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Story Notes:

So yeah....I made it it's own story for organizationally purposes. I probably should've done that from the beginning! 

Author's Chapter Notes:

I don't remember what the chapter notes for the first chapter were. Something about a Lady Gaga song. Who cares. No one will read this again. 

MAJOR/minor SPECIAL: Don’t Call my Name

The houses moved by in a blur as the landscaped slowly changed from the suburbs of Winton Heights to more open road. Slowly the distance between structures increased and Izzellah counted the seconds between them to distract herself. She breathed into the glass and drew a frowny face in the fogged reflection.

“Don’t be like that.” Sabrina said from a seat over. “This will be a fun trip!”

“The fact that you’re even hear means it won’t.” Izzellah mumbled still looking out the window. It had been fifteen seconds since a house had passed and maybe it would break the reco-. Nope! They just passed an outlet mall.

“What’s your issue?” Sabrina scrunched her eyebrows, clearly offended.

“I’m in a car seat for one!” Izzellah fumed. She was in the right passenger seat of Gloria’s full sized Lexus not at all made to accommodate minors despite that being a selling point. It folded right out the regular seat, and that was a feature! What a load! A real car built for minors, like her Mustang, wouldn’t need them at all. It made her feel like a child, but what truly irked her was the need for the Lexus at all. The two unwanted guests for what was supposed to be an exclusive father/daughter outing. Gloria sat contently in the passenger seat in front of her. How had the giant bitch managed to weasel her way into this trip? Was she that good in bed?! Was her father so completely enthralled by her seductive charms that he’d lost all his common sense? She had to come to grips with the fact that this could be her new reality. Her father was such an idealistic sweetheart. He was actually giving this a real try. She would kill Gloria if she broke his heart.

“It’s not what you think.” Sabrina said. “My mom’s not trying to introduce on what you and your dad have. She’s not trying to replace anybody!”

Izzellah was silent. She didn’t trust herself to come up with a even and rational response.

“I think she’s just trying to….love you.” Sabrina continued.

Izzellah let out a low groan in disgust. She wasn’t asking for some strange woman’s love.

“You could give her a chance.” Sabrina said. “Like you gave me.”

“Any ‘chances” your mom had flew out the window when I found her half naked in my kitchen! It’s about respect and she has none for me.”

Sabrina leaned over until her larger body brushed against Izzellah. She lowered her head down until her lips were nearly touching Izzellah’s ear. The minor could feel the hot breath on her neck and smell the stale scent of maple syrup.

“You think I haven’t seen a little too much of your dad?” Sabrina whispered into the minors ear. “I caught him trying to sneak out of my mom’s room in his boxers once. I HEAR them sometimes!.....I don’t hold it against him.”

Izzellah’s face turned red and she didn’t know if it was from Sabrina’s sudden closeness or the image of her dad in boxers that had just flooded her mind.

“Well than I guess you’re a better person than I am!” Izzellah said a she pressed a gloved hand into the side of Sabrina’s cheek. “More mentally mature, or developed. Good for you!”

“It’ll be fine.” Sabrina assured. “The place we’re going is probably nice at least.”

“We’ll see.” Izzellah said sardonically. What kind of place was “Old Creek” anyway?



Old Creek turned out to be a quaint and small town secluded away from the heavy metropolitan city of L.A. Izzellah understood why her father chose a place like this to spend the weekend. It reminded him of her mother. Her father was from Mexico and her mother technically from Australia, but lived most of her life moving around America. She didn’t know how their fate led them to meeting in California but it did. Her mother Sheila always wanted to live in a small cozy town where they could know everyone in the neighborhood. They eventually compromised with Winton Heights to give their daughter “her” a decent place to learn and grow up. Still Izzellah and her papa would occasionally spend weekends he wasn’t working driving to scenic places in the country her mom might’ve liked. Old Creek seemed like one of those towns.

The Lexus came to a stop. They were at the hotel. Her dad yawned and turned to smile back at her. She could see a sign in the corner of the window that read “Minor by the Sea.”

“This is the place!” he announced to her.

“It seems lovely!” Gloria chirped in. “I bet Sheila would’ve loved it here!”

Izzellah gagged. She still didn’t believe this woman knew a damn thing about her mom. She felt a small stun to her temple. Sabrina had tapped the side of her head in disapproval.

“Beh.” Izzellah went dismissed it and unbuckled her car seat. She would give this place a once over herself and see if her  mom would actually like this place. Izzellah hopped out the Lexus which was an actual jump since the vehicle was built for MAJOR stature. She went to the trunk where her father was already at work unpacking.

“Like this place!” He beamed. “Lots of trees!” he handed her a suitcase that was more a makeup purse in his hands. Izzellah took it graciously. She had packed light for this trip. Just her computer and a few clothes and essential. The Rodriguez’s on the other hand seemed to pack their whole house! “I wonder why they call it “Minor by the sea.” I don’t see any water?”

“Same reason they call it “Old Creek” even though I haven’t seen a one.” Izzellah said dryly with made her father chuckle.

“True.” he said as he hefted a large suitcase that looked almost her size out the car.

“We did pass the ocean a few times on the way here.” Gloria said appearing from behind. “Maybe we’re closer to the ocean than it seems.”

Izzellah turned to walk away but found her hand taken.

“Come on, little miss. Let’s go check in.” Gloria said towing her away from her father. She turned to him and he gave her a cheesy thumbs up. She furrowed her brow. How dare that giant, conniving moron!?


“I’ll find the room in a bit, Izzy!” He smiled and continued unpacking.

Luckily she had a reprieve. Sabrina! Her guardian angel! Her friend who everyday was becoming closer to a step sister than either of them wanted stepped in line next to her. She could just talk to Sabrina and completely ignore her mother!

“I think Ignacio needs help unpacking.” Gloria said to her daughter.


“Don’t be rude, mija.” Gloria spoke evenly, but their was clear subtext in her tone.

“.....Yes mama.” Sabrina relented instantly cowed by a few words and the slightest of looks. As much as she bragged she was her mother’s little girl at heart. Izzellah had no allies. “Sorry.” she whispered back.

Izzellah had to laugh at the utter nonsense of the situation she’d just witnessed. She didn’t know what was funnier, Gloria’s flimsy excuse or Sabrina’s submissiveness. Her papa was tall and built like an ox. He could carry ALL their luggage up twenty flights of stairs without breaking a sweat, and Sabrina! Hah! At school she was a budding alpha but Mabel would mock the poor girl if she ever saw this.

“Glad to see you’re enjoying yourself.” Gloria said down to her.

“Bleh.” Izzellah huffed as her brief moment of levity vanished.

“Oh, hush.” Gloria said. She seized her potential step daughter and brought her up to her face. “I’m not a bad woman.” She cradled Izzellah close to her chest and walked into the quiet hotel against the protests of the irate minor.

“Three rooms under the names Ivory and Rodriguez.” Gloria said to the hotel clerk, a teenaged MAJOR with straight black hair cut behind her ears and freckles. She had on dark eyeliner and black lipstick. She seemed incredibly displeased to be there.  

“You have rooms 428, 429, and 444 masters suite.” She droned.

“Tough day huh?” Izzellah said down to the clerk. She twisted about in Gloria’s grasp to get a better view.

“Oh! Not at all!” The clerk said instantly more perky at Izzellah’s reveal. “I can show you to your rooms if you like!”

“That won’t be necessary.” Gloria informed and the clerk seemed crestfallen. “But two more are with us. A tall man and my daughter. If you could please escort them.”

“Of course!” The clerk said with a bit of renewed enthusiasm. She handed over the key cards to their rooms.

Gloria turned toward the elevator. “It’s truly amazing to see how having just one minor with you changes everything.” She mused.

“Glad I could be useful.” Izzellah seethed. “You can put me down at any time.”

“You should enjoy the effect you have on people.” Gloria said ignoring Izzellah’s request. She pressed the button and the elevator doors opened. She walked in with her angry luggage in hand. “This is a small town. I wouldn’t be surprised if they only had one, maybe two minors in the whole community. If any at all. You might’ve been the first that girl’s ever seen in her entire life.”

“It’s annoying.” Izzellah hissed. “Being treated like that. I’m not so special, and I hate being carried!”

“You are though.” Gloria said. “Whether you want it or not. It’s something you’ll have to come to terms with. You’re a minor, most people are going to look at you differently regardless of how you feel. Own it…...Oh! And your mother loved being carried.”

“Don’t talk about her.” Izzellah warned. “You don’t know what she liked.”

“Oh she did!” Gloria grinned malevolently. “I’ve probably known her longer than you sadly. And she loved being carried! Especially when she was sad. I’d squeeze her close like this!” She held Izzellah close to her neck and hugged her. “Of course it never compared to your father’s strong arms…..and I never compared to her.” She sighed.

Izzellah was quiet. She did enjoy the warmth of being held but she would never admit it to herself and most definitely not Gloria! The evil woman was talking out her ass!

“We don’t have to be enemies.” Gloria said. She let Izzellah go and placed her on her feet in the elevator. “But any new relationship is based on respect and I need to give you yours.” She handed over one of the card keys. “And I’m doing that by giving you your space.” The elevator doors opened and they both walked out onto the fourth floor and to their rooms.

“Room 428 is all yours. This hotel as minor accomodations if the name didn’t give it away.”

“Really? A whole room to myself.”

“All the space you need!” Gloria smiled. “And no more cooking in your house half naked.”

“Thanks I guess.” Izzellah mumbled.

Gloria lowered herself down as close to Izzellah as possible. “But I’ll always be around if you need to talk about anything. Even if it’s something you can’t say to your father. The big assed bitch seducing him will give you a sympathetic ear.”


“And I am seducing him.” Gloria smiled wickedly. “I’m making that clear now. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself with a younger sibling in a few years!” she cackled.

“You wouldn’t-!”

“LOVE you, mija!” Gloria taunted before instantly disappearing behind the door of her and her papa’s shared master suite! It was crystal clear there was another reason Izzellah had her own room this weekend.



Sabrina burst into her room with her bags in hand. She wasn’t particularly happy with herself just giving in to her mom’s will but she wasn’t sure what to do. Her mom was not a woman to be trifled with and she was the one who would have to pay for it when they got back home not Izzellah. She turned to the clerk who had escorted her.  A completely disinterested goth lady who only seemed willing to do her job when Ignacio had mentioned Izzellah. The clerk waited at the door expectantly.

“So what? Do you want a tip or something?” Sabrina offered. She might have a dollar for the clerk if she had to. More than worth it to get her to leave.

“Oh no!” The clerk denied clearly searching for the minor that wasn’t there. “Just wondering….if...maybe you...needed anything els-”

“NOPE!” Sabrina said slamming the door in her face. Maybe a little rude but she didn’t care. It had been a long trip and as excited as Sabrina was to have her own room and explore the town with Izzellah she had an urging need to attend to. She hurried to the bathroom.

The amenities were immaculate. Everything was clean and made to size, but Sabrina didn’t have time to give it a good once over. She went straight to the toilet, pulled down her pants, and relieved herself. They’d been stuck in that car for hours. With the stream flowing and her resolve unburdened Sabrina looked around. There was a huge tub in the corner of the room. It was pearl with a tiny mural of a mermaid holding a sailor in her hands on the wall. What was odd were the two sets of faucets on it. A taller one and a shorter one much farther beneath it. That seemed strange. Not only that but the sink she was sitting next to sloped at an angle. With her deed long past over she sat up from her seat to see a smaller sink down at the end of the slope and a much smaller toilet, but even more shocking than that was a tiny Izzellah Ivory humming to herself on said toilet with a set of headphones over her ears. The minor looked up at that precise moment and shrieked.

The startled Sabrina fell backwards on her ass.

“Who designs a bathroom this way?!” She heard followed by a flush. Then to Sabrina’s horror the minor walked over to check on her and got a special surprise viewing. Sabrina hadn’t pulled her pants up.

“So we have an agreement then?” Izzellah said.

“Yes.” Sabrina nodded. “We tell each other when using the bathroom before hand.”


“Always knock first regardless of whether you know the other person is there or not.”

“Yes.” Izzellah said. “And just for backup we have these signs.” She showed two pieces of paper with the words “OCCUPIED” and “VACANT” written in big red marker on either sides. “We hang these up on both doors.”

Sabrina nodded.

“What pervert designs a shared bathroom?” Izzellah griped.

“Maybe it’s a safety thing?” Sabrina suggested. “Some minors might not be comfortable using the bathroom alone.”

“That’s stupid!” Izzellah said.

“It was just a guess.” Sabrina shrugged. “Maybe this used to be a couples suite like the one “they’re” sharing.” Sabrina stuck her tongue out at the implication.

Just then there was a buzz at the door. They were both in Izzellah’s room. Overall it was the same size as Sabrina’s but the furniture was smaller and more spread out. There was also a mini fridge although it lacked the modest kitchen Sabrina’s had. Izzellah went to answer the door while Sabrina leaned against the queen sized bed that was more like a twin for her. The gloomy clerk was there completely shed of her former apathetic demeanor.

“I bought those hooks you asked for!” She beamed with a room brightening smile.

“Um..thanks.” Izzellah said up to her.

“They have little suction cups on them!”

“I see that.” Izzellah forced a smile.

“My name’s Cherry by the way!” The clerk informed. “I kinda run the day to day stuff around here. So if you need anything you can just ask for me our my cousin Chip.”

“CHIP!” She shouted and suddenly a MAJOR young man came over. He looked like the boy version of Cherry with dark hair and freckles. They were almost indistinguishable except for Cherry’s obvious female curves and Chip’s much shorter hair. He seemed very awkward next to Cherry. It was obvious who was in charge.

“Just let one of us know and we’ll BOTH come right over!” Cherry said. “For anything. And I do anything.” Cherry repeated. Without warning she gave Izzellah a light hug. “Thank you for choosing Minor by the Sea!”

“I’ll remember that.” Izzellah strained a smile to keep from groaning. She wanted this conversation over. “Chip and Cherry. Easy enough even I can remember.” She finally closed the door as the two “twin?” cousins waved at her.

“I think she was propositioning you.” Sabrina snickered. “You gonna go for it?”

“Ugh! No!” Izzellah denied. “Even if the idea of some weird twincestuous three-way appealed to me. I wouldn’t risk something like that with my dad only a few rooms over, or you being right next door for that matter.”

“Don’t let me spoil your fun.” Sabrina teased. “I can make myself scarce. Cherry and Chip might be a once in a lifetime opportunity for you.”

“Enough!” Izzellah bellowed and Sabrina broke out laughing. This was going to be a fun weekend!



Izzellah walked step to step with her father down the road of Old Creek park. The path before them was lined with trees blooming in pleasant air that came with the end of the spring season. There were even a few cherry blossoms peppering the landscape with shades of pink bursting from the field of deep green. They weren’t truly walking step for step. Her father was too tall for all that so instead he would walk a few paces then wait for her, or let her get ahead they make a big production about catching up in one long stride. It was wacky and unnecessary, but that was him most of the time. Izzellah knew that if it weren’t for him in her life she would’ve given into depression long ago, perhaps become the typical dependent and oblivious minor that was still common. Even though his shortsightedness may have turned her into a different kind of ignorant mess. Her father was a dope. She’d learned that in her last year at Winton High. It was clear her mother had been in charge of most the planning in the family and with her gone he was lost. That was the only explanation for the secrets he’d kept that’d she could believe and it more than explained his interest in a dominating woman like Gloria.

“You think it’s safe to eat these?” Her papa asked after popping another marble sized under ripened apple into his mouth. He’d already picked and eaten three before even asking.

“Maybe for you!” Izzellah giggled as he shovelled in a small handful.

“Try one!” He tossed her an apple from the new stash he was stockpiling. They would need to move on soon or that tree would be bare in moments.

She looked at her apple. It was tiny even for her. These were regular apple trees planted for aesthetics and not harvesting. Not the genetically modified super foods invaluable for feeding a MAJOR population this size. She marvelled at its smallness and the fun fact that at one point in time an apple this small was enough for a MAJOR. That was one of many things she’d learned in her past year at “real” school. One of the many differences in the time before and after the Dark Age. MAJORS weren’t the otherworldly giants they were now. Still large, still dominant, but not twelve fucking feet tall or more! If you could even imagine that? She bit into her apple. It was sour like a Granny Smith even though it had  blushes of red skin that previewed its fully ripe color. It still needed more time. Time it wouldn’t get because Izzellah decided it was still good enough to finish off.

“Not bad eh?” her papa said. He had must have nearly picked the tree dry because he was sporting close to an armful now. “Juicy! Maybe we can get Gloria to whip us up a pie when we get home!” He stashed his cargo in one of his large pockets.

“You eat too many sweets as it is!” Izzellah grinned. “Besides I won’t be asking that woman for anything.” She turned her head back to see mother and daughter walking together a few yards behind them. They shared a laugh about something before Gloria swatted Sabrina in the back of the head, then they both laughed again.

“You really don’t like her huh?” her papa observed.

“It doesn’t matter. You like her. That’s enough I guess.”

“Very mature.” he noted. “My little girl is growing up huh? Realizing things aren’t always the way she wants. Maybe letting you go to school wasn’t a mistake.”

“You thought it was?” Izzellah gasped.

“Yeah.” Her father admitted. “I mean I was gonna let you go anyway, but I thought you’d come home crying after the first week. Tell me you got snatched up by the first teenager with no self control and then I’d have to kill some poor confused child. But thankfully that didn’t happen.”

“Thankfully!” Izzellah exclaimed. “You have a really dark imagination papa!”

“No matter what happens with me and Gloria I’ll always be grateful to her for helping make you happy.”

“You give her too much credit.” Izzellah groaned.

“She really went out on a limb for you kiddo. She practically threatened Gladston in that meeting, but I’m not gonna try to make you change your mind about her. You’re almost an adult now.”

“I AM an adult now.” Izzellah corrected. “And anything she did for me was just to get to you.”

“Eh?” her papa shrugged. “I’m surprised she hasn’t gotten bored with your old man yet.”

“She’s crazy about you papa!” Izzellah insisted. “Mom, now Gloria. What kind of casanova where you back then?!”

“No woman can resist this!” Her father bragged. He flexed both his impressive biceps then nearly stumbled over himself.”

“Pffft!” Izzellah nearly spit. “Seriously though admitted that she wants a baby. That’s not happening is it?”

“She told you that!?” her papa shrieked.

“Papa?” Izzellah gave him a stare.

“She was just teasing kiddo!” he panicked.

“Papaaaaa!” Izzellah growled. “How could you not tell me!?”

“We don’t know for sure!” he revealed. “Is this is not a conversation a parent should have with his child!” he tried desperately to hold a shred of authority in his voice but there was none.

“I’m disappointed in you!” Izzellah shook her head.

“Okay, okay.” her papa said picking her up. “I’m…….95 percent sure you have nothing to worry about yet. Your papa’s not a COMPLETE idiot.”

“Only a partial one.” Izzellah informed.

“Won’t you cut your poor father some slack? He’s old and confused! His bones ache everyday from the worry he carries with him. His daughter is a rebellious free spirit who wants to do crazy things like “live on her own’ and “go to school” and-” he breathed in deep. “Drive!”

“I’m not changing any diapers!” Izzellah huffed. He put her down and they stopped as the came to the crosswalk at the end of the road. They waited for Gloria and Sabrina to catch up so they could go shopping for knick-knacks at the Old Creek mall. Izzellah was surprised a town this small even had one.

“You wanna come?” Her papa asked down to her as he pressed the button to cross.

“No.” She refused. “I think I’ll walk around a bit and think about that 5 percent a little. I have my cell.”

“Okay.” he relented with a blush. “But Sabrina comes with you.”


“No exceptions!” He said with and uncharacteristic amount of base in his voice. He was serious. “I’ve heard some rumors about an incident in this town. I don’t want you stolen by some Old Creek Strangler or something.”

“Fine.” Izzellah knew better than to argue with her papa about her safety. It was the only thing that really mattered to him in life.

She walked back into the park as the two groups departed.

“Old Creek Strangler?” Sabrina inquired as she caught up.

“He’s insane.” Izzellah informed.



Izzellah walked through Old Creek park “by herself” even though Sabrina was still keeping an eye on her. She insisted on at least the illusion of solitude so she could think for a bit and Sabrina was decided to make a game out of tailing her without being seen. She saw a rustle in some branches above her that gave the hiding MAJOR away. To Sabrina’s credit she had somehow managed to get up there without her noticing.

“You’re in the tree.” Izzellah said.

“Dammit!” Sabrina cursed as she fell to the ground. “What gave me away?”

‘If I can’t notice someone over seven feet squirming in a tree then everything a MAJOR thinks about minors is true and I’ll let you carry me around all day! Now try again.”

“Deal!” Sabrina said. “No weaseling out of it either!” She sped off to hide again.

Izzellah was going to note that they hadn’t actually set any rules and she hadn’t agreed to anything, but no point in ruining her fun. She continued to stroll about on the lookout for a amazon preteen in hiding.

With her freetime Izzellah contemplated. At the forefront of her mind was the potential for a sibling. She’d never been an older sister. Sabrina didn’t count it was important to Izzellah that distinction was made in her head. Regardless of what happened with Gloria and her dad Sabrina would never be her sister, but the possibility of one was still apparently up for grabs. If her father’s continued union with his horrible girlfriend yielded fruit there would be a little half Ivory half Rodriguez running around, and odds are it would be a MAJOR. Was she ready for that? A little boy are girl that was superior to her virtually from the day she was born. Chances were even with her drive for independence the reality was she would still be living with her papa for a few years more at least. Could she handle living with a tiny titan in the house. A child that would outsize and outmuscle her before they’d lost all their baby teeth. Technically it could be another minor but the odds a two MAJORS having a minor child were astronomically low. Maybe her father had it in him to hit the jackpot twice, but her mother had been a minor which almost guaranteed her birth results. Maybe it would be an opportunity. The chance to groom a MAJOR untainted by the conventions of modern society. Mold a fresh mind with the power of a MAJOR in her image!

Izzellah laughed at her thoughts. She sounded like a supervillain. More than likely the superior brat would start questioning why they had to take orders from someone, smaller, weaker, and presumably dumber than they were and she’d be run over. Still the possibility of having a MAJOR little brother or sister who might actually look up her seemed nice enough. She’d have to make a good example for the potential brat. Even if this time was just a 5 percent chance it was only a matter of time. Those two idiots were in love. Ugh! Gloria as her stepmother was almost assuredly her future!

Speaking of her future. What would she do with her life. She was at the point where that was becoming a serious question and not a fantasy. It would be easy to just rest on her laurels and settle for being a minor of above average intelligence. She could sit back and wait for a suitor to come calling. The past of least resistance dictated Sabrina as her easiest option. They liked each other. Izzellah could admit it to herself, and Sabrina seemed groomed for success in anything she put her mind to. She could cling to her as she travelled the world on tour in an orchestra or something if the MAJOR chose to lean in to her musical talents. Although Sabrina seemed to have the drive for athletics. Maybe they’d attend the olympics together! It was a longshot even for a MAJOR but Sabrina had the passion for it…..but that wasn’t good enough.

What happened between her and Sabrina, or anyone for that matter was still a mystery but what wasn’t was her fate. She would build something of her own. Even if she didn’t change the world just having something she can say she made was enough. Still she wanted to uplift her species. Prove minors were more than glorified pets or ditzy celebrities. She would be an inventory, a creator, an artist, a scientist! Something future generations could look up to. And she would own an auto shop. That was a promise!

She leaned against a tree and continued to let her thoughts swarm. She unconsciously scouted for Sabrina’s new hiding spot. She didn’t want to give that MAJOR any ammunition against her. Even if she didn’t uphold their “deal” Sabrina would torment her relentlessly for it. Best to just outright avoid that outcome. That’s when she heard the muffled sound a rock music in the corner of her ear. She turned toward it and saw a figure with headphones sitting against a tree a few yards away from her. It was a small figure. A minor figure.

Curiosity got the best of her. She had to approach this minor. At least she thought it was a minor. It could easily be a MAJOR but it was worth the risk.

“Hello!” greeted from afar to make her presence known.

The figure didn’t respond. Was their music up to loud.

“Hello!” Izzellah tried again as she stepped closer. She started to notice some features. The look of an adult. Not a MAJOR child.

“Hello?” she said again and the figure turned to regard her. It was a man. A young man. He had tanned skin and a short scruffy beard. He regarded her in astonishment.

Izzellah waved at him.

He backed up against the tree and struggled to get to his feet. He seemed shaky and unstable. Izzellah stepped up and offered her hand to help but he didn’t take it.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

“Fine!” he blurted and tumbled down.

Izzellah wasn’t quite sure what to make of this guy. Something seemed a little off. What was a minor doing in the park by himself? He had to have a MAJOR with him somewhere and Izzellah felt like slapping herself for even thinking that. Minors should be able to do what they wanted unsupervised. This was a small town. Maybe minors had more freedom here.

“Do you need help?” She asked noticing his continued struggles to get to his feet. He leaned against his right hand and pushed off the ground with it to stand at his full height. He was taller than her.

“I’m…..fine.” he said gawking at her. He removed his headphones.

“My name’s Izzellah. Izzellah Ivory.” She introduced presenting her left hand for a shake. He took it in his right.

“Alejandro Ferrand.” He said back.



“Nice to meet you, Alejandro.” Izzellah said. “I must admit it’s a little surprising to see another minor out and about.”

“Are you really her?” Alejandro said. “Are you really THE Izzellah Ivory?”

“Yes?” Izzellah answered. “Is that odd somehow?”

“I’ve read about you!” He stated. “You go to Winton HIgh...unbonded!”

“It’s on the internet! All over the minor blogs! The school practically boasts about it!”

“Well you seem to know me.” Izzellah said. She took her hand back finding it strange he held it in his right. “But I don’t know you.”

“Sorry!” Alejandro blushed. “I’m just a little excited. I’d never thought the first minor I met would be someone I’ve read about.”

“First minor?”

“This is a small town.” Alejandro smiled. “As far as I know I’ve been the only one around for as long as I’ve lived.”

“You never went to a minor school? No other minors in your family?” Even Izzellah had a minor relative she knew of. A cousin on her mother’s side she absolutely hated.

“Nope.” Alejandro revealed holding his grin. “I’ve uh, had an interesting life.”

“Is that why they let you walk around alone?” Izzellah asked. “Because you’re the only one. Do you have a family at all?”

“Of course!” He exclaimed. “And I’m not alone. My twin’s around here somewhere. My family’s picnicking with some friends from out of town. I should ask you why you’re walking around unattended!”

“I can take care of myself!” Izzellah insisted.

“Hah!” he laughed. “I don’t doubt it.”

“Besides. I have a shadow too.” she said. That’s when she noticed it. What was off about this minor. His right. “Oh my god!” She put her hands to her mouth.

Alejandro was confused. Things seemed to be going okay? Then he remembered. It had been so long now sometimes he didn’t notice when it wasn’t itching.

“Don’t worry it’s just-”

“Did the Strangler do that to you!?” Izzellah wanted to hug this poor man.

“Strangler?” Alejandro was worried for this poor confused girl. Maybe she wasn’t all there.

“The Old Creek Strangler! I thought my papa was lying!”  

Alejandro broke. “There is no Old Creek Strangler!” He laughed. “This happened to me years ago, miss. Although I can understand why it might be a legend now.”

“I’m so sorry.” Izzellah said. “I didn’t mean to-”

“Don’t be.” Alejandro interrupted. “I’ve decided not to let it hold me back.”

Izzellah didn’t know what to say.

“You should come eat with us!” Alejandro broke.



Sabrina watched the two minors converse from her perch in a tree a bit of the ways away. Her superior eyes were more than enough discern them. If he made a move she would be on them in an instant. Until then she wouldn’t spoil her hiding spot and chance to carry Izzellah around for an entire day. Plus it was insanely cute.

“What are you doing?” She heard from below. She peered down to see a young MAJOR man glaring at her. He had an uncanny resemblance to the minor with Izzellah except he was of course a MAJOR and he had a wicked scar across his face.

“Go away!” She hissed. “You’ll give away my position.”

“Not a chance.” the interloper said. “It’s my duty to keep an eye out for my brother when weirdo’s are creeping on him.”

“Creeping on him?!” Sabrina scoffed. “No one’s interested in your dumb, crippled, little brother. He’s creeping on Izzy!”

“What?!” The MAJOR kicked the tree Sabrina was in and it swayed under his might.

“Stop it!”

“Take back what you said!” The MAJOR bellowed.

“Fuck you!” Sabrina spat at him.

He sidestepped her loogie and kicked the tree again dislodging her.

“That’s it, asshole!” Sabrina leapfrogged off her ass and put up her hands to fight. “Get ready!”

“WHOA! Hold up!” The MAJOR man said putting his hands in front of him. “I’m not  beating up a kid. I’m not going to jail!”

“Afraid to have your ass kicked by a girl?” Sabrina taunted. She leaped at him and gave him a right cross to his dumb scarred face. He stepped back but didn’t fall.

“Are you serious, girl?!”

“I’ve decided I don’t trust you!” Sabrina declared. Truthfully she just wanted to scrap. She’d had the itch for a while and Mabel wasn’t there. “So get fighting or get lost and take your pervy brother with you!”

“Stop insulting him!” he roared. “Fine! You asked for this!”



“I’m sure my family would love to meet you!” Alejandro said. “My twin, Alaric would lose his mind.”

“I don’t see why no-” Izzellah heard a horrible crunching sound then a loud thud. Both minors looked towards the origin to the thunderous commotion and saw a MAJOR flying towards them. A girl. Sabrina!

“AHHHH!” She shrieked. She landed roughly into the grass and upheaved the soil beneath as she skidded to a halt in front of them. “Ouch.” She groaned.

“Sabrina!” Izzellah went to the aid of her close friend and guardian. “What happened?”

“Maybe picking a fight with a guy that size was a mistake.” she muttered.

Izzellah wasn’t sure what had just happened but she looked up to see  a tree completely cut in half and Alejandro shouting at a MAJOR! Izzellah tried as best she could to pull Sabrina to her feet. How would she explain this to her papa? Oh I let your girlfriend’s daughter get punched through a tree! Real smart! Sabrina stood up and remarkably seemed okay. She was covered in dirt and a little woozy but otherwise no worse for wear. These MAJORS were made of something tough.

“What the hell were you thinking?!” Alejandro bellowed to his brother. The titular Alaric who had just sent Sabrina flying.

“She insulted you!” He defended.

“That’s not a reason!” Alejandro continued his beratement. “What would mom or dad say if they saw that?! What kind of example is that for Lindsey!? Brawling in the park with some random girl over a few bitter words.”

“I just-”

“Shape up, dumbass!”

Izzellah was amazed at the courage this minor had. Alejandro. His brother seemed almost afraid of his fury. The MAJOR lumbered over to them.

“Sorry.” Alaric apologized.

“You should be!” Sabrina said as she wiped some dirt of her coat. Both girls were in matching coats Gloria had bought them. Izzellah’s was blue and Sabrina’s was off pink.

“Sabrina!” Izzellah chastised.

“I mean sorry…..I guess.” Sabrina said with no sincerity.

“I hope this doesn’t spoil my invitation?” Alejandro checked.

“Not at all.” Izzellah nodded. “I just have to-” the ground shook. Small rhythmic tremors that grew slowly in intensity. There was a figure headed toward them a massive one. Another MAJOR. As she grew closer so did her size and Izzellah took a step back in instinctive fear. To her chagrin she clung to Sabrina for protection. This was the biggest MAJOR she’d ever seen. A woman to boot!

“I heard a commotion.” She said looking to Alejandro. “What happened.”

“Just two idiots blowing off steam.” Alejandro dismissed he nodded toward Sabrina and the living giant regarded her...and the tiny hiding behind her.

“Oh my!” She said.

Izzellah peeked around Sabrina and made eye contact with the gigantic being. How was that even possible? This woman was taller than her papa!

The MAJOR woman went down to a crouch but was still taller than Sabrina standing.

“Hello little one.” she said.

Izzellah recognized her from the news. She knew who this olympian was.

“My name is-”

“Shannon Mathewson.” Izzellah gasped.


Chapter End Notes:

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