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  Claudia poured the cream into her coffee.  She always took it lights and sweet, and wanted to try out a new creamer she found:  Thin Mint flavoured.  She loved Thin Mints…and she secretly hoped that it didn’t make her coffee *too* sweet.

  She took a sip.  “Oh that’s nice” she almost said, aloud.  Happy with her choice, she smiles.  This is a good Saturday.

  She shivered.  It was a full-body shiver, and she almost dropped the mug she was holding, having gone weak in the knees.  She placed her hand into her robe and touched her vagina lightly.  “Don’t be naughty” she did say aloud.

  Grinning, she walked into the bedroom.  She took another sip from her cup, and set it down on the low end table.

  She had been naked under that robe.  Claudia then proceeded to pile up the pillows up against the headboard.  She took off the bathrobe she was wearing, setting it aside on a chair.  Then, crawling onto the bed, she sat high up against the pillows. 

  Pulling her feet toward her, heels as close as possible and knees pointing straight up toward the ceiling, she grinned once more.  With one hand she spread the lips of her vagina, and with her eyes closed used the other reached her fingers inside. 

  Deftly, she removed a tiny man from inside her.


  The first thing Carl did when he came out from Claudia was take a deep breath. 

  He had found that he did have the ability to breathe while pleasuring Claudia from the inside…but the fresh air didn’t replenish itself as quickly.  It became warm and thick…and took some effort after a while.  But on the whole, still breathable.


  Claudia let a small laugh escape her upon seeing Carl on the bed.  He was covered with her slickness and she saw his lungs fill and descend with each breathe of air he took. 

  “Oh, you know it’s not that bad.” She said.

  Sitting up, Carl gave her a laugh back.  “I know.  But it changes as you are walking around.  Things become more confined, so I have to struggle a little.  Not that I’m complaining, mind you, but can a guy have a minute?”

  “Oh, *I* know it’s confining.  That’s why I do it to you.  But Thank You.”

  “And…” she exclaimed “you almost made me drop my favourite mug!”

  Carl looked over at the end table, and spied the coffee cup.  Raising an eyebrow, he looked back up at Claudia, her face framed neatly between those gargantuan legs rising above him.  “I see you only made *one* cup.”

  “You can share mine, little man.   But let me clean you off first” and she reached down cupping Carl into her hands.

  He was only the size of one of her fingers, but she used both hands to carry him to the bathroom, anyway.  To Carl it was as if he were surrounded by a crowd of people, the way ten fingers rose up above him while being seated on the warm palms.  If he were claustrophobic, this would have been unsettling to him.  However, if he had been claustrophobic, he wouldn’t have burrowed himself deep within her and pleased her with his whole body.

  At the sink, Claudia placed him on a towel that was already laid out next to the rim, and started the faucet.  She wanted the water to be warm enough for his bath.  After being inside her for as long as he was, she didn’t want the water to shock his senses with the temperature change.  He’d probably have a heart attack!

  When it was nice enough, she grabbed the bar of soap and lathered her hands.

  Carl watched Claudia lather up her huge hands in front of him in fascination.  How something so large could move with such grace was incredible!  As the soap bubbled up, she cupped on palm over the back of the other hand, and vice versa over and over… so fast, and so slippery.  He could be hypnotized right there just by watching.  It was fluid, and her hands danced around the bar of soap.

  Once the lather was good and thick, Claudia reached over and picked Carl up with one slippery hand.  His body slid from her grasp, and she caught him with her other just as quickly.  “Whoops!” Claudia remarked, and got a firmer grasp on Carl’s small form.  She began rubbing soap all over him.  Rubbing her thumb on his chest, she circled his skin gently in outward circles.  “Sand the Floor” she found himself thinking as she concentrated on her ministrations.

  His chest being done, Claudia continued with the rest of his bath.  She then proceeds down to Carl’s legs…making sure to slide against his penis on the way down.  Carl let out a moan, and began to stiffen.

  “Oh, that’s coming lover.  Just you wait” she thought, but said nothing.  Better to keep him hoping this whole time.

  Using her fingers, she slowly stroked first his right leg and then his left, before turning him over onto his front.  Intentionally, she made sure Carl’s penis was trapped between two of her own fingers as she gave him a giantess-massage with her soapy fingers.


  Carl felt his dick driven between those moist fingers and thought he’d died and gone to sex-heaven.  As Claudia rubbed his back, the pressure would push him further between those fingers, and then lighten up and then push, and let up again, causing his penis to probe between the skin of her above the web of her fingers.  She was essentially fucking her finger-cleavage with his body on her own just for his gratification.


  Claudia knew Carl was enjoying this very much, so she decided to make it a little better for him.  With a thought, she willed Carl’s penis to grow longer and thicker.


Carl felt this immediately.  Whenever she used her ability on him, something in the pit of his stomach began to flutter, and he awaited to see what was in store for him next.   Then he felt its effects.

  The pleasure in his penis began to build.  It was like he was plunging into those fingers deeper and deeper.  His dick probed further into that space.  More and more of her slick skin was rubbing more and more of his cock.  So much so, that he felt the head of his penis eventually come out the other side.  And as the ridges of his head rubbed past the outer edge of her fingers, a wave of pleasure ran through him.


  Claudia saw this.  She felt his body warm up even further in her hands, and grinned.  She’s glad he’s enjoying this.  She did enjoy the depths of pleasure she can bring Carl to.  He had been so nice to her since they met, that giving him moments like this actually made her heart swell for him more.

  Claudia turned him over in her hands again.  She wanted to watch his expressions change for what she had planned to do next.  Laying there with his back on her palm, she proceeded to take his member between her fingertips like she was holding the butt-end of a cigarette near her leg, after taking a long drag from her lips.

  Then she proceeded to tap her fingers.  The movement wasn’t much to her:  she was softly tapping on his pelvis while the head of his penis would protrude and then be re-engulfed by the flesh between her first and second knuckles.

  But for Carl, it was completely different.  To him, this felt like his cock was between two amazing breasts instead of fingers.  It was just flesh…soft, warm, slippery flesh.  When his penis’ head would come out of the cleavage into the cooler air on the other side, he was going wilder.  Earlier, his body being pushed between her fingers had been more incidental of an experience; but these ministrations were deliberate.

  A minute later (which to Carl felt like an hour) he passed the Point of No Return and shot his semen out into that cooler air on a well-timed downward tap.

  Claudia saw his spasming, and then noticed a white arc leave his penis.  It landed on the back of the wrist of the hand that was tapping.

  “Nice shot” she said out loud, congratulating him.

  Carl heard this, but couldn’t respond as Claudia had kept going with her treatment of his penis.  A few more offerings into her hand, and he was spent… but he was completely sensitive.   And she wasn’t stopping!  Carl tried to push her fingers off his body, but his diminutive weak form couldn’t forego anything she was doing.

  Claudia was continuing to torture him in this manner…knowing that even though he was trying to stop her, he was enjoying every second of this after-action.


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