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David's head was pounding. The last thing he remembered, was jogging in the park after work. He slowly opened his eyes and was met with the face of the blackest man he had ever seen.

"What the hell!" He said, withdrawing from the man. "Who are you!. . . . Where am I?"

"Easy, brother." The man said, setting down the cloth he was using to cool David's forehead.

Panic set in heavy as David pushed past the man and off the bed. He looked around. He was in some sort of clean, white room. There were 3 sets of bunk beds, and 4 naked men in the room, standing or leaning against the walls, including the black man.

"Why the fuck are you all naked!?" He looked down at himself. "Why am I naked?!" He screamed, covering himself.

"Just calm down, son!" An man who appeared to be in his mid 50s said to him. "Listen closely, because the more attention you pay, the more chance you have to survive. . . . .at least for a little while. "

"Sur-survive? What are you talking about? I. . . .i need to get out of here. . . . My wife will be worried about me!"

"There's the door." A blonde man, who looked to be about David's age, gestured with his head to the wide doorway. He had an unsettling smirk on his face.

"Thank. . .thank you!" David said as he ran for the opening.

He got a foot out of the door, before he felt himself being restrained and pulled back into the room by some irresistible force. It held him for a moment, before throwing him back into the room onto his back.

"That never gets old!" The blonde said, though he didn't laugh. He just continued to lean against the wall.

"What was that!?" David cried, as he struggled to pick himself up of the floor, his body feeling suddenly weak.

"The magic." The black man said plainly.

" MAGIC!? What, like. . . Like a fairy tale?"

"Like witchcraft." The older gentleman said.

"How is that. . .that's not possible!" David reasoned.

"You just felt it, did you not? Can you not feel it in your body as we speak? The fever you have now, is your body trying to fight it." The black man explained, sounding noticeably more African now that David actually listened.

"So what, you just expect me to believe that witchcraft is holding you all in this room? For what purpose?" David asked, grappling with his reality.

"Prisoners. . . . .slaves." A fit man with a buzzcut in the corner said. He looked military and in his mid 30s.

"S. . .slaves? No, that's not possible. This. . . This is 2017."

The 4 men all laughed together.

"Yes. Slaves. Property." The blonde said bluntly.

"Property of who?" David asked, his nerves calming but still very on edge from all of this.

"Mistress cynthia" the men said in unison.

"Although, you likely won't have the pleasure of meeting her, judging by the way you look." The soldier said, just stating facts.

"Why's that?" David asked, sitting down on the bunk he first woke up in, the fever beginning to over heat him.

"Because you're the 6th man in block C" the blonde said, as he gathered around the African, sitting on the top bunk opposite.

"Like. . . Prison block C?" David questioned.

"Yes and no. This IS a prison, but the block is more like a family or crew. Most of the tasks you do, are with your block. Block A through D." The older man explained.

"6 men per block." The African added.

"I only count 5 of us. . . " David said looking around.

"There." The soldier said, pointing at a mattress on the floor. A body David hadn't noticed before was covered with thick black blankets.

"What's wrong with him?" David asked, staring at the unmoving form.

"Deziree" everyone answered.

"And that is?"

"Mistress Cynthia's daughter." The African said.

"Take a look. . .its best to learn the truth early." The blonde said sarcastically.

David stood slowly and walked to the mattress. He knelt down, looking back at the men, before pulling back the blanket. He immediately scrambled back.

Under the blanket was a boy, who couldn't have been a day over 18, judging by what was left of him . The whole front of his body looked like it had been smashed. It was completely black and blue, dried blood speckled his skin and his face was caved in.

The soldier rose and pulled the blankets back over him.

"So. . . Some girl did that to him?" David asked in disbelief.

"A woman actually. " the African said calmly.

"With what. . .a Mack truck?"

The blonde laughed at this.

"One perfectly pedicured foot." He said, smiling wickedly.

"I. . .I don't understand. . ."

"Picture the hottest red head you've ever or never seen. Now picture her. . .say . . 50-100 feet tall. Now give her a bad attitude and a penchant for smashing, crushing, squashing, flattening, and all manner of other interesting verbs, someone liiiikkkeee. . . . . You!" The blonde man said, pointing David square in the chest.

"That. . . . That can't be true." David said shaking his head in denial.

"It's true. You're about to find out that his description, while a little over zealous, is frighteningly accurate." The older man said, nodding to the blonde.

"It's best to listen carefully boy." The African said, because today is gladiator day."

As soon as he said this, an alarm went off in the distance. Without his consent, David's body stood up and got in line with the other men. He couldn't speak or move at all, as some invisible force guided him. They walked to the doorway, this time passing through with no problem, and began walking down a long, white hallway.

In front of him, he could see one more line of 6 men walking in line. As they walked, their surroundings began to morph around them. White became stone as the hallway changed and twisted. David began to hear voices and noise as what appeared to be the colosseum took shape.

The path led down into it's depths as random people began to dot the edge of the narrow corridor. It finally ended in a room full of armor and weapons. There, he was finally given control of his body again.

David's mind was blown as he took in the environment. Through the heavy gate in front of him, he heard the roar of thousands of blood thirsty spectators.

"How is this even possible? " he asked the African, who was hastily putting on armor.

"Now is not the time. Put on some armor and listen closely." He said as he finished dressing and grabbed a spear.

"The colosseum is one of Deziree's favorite games. It's not about winning so much as entertaining her and helping her get a workout. "

David listened as he found an ill fitting chest plate and cracked helmet. He grabbed a short sword and a round shield too, not sure what to expect.

As he got all of his equipment, a horn sounded somewhere above them, and the heavy gate began to lift.

"Follow me. Stay close." The African said as the men stepped out into the sunlight.

The veteran slaves, who already knew what was expected walked to their positions. They broke into 4 groups of 3, a random slave filling the spot for the missing member of block C.

"Ok. First of all," the African said, speaking low and fast. "Always keep moving and trying. You might die anyway, but the longer you last, the better your chances. These weapons WILL work on her so you might get lucky, though I've yet to see anyone take her down.

As he spoke, the ground suddenly began to tremble. David looked in the direction of the noise, the sound coming from behind a huge gate he hadn't noticed before. As the pounding neared, a sudden heavy feeling of despair hit David, a strange pressure seemed to push his head and shoulders down to the ground.

"Ok, here she comes. I know you are feeling strange. It's just the weight of her magic. Resist it. The longer you spend in its presence, the easier it is to stand."

The gate began to open slowly.

"Dont make the same mistakes others make. Don't beg for your life and don't gather all of the size coins at once."

"Si-size coins?" David asked, looking around.

Scattered around the vast Sandy expanse of the colosseum, were various floating coins, like something out of a video game.

Before the African could explain, the gate opened fully, and out stepped the biggest, most beautiful woman David had ever layed eyes on.

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