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Author's Chapter Notes:

Sherry is forced to spend Christmas with her least favorite family members... it was the best Christmas ever!

'Twas the late Christmas season, and Sherry was mad
Her mother had left her with her brother and Dad
Emergency business called her mother away
So with her estranged family she had to stay
With the gift from her mother that she held tight
And a card stating 'Don't open 'til Christmas night!'

"Come and I will show you your space," her father said,
"Though can't offer much."  He added presenting her bed.
A cramped little closet recently cleared of it's clutter,
Rolling her eyes she replied "Better than a gutter."
"Couldn't let you bunk with me or your brother,
And this way we won't walk in on each other."

Hold up in her dimly lit space, brooding and displeased,
Sherry endured the treatment as her brother teased.
'Witch of the closet.'  He would laugh and torment,
'Til finally she called her mother to vent.
"You can open your gift," was her mother's reply
"Enjoy it early if you wish.  I love you, good-bye!"

Carefully opening her gift, Sherry looked inside,
And what she found within had her grow a smile so wide
"Oh Mom, I love it.  You are truly the best!
When you asked what I wanted, I said this in jest,
To think, my joke you would seriously get.
A bottle full of only Blue Pellets!"

With her gift in hand, Sherry exited her 'room',
And threw open her brother's door with a loud 'BOOM'!
"What are you doing?  Get out of here you bitch!"
Ignoring his protest, a Blue Pellet she pitched.
A cloud of dust that lasted no time at all,
And Sherry was now towering over her brother so small.

Unable to escape her grasp, all he did was stare
So she dropped him down the back of her underwear!
The time to taunt could wait a little while more
As she run off and found her father, and his whore!
She shrunk them so fast, they couldn't even speak,
And their protests when in hand, she heard as a squeak.

She quickly swallowed her father's whore to digest,
And trapped him in her bra as she laid down for a rest.
She watched the TV, Christmas specials, filled with much joy
As she reached into her panties to play with her tiny toy.
Her brother did struggle, as best as he could
So Sherry decided to show him exactly when he now stood.

Carefully she handled him, standing in her rear,
And when shoved deeper, she heard his scream of fear
Slowly Sherry drew her brother in, leaving only his head
"If you don't want to go deeper, lick it instead!"
Cackling she left him to lick her bum clean,
So to her father's duties she could attend in the mean.

Plucked from her bosom, pleading for his worthless life
"Should have thought about that before cheating on your wife!"
Sherry answered with nothing but disgust,
"Now you're my toy!"  And in her sex he went with a thrust.
She explained to her mother while rubbing her gut,
That her father was there, then stuck out her butt.

Using a finger, she shoved her brother out of sight-
"I might let them back out... maybe next Christmas night!"


I don't know what's going on, but Giantess World is telling me my story isn't over 500 words yet... this can just be ignored, just trying to her this thing to upload this for me...

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