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Story Notes:

I have a few things planned out but am open for suggestions. This will be more spur of the moment for when it's written and updated.

Author's Chapter Notes:

I have a few things planned out but am open for suggestions. This will be more spur of the moment for when it's written and updated.

The ground of the city only rumbled for a second before an Earth-shattering boom swept through the city as buildings erupted downtown. Panicked citizens looked up at the rising dust cloud in awe as a shadowy figure loomed in the haze, rising from the epicenter of the blast, where an expensive apartment building once stood. The dust settled and the form of a young woman of about 18 years of age sat bent at the waist, he knees splayed and her forearms resting on the ground before her, supporting her massive weight. The city paused, in awe of this auburn haired beauty that dominated the skyline. She was absolutely massive; the tallest building likely came up to her smallest toe. The earth shook once more as she leaned back, stretching in the cool morning sun. She raised her arms above her head and yawn, the force of the sound causing the buildings nearest her to shake and tremble. As she raised herself up, the people saw that the young giantess seemed to be drowsy and half asleep as she rubbed her eyes with the back of her left hand.


The people of the city saw that she was wearing a simple white t-shirt, several sizes too large and nothing else. The T-Shirt came to just above her knees, covering her privates from any unwanted gazes. Well, at least it would were she not large enough to crush a city block under her big toe. Her most private parts were in plain view of all beneath her.


“Good morning, guys,” She said, drowsily as she stretched her back, her bountiful chest now straining against the fabric of her shirt. She ran a hand through her tangled, messy bed hair and shook her head slightly. A long strand of her auburn hair shook loose and drifted across the city before landing on lane of traffic, the weight of a single hair crushing the weaker vehicles while denting and compacting the sturdier ones. It didn’t matter; none of them were going anywhere.


The girl slid her right leg forward, crushing the already demolished buildings beneath her even more. The ground cracked as she applied pressure to her leg and arms, pushing herself up to stand. She finished stretching and spread her legs, placing her hands on her hips and looking down at the city spread out below her.  Nearly the entire city had a perfect view between her legs and beneath the hem of her shirt. Her folds were already glistening in the cool morning air.


“I’m not really a morning person, so it’s good to have something to help wake you up. Some people like coffee or juice in the mornings, I prefer …physical stimulation.” She said, smiling lightly. “I do love my morning routine though. Let’s have some fun.”


With that, she took a step forward to an undisturbed portion of the city and dropped down, crushing it underneath her pert ass. She spread her legs, bending them at the knees and looked down at the portion of the sprawling metropolis beneath her. Her shirt had rolled up slightly when she sat down, now bunched up just above her waist, putting her rapidly moistening and warming pussy on display for all those trapped between her legs. She slowly slid her left hand under her shirt and started massaging her right breast while her right index finger started sliding around her folds and rubbing firmly, her juices coating her finger.

She gasped slightly and shuddered with pleasure once her finger found her clit. She smiled down at the city and reached out with her now free left hand and scooped up a handful of the city, ripping it up foundation and all. The people unfortunate enough to be on the streets had little time to react as they were already fleeing in panic. Her fingers curled up around the edges of the lifted ground, rising far into the sky. They were thrown to the ground by the pressure of her raising the cityscape to her glistening monds. She held her breath lightly as she titled her hand and watched the tiny buildings, cars, and people rain from the side of her hand and land on her warm, wet pussy.

She moaned, her whole body shaking as she dropped more tiny people onto her. For the tiny people that survived the landing, their new environment was alien and terrifying. The ground was covered in a thick slime that trapped all of them where they stood as more people and debris rained down from above. The people were insignificant to her but the power she held over them was obviously intoxicating to her. Her free hand spread her lips, causing the people on them to slide and fall, becoming more mired in her juices. Many tinies found themselves fighting to avoid drowning in her fluids. With her lips now spread, the people remaining on her hand saw deep into the chasmous abyss of her vagina. Without warning she turned her hand completely and dropped the remaining people and pieces of city deep inside of her. She let her lips snap shut and began to slide her fingers in and out of herself, kneading the chunks of city into her inner folds. She began to slide her fingers in and out, faster and faster, her free hand pulled her shirt off, revealing her body in its fully glory. She then reached out and began grabbing fistful after fistful of city and dumping them all over her naked body.


The people who landed between or on her breasts were disorientated to say the least. As they tried to recover they found themselves unable to stand or even move due to the pounding of her massive heart and her heavy lustful breathing. She began to sweat heavily as she continued to please herself. The sweat rolled down her body, beads of sweat larger than buildings rolled over and consumed countless people as they fought to swim through the trails of sweat on her body in an attempt to save themselves. The girl began to buck her hips, raising her massive ass into the air before slamming it back down as she writhed atop the city. Countless people were crushed beneath her as she moved to a different spot each time. Then, without warning she began to grow once more.


As her pleasure seemed to grow, so did her height. She dominated the skyline before, now she consumed it. Helicopters that had been observing her now crashed into parts of her heaving body as it expanded too quickly for them to avoid. She groaned in frustration as the people were now far too small for her to even feel. She leaned forward and spread her pussy open once more with her left hand and reached out with her right and began raking chunks of the city towards her cleft, shoving them inside. She looked down and saw the mitelike remains of the city clinging to her heaving breasts, trapped in the sweat. She grabbed her left breast and raised it to her mouth and began sucking and chewing lightly on her own nipple as her other hand thrust in and out of her furiously. Suddenly she arced her head back and shouted at the top of her lungs, deafening every creature for miles. With a mighty roar she came, her juices flooded past her fingers, filling the tiny minute city beneath her. She laid back, her back crashing to the ground with the force of a meteor. Her chest heaved as she tried to catch her breath in the afterglow.


From my perspective atop the roof of a building between her legs, all I could see was the colossal cunt of Kelly, my best and closest friend, reaching far into the sky, twitching as a lake’s worth of cum poured out from between her legs, flooding the city around me. Waves of her gooey fluids crashed against the building I was on, threatening to topple it from the force. It nearly reached the rooftop. I stood in awe and terror as my friend’s scent filled the world around me. No, it dominated the world. I was knocked on my ass as the ground shook once more and she sat up. She looked down on the remains of the city, I could barely see past her breasts to her flushed face. The entire city was probably only barely twice as large as her foot now.  


She stood up, quivering on unsteady legs as she rose to tower nearly directly over me. Fortunately I was already flat on my back so I only had to look straight up to see Kelly’s massive pussy and ass dominating my vision. Her left hand slid down her body and took one last lingering trace around her pussy, dislodging a massive drop of cum that fell straight down towards me.


I jumped up, soaked and looked around in a panic, before realizing that I was lying in my own bed, soaked in sweat. I swung my legs off the bed, trying to catch my breath. I look over at the clock to see that I had an hour and a half to get ready for school.


“Mike! Hurry up! You don’t want to miss your train.” My mother shouted from down the hall.


Forty minutes later, I’m showered, cleaned, fed and still trying to clear that strange dream from my head. I say my goodbyes to my folks and open the front door to my apartment just in time to see the door apart from me open up. I tense instinctually from terror as I hear a familiar voice say “See you later, guys!”


Kelly comes out into the hall and runs up to hug me, nearly jumping with energy.

“Mike!” She says, practically jumping to hug me, she’s around 5’3, so I tower over her by a foot. “How’re you today? You seem really tense, big guy.”


She ended the hug and stepped back from me. I shook my head, clearing it, trying to forget my dream as we started walking down the hall together.


“Yeah, I had an uh… very weird dream. Nightmare.” I said, pressing the call button on the elevator. “You seem pretty peppy this morning.”

The ding of the elevator let us know it had arrived. We stepped through and pressed the button for the lobby. The doors were sliding closed as she replied.

“Yeah, I just really love my morning routine!”


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