They lifted him from his chair. "Belle ... we can talk about it ..."


"Talk about it? my love-" Mirabelle pressed her husband's neck harder, while with her tail she picked up her son again. "I havent slept for 37 hours because of your fucking children, the next thing I will talk about at your funeral" Mirabelle's eyes were empty of any feeling and sensation, an infinite void in each eyelid, one that only a first-time mother overwhelmed by two babies was capable of reproducing.


"I can take care of them while you take a nap-"

"Can you breastfeed them? Can you change their diapers without crying again? Can you control them both at the same time?!"

"Of course I can! I'm his father-"

"Say it, say you cant, Say you're so irresponsible that you confused your children's diapers for adult diapers TWO FUCKING TIMES!"

"In my defense... they were from the same brand... and even the supermarket girl got confused when I came back... the first time..."

Mirabelle reacted again when she saw that Jack was starting to faint due to the lack of air, releasing him suddenly and holding him by the waist with his tentacles. "My love, dont die! Who did this to you?!"


Jack leaned against the desk, breathing slowly as he glanced at his wife. "An invisible murderer... says if you dont go to bed immediately he'll kill me..."

"I cant allow that! We have a family and I dont intend to raise our children without you!" Mirabelle left Jackie in her father's arms, turning around and (stepping over the knocked down door) came out of Jack's office. Father and son looked at each other for a few seconds, until the sound of Mirabelle falling to the floor suddenly caught his attention. The consecutive snoring was more than enough signal for Jack to sit in his chair, rocking his son.

"Champion, your mother isnt getting along well with the lack of sleep..." Jack gouged in his drawers, finding the emergency pacifier for his son. Jackie, tired of crying, immediately fell asleep in her father's arms.

"Fuck... and I thought the mood swings would end after the pregnancy"
Jack shrugged, while with his free hand he answered Dalia's call.









84. Future days 7: F.N.A by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2164 words)




F and N from Terre dell'alba, Capital City.


Capital City is as its own name indicates, the capital of the Fiery Alliance. Started to build right after the fall of the Master, Capital City began with the main objective of creating a completely neutral city for Humans and Iloas. Built in the center of the container, in the quiet lands of the jasper Valley, Capital City had 8 possible names for each side.

So, why Capital City? The 16 names were accused of favoring one of the two species, so in the end the name was sought as neutral as possible.(As horrible as Capital City sounds, one finally gets used to it)

Capital City began to grow a lot beyond the expectations, having to expand the city in all directions ... to cover Valle jasper completely. The children of today have no idea that under the Metropolis of Capital City there used to be a valley considered a spiritual retreat.

And as it was logical, as thousands and thousands of people moved to the city, more minimal services. And the not so minimal, like bars.

In one of those bars, the protoslime known as Fiona drowned her pains in alcohol.

"Ahhh... damn... not in this fucking metropolis I find decent alcohol..." Fiona sighed as she drank the glass of Silent Puff in one gulp. The protoslime was completely depressed since her beloved niece, her adorable little Sarah had made a tackle without mercy.

"Sarah... what have I done to you?... you are my adorable nieces... I gave you your first beer... I have taken care of you countless hours... I gave you the sexual talk before Hannah or Elsa failed strenuously!" Fiona hit the bar counter, forcing the terrified bartender to refill the glass.


Not only the barman, everyone in the bar was completely terrified.

First a protoslime that clearly exceeded the height limit of the bar entered opening the door suddenly, then walk to the bar throwing everyone sitting on it in case all this wasnt enough, the protoslime had nailed her knife on the bar, making clear what would happen if it wasnt served on time.

Fiona, as a defender of justice ... didnt measure up and it showed. This was the role where protoslime really felt comfortable.

After her absolute failure trying to stop the wedding of Jack and Mirabelle, the protoslime wandered alone through the bars, and that combined with the crystalline technology of portals that allowed to go from one important city to another in just minutes, meant that Fiona had a lot, but many bars to roam.

Being completely honest, Fiona was one of the millions of people who had not adapted too well to Novaterrae. The protoslime found a world where guns were not very effective against most of the beasts and monsters that roamed the continent.

And not crazy Fiona would give up their revolts in favor of crystal or electric weapons!

This maladjustment was quite common mainly among humans older than 50/60 years, reaching the point that many human cities were perfect replicas of the planes of terrestrial cities and protected by domes, seeking to imitate to the smallest detail the terrestrial environment. Nor was it surprising that when the end of the Earth came... many people decided to stay and die with her.

Old world blues was the name of the disease suffered by those who deny Novaterrae and the Iloa, living in small domes pretending they still live on earth.

"Another! And this time make sure you bring alcohol!" Fiona hit the bar with her fist, losing control of her temperature and leaving a large burn mark.

"B... but, Miss Slime... that one was carrying a whole bottle-" "THEN IT WILL BE BETTER THAN YOU USE 2 BOTTLES!" If so far the other clients were too scared to flee, now was the time to do it.


Everyone was terrified, leaving Fiona alone in the bar, her head buried in her arms. "Maybe it would have been better... that I had not come to Novaterrae... in the end neither my nieces respect me..."

When the psychologist assigned to the town hall workers met with Fiona and told her that it was very possible that she suffered from "Old World Blues," Fiona laughed very loudly before leaving the office...

Now... the protoslime still depressed was too proud to give the reason.

According to official data offered by the former army of defense of humanity, more than 30% of the population of the Earth refused to leave the planet. But people spoke of a very different reality... about how humanity lost almost 45% of its population on the last day of Earth.

They were scary data, because although in the months preceding the date limit more and more people were diagnosed with the Blues of the old world, the constant traffic of humans coming to Novaterrae made it seem like nobody wanted to stay behind.

The bar door opened, though Fiona did not bother to turn around. If it was the capital city police, the protoslime would show her own official permit before paying and leaving the premises. Like many other nights.

"I see you have the taste in the ass as always, Fiona" Nu'ma road dodging the stools and chairs knocked down, until sitting next to Fiona. "I had a concert in a bar in the area, and when I heard that a slime was making a fuss, I thought about paying you a visit"

"A bar? your musical career is on the rise for what I see, rebellious without a cause" Nu'ma resisted his desire to take one of the bottles from the counter and bust it in the head of the protoslime, smiling furiously instead.

"I've only been with this for 1 year, and I've gone from acting in the street to acting in bars and small events, something is something, right?" The iloa defended itself, although when talking to Fiona depressed and drunk the defenses were practically useless.



85. Future days 8: F.F by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2285 words)




F from New Bahia del Sol, from the town hall.

Fee fluttered outside her shared office, while she waited for Alanis to finish the paperwork. The fairy had no problem returning to the apartment alone, but it was too late ... and Bahia is relatively safe, except if you are a twilight fairy smaller than ... something not very big.

We're going to be totally honest, okay? I, Dalia Reyes Wood, have no idea what my aunt Fee measures. I know its super tiny but for me 70% of the people of Bahia are tiny... I cant see the height of the people just with the look as mama Hannah or grandmother Calia do...

But I can provide more information about the twilight fairies! They are native beings of the same planet as the Iloa, and possess the ability to devour the Drive, energy generated by the Iloa similar to the human aura. Twilight fairies are creatures with extreme longevity and an extremely low fertility rate.

When a twilight fairy born, their bodies are too weak to survive on their own, so they are placed next to Iloas with a Drive generation rate too high. The fairy devours the excess of Drive, strengthening and serving as the main sustenance, while the Iloa avoids any illness caused by an excessive accumulation of Drive in their bodies... basically Fairy and Iloa form a perfect symbiotic relationship.

I also know that twilight fairies are highly prized by both Iloa and human hunters, because their wings full of dark energy are a perfect ingredient for alchemy or the making of concoctions. Mama Elsa told me that many humans who came to Novaterrae quickly became infected with such ... dark arts? Fantasies? Like alchemy, the manufacture of concoctions, the construction of soul golems or elementals...

Humans, in contact with everything they had only read in books before and the Iloas, animated by the rebirth of forgotten arts, unleashed their darkest fantasies and surrendered to a dangerously attractive world of dark magic and cursed rites. The growing emergence of sects of necromancers, groups of apothecaries and scholars of the plagues or worshipers of the dark dawn motivate more and more humans and Iloa to join these "nice" groups.

(The dark dawn, according to my mothers, was an event the Master expected to get done with the Keys and the Iloa, an event where the "false sun" would be extinguished forever and the Alitians would have the revenge they deserved)

Before going back to aunt Fee, I want to add one thing that I've been researching ...

Apparently, and I say only apparently, certain groups of apothecaries seem to have "evolved" the virus that caused the disease of bad blood. And I say "evolved" because according to the news page where I read it, infected humans and Iloas began to rot, lose pieces of skin or simply move to a state similar to putrefaction ... but alive.

Mama Elsa says dont believe everything I see in the news, but at the same time Mama Hannah says that it was a matter of time before someone became Sylvanas Windrunner and made the Forsaken real ... I dont believe that either. "Life in death", but one should never close to possible truths!


As Zoe and Lloyd had warned Fee, GUN had detained several "material hunters" outside New Bahia. These hunters never went in such small groups, reason why all the fairies, slimes and extra human beings of feérico type had to take shelter and not to leave their houses in the late hours of the night.

That was easy for Fee to meet, except in situations like this. Alanis had a lot of work as Minister of Defense of Bahia, and now with the arrival of MAGUN, and the new members of GUN and SOGUN a lot more work than usual... added to the increasingly numerous voices that asked to form a worthy army.

Fee was fully aware that forming an army meant that New Bahia was afraid of possible Orlealis attacks, something that would leave the City State very badly in front of its neighbors. The fairy was also aware that Alanis was afraid of possible attacks by the Orlealis... or other enemies.


Fee swiped her card through the electronic lock, opened the door and flew to the Alanis table. "You still have a lot of paperwork, I dont want to rush you, baby, but I'm really hungry ..."


Alanis didnt look up from the paperwork, completely focused on reading quickly and signing in each designated space. The Iloa was even sweating from all the accumulated nerves... this couldnt continue like this. "ALANIS! WAKE UP!"

"Eh... Fee, are you still here? I thought you had gone to the apartment..." The Iloa looked up for a few seconds, then immediately re-filled reports.

"You know there's... you know, you have a lot of work... and I dont want to bother you anymore... I'm going home, okay?" The iloa nodded, leaving the fairy flying and trembling out of the office.








86. Future days 9: The kind of hero that I want to become by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (1728 words)




Mansion of the Reyes family: Sunday 10:00 in the morning.


It was a quiet Sunday for the Reyes family. Elsa and Hannah slept peacefully in their bedroom, while Sarah slept in the homes of one of her friends after all a night of partying... Dalia, on the other hand, kept awake on her bed, looking at the ceiling an writing some small letters that she would later need.

The teen giantess was half exhausted after a night full of nightmares and all the letter work, so after write all the necessary items, she picked up her C-com, jumping from news page to news page while thinking about the afternoon meeting.

Kidnappings by necromancers, summaries of the last chapter of Aleria the night, a weekly report on the different war fronts of the fiery alliance...Nothing new or strange, which had long since ceased to worry Dalia.

As the giantess grew, she went from worrying about every bad news to just keep reading. (and more when Hades spoke to her and numbed her)Was it something sad? Yes, but according to their mothers it was simply the process of growing and maturing... growing up was disgusting.

"Shit of the world ... how can you put so much bad news together and not feel trash?" Dalia rolled on her bed, tried to approach the edge to get up, not very unfortunately, and the giantess could only sit on the bed, closing her eyes and breathing softly, gathering strength to stand up.

"Please... Dalia... get up and go to the bathroom... we dont need the wheelchair!" And the giantess stood up, grabbing the table to stay on her feet. So much fatigue was a sign that you would soon return, which terrified Dalia to stratospheric levels.


But ... the giantess began to breathe more and more heavily, losing her balance and falling to the ground like a common trunk. It was... I'm pathetic ... really pathetic... who I want to cheat...

I have the wheelchair next to the bed! Because I'm so stubborn (punch to the ground), stubborn! (punch to the ground) STURBBORN! (double punch to the ground)

Ahhhh ... ahhh ... I need help ...




No... I dont need help! I'm the daughter... of "Hannah and Elsa Reyes! Heroes of this world! I dont intend to disappoint them and make them worry more... I can do this alone, and I plan to prove it! What kind... ahhhh..." Grabbing me to the carpet with both hands, began to drag me little by little, pushing with my feet as I could. "of person would I be if I cant even get to the bathroom?"

The road was hard, but being a giantess I can cover more spice than a normal human... as a giantess, I have a duty with ... my world! Not only as a giantess... as Dirty Lover! "I must... get... to the bathroom! I do want pee in the middle of my room!"

Dalia pulled and pulled herself, crawling on the carpet while fighting her demons. The giantess came to the door of the bathroom, and the second part of the plan began. Get on all fours to get to the light switch.

Like the whole house, each room had the switches divided into pairs, some at the height of Hannah and others at the height of Elsa. This time, Dalia was marked to reach the second switch... a titanic test like no one else could imagine.

"Come on, Legs, we can do it!" Dalia gritted her teeth, leaning against the wall and beginning to lean on her knees. Each leg of Dalia crunched and cried in pain, which did not retain the giantess... in continuing to rise little by little.

Step by Step...

The switch! "I've succeeded! Make... ahhh... light!" The giantess struck the switch on the back of her hand, turning on the bathroom light... and realizing her mistake. "The door ... the door ..."

The bathroom door remained closed, with the light filtering beneath it and laughing at the giantess. The knob on the door was higher than the switch, at the height of Dalia because Elsa could open it simply with the aura ... which Dalia was unable to by now.

(And why did the blonde not press the switch also with the aura? Textual words: "If I stop doing things as basic as turning on the light with my hand, the day will come where I do not even bother to walk, crawling everywhere with the aura")

"I have ... I have to do it ... I can ... ahhhh ... do it!" The giantess nailed one of the feet on the ground, while leaning against the wall, little by little rose.
With the left hand towards the knob, the giantess rose slowly, exhausting all her forces on the road. It was so close... so close to touching the sky...

And when the hand of the giantess managed to touch the knob, the other knee gave way ... The giantess began to fall to the side, watching as little by little the handle of the door moved away from her.


The giantess fell to the ground on her side, without any strength in her body. I cursed heaven and Hades, before fainting from overexertion...





2 hours later.

Hannah was walking down the hall, half dancing to her little daughter's room. It was a beautiful morning, the birds sang, the sun shone on high, in days like today...

"Kids like you must burn in hell!" Hannah opened the door to her daughter's room suddenly, singing and pointing to the bed ready to take her to the kitchen to enjoy a lunch of pancakes, freshly squeezed juice and homemade chocolate and cream. But Dalia is not in her bed...


"Dalia, honey, where have you gotten yourself?" Dalia's wheelchair was next to the bed, so she could not have gone too far. "Aunt Sam has come to see you, and has come with the general "High but not" elf of the storm and the orc hunter who looks like Kilrogg Deadeye! Dalia?"

Hannah entered the room, looking around until she saw her daughter, in a /censored/ smiling in dreams.





87. Future days 10: Into the soul by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2057 words)

(Excuse me for two days of pause, but I have been in the hospital for a "small" accident in which my leg has been "slightly" injured.

Now that finally I am at home with my family, if the analgesics do not leave me too stunned it will still be a daily chapter ... but otherwise I apologize in advance)




Recording studio of Aleria the night


"Get out of my way, sir! The count has conspired too much against the kingdom, and I will not let him continue to bring death to... the forest? The crescent forest wasnt under the control of the Nekosis?" Valeria looked at the producer, who in turn looked at the writers.


The script boss sighed, getting up and entering the recording room. "Valeria, Count Lucoxis took control of the forest 9 episodes ago! But you see the series? You're the protagonist!"

Valeria looked to the side, looking for a decent excuse. Finding none, Aleria disappeared and the authentic Valeria returned to the body. "Why I'm going to see the series I star in? Do you think I'm so self-centered? You force me to be a good person and kind!"

The producer entered the room, snatching the script from Valeria, rolling it up and hitting the vampire in the head. "Take care of the tone of voice! While you're Aleria you have an official tone of voice, so hold on to it! And second, she's right, screenwriter with a name I dont remember, she's the protagonist and doesnt have to know all the ins and outs of the franchise!"

The scriptwriter, defeated, left the recording room while Valeria smiled and retrieved the script for the page where he had left it. The recording of the chapter continued for one hour, in which every 2 minutes Valeria looked at the clock waiting for the time to meet her family.

"Count Lucoxis, you've arrived here, you've made a serious mistake looking for the ruin of the kingdom! Let's go-" Valeria's telephone alarm began to sound, indicating the lunch break. "GOODBYE, SUCKERS! I SEE YOU IN A HALF HOUR!"

None of the employees could say anything, because the vampire left running as if there was no morning to the cafeteria.





Valeria sat at her private table in the cafeteria, drinking her coffee cup with both hands like a high class young lady; The vampire took a small drink, enjoying the bitter taste of coffee. It was one of the little pleasures that Valeria allowed herself outside the Night Palace...

And speaking of the Night Palace, the break for Valeria's coffee was interrupted by a call from her father. It was strange that Flynn called her during work hours (Really... he was the only one who respected the vampire's schedules), so Valeria rushed to answer.

"Honey, I'm a dad, we borrowed the Night Palace for an ancestral ritual of the twilight fairies, you dont mind, right?" Flynn sounded quite nervous, and in the background the vampire heard what seemed to be explosions and Hannah screaming.

"Eh... no no, take it, it's more... I'm on my way right now... it seems that the situation is tricky" Valeria suddenly stood up, knocking down the seat and table and causing several waitresses to let go of their trays due to the scare. Aleria took control, releasing enough bills to pay for the damage and coffee, before running to her palace.

"No need, baby! we have everything under control-"

"Free me! HADES WILL NOT DIE HERE! Feel the power of dark smoke!" "Hold Dalia! Dont let the limbs under Hades control move!" "As someone harms my daughter more, I swear to God I'll kill him!" "OH GOD! THE SMOKE HAS A CHAINSAW!"

"...everything under control, honey! Finish your recordings and come to help us, without hurry!" Flynn hung up the call, worrying the vampire even more.How can you find the chainsaw limited edition "Dead day the movie" by Valeria? It was hidden under the stairs in a false floor!

One of the advantages of taking the form of Aleria is that the hero vampire is much more athletic, physically powerful and muscular than Valeria herself, so physical activities such as moving at high speed through the roofs became simpler.

It was strange that after so much time being able to change her body at will, Valeria ended up spending more time in one of her ways than in her authentic self ... but that was the deal. Aleria the night was the free star while Valeria was only a criminal wanted for crimes not committed.





Arriving at the Nocturnal Palace, the vampire found the doors wide open and all her employees outside looking at the palace. The vampire landed in the middle of everyone, walking towards the palace while her employees begged her to do something.

"Your family has come and they has thrown us all!"

"They have brought a giantess girl covered in black spots and screaming with a man's voice!"

"Do something, Miss Aleria!"

Aleria under his hands, causing all employees to shut up. The vampire entered the nocturnal palace, closing the doors behind her with a key.Already in the hall it was possible to see the havoc of the battle that was being fought in the enchanted throne room, according to the trail of destruction. (Destruction in quotes, because the most serious that Valeria was seeing was a broken window and a torn carpet next to scratches on the wall.

The vampire followed the sound of the battle, entering the throne room just to avoid a chair flying towards her. Dalia, less possessed than usual by hades, kept struggling against Hannah, handling the black smoke and attacking Flynn, Elsa, Samantha, an orc that sounded like Valeria and a stupid elf.

Elves Stupid Elves! Valeria quickly gave herself a little slap, coming out of her spiral of hatred for the elves before it was too late. The black smoke had taken the form of tentacles, shaking and throwing all the furniture they managed to reach.

"YOU WOULD NOT ENTER MY HEART, I SWEAR! Hades was screaming, this time not bothering to use Dalia's voice. The god of lies should be completely desperate to reach these extremes of violence so far from his style.

Upon hearing the door to the throne room, Flynn and Samantha were the first (and only ones, since the rest was focused on controlling the black smoke) "Honey, what are you doing at home so early?" And the recording- "One of the tentacles was launched against Fynn and Fee, forcing Aleria to jump directly into the fight to defend her father.

The vampire threw herself against the tentacle of black smoke, slicing it with her claws with the characteristic movement of Aleria the night, the half moon pit. "Why has Hades taken Dalia's body so soon? The minimum time between possessions hasnt passed!" The vampire shouted as she fell on the ground, preparing Aleria's royal claws for combat.


"We'll explain it to you as soon as we control the situation!" Hannah screamed, avoiding one of her possessed daughter's attacks and throwing herself to grab her against his chest. The giantess began to feel the effects of the Master's essence, beginning to lose color in her cheeks little by little.

Dalia-Hades was still trying to retake the attack, joining the tentacles in one to sweep and destroy the entire throne room with a single blow. Sildud took the attack, grabbing the base of the tentacle to stop it.


The orc had much more force than the human or Iloa medium, coming to rival in strength with Iloas of the prairies and most of the extrahumans... and even with that legendary strength Sildud was not able to control the black smoke of Hades. "I dont know who you are... grrrr... BUT I WILL NOT GIVE YOU THE TASTE OF SEEING MY FALL!"

Sildud gathered all the forces in his old body, digging his hands into the semi-incorporated surface of the tentacle.


The orc shouted with all his might while raising the tentacle and stretching with all his strength he managed to pull it off, falling to the ground back while the tentacle vanished after losing contact with Dalia-hades.

"Take the opportunity! It will not take long to regenerate it! Xilven, make that special magic of the elves!"

"I dont need an old man like you to remind me!" Xilven closed his eyes, connecting with the energy that the ancient dragons left in his servants. The elf of the storm accumulated the arcane spark inside his body to act immediately to launch himself on Dalia. "Hannah, uncover her neck!"

The giantess nodded slightly trembling (for although the Master's energy was extremely harmful to her, seeing her daughter suffer was much more painful), releasing her daughter's head. The elf placed his hand in the back of the adolescent giantess, releasing a small enough arcane discharge to leave it unconscious but not enough to damage it.

"You will not steal my hea... art..." Dalia-hades fell unconscious, losing her dark marks the shine and vanishing all the black smoke accumulated in the throne room. Hannah and Elsa sighed at the same time, while Fee came out of hiding behind Flynn and flew toward the teenage giantess.

"Good job everyone! Give me a few minutes to start the ritual and we can get Hades out of our favorite little giantess!" Fee screamed, while Samantha began to help the wounds of those present.

The situation quickly calmed, passing everything to a too nondescript environment for Valeria. The vampire walked slowly towards her father, waiting for the conversation to begin naturally.


5 minutes later, Flynn was still staring silently at the fairy's preparations, unhinged the vampire. "DAD! What's going on?!"


"I thought you were not going to ask, you know that twilight fairies can dive into the soul of the Iloa, right? Well, today we're going to dive in Dalia to find Hades!" The vampire blinked for a few seconds, completely confused.




88. Future days 11: Fenrir by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (1879 words)

(I regret these days without chapters, but as I said I have to take some very powerful painkillers so as not to end up crying because of the pain in my leg and they leave me too stunned to write.
Today it hurts a little less, so I tried to take only one dose and write a little. Excuse me if the chapter is something strange, but even with only one dose they are still very strong.)

Throne Hall of the Night Palace

Valeria's phone kept ringing under the watchful eye of Fee and Elsa. Fairy and blonde looked at each other trying to decide which of the two should answer the incoming call.

"Fee, I still dont know what work you do in the town hall, but as mayor I demand you to answer!"

The fairy spit on the ground, planting herself (metaphorically) in front of Elsa. "Outside of the town hall you are my half family, not my boss! And in not knowing very well what position I have in the town hall, I agree! But my pay at the end of the month I get richly!"

"If only I knew what position you had, I'd fire you! Now take the damn phone!"

"Take it, you can say things as an official matter of Bahia and all that shit!"



Elsa remained silent for a few seconds, before both she and Fee turned to the giantess. "HANNAH!" both shouted at once.

Hannah gently caressed her daughter's forehead, her gaze lost on the features of Dalia's face and not attending to the discussion. Elsa walked running with the phone in his hand until he reached his wife's side.

"Hannah, darling! HANNAH! Answer the call, please! That says the call its from the producer of Valeria and I dont know what excuse give to him!"

Hannah continued caressing her daughter, looking at the same time the back of her hand, the stamp of heart printed as always on it. "What... have we done wrong?" The giantess leapt between sighs, caressing her daughter's cheek.

"Excuse me? my love, I'm lost... I've asked you to answer the-"

"We came to this world, and this seal was supposed to serve to link both races... We fought against the master, against the Alitian gods who wanted to end the iloa as revenge... we had the opportunity for Scarlet key to pay for the genocide of the Alitians... and we cant make anything...

We have fought against Emerald Key... Against their abandoned people... we destroyed their source of energy and condemned them to extinction... and I know they asked us! But even so we exterminate them... Hades continues to exist... day by day the dark magic of the Master continues to gain more followers even if he no longer exists... 

It was supposed to serve as a link between both races... but dozens of Iloa peoples hate humans and refuse to recognize us... dozens of human cities live pretending to be in the land..."

Elsa jumped up onto her wife's leg, placing both hands on Hannah's arm.

"My love, Hades was my fault... but we have done great things! We founded the Fiery alliance, we created ties between races like the elves of the storm and the orcs ironscale!

Now, although they arent very numerous we can see cities with four species living happily together! We have defeated the Master! Even though you feel now that it didnt help, it's not true! We Free Phoenix's soul! She managed to reunite with her own...

We also save the souls of the Cyrteel! We gave them the rest that Emerald key denied them out of fear... We make Emerald key surrender! Scarlet key and Azure key went unpunished... but still!

We have changed this land for the better! You cant get depressed just because of Hades! We have two beautiful daughters and you have fought to give them a world where they can smile!" It wasnt the first time that Hannah felt this way, but although Elsa couldnt forgive herself for her mistake judging Hades, her beloved wife could do it! She clung to it, and that was why she was not going to let Hannah cry again.

"Look at me... I'm so weak against the dark magic that I could die in any battle right now... I could not protect my daughter from that damn liar... and I have to have my other daughter and my wife behind me cheering...

I wish I could do things differently... I wish I could have avoided all Hades damage..."  


Fee approached Elsa, whispering in her ear how uncomfortable the situation was. Elsa responded grabbing her by the legs and throwing her back. "We can not change the past, but we can fight for the future! That has always been our motto! The motto of the fiery alliance! So stop basking in nonexistent misery and shine! That's the only thing we can do!"

Hannah glanced at her wife, and then turned her attention back to Dalia. "Shine?... it takes a lot to shine... and the black smoke prevents us from achieving it... I will not shine while my daughter continues to suffer"

Elsa sighed tiredly, because although in the first instance she had managed to avoid crying, the negativity of the giantess was unnerving.

The blonde sat on her wife's leg, pulling Valeria's phone against her insensible body. There would be time to give explanations later.




89. Future days 12: Hades/2 by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2671 words)

90. Future days 13: The wild spirit that moves us by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2796 words)

91. Future days 14: Cycle of hatred by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (3127 words)

Do you remember that I said that the pain in the leg had decreased and with a few analgesics I could write? A few hours after publishing the previous chapter, I decided to try the great idea of showering myself even with my leg plaster to my knee...

Needless to say, it didnt go too well ... but what about the good time that the emergency nurses and my family spent laughing at my expense? XD

I regret the days without chapters, but this time I feel better, and I think I can try to sit down and write a chapter every 1/2 day. (Unfortunately, until my girlfriend gets to find the portable table to place on the bed I have no way to use the laptop without resting it on my injured leg)


92. Future days 15: Vs Hades, Alitian god of lies and betrayal- by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (1459 words)




The clashes between God Alitian and the teenage giantess occurred throughout the main hall of the Night Palace, at such a high speed that neither Elsa, Jack nor Mirabelle were able to follow their rhythm.


(Of course this does not happen like that! By the grace of God, this doesnt make any sense! You can not pretend to be a kind of superhero!)

Godfather, your opinion right now is irrelevant! This is my story and I am going to tell it as I want!

The clashes between the Alitian God and the teenage giantess occurred throughout the main hall of the Nocturnal Palace, at such a high speed that neither Elsa, Jack nor Mirabelle were able to follow their rhythm. All the aura contained within the giantess after so many years without being able to use the second wild cards was released at once, elevating the physical characteristics of Dalia to the extreme.

The giantess had a reason to fight, had the energy to fight and had the will to fight. All together it became the fuel that ignited the giant machinery of his body! And thanks to the power of love of their mothers, Dalia was able to defeat the evil Hades and erase it from existence.


End of the Hades.


And I think this is enough, right? It is not necessary to write the rest of the fight!






93. Dalia's growth Journal, Entry 0.5: Visit with a sexy ebony skin doctor and my mother by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2751 words)




In a very distant place, Day 43 of Full Solar Era.

The night was warm and dark, only illuminated from time to time by solitary lampposts built on the side of the road. When the humans arrived in Terre dell'alba and began to alter their landscape (almost always with the Iloa's permission), one of the first things they did was to fill all the roads with highways and build a system of energy plants to provide of electricity current to the whole continent.

An echo that shouldnt exist floated slowly along the side of the highway, without any energy but with sufficient willpower to continue. Hades had struggled hard to live, and all the remains of drained animals without aura on the road were clear proof of that.

"Hopefully... I will find something with more aura... I'm starving..." The wisp settled on one of the lampposts, looking in all directions waiting for a car or a service station to hunt an innocent human... but luck for a long time that was not in their favor.

"If only I could... have hands or something! Damn it!" Hades screamed furiously, shining with such intensity that it almost obscured the lamppost itself. "Ah.... ahhhh... I shouldnt complain so much... the fact of getting away from that damn palace must already be the greatest achievement of my career as God... a god turned into a mere... FUCKING WISP! DAMM YOU, DALIA!"

Hades continued to insult the sky for a few minutes, exhausting all the aura drained until almost unable to move. "I'm pathetic ... so pathetic- CARS!" The wisp turned on its own axis, watching as in the distance a group of armored vehicles approached.

As dangerous as it was, Hades had no choice but to try to drain the aura of one of the living beings in them, so the Wisp prepared to jump (drop) on one of the trucks. "Three ... Two ... ONE- eh?"

The armored trucks stopped just below Hades' streetlight, two beings coming out of the first one, a black-skinned orc and an extra-human demon. "The records of Alitian corruption are very high in this area, it shouldnt go very far" The orc said keeping a kind of watch in the pocket of his overalls.

"Keep your eyes peeled, orc, so we know the current form of it is extremely small, no bigger than a sparrow." The demon opened its little wings to flit around the area, while the orc sputtered. "I hope you'rent insulting me with orc words, because I remind you that for immediate purposes I'm your boss"

"In the roaringpowder clan we have a saying, "Purge the inferiors and believers, because only the will of those who oppose the gods is the only one that should be heard , do you know what that means?"

"It means we've recruited the best orcs possible! And almost certainly you were insulting me!"

"In equal parts, yes- Wait a moment" The orc took the watch out of his pocket again, looking at it a few seconds before looking at the lamppost where Hades was hiding. (hiding is a relatively relative term) "Up there, get ready." The demon nodded as the orc pulled out of the truck a kind of absorption device similar to a cross between a vacuum cleaner and a rifle.

When he pulled the trigger, the gun began to suck with such great force that even the streetlamp began to shake and crack. Hades could not do anything but be absorbed by the machine until it fell into a small glass tank in the back of the truck.

"What do we have here? I hoped it was some kind of animal infected by the essence of the Master... but you are a wisp..." The demon jumped onto the trailer of the truck, activating one of the machines of the sprinkle aura on Hades. "Dramm, tell the boss, tell her we're taking... we taking whatever a wisp is, made of alitian energy"

The orc nodded as he kept the device. "The wisp are beings created by the remaining energy of the souls when they join the vital current, so this little one must be the rest of some alitian servant of the Master who must not have been able to pass into the blood of the planet"

The demon nodded while pretending to understand the whole explanation. "If when I was a high school student on Earth someone would have told me that in the future an orc would be giving me nature lessons... surely I wouldnt have done anything, but I would have laughed very loudly!"

The demon closed the doors of the trailer from within, while the truck was back on track. Hades contemplated the situation, while letting the aura regain its strength. "Definitely, luck is not on my part, nope"





94. Dalia's growth Journal, Entry 1: New generation of heroes by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (3191 words)




Secret facilities of capital city,

Two hours after the capture of Hades


The armored truck entered the base, closing the security doors behind him. The research building was controlled by giantesses, so all the workers had the wonderful feeling of working in a gigantic environment, with small sections for vehicles and rooms for normal sizes.

A giantess guard and an Iloa guard from the sea tribe approached the armored truck, kneeling beside it to prepare to pick it up. "Wait, Wait, Wait, No, No, today we have something! Something serious!" The demon extrahuman agent jumped out of the passenger door, stopping both giantesses.

"Agent Robin, your last three "serious matters", have been only animals corrupted by the Master's energy... what do you think that this time we're going to believe you?" The giantess guard said as she raised an eyebrow, tired of having to deal with each truck only filled by a little bird or a mutated rabbit. The process of purification after exposure to the energy of the Master wasnt only long, but it always ends up falling on her or on her partner.


"Let me show this to Carol! You can ask the orc if you do not believe me!" Robin defended himself, pointing to his orc companion as he got off the truck.

"Mr. Brigg Dramm, I must remind you that the Roaringpowder clan is still in testing period to join the fiery alliance, so if you are going to defend Agent Robin's ravings, know that you will be speaking on behalf of your entire clan"

Brigg sighed, the threat was not new to him, but neither was he going to complain. As the giantess had said, the roaringpowder clan wanted (or rather, needed) to join the fiery alliance, and couldnt afford any negative points.

But even with all that in mind, Brigg was an orc of principles. "Miss, I know you do well to distrust my partner, but this time I really believe we have found something important! Lady Carol sure finds a Wisp very curious, infested by the energy of the Master"


The giantess looked for a few moments at her companion, and after a little visual confirmation, she sighed as she picked up the truck in both hands. "I hope you are right in this, because as I later have to decontaminate the truck for your fault, I will make a complaint directly to your name"

Robin stuck out his tongue at the giantess as she started walking toward Carol's office, turning to her orcish companion and smiling proudly of her accomplishment. Brigg shook his head, praying that the corrupt wisp was really as valuable as Robin thought it was.




Silence filled the giant office completely, with Carol sitting cross-legged in front of the table. The truck was open and the container containing the corrupted Wisp placed on it, while Robin and Brigg were waiting for an answer... a comment... something...


Robin, even with so many years working for the central government of the fiery alliance, knew little or nothing about her new boss. All that had come to her ears is that Carol was something of a genius girl and that she was a super premature giantess, passing her first and second growths with 3 and 5 years and later the third growth with only 9 years. Brigg, on the other hand, knew even less, only having shared a few words with Carol when he was assigned as a surveillance assistant for outbreaks of corruption toward 2 solar eras.


"Miss Carol... is something happening?" After much waiting, Robin was the first to launch to break the ice... but Carol continued studying the Wisp without getting to say anything. "Damn giantess, always acting as if they were superior! Dramm, tell him something!"

"I... I remind you that I am under threat! Do something for you, that's why you say you're my boss!"

"Damn it Dramm! To be an orc, you are very little brave! Of the first two orc clans that make contact with humanity, one is a clan of miners and hunters and the other is simple shamans, priests and alchemists! Where is the brutal and bloody warriors who dont think twice to go out and fight?!"

Brigg decided not to bother answering, letting Robin relax on her own. In the end, the demon simply decided to approach the arms of the giantess to get her attention. "Lady Carol... Chief Carol... Boss... CAROL?! HELLO?"


The giantess continued to study the corrupted Wisp, who seemed completely terrified and trembling. "Robin, I'm going to raise you and Brigg if you complete a mission"

"That translates into more vacations, fewer hours of work and more salary?"
"It translates to everything you want, I need you to go to New Bahia and look for an expert in Corruption of the Master"

Robin's eyes shone (literally and figuratively) of emotion, especially for the higher salary. "Dont talk anymore! Just tell me what it's called and I'll bring it to you even if it's kidnapping!"


"Are you willing to kidnap? Perfect, I'm not sure if my position is high enough to ask others to send me agents from other defense forces" Carol grabbed the Wisp's container between two fingers, bringing it to her right eye and shaking it slightly.

"I know you're young, Carol, but let's make it clear, you're the new boss so if you need a kidnap, say it clearly! We are the IFA! We can bring you whoever you want!"

"Perfect, go to the headquarters of GUN and bring me to the expert, I want to analyze the wisp thoroughly"




95. Dalia's growth Journal, Entry 1.5: A good entrance to the scene makes the difference by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (3504 words)




Office of the mayor of New Bahia 

08:00 in the morning,day 44 of Full Solar Era

The town councilors were sitting around Elsa's table, nervous as they waited for the GUN chief to return. Mayor Elsa was sitting with her back to the table, looking out the window at her city while she consulted social networks.

#Who is the mysterious heroine who has saved the mayor?

#We are facing the best advertising campaign in a city in history?

#Miss Radical fan club <3 <3

#Is Destructron the most dangerous villain that the fiery alliance has faced?


Each social web that Elsa passed confirmed even more that it had done well to convene this emergency meeting. "Gentlemen, I want the face of this supposed heroine in all the streets of Bahia, I want everyone to know that I offer a reward for her! I will not let her go unnoticed in my own city!"

All the councilors trembled, not knowing what to do. Elsa's order was beyond anything anyone expected... and it was only going to get worse.Zoe walked as fast as her skirt and heels allowed her to the office, standing in front of Elsa's table.

"I hope you bring me her identity, her family, where she live, where she work... I WANT TO KNOW WHO SHE IS!" Elsa screamed as she turned around in the chair, hitting the table with both fists. (reaching the point of cracking it)

"Well, this isnt going to be easy..." Zoe scratched her neck, looking away. "The mask that Lady... Miss? Radical girl wears seems to be made to prevent facial recognition from functioning... apparently-"

"I dont care how is done or how it works! Call the newspapers! Put more agents in the streets! I want to control her! I want photos of her! I will not let anyone humiliate me in my own city and go unpunished!" Elsa stood up suddenly, throwing her chair to the ground while looking at all her councilors.

"Elsa is enough, this role doesnt fit you!" Zoe tried to defend herself, but Elsa's eyes managed to freeze the blood that, like Lich, she didnt have.

The councilors began to talk to each other, some proposing to organize a censorship for Elsa. The situation in the office was completely on the verge of overflowing, but a miracle was enough for everything to relax.

A miracle with name and surname.

The door of the office opened slowly, while Vagrand entered slowly, leaning on the crutch that after so many years dragged with him.

"You want photos of spiderman and you'll have them, mayor! I'll put my best man in the case, a kid named Peter Parker!" Vagrand couldnt help but joke while everyone in the room turned to him.

Three councilors ran out to help him, offering him a chair to sit on while two others removed his jacket and crutch from the middle.

"Former Mayor Vagrand... Why didnt you tell me you were coming in? I would have sent a limousine for you!" Elsa relaxed suddenly, walking towards the bar cabinet. "You want to try a whiskey that the covenant boys have been sent? It's a traditional Iloa recipe from the mountains"

"Getting a poor old man like me drunk, Elsa? How low have you been!" Vagrand laughed while the atmosphere in the room relaxed. "Your subordinates should know that you really are not angry or anything, you know, you've always been too good an actress for these things!"

"Ahh... Did all of you really think I'm angry? Zoe, Alanis! You know me for a long time! Seriously, so evil looking?" Everyone in the room nodded to the unisolo, causing a laugh that Vagrand enjoyed a lot.

"Oh... sorry guys, but it was just a game... Hannah told me that if we were going to face this issue of the heroine and the bodybuilder robot, it should look like the controlling mayor who is obsessed with revealing the identity of the hero!

I really want to know who that Miss Radical is, but I'm not going to make you focus all of your efforts on this! Go to your jobs and relax, I have my best trusted men in the case!"

The councilors breathed a sigh of relief as they emptied the office to leave Vagrand and Elsa alone. "I'm such a good actress, I know where I should look for work when they get fed up with me in Bahia!" Elsa laughed as she poured two glasses of whiskey for herself and Vagrand.

"You are a mayor who will live forever, who can deal with all the affairs of the city without disheveled and who listens to Democrats and Republicans alike! Who would like to kick you out, pretty?" Vagrand took his drink, raising it in a makeshift toast by Bahia before sipping it. "Ahhh, this is glory! My son's wife doesnt let me drink almost any alcohol! Only red wine during dinner!"

"Of course not! They want you to live as long as possible! You've met your grandchildren but you're sure you'll still be able to meet your great-grandchildren!" Elsa joked as she dragged her chair to sit next to Vagrand.

"I've lived too long! Ritchey must be tired of waiting for me on the other side! Also, I have nothing to regret! I've seen my grandchildren graduate and even my oldest granddaughter get married... I've seen New Bahia become a dream city... I know that for you who dont age should be strange, Elsa, but I'm really starting to feel that I've seen everything I had to see!

I have left the seeds of the future planted in you, and I know that you will make my city shine with strength in the sky..."

"There are times I've thought about it, but whenever I do, I come to the same conclusion. I dont intend to die if it's not with Hannah, and that's still a lot of time! I'm sorry I never see Chris again... or father... or Ritchey and at some point to you, Vagrand... but still many who need me here! And now I have a lot more work with that Miss Radical!"

"I was just coming to see how you were going to focus on the situation!" Vagrand said as he waved his glass, waiting for Elsa to fill it up.

"I've been talking to Hannah all night, and I think it's a good time to take advantage of this! You're very old and memory doesnt forgive-" Vagrand grimaced, forcing Elsa to apologize. "Do you remember what Dc and Marvel was?"

"My daughter, both sound to me in the name of a storm elf..." Elsa had to stifle her laught to avoid choking on the whiskey that ran down her throat.

"That's a very good description! But no, Dc and Marvel were companies focused on the universe of comics and other audiovisual works; mainly focused on the theme of supeheroes; both born on Earth, and unfortunately and as the technologies advanced here in Novaterrae, both ended up disappearing. 

Part of the main writers of Dc and Marvel joined and formed a subdivision within Disney called California spirit"

"Those are the ones that make me the series that my grandchildren love so much! A very crazy thing about a girl who jumps forward and back in time! See how they take advantage of the fact that California no longer existed to use her name! Nobody say anything!"

"Although the genre of stories of superheroes have many years of down cape, I contacted the few members of the original team that are still alive and I talked about the situation of Miss Radical with them"

"And what did they tell you?" Vagrand was feigning interest as best he could, since he had been lost in the conversation for some time. (specifically, after the word California)

"They have bequeathed their will to resurrect the world of superheroes, and we have also agreed that they sell me original scripts of when Dc and Marvel still existed. It will be difficult, but I am seeing a golden opportunity to create the greatest possible claim for Bahia!"

"Thinking to use the claim of the superheroes to attract people to Bahia? Girl, you are so smart, of that there is no doubt!"

"Besides, I know my daughter well, and I know she will be looking for that Miss Radical right now to become a heroine too! I just hope that my best men can find her before Dalia does... I dont want her to get in nothing dangerous while with the aura down for her third growth "Elsa sighed, taking the opportunity to check her phone.

"Fee and Jack?" Vagrand asked, squinting.

"Jack, Fiona and Fee, the first two because they work directly for me, and since I still dont understand the position that Fee occupies in the town hall, nothing happens if I send her to do the dirty work!"

"Elsa... do you think they'll be doing their job?" Vagrand sighed, knowing the answer.

"This time I have them checked, I have their phones controlled on the GPS, and I know if they stop at a bar or something! Right now, as I see, Fiona is in the harbor, Fee is near the university district and Jack is in his house, but since he is computer, I do not think anything will happen!" The confidence Elsa had in her team was so full and gleaming that Vagrand found it hard to look directly at her.

"And why do you want the original scripts of those companies?" Vagrand tried to divert the subject of Jack and Fiona from his mind, those two vagrants who received a very high salary from Elsa without practically doing anything.

"I have other experts-" Vagrand's gaze was enough to cut Elsa. "Hannah says she is going to set up her own franchise of super heroes using the best of Dc and Marvel, so she, Flynn and Calia are now gathering the most important points before they start writing...

Forgive the question, Vagrand, but how have you remembered Spiderman and the newspaper and not Marvel?"

"To be fair, it was my son who brought me by car who reminded me of Spiderman while we were talking about Miss Radical, and for some reason I have the scene of Peter Parker giving pictures of spiderman to his boss in the newspaper and laughing at the poor kid! Ahhhhhh... Age doesnt forgive, Elsa...

with time you end up forgetting things that you wouldnt want to forget and you only have stupid memories like that..."

Elsa stuffed both glasses with whiskey for the last time, lifting hers in the air. "For the age!"


Vagrand laughed in silence, taking his glass and clashing it with Elsa's. "For the age, and for Bahia! And Elsa, can you promise me something?

Make sure I dont have a burial Iloa! I've seen how the Bind-souls priests handle and feed their rituals with the soul of humans and Iloas and it'snt a destiny that I want to live!"

"I promise you, old friend, you can take it for granted"




96. Dalia's growth Journal, Entry 2: Different types of battles, same dreams to cling to by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (4601 words)



(Important notice: This has been my first time, my big moment, my... I cant think of any other simile, I'm still too wet to think, but you get the idea.

I'm going to describe it in great detail, but for security reasons (I'm not going to suspend) I'm going to try to avoid the keyword as much as possible. I'm a genius of the narrative, so I doubt you have any problem!

But just so you have it clear, Rebecca said the keyword a lot, a lot more than it seems)




97. Dalia's growth Journal, Entry 2.5: Chase your dreams, and never stop by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (3229 words)





"Come on Dalia! You can, my little bug!" Elsa hit her knees with both hands, trying to get the attention of the baby who sat in the middle of her blanket.

"Come on little sister! Get up!" Sarah said lying on the table, clapping her sister to cheer her up.

Elsa and Sarah sat surrounded by toys, stuffed animals, and anything that could get Dalia's attention. The couple was trying by all means that Dalia took her first steps along the path pre-established by both. (Path made of cushions and with walls of pillows on the sides so Dalia could not hurt herself)

Meanwhile, Hannah recorded the scene with her camera from an angle prepared by Elsa to record Dalia's first steps in the highest possible quality. The giantess smile (with some guilt inside) and wishing that her dear little daughter didnt give even the smallest attention to her sister and mother, keeping playing with her pacifier.

"You see, you cant force Dalia to walk!" Hannah laughed as Elsa and Sarah turned to her.

"We have to throw 4 days away from home, I will not leave before seeing my girl walk for the first time!" Elsa defended herself before her gigantic wife, turning very offended again towards Dalia.

Sarah turned around, rummaging through the bag she and her mother had previously prepared. "Come on Dalia, we have chocolate milk and the cookies you like!" But even with sweet Dalia seemed ready to move from his blanket, more focused on shaking the pacifier and see the noise that made the chain of it. "Mom, this isnt working!"


"I see it, darling... I see it..." Elsa stood up, passing by the side of her little giantess (just past the first growth of Sarah, also, placing it in some more than huge 5.7 feet tall) and walking towards her wife. "Hannah, I'll return your credit card from our wedding if you can make Dalia to start walking, okay?"

Hannah hesitated for a few seconds, alternating her gaze between Dalia and her wife. As a mother, she didnt want to force the smallest thing on her little girl, and the feeling of guilt about Hades's crime was too great...

On the other hand, that credit card would allow Hannah to buy the last unit still sealed from xenoblade chronicles... and Dalia deserved to know the xenoblade saga! "Okay, but I want the credit card in advance"

Elsa  teleported her bag, and after a few seconds the blonde threw the credit card at her wife's cleavage, basing her cleanly. "Do your magic, dear"

"Your wish is my command!" Hannah smiled as she got up to sit on the other side of the table, on the back of the baby who had now found more fun licking the buttons of her pajamas. Hannah waited a second for Dalia to look up to place her index finger in front of her.

Naturally, Dalia wanted whenever possible to be carried by her giantess mother, so before the image of Hannah's finger, the baby tried to grab him to climb it. Everything was fine until the moment when suddenly, Hannah's finger moved away!

Dalia had no idea what had happened, sitting on her blanket thinking. After a good 15 seconds, the baby decided to follow her mother's finger and get on it as planned.

"It's close... it's close..." Hannah waited at the last second, at the exact moment where Dalia sat on her legs to get on her mother's finger. With a precision, a coordination an agility worthy of a Dirty Lover, Hannah raised her finger lightly in a movement that to Dalia's eyes was like a tower rising in the dark night.


Elsa and Sarah were too confused to say anything, but Hannah's security gaze served to maintain confidence. Dalia, lost and disoriented to see how the finger of her beloved mother rose half a foot off the floor, decided to do the only thing that was in the baby's hand.

Using all the strength that the baby had in the body, Dalia supported herself with both hands on the cushions, maneuvering her legs until they were placed in the proper position. With a graceful impulse similar to the first steps of a giraffe, Dalia stood up against her mother's finger, feeling the surface for a place to grab and climb on it.

"Aaaaaaaaand, I got you!" Hannah, using a picaresque only seen before in thieves' comedies, moved her finger away again, was once placing it in front of her wife and daughter. In the same way, to prevent Dalia from losing her balance, the giantess used her other hand to hold the baby's back until she managed to stand on her own.

Dalia, who had been chewing on her pajamas (even in the face of the partial lack of teeth) suddenly found herself in a completely new situation for herself. The baby was standing, in a soft and cuddly wasteland, and the object of her desire and ambition had moved away from her again, placing herself in front of her beloved mother and her beloved older sister.

As far as the baby's mind could go, Dalia suspected that this wasnt a coincidence.

"Come on Dalia! You can!" The three women said in unison, calling Dalia to start her journey on the path of life.

Dalia was completely blocked, confused and in a pre-panic state. The baby, in a movement that nobody expected, (not even the same Hades who watched the whole scene from within Dalia) curved her smile in a grimace that neither Sarah nor Elsa (and later Hannah) cant managed to understand.

The legend tells that Dalia's smile froze the blood and confused everyone who saw the video... a smile of pride, a smile of pure ambition that would match the most terrifying smiles of the same Valeria, Loki or the Doctor Doom himself.


Dalia at that moment had awakened from her lethargy, feeling herself betrayed by the finger that kept getting away. The baby, who until that moment her maximum desire was just to get on the damn finger, swore that she would never lose sight of her dreams, clinging to them no matter what it cost.

With slow movements, Dalia began her first fingers towards the elusive finger, before the confused look of her mother and sister who felt joy and restlessness at the same time.

Elsa needed to pat her face a couple of times until she recovered from the shock, returning to kneel to applaud her little girl. "Come on Dalia! You already have it!"


Dalia kept smiling as she approached her goal, waiting for the last moment to stop. The baby wasnt a fool, and she knew perfectly well that her mother's finger was connected to her mother.

Turning and following Hannah's arm with her eyes, Dalia managed to see where her giantess mother was all the time, smiling towards her and deciding to achieve her goal in the most logical way.

If the finger kept moving away, Dalia only had to reach the source of it.

Walking to the edge of the padded corridor, Dalia clung to one of the cushions and after giving one last look at her confused mother and sister, the baby raised her hand as if to say goodbye to them.

Elsa and Sarah did not have time to react, before Dalia pushed the cushion until it opened enough to pass.

"Dalia!" both shouted at once, frightened by any injury that the baby could suffer, but once the road was clear, Dalia knew what she had to do.

Pursue it.

Chase her dreams.

Running in a clumsy and inefficient way, Dalia advanced not very quickly but without stopping towards Hannah. The giantess had no idea what to do (Sarah had never acted in such a rebellious way... much less at such an early age), and she only managed to react when Dalia had traveled almost 10 feet away from her fluffy hallway.

Quickly, Hannah prepared her hand to catch the baby, who seemed more than willing to jump over the edge of the table in order to reach her mother.

"What the he...- hello, has happened?!" Elsa asked as she and Sarah ran to Hannah, who slowly moved her baby in her hand.

"How has she managed to escape from the hall? I didnt know she could push cushions almost as big as her!" Sarah tried to excuse herself, feeling guilty for not having placed bigger cushions.

"Take it easy little mine..." Hannah stroked Sarah's head with her other hand, while looking at Dalia between proud and confused. "I told you, we cant force Dalia to do things, she has... her own way of thinking!"

Elsa sighed as she approached Hannah's hand, poking and caressing her baby's head. "I have to admit... we have the best homemade video in history! My little bug... I'm already seeing the many headaches you're going to give us!"

Dalia didnt mumble or do anything, enjoying her pacifier, the hand of her mother and the satisfaction of having fulfilled her goal.

At that moment, Dalia's heart knew the feeling of satisfaction, and Dalia decided-



98. Dalia's growth Journal, Entry 3: Meaning of be a hero by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2203 words)




Mansion of the Reyes family, 15:00 in the afternoon.


"Yes, yes ... I understand ... tomorrow night? Thank you for your time, commander." Elsa sighed as she continued circling the table in the living room. The blonde had almost 40 minutes on the phone fighting against the bureaucracy...

A fight that even for a mayor wasnt easy. "How are you going, Honey?" Elsa rubbed her forehead with both hands, pulling her hair back and tying her back in a ponytail.

Hannah extended her arm from the sofa, using it as a bridge so that Elsa could climb on her wife's back. Hannah lay down on the couch, looking on her laptop. "I have found things about various cults, but no so-called skinned crow... I dont want to believe that Destructron has lied to us-"

"And why we werent going to believe he lied to us, my love? He's a fucking crazy robot who sings bad rap and wants to plunge New Bahia into chaos! He hasn't the best track record for us to believe his words!

Hell, we dont even know if it's a robot or what it is!"Elsa lay on her back, letting the conversation die while they both thought about the situation.

The only cult with which Bahia had to face before was the dread dawn cultists, who claimed for years the body of Hannah to serve as a new vessel for the Master. A ragtag group of Iloas from the plains and Orleanis... thank god, Zoe infiltrated between them pretending to be a Alitian goddess of death and succeeding in exterminating them all.

Elsa let herself be rocked by her wife's breathing, thinking about Destructron over and over again. Even with the level of technology that the fiery alliance manages, a robot with so much autonomy, with so much capacity of own thought and with such realistic facial expressions wasnt something can buy! Something like that could only come from Eleanor's hands... and Hannah and Elsa already called Capital City to make sure that no robot had escaped R & D & A...

"My love, you do not wear a bra, do you?" Hannah didnt bother to answer, simply denying and waiting for Elsa to understand her bodily expression without turning back. (The truth is that Hannah wanted to avoid by all means possible that Elsa saw the website for purchase of vintage objects that was open in the search engine of the C-net)

"And why not, you're always the one who scolds us at three about cant go without underwear in the morning!"


"I wear a sports bra, thats why you arent noticing the strap. I dont have any other bra that suits me, all leave me too much sweety meat above and in the sides"

And before Elsa could even answer, Hannah extended her hand behind her and covered her lover's lips. "Before you ask... the other day I screwed up the washing machine and I shrugged a lot of Sarah's and my clothes"


"That explains why Sarah wore sports clothes today... Have you warned the company that makes your clothes? I save the ticket as usual, so we should be able to call and have it replaced-"

"I already tried, but they say there are many problems lately with the giantess clothes in Bahia and that they will not be able to work miracles until the next shipment.

Something that the materials that came last time were defective and seem to shrink in contact with the superhot water... We have at least 4 days to use the gym clothes... God! You have no idea how boring it is that our clothes are of such poor quality!

I understand that if we dont want to wear skins like the Iloa of the sea and the mountain, nylon clothing is the only option that we have left... but having to change the wardrobe every 30 days is a pain in the ass!

Hopefully the scientists could find a more resistant material and more impervious to the aura! Clothes are by far the worst of being a giantess! Clothes and shoes, you cant even imagine the desire that they give me to go out naked to the street every time a shirt or pant cracks breaks!"


"Dont even think of it! your twins belong to me and to the youngest daughter we have at that moment!" Elsa started to laugh, but her laughter turned into surprise when everything went dark.


Hannah grabbed her wife, turning around on the sofa and leaving Elsa between her breasts before crushing her in a hug. "Dont you feel sorry for your poor wife, who has run out of half her closet in one wash?!"

Elsa fought against the huge hands of her lover, managing to let go using a bit of aura and moving towards Hannah's lips. "If my ever-growing wife runs out of half her closet, her brilliant white knight will get her three more closets!"


Hannah leaned back slightly so she could see her wife face to face, movement that Elsa took to kiss her lips and kneel (quite exaggeratedly) in front of her.
"Point 1, I'm not growing, idiot!" Hannah laughed as she tapped her index finger on his wife's cheek. "And point 2... you arent my white knight...

You are my precious and wonderful queen, my knight and the mystress of my heart"

"And you're my mistress, my big, pretty, attractive... wild and sensual queen!" Hannah narrowed her eyes in a move too adorable for Elsa's heart, which could only pull out her mocking tongue of pure nervousness. Thats was the moment when Hannah decided to take a slight revenge for that such offense, pulling out her own tongue and licking her wife's head to toe.

"Agg! Disgusting! That this is my Sunday morning clothes!" Elsa pretended to get upset, turning around and letting herself fall sitting in Hannah's cleavage.

"That's for sticking out your tongue and telling me that I'm growing! It's the most offensive thing you can say to a giantess made and right like me! It's as if you were told... that... you're going to grow up to be a giantess for sharing my blood!" Elsa couldnt help but laugh at such a comparison.

"Hey, that wasnt a joke!"


"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, my love! But you're almost 60 years old and you still dont know how to make comparisons!"

"60 immortal years, so I'm still in my 31 years! Here you go, silly!" Hannah smiled so victorious that Elsa herself decided to grant him the assault. The conversation stopped for a while while giantess and human enjoyed the coolness of the air conditioning. "My love, you didnt tell me who you called. Was it something important?"

Elsa sighed, turning around and burying her face in her wife's right breast, screaming to release the frustration of remembering the call.

"I've called the IFA to see if they knew anything about that cult... but I've only been told that two agents were going to Bahia tomorrow and that they would wait for me in the office... whenever I have to interact with the IFA, those unfortunates are those who mark the dates and the meeting places... how much I hate them!"

"Come on, Elsa, think about how we have GUN and we dont need the help of those idiots very often!... Sorry to change the subject but I want to make sure of something... you dont notice me bigger, do you?"

"God Hannah! That was a joke!" Hannah's gaze was one of genuine concern, so much that Elsa herself had to sit up to look at her face. "My love, a giantess grows slightly throughout her life-"

"I'm not talking about that, it's just... lately I have not done much exercise... God, I have not really done any exercise since Dalia entered the institute! I wouldnt like to get fat ... but I havent done anything to avoid it... and what would happen if I got fat?! You know what they do to fat giantesses?! The clothing company-"

"Hannah!" Elsa stood up suddenly, slapped each cheek of his wife to stop her musings. "You'rent fat! I know every corner of your body by heart! I've spent more time exploring every curve, every muscle, every cavity of yours and I can tell you that you'rent fat!"

Hannah sighed in relief, relief that Elsa shared enormously. There was only something worse than Hannah with an anxiety attack, and that is to be on a Hannah with an anxiety attack.

"When Sarah get home, I think it's a good time like any other for us to weigh! And I should also weigh Dalia! I would like to point out how much my little girl grows day to day, surely in the future-" Elsa left her mind blank , leaving Hannah to continue her meaningless talk (because everything she was already saying were things that the giantess was already doing).

After so many years of marriage, Elsa knew there were times when Hannah just needed to talk and release all her anxiety. Something Elsa loved to do normally... today wasnt the case.





99. Dalia's growth Journal, Entry 3.5: DieR by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (3425 words)

100. Special 100 chapters and 20,000 readings: Miss Blue Sky by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2903 words)




Since this is going to be chapter number 100, I have decided to show you one of my favorite activities!


Recover the money that scam me by selling me fake artefacts whether magical and / or alitians!

A good scam should always be followed by a good lesson!




It is important to emphasize that this isnt the first time that happens to me.

Neither the second...

nor the thirteenth...

nor will be the last surely. 

101. Special 100 chapters and 20,000 readings: Blood for the embryo of the Master by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (4932 words)

102. Special 100 chapters and 20,000 readings: Back from the past, look to the future by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (4101 words)

I regret the waits between chapters, but they gave me a very bad medical news about my leg and since this goes for a long time, we had to do some works at home to me be able to move around it.

I regret any inconvenience caused.

103. End of story arc 3: Vs The Master / The hero I want to be by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (4125 words)

104. Dalia's growth Journal, Entry 4: by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (1783 words)




Alleys in New Bahia del Sol;

01:00 at night, 47 of Full Solar Era.


Jol ran with all his might, holding his bloody arm against his body. The steps behind him had stopped, but that damn demon wasnt going to stop chasing him until he was dead.

"Leave me alone!" Jol shouted at nothing, waiting for someone, whoever he was, to hear their pleas.

"I've seen what you've done" The same voice coming from the same abyss was still chasing him, it did not matter how far Jol ran... his voice came out seemed to come from the inside of his head.

"It's just been for protecting me and the company! I didnt want to accept the deal!" Jol began to be unable to breathe, and as dangerous as it was, he needed to stop to breathe. Continuing to reach a few garbage containers, Jol managed to hide between them, earning a few very necessary seconds.

"Please... Azure Key, God, whatever... finish this nightmare..." Jol cried to himself, looking at the shotgun wound on his arm. If he came out of this, it would be a good story to tell colleagues. The day they almost killed me.

And it was at that moment of false calm that Jol prepared to leave his hiding place... seeing him. "No, please, no..." Jol denied almost without a voice.

"It's time for you to pay for your crimes, Jol." The masked man said closing his eyes, carrying a second bullet in his clipped shotgun.

"I HAVENT DONE ANYTHING TO YOU!" Jol tried to move, but the two containers that had served as his refuge now served as his prison. "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!"

"I do what must be done, I get to where GUN can not reach, and you are one of those targets that only bring evil to our beautiful city" The masked man pointed with the shotgun at Jol's legs, firing without any hesitation.

"AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH" Jol had nothing more to scream and cry for the immense pain while the masked man walked away.

"...why... Mr. Skull... I just... had signed some construction contracts... no more..." Jol's eyesight was beginning to be clouded by the loss of blood.

But even in such bad condition, Jol could see how the container in front of him began to approach, pushing more and more his mutilated legs.




...Blood dripped down the alley, while the masked man drenched in the blood of the villains was moving away in the middle of the night.

"Mr. skull?" The masked man said to himself, releasing a lonely laugh. "Idiot, my name is Skullman, remember it in the other world"


And among the long shadows of the night, Skullman disappeared, preparing for his next objective. This city needs heroes, and Skullman is here to do the job that no other wants.




105. Dalia's growth Journal, Entry 4.5: Change beyond the bonds by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2537 words)

106. Dalia's growth Journal, Entry 5: Elven fever by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2649 words)




The lights of the streetlights began to light up as people began to look for restaurants and bars to stay for dinner. The weather was appropriate, the ideal temperature and the desire to celebrate a good time filled the entire city.

And although people were willing to have a good time, no one could avoid turning to look at the masked man with a skull and black raincoat despite the temperatures.

"You can keep smiling, the city is safe" thought the masked as he walked, proudly smiling from under the mask. GUN would soon find the last villain who had the misfortune to meet with the fists of justice, which meant that these people could once again feel safe.

And in the impacable sight of the masked one, a great group of people milled in front of the shop window of an appliance shop, watching a television.With pride, Skullman stepped behind the group, stopping to listen to his compliments.

But what he found wasnt praise.

"How could he have done that to a surgeon?"

"This city is increasingly full of psychopaths"

"Mayor Elsa should do something! We can ask her to go hunting herself."

"One can no longer feel calm and safe on the streets ..."

Skullman couldnt understand what his ears caught, no matter how hard he tried.

"How can they not feel safe? A monster in sheep's clothing who had accidentally killed an old man was now resting among the dead.

Those psychopaths they're talking about... should be the ones who scare them; which means that I must work harder than ever" Skullman said to himself, as he began to walk the streets again. If Mayor Elsa failed to make them feel safe, only he could do it.

"This isnt a city for evildoers, and I'm the one who will remind to all of you..."

Skullman said aloud this time as he went into the first alley he found, preparing to begin a villainy cleanup.




107. Dalia's growth Journal, Entry 5.5 Part 1: Solaborne by SirDarkvid [Reviews - 0] (2509 words)