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It started as an ordinary summer day. The weather was warm and sunny. After a lunch I decided to take a nap. I woke up in 5pm and then suddenly remembered that Selena invited me to a pool party that takes place today. Selena is an anthro unicorn girl. She looks like an ordinary girl, but has glittering pink skin and an unicorn horn on the forehead, which gives her special abilities. She is older than me. We made friends when I was five years old and she was nine years old. Those times we were always playing together. When I was six years old, I made friends with elf-girl Amelia. Me, Selena and Amelia were really close friends. Those days we seen each other as often as we could, and while we couldn't meet, we sent letters to each other. Those spring and summer I was so busy for a long that I couldn't see my friends for two monthes. Neither could I write them a letter. When I finally finished my work, I was glad that Selena invited me to her pool party. After a pool party I planned to stay with Selena on a sleepover (she has a two-stage bed).
After waking up I went to bathroom, put on my swimsuit and my clothes and went to Selena's house. I rang the bell and Selena opened the door.
"Hi, Selena", I said.
"Oh, hi, Rhod", Selena said.
We were so glad to see each other. We hugged each other and kiss each other on the cheek. As we hadn't seen each other for a couple of monthes, we were cuddling for several minutes. Once our tears of joy were dry, I came in and sat on the sofa in Selena's living room. Selena sat next to me.
"How are you?", Selena asked me.
"I'm fine, and you?"
"Me too."
"Thank you for inviting me to a pool party."
"You are welcome!"
We talked a bit, and while we talked, the bell rang again. Selena opened the door and we saw Amelia. We were very glad to meet her, and after greeting we engaged in a group hug. I was very happy because I was together with my friends. After a bit talking we went to the pool, which was in the yard of Selena's house. The water was warm, and it was pleasant to swim there. After a while Selena called me and asked:
"Rhod, have you thought what it's like to be a tiny?"
"What do you mean, a tiny?"
"I mean a person that is very small. I mean, as small as my pointer finger."
"No, I have never thought about it."
"Look, Rhod, I'm a unicorn and I can change your size while you are in touch with my horn. Do you remember, when I enlarged you a bit, when you were nine years old?"
Of course I clearly remembered it. I had tried to take a box with a board game, but it was on the highest shelf and I wasn't tall enough. Selena offered me held and after I had agreed to it, she touched me with her horn and enlarged me so I could take the box. After I had taken it and given it to Amelia, Selena touched me with her horn again and returned me to my normal size.
"Yes, I think it would be interesting."
Selena gave me a hug and asked me:
"Are you ready?"
Selena touched my face with her horn, and after that touch I began shrinking. Everything started to seem bigger and bigger for me. While shrinking, I was still in touch with Selena's horn. It seemed that I somehow sticked to it, because otherwise I would have fallen. After I was small enough, Selena had placed her hand under me and I fell on it. I started trembling due to feeling of being cold, because I was taken from warm water. It was a bit scary to be that small: I was afraid to fall from Selena's hand and drown. My unicorn friend put me closer to her face and asked:
"How do you feel?"
"A bit strange... and a bit scary..."
"Don't worry, we'll be careful with you. You'll soon get used to it". Then Amelia said to me:
"Last week Selena shrank me too. First time I felt a bit scary too, but after a while I got used to and felt it was fun to be tiny!"
"How long have you been tiny?"
"One day."
"Great! Selena, may I try to swim near you?"
"Yes, you can, but you shouldn't swim away from me!"
Selena put me in the water. Although I could swim well, the pool now seemed very big for me, and because the bottom of the pool was very deep for me now, I swam close to Selena.
"Alright. I'm going to bring some pool toys", Amelia said and got out off the pool.
I stayed swimming around Selena, and after a while I saw Amelia with a pool toy, a small inflatable unicorn-shaped "ship". She put it on the water and offered me to climb in. I asked, "But would it swim? Am I lightweight enough?". "Don't worry. My shrinking ability also affects your weight. You aren't heavier than a feather", Selena replied. "Oh, come on!", said Amelia, and took me and put me on the "ship". To my surprise, it didn't go any lower, like if I was really as lightweight as a feather. Selena and Amelia gave me a ride on my "ship", carefully moving it with their hands. It was a great fun. They "rided" me like that for some time, after what Selena took me and asked, "Would you like me to kiss you?"
"Kiss me?"
"Yes. Just a friendly kiss."
"Of course you may..."
Then Selena put me on her hand, brought me close to her mouth, pressed me against her hand with her lips and gave me a long kiss. After that she gave me a few quick kisses and then she licked my tiny body. It felt amazing.
"Do you like it?", Selena asked me.
"Definitely! Thank you, Selena!"
"Do you want more?"
"Yes, please."
Selena started kissing and licking me again. It was very pleasant. I've never experienced such wonderful feeling before.
After Selena finished, Amelia asked, "May I kiss him too?"
"I don't mind, but you should ask Rhod if he wants you to kiss him", Selena replied and gave me to Amelia.
"Rhod, would you like me to kiss you?", Amelia asked.
"Of course!"
Amelia brought me close to her face, touched my tiny body with her lips and licked me, and then gave me a few quick kisses. After that kisses she started touching me with her tongue. After some playing she gave me a big long kiss.
"Thank you, Amelia!"
"You are welcome, Rhod! Did it feel good?"
"Of course! I love it!"
"I love it too! It was very pleasant when Selena shrank me and kissed and licked me, and it is very pleasant to kiss and lick you, my little cutie!"
After that Amelia washed the saliva off me, placed me on unicorn-shaped inflatable "ship" and we talked all the rest time while we were in pool. When it started to get darker, Selena took me and we got out off the pool. Then my friends took their towels and started drying themselves, and then they dried me. After we were dry, Selena started shrinking my clothes so they'll fit my new size, and then she brought me with my clothes in her bedroom, put me on the table and said:
"You can now change your clothes. I'll be back in five minutes".
I quickly changed my clothes and while waiting for Selena, I started looking on the sunset. It was very beautiful that I got carried away by watching it. I didn't notice that Selena had entered the room and I shuddered in surprised when she asked me:
"Rhod, have you changed your clothes?"
"Oh... yes, I have", I replied.
Selena came to the table, looked at the window and said:
"Rhod, have you noticed how beautiful sunset is today"
"Of course! Let's go out and watch it from the backyard!"
Selena took me and went off the house, and Selena and Amelia took me to the backyard. When we were there, Amelia suggested us to have a dinner in the backyard. Selena and me agreed to it. I asked whether I could sit on Amelia's shoulder all the time. Girls agreed to it, and soon I was sitting on the left shoulder of my elven friend, with her hair tied around me in a knot so I wouldn't fall. My friends started laying the table, and I was just watching them putting the cloth on the table and bringing the food to the backyard. After they finished, they washed their hands, and then Amelia untied the knot and washed my hands and feet (I was barefeet). My giant (comparing to my new size) friends sat down on table, while I was placed on the table. In accordance with my size, a small amount of food was enough to me. After dinner we watched the sunset, which was especially charming because of beautifully-shaped clouds. When sunset ended, the sky became clear of clouds and we started looking at the stars. Amelia put me on her shoulder and tied her hair around me in a knot again. And then Selena asked me:
"Rhod, how long are you planning to stay that small?"
"I think that you can return me to my normal size tomorrow, when I'll have to go home"
"Alright. Remember, that I'll enlarge you in any time if you ask me to do it"
"If Rhod will stay small until tomorrow, I may stay with you this night, right?", Amelia asked.
"Of course you may!", Selena replied to her
Then we started looking at beautiful starry sky. Before that night, I rarely paid an attention when sky had been clear at night and it had been possible to see the stars. But that time, it was a really special event in my life. It was also the full moon, and it made that night seem to be very charming. We also had a strawberry milkshake, which I seem to like the most.
After a while I became tired and wanted to go to sleep. Selena looked at the watch and said that it is 2am. We decided to go to sleep. My friends took all the dishes to the kitchen, and then we went to the bathroom to brush our teeth. Amelia untied the knot and put me on the shelf above the sink. As I couldn't do it myself, my friends helped me. Selena washed my toothbrush, shrank it to the size that it would fit me, put the toothpaste on it and gave it to me. After I had brushed my teeth, Selena took my toothbrush, returned it to its normal size and washed it. To wash my mouth, I had to use the glass, which was shrunk to fit my new size. After brushing our teeth, we went to bedroom. My friends asked me, with whom I'd like to sleep, and I said that I would sleep with Selena. Then Selena shrank my pyjamas (I have several pyjamas, one of them is usually stored in Selena's house) and brought me to another room. I changed my clothes and waited a while. After three minutes Selena entered the room and brought me to her bedroom. Before going to sleep we had a small talk, during which Selena asked me:
"How'd you feel about being tiny?"
"It's quite unusual, but it's also interesting and fun"
"But you have to remember that such experience can be dangerous for you. Have you noticed that Amelia tied a hair knot around you every time you were sitting on her shoulder? While being tiny, you should be especially careful. You should stay away from things that may be dangerous for you. You should never try to jump on a giant person, because you can fail to reach them and fall. You should also avoid being on the floor, on the ground and other places where someone could accidentally harm you. And while being that tiny, you are totally dependent on normal-sized persons. Like today, without our help you weren't be able even to wash your teeth"
"Hey, Rhod, how do you feel about depending on us?", Amelia asked me.
"You are my best friends, I absolutely trust you so I like that", I replied.
When it was over, Amelia turned the lights off, my friends said "Good night!" to me and each other and gave me "goodnight kisses". Then Selena put me on a pillow of her bed, lied down and covered herself with a blanket. That blanket didn't cover me, but it didn't bother me since it was very warm. I lied close to Selena's horn and soon I fell asleep.
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