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A loud, wet sound wakes me from my sleep.




The room shakes as though an earthquake is tearing apart the house… But wait? We’re not supposed to get earthquakes in Minnesota…




I open my eyes and look around the room. This is not the room that I fell asleep in. Everything is white, the lights are too bright, and the ceiling looks like it’s miles away.




The sound is getting closer. Is this heaven? Did I die in my sleep or something?


… But heaven doesn’t have white tiled walls?




The bottom of a massive foot passes over the top of my view. It lands several yards away from me with the same wet thud that I have been hearing. The foot is connected to a leg, the leg is connected to an ass, and that ass is connected to another leg with another massive foot.


Somehow I have found myself looking up in between the legs of this giant man. His body is dripping with moisture, and droplets the size of my head are splashing in puddles all around me. My gaze continues its path upwards. I see a magnificent set of balls dangling overhead, also dripping with moisture. What frightens me most, however, is the semi-erect penis casting a shadow over me. From what I can tell, it is at least twice the size of my whole body. It is hard to tell with my perspective being so distorted.


The giant, wet man continues on his path. He reaches out and wraps his hand around the largest towel I have ever seen, ruffling his hair with it and sending even more droplets down upon me. I continue to scope out the room. I can make out familiar shapes, although they are all hundreds of times bigger than I have ever seen. To my left is a countertop with a mirror above it. I only assume there is a sink attached. Beyond that is a toilet. To my right is a door that I would have no hope of ever opening, but I may be able to slip under the crack. From where the giant came from behind me is a small shower… Well, small for someone his size. The water simply dripping off the sides of it is more impressive than some waterfalls I have seen.


The giant turns around so that his toes are now facing towards me, and his cock is once again casting a shadow over top of me. I am simultaneously frightened and aroused. Wait? Why am I aroused? This giant could accidentally step on me and it would be like killing a bug to him. Or worse, he could sit on me and I would be pinned under his ass. Or… What if he finds me? What horrors would awate me then?


I do not have time to contemplate the many things that a giant might want to do with a girl half the size of his chub. Without much warning, he swings the door open and the air blast hits me like a train. I get knocked underneath the counter and into a pile of dust and rubbish. He shuts the door behind him.


After sitting dazed for a couple of minutes, I finally gather the courage to go and explore my surroundings a little bit more. There isn’t a whole lot that I can do from the floor. Everything is far beyond my reach. I size myself up against the crack underneath the bathroom door. Perhaps if I slip through this, then I can get outside and figure out what has happened.


Just as I am getting close to the door, it suddenly opens again and I am thrown backwards. A scream escapes my lips, and I tumble onto the cold floor once again. This time I am greeted by a pair of shoes. Looking up, I can see a sweatpants, a bare chest, and two blue eyes looking right at me.


“Well now… How did you get into my bathroom? Have you been peeping?” The giant says with a smile. He doesn’t seem overly surprised to see a tiny girl. This frightens me even more.


“I have heard rumors of vermin in this building. I never expected them to be quite so cute.” He reaches a hand down towards me. My brain is screaming at me to run, but I just stand there as giant fingers wrap around my body and lift me into the air. A rush of vertigo hits me as I am lifted higher and higher. I stop in front of his face, and he un-curls his fingers so that I am lying in his hand. A fall from this height would certainly kill me. His eyes scan my body. He smiles.


“What a cute little thing you are. Unfortunately for you, I need to finish getting ready for bed. I don’t want to lose you, so I am going to put you somewhere you’ll be safe.” His other hand moves below my eyeline. I feel the rush of vertigo again as I am lowered. I see his chest, then his belly button… I should have seen the waistband of his pants by now, unless…


I am dropped a few inches and I land on something soft. I look up to see his grinning face, and the sudden snap of elastic. It takes me no time to realize my predicament, and I try to find something to hold on to as he starts to walk. In the distance, I think I can hear him brushing his teeth.


The giant takes a painfully long time to go about his nightly routine. He brushes his teeth, gargles with some liquid, and various other things that I can’t figure out the sound of. I am trapped in his pants. I am holding on to his penis, yet I am trying not to think about it. Survival is the only thing on my mind. Things shift and I slip a little. I tighten my grip and try to wiggle myself into a comfortable position. My wiggling seems to only provoke him. I can feel as he reaches a hand to his groin and jostles me around a little bit.


Things continue like this for an unbearable amount of time. His body heat, his natural smell, and the random jostles and adjustments are the only things I am aware of. Otherwise, the world outside is a mystery.


Once again he reaches a hand to the outside of his pants. I am expecting the usual teasing, but it lingers. I feel each finger pressing in just a little bit harder, as if he is grabbing. He makes a few short rubbing motions with me pinned to his shaft. I am pressed into the soft flesh, and I can feel the changes beneath me.




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