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Bahia del Sol: between 20:00 and 21:00 at the Nightfort Pub


The night was young in Bahia, and more being a Saturday.

The music played throughout the bar as more and more college students arrived, perhaps too many for the Norwegian's taste, but that was another story... Kristoff paid the beers to the Boss and walked back to the table where they usually sat; place where her best friend was waiting for her writing the personal diary that she should write from now on.

It was not easy being Elsa's friend, considering her history of committing crazy things, acting alone guided by ... it was not easy to be Elsa's friend, so Krist thought that with a diary that would force her to put her day in order control it much better.
Peering over the blonde's shoulder, he tried to read her first words.


Diary of the Incredible, sexy and benevolent Elsa who has agreed to write this shit, Entry 1:

Every story starts somewhere, and this is not going to be less, because it's my Story,  

And since this is MY STORY, WHICH I AM BEING OBLIGED TO WRITE, I will start from the beginning.





Chris left the glass of beer loudly on the table and without even bothering to ask anything he proceeded to strike a blow on the arm to his best friend. "YOU CAN NOT START A JOURNAL AS IF IT WAS A NOVEL SPECIES! WHAT KIND OF ... " With a single finger Elsa silent to Chris without even bothering to stop writing.


"Shhhh my good friend Kriss, a diary is the story of a person, right?" Elsa set the pen down on the table as she turned to Kriss, not taking her finger from his mouth.


"Yes, but..."


"And a story can start as you want, no?" While Chris stared at her dumb argument, if you can name that an argument, Elsa simply stuck out her tongue and back to write her diary.


According to Chris, writing a diary would help me to become an adult:

So the so-called more advanced mind of his generation is going to turn it around and use it to narrate his incredible lifestyle, his great achievements while she seeks to complete his most beloved mission:

Go out and take to bed each species of extrahumans!  feel their feminine bodies and enjoy their youth, because with 26 DAMN YEARS, 2 UNIVERSITY TITLES AND A BUSINESS AS AN  INTERNATIONALY AWARDED ARCHITECT IS WHAT I HAVE TO DO.


Releasing the pen as if it were a microphone after a 4-hour concert, Elsa proceeded to deliver the diary to Chris. "You're an idiot Elsa, a big, self-centered idiot." Chris grumbled as he looked at the big clock that Boss had on top of the cash register.


"I loved it! and that's what every Extrahuman love from me!" Elsa while was busier drinking her beer and looking at the pub for a not very drunk extrahuman.

(because that was one of her innumerable rules: Never finish the night with a girl who would not remember what Elsa had prepared for her)


"You dont have any good, Elsa" Boss came to fill the glasses of his two best customers with a smile from ear to ear.


"Eh! I have a lot of good things! Look my hair, Boss, its so cool! And look how they love how safe and gentle I am before arriving at my house, and then..." Just imagining a beautiful young lady entering her apartment, shaking her hips, to Elsa's gifted mind filled with possible continuations. Unfortunately for those around her, Elsa was not a specialist in hiding her emotions.


"I...I dont need to know Elsa, just keep drinking and erase that smile that makes you look like a pervert" Chris got up and pulled Elsa's arm out of his lustful thoughts proceeded to pay for the extra beer of Elsa.


"No more tonight Boss, and you drink that and get ready Elsa, I'll come out in 5 minutes, need change my clothes in the bathroom" And without waiting for an answer, hee picked up her backpack and ran to the bathroom.


"Arent you going to stay today? It's Friday and you know what that means Elsa! A lot of young extrahumans half-drunks!" And although on the outside he seemed to care about his two best clients, inside Boss couldn't stop thinking about all the money he was going to lose today when Elsa and Chris left.


Elsa grumbling without saying anything, drank the jug in one gulp and got up without even turning to look at the group of girls who had just entered.  "Unfortunately not today... that imbecile wants me to help him with a kind of double date. Where I will have to stay with the daughter of her girlfriend, while he does handy things with the mother! AN AUTHENTIC SHIT FOR A FRIDAY NIGHT!" Elsa could not do anything but head-butt against the column next to her table. (literally to everyone's surprise in the pub)


"Stop that Elsa, you scare my customers, again..."


"It's just not fair! It's Friday and I should be preparing to locate the nicest Extrahuman in the place and not babysitting for the daughter of a flirt from Chris... hell, with my luck, it's a human girl just entering the University of Bahia full of dreams for a couple for the next years"


"And that's bad... I think... no?" Once again, Boss felt that he had asked too much...


"Very very bad Boss! it's a Defcon 2 on my scale. Do you need me to explain it to you?"


"Not at all..."


"I'll explain it to you" Elsa went back to open the diary and picking up the pen, and proceeded to began to draw 3 circles while Boss cursed his life for asking. "This is very simple, so get ready! i

In the first group we have men or Defcon 3, which represent the worst group of all, do not be offended" Boss learned not to do it with so many years with Elsa as a client. "Men are the worst for a simple reason, they are not women

Now there is the second group or Defcon 2, human women. At first I could start a rapprochement with them if the situation and the country requires it, but they are not what I like, so they represent a danger for me."

Boss could not even reply, because from experience he knew that he would only lengthen the explanation, and Elsa is known for 2 things, to be a genius with a lot of IQ, and for being a championship idiot who is able to spin up to a square until turn it into the state of Alaska.

"On the other hand... the Extrahumans gather so many good things..." Again she began to smile like an old pervert. "For starters they are much higher than normal humans and I like that! I want to highlight the variants that exceed 2 meters, before you ask 8 feet and 2 inches. Then we have its wide variety of subspecies, going from those who inherit traits and body parts of real animals, like my beloved bunny Sera or my beloved kitten Joan. And that's not counting the subspecies that go to more fantastic terrains! Undeads, Halfghosts, Elementals! And my favorite, the most rare and fantastic species of them all.


"A... mermaid?"


"NOT AT ALL! A giantess! the peak of the Extrahumans and the most influential species in our history since the appearance of the Extrahumans in 1637 as a result of a meteor that altered the women of the time and granted them the probability of giving birth to the third human species. And with this they finish the classes of "Defcon and you!", They will be 40 dollars." Boss had been nodding for a while so she would feel that he was listening to her, and mentally remembering that he should not repeat this issue under any circumstances.


"The giantess have stopped the greatest wars, those that have protected humanity from any animal mutations caused by the meteorite, although some religious attribute these species to their respective gods, without any clear foundation" Elsa continued to talk non-stop about extrahumans for the next 7 minutes that Chris need to get out, arriving in some points to get bored so much that around her and Boss all the other clients abandoned their respective tables.


Finally, for the sake of all other customers, Chris came out of the bathroom in an elegant suit and a tie so new that he had not bothered to remove the label. "How do you see me? Sufficiently elegant or do I wear the tuxedo"


"Not until you take her to the church, idiot..." Elsa snorted as she picked up her things, what in the language "Elsa-People People-Elsa" Chris understood that it was perfect for her date. Boss pat him while he returned to the bar counter, cursing Elsa for the last time that night.


The streets of the Hyperion district were always full of people, whatever the time of day, as it has always been since Hyperion was the district of skyscrapers, bars and entertainment in Bahia. For Elsa, this was the center of her life, where she had her apartment and where she worked, the safest place in Bahia (even though it was the second district with the highest crime rate, Elsa usually preferred to call it a risk/reward)
Chris parked his car in the underground parking closest to the restaurant and snorted one last time with a glance at Elsa, who had crushed her face against the glass the entire trip.

"Well Elsa, it's time." Elsa didnt bother to turn her head and made a signal with her hand to confirm. "Tonight is my great opportunity with Juddit, and I want take the next step. Remenber, your work tonight is..."


"Yes yes yes... be the nanny of her daughter and pretend it is a double date while you throw yourself to that milf! I get it!"


"ELSA!... Juddit isnt... well, a little milf it is but that isnt the point. This is a double date and I want your best smile face, understood?" This time the elsa finger was a little more to the center. "Elsa please! I have a surprise for you ready, so move your ass and let's go!" This time the finger was just the center one.



Restaurant "La gran pesca": 22:00 at night



Elsa stood sulking in front of the door while Chris looked through the windows looking for Juddit and her daughter. "Come on! Search from within! I'm hungry, cold and the world is changing and I'm scared!" Elsa complained as she approached Chris.

"Shut up one fucking minute Elsa! I want to enter directly to her table, like a real gentleman... wait... JUDDIT! LOOK ELSA, JUDDIT HAS COME!"


Elsa narrowed her eyes as she looked in the direction Chris was pointing at her, but all she saw was a wall of flesh in a nice blue dress. "Chris... that's not  the Juddit from the photo... are you dating a wall?"


"Fool! That must be Hannah, her daughter, she wears the dress that Juddit told me to look when we come! I'm so nervous ... it's our fifth date, but it's the first time that she's an officer! I have no idea what to say or what to do- " Elsa's mind began to do a series of operations, measuring the back of the supposed daughter, calculating by an approximate length of the arm the length of his legs and after a simple calculation grabbed the arm of Chris with enough force to tear it. "ELSA LOOSE ME NOW! YOU ARE GOING TO MESS THE JACKET!"


"Chris" Elsa started to snort as her expression of boredom turned into a smile worthy of a lottery winner" Her daughter... is a giantess?!"


Chris chuckled when he realized that what he had been hiding all week to prevent any stupidity from Elsa was revealed. "Hehehe... Old Chris still has his tricks, right?" Chris turned his head to smile at Elsa, but all he saw was Elsa entering the restaurant directly "ELSA COME BACK HERE!"


Mentally Elsa calculated that Hannah if that was her name should measure about 11 feet and something more than 10 inches, which made her a giantess in its second phase of growth by full right.

"Let the game begin..."


Chapter End Notes:

Some people do not deserve the fate they have, and Elsa is one of themI hope you liked chapter 1! Feel free to comment on any opinion or point! Until next time! (which will be tomorrow if all goes well)

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