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I stood at the base of a titanic high heeled shoe, dwarfed by the column rising up before me.  The first indentation was around my waist, and the shoe itself towered high above me.  Reaching where the heel connected to the rest of the shoe would take at least half an hour, not to mention climbing the rest of the patent leather pump in front of me.  I had done this several times before though, and I kept returning to this particular shoe for some reason.


Why did Gina need high heels, anyway?  At over ten feet she was the tallest recorded woman – and probably the tallest human alive, though I hadn’t exactly been able to keep up with that statistic for the past few years.  These were fairly worn to boot, with the heels blossoming out at the bottom from thousands of impacts and the otherwise shiny exterior marred in several places by scuffs.  They made her calves look amazing, sure, but with Gina’s involvement in sports I doubted that was a prescient concern for her.  Did she really need another six inches to make her calves pop, though?


I looked back to the terrarium I usually lived in.  Probably several of its newer inhabitants were watching me with intense interest, dreaming of the relative freedom I had.  Every time Gina put me back in there I discovered that it was an even split between the older people shrunken to life inside Gina’s terrarium, like Roni and Will, and the more recent additions to the menagerie.  Years ago though I had made it a policy to not even learn the names of the more recent additions, understanding that they were on a brief stop between their normal life and being subject to whatever whim Gina had that day.  Regardless, I couldn’t see any of the fellow shrinking victims watching me from inside their glass cage.


It was still a mystery as to why they regarded me as a hero, anyway.  Some of the long-term ones even tried to treat me like a cult leader, which I immediately tried to dissuade.  I couldn’t think of any creature who deserved worship less than Gina, but apparently some people regarded her as a goddess of some sort.  Offering rooms in my dilapidated house had won over some more people, but I didn’t think it was anything special.  Any decent person would have done it, and in the end, it was just one more layer between us and the titaness who insisted on keeping tabs on us constantly.  Maybe it was simply being here four years longer than anyone else provided me with a certain amount of reverence.


Off to the side I saw a pile of discarded clothes, an unusual treat for the expeditions I mounted.  I hurried toward the mass of cloth, stumbling over the soft carpet fibers as I went, to see what this could have in store.  The black fabric contrasted with the white carpet, and briefly I stood in front of the clothing while trying to decide what to do.  A flash of white in the middle caught my attention, and I decided to investigate.


The first obstacle was a pile of black nylon, easily overcome thanks to my extensive experience by now of either climbing the fabric, or clinging to it for dear life.  After that was a hill of denim, wrinkled and dimpled by how it had fallen.  I struggled up the black contours in front of me, using the minute lines in her jean shorts as brief handholds to propel myself upward.  Though I had become used to scaling immense objects by now I was glad that it was a short climb, and after only a minute I had crested the waistband of the cast-off shorts.


Standing atop the black shorts, I saw nothing else to grab onto so that I could ease my descent.  The small shock of white I’d spied from the floor, I realized now, was the tag of Gina’s panties, black like the vast majority of her clothing.  Much like the heels I didn’t understand why she wore so much black.  Was she trying to dominate the goths as well, figuring they would be an easy subculture for her to bring back to the terrarium, or did she simply enjoy how it made her look?  In any case, there was a pile of black around me that stuck out against the rest of Gina’s room.


I heard the front door slam shut, a dull thud coming from downstairs that was impossible for someone in my situation to ignore.  It took Gina an average of twenty seconds to go from the front door to her room, and I evaluated my situation in the meantime.  Getting caught here was out of the question: if Gina thought I was admiring her panties I would never hear the end of it.  Honestly, being among her clothes would probably be just as bad.  I looked around for somewhere to hide so that it would look that I was just exploring without having to worry about her jumping to conclusions from it.


Footsteps began thudding up the stairs, and I was running out of time.  Instinctively I fell backward, falling down the mound of denim I had just crested, to land amid the soft nylon of her black stockings.  I could scarcely even stand up before the footfalls from the staircase died off, replaced by the firm yet steady rumblings of the giantess walking on the other side of the door.  Three footsteps, it should be, then she would be very nearly upon us.


Right on cue the doorknob started turning, just when I had pressed myself up against the indomitable wall of her shorts.  I peeked around the edge and saw the door swing open, revealing Gina’s towering body on the other side.  She stooped her way through the doorframe, narrowly avoiding hitting her blond hair on the top as she entered, the vibrations from her steps resonating through the room.  Despite everything else, the last thing I wanted was for her to notice me just now.


Gina had come a long way since I had been so unceremoniously given to her almost six years ago.  Not only had she grown over two feet since then, but she had filled out significantly as well.  Her breasts dwarfed any others I had seen despite being a perfect fit for her body, and her frame was supported by over a decade of playing sports.  She still tied her long hair into a pair of braids, and her soft blue eyes belied the cruelty she inflicted every day.  Gina’s legs were enormous yet slender, the perfect mix of long and developed.  Everything about her enormous size said that she should be borderline monstrous to the casual observer, but even to me she looked downright pleasant.  By now though, I knew that looks could be deceiving.


The ground trembled from the heavy footfalls of Gina’s black-stockinged feet as she walked to the terrarium – she had developed a habit of making her movements as impactful as possible in order to create awe among her prisoners.  Gina placed her hands on the top glass panel and pressed down, making the whole structure creak.  “Hello again, bugs!” she declared, her low voice turned into a booming cacophony by virtue of her sheer size.  “Your goddess has returned, and She brings a gift!”  Her hand slid into her purse, and when she withdrew it a tiny person was clenched between her fingers, their form thrashing violently in a futile attempt to escape.


With her free hand Gina opened the roof.  Slowly, as though she cared whether the newcomer lived or died, she lowered them into the enclosure, guiding them downward until their feet touched the plastic floor.  Then she released her new toy and withdrew her hand before leaning forward against the glass.  “Now, where is My high priest to welcome her to the flock?”  Shit.  I hadn’t expected her to bring someone new in today.


Several years ago, when her enclosure first contained five shrunken people, Gina had begun styling herself a goddess.  None of us bought into it at the time, and her attempt at megalomania was further stymied by her sister living in the room.  She was never one to let minor setbacks like reality get her down, however, and declared that there were two goddesses – she, of course, being the good and powerful one, while Jess was evil and wanted only their destruction.  Everyone else from back then was dead at Gina’s hands now, and newer additions began to seriously buy into the insanity.  They declared me Gina’s high priest, since my longevity must be a sign of her favor, despite my frequent and vociferous protests.  Gina, for her part, found the whole thing amusing, and only encouraged them.


By now it was at the point where I didn’t even bother to dispute her absurd claims, and was honestly running out of ways to do so.  My memories from before being shrunk were getting fuzzy while images of Gina towering over me remained at the fore.  For every time I remembered her being just a little taller than me, there were a dozen instances of her dangling me in front of her face or holding her foot above me to block out the light.  I was starting to doubt the former even existed, and that Gina was, if not a goddess, at least a giantess.


“Hm.  I don’t see him in here.”  Gina’s powerful voice broke me out of my contemplation, returning me to the world where I was very much in danger.  She was looking back and forth around the glass case for any sign of me.  Hopefully my fellow inmates didn’t tell her anything.  One of her knees touched the floor when she knelt next to a corner, and with one finger she lifted the rope I had used to climb down.  Another finger pinched around it, and with a firm yank she pulled it free.  There went any chance I had of slipping back in unnoticed.


“Come out, come out, wherever you are, pipsqueak!” she called.  She was trying to sing it, but everything that came out of her mouth sounded like intense bass to me.  Gina turned around, the ground shaking from even her minor adjustments.  Her eyes scanned the floor looking for me, and I pressed myself into her clothes.  “Don’t make Me use My divine powers to find you.”  Obviously she had no divine powers, but she wasn’t about to announce that. 


I knew it wasn’t a matter of if she found me, but when, and began looking for ways to prolong the inevitable.  Right now I was practically in the open, and with how clean she kept her room there were precious few hiding spots for me.  Maybe I could wait for her to go past me and hide under her bed, that ought to buy me a few minutes at least.


Shockwaves emanated from Gina’s feet as she strode forward, placing herself between me and the bed.  Suddenly her feet shot backward, replaced by her knees while she got down on all fours.  Still unable to see under, she laid down fully on the carpeted floor to look at the dark crevice beneath her bed.  With the mountain of a woman between me and my hiding spot, there was no way I’d make it.


Gina surveyed the space between her bed for a bit, and gave the frame a good shake to make sure I wasn’t hiding behind the legs.  Once she confirmed I was nowhere to be found, her tremendous palms pounded on the floor so that she could push herself up.  When she was back to her gargantuan height she turned toward me, her enormous feet nearly landing on me from what I thought was quite some distance.  “Guess I should clear this debris,” she remarked, looking just past me.  Just like that, I was about to lose what little cover I had.


A titanic foot shot forward, and with a loud clap the shorts I was pressed up against were thrown away.  Suddenly off balance, I staggered backward a few steps while Gina pulled her foot back.  By the time I had recovered, she had placed her stockinged feet so that I was almost exactly between them.  I looked up her enormous legs and saw the tips of her slender fingers resting just above the bottom of her short shorts.  Her black shirt was pulled tight all around her, accentuating her bosom, and beyond that, almost at the ceiling, was a pair of baby blue eyes.  They were looking right at me.


“Well, well, well,” she began, her triumphant voice nearly overpowering me on its own.  “What’s this?  Is My high priest trying to escape again, abandoning his flock?  Do you hate My divine grace so much that you want to leave it?”  The corner of her mouth curved up in a smirk.  “Or is it the opposite?  Are you so enamored with Me that when I’m gone you only want to cozy up to something of Mine?  Were you trying to climb into My panties?”  Her smirk disappeared as suddenly as it came.  “Either way, I don’t like it.”


Gina lifted her foot off the ground and swiftly closed the gap between it and me.  I didn’t try to run or flee: I had learned long ago that there was no point, and I had no chance of outpacing her legs.  Her heel set down with a thud, and the black mesh taut against her foot darkened my sky.  A snap rang out when it swung down, crumpling me beneath her arch.  There wasn’t even enough time to raise my hands in a feeble attempt to stop her.


Vibrations coursed through the foot pinning me down, the kinesthetic results of her chuckling.  Gina’s gargantuan foot had utterly defeated me, and I winced from pain when she pressed down.  The soft skin above me was the only reason I hadn’t been instantly crushed, and Gina knew it.  She had gotten very good at squishing me without actually crushing me.  Unfortunately, this also meant she knew how to make the experience extremely uncomfortable.


The stifling pressure lasted far longer than I would have liked, the heat from her sole creating a very small convection oven around me.  When she lifted her foot I was briefly stuck to the nylon, and my short fall back to the floor was just another humiliation heaped upon the considerable pile.  After a few seconds my vision cleared, and I saw that Gina was grinning down at me, her big toe just missing my legs.


“Something looks different about you though,” she said.  “You look… smaller than usual.”  Oh no, not this again.  Every time Gina grew so much as an inch she went through this.  “Are you shrinking?”  She knelt down, placing her knee close enough that I could see the mesh of her stocking.  Her hand descended shortly after, plucking me up between her thumb and forefinger.  My stomach fell and I nearly retched while she stood, lifting me up to her face while she did so.


Under the scrutiny of her giant blue eyes I somehow felt even smaller, which I’m sure was her intent.  She set me down in her open palm and continued looking me over, a mischievous light apparent in her eyes.  “Yeah, you are!”  Gina was making an effort to stay somewhat quiet, but any speaking at this distance would be painful.  “You’re getting so small, I love it.”


Gina chuckled, and I knew what was coming.  She faked a gasp and said, “Oh wow, and you’re getting even smaller!”  Right on cue Gina doubled, tripled in size, turning her gentle blue eyes into glaring orbs.  “I can actually see you shrinking in real time!”  Her face continued to expand, and around me her had was turning into a landmass.  The deep creases of her palm became trenches and canyons, while the minute whorls of her skin turned to ditches lined by deep ridges.  She blinked, making an audible click, demonstrating that her eyelashes were now wider than I was tall.


At this size, Gina seemed more like a landscape than a person, and I could scarcely deny she was at least as powerful as a goddess like this.  Every minute twitch on her face, like the wobble of her pupils as she tried to focus on me, was imminently apparent, and each component of her face seemed to be an individual entity rather than part of a single unit.  No matter where I looked, in every direction there was nothing but the alabaster skin of my captor, interrupted in some places by immense straw-colored hairs.


“You’re actually too small for Me to see now,” she remarked.  Her voice was little more than a low, primal rumble that resembled a series of explosions from her throat, but she had done this enough that I could understand the words as long as I concentrated.  “Hold on, I’ll get a magnifying glass so I don’t lose your pathetically tiny body.”  The world seemed to rotate around me as she turned toward her desk on the far side of the room where she often brought shrunken people to play with them.


Before she could take a step, however, I was overwhelmed by a buzzing that made everything in my head vibrate along with it.  With lightning quickness Gina grabbed a phone in her other hand and put it up to her ear.  “Oh, hey Kristie!”  I covered my ears to shield them from the explosive voice that threatened to split my head in two, but even with the protection I could still feel my bones rattling.  “Yeah, I can’t text right now anyway, so no worries.  No, I’m not busy – I’m never too busy for you!  Sure, come on over, the door’s unlocked.  Just remember to take your shoes off at the door, okay?  Seeya soon!”  With a press of her thumb she hung the phone up and tossed it onto the bed.


“Looks like it’s your lucky day, tiny, you get to meet one of my friends!” Gina exclaimed.  “It’s too bad you shrank so much though, since I don’t think she’ll be able to see you.  I’ll make sure you two get acquainted, though.  I really think you’ll enjoy meeting her!”  I didn’t have to see her tremendous lips to know that she was smiling malevolently, and that I would not, in fact, enjoy meeting Kristie.

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