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Adventures from Science

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Chapter One
3:54 am (Explosion sounds in a lab)

11:45 am
Andrew was slowly regaining conciousness. He blinked and tried to look around. He noticed he was under a soft material and it was pitch black. Oh no, he thought as he looked down and felt his body. Andrew was completely nude and surmised that he was under what appeared to be his clothing. Drew sighed and said to himself, "I need to find my way out of here and see what happened." It had not yet dawned on him the gravity of his situation, or why he was naked, when the last thing he remembered was working. He was probably in shock.

Drew started to push and force his way out from under his clothes. He realized that his clothes smelled atrocious, which meant that he did as well. I cannot wait to get home and shower and go to bed. It has been a weird, rough day, he thought to himself. After what felt like forever, he finally saw a hint of light and knew he was about to be out of the cramped space.

He came out of what looked to be his shirt sleeve. "Oh my word. What have I done?" he said. This was the moment Drew realized why his lab looked so odd. Andrew was looking up at his lab from the floor. His desk had a mixture of test tubes and beakers that were broken. The contents of both were mingling together and then dripping to the ground. Everything was so colossal compared to him.

Andrew looked over his body in the light and was stunned. Now, Andrew was not a bad looking man. He most certainly was not most people's idea of handsome, and he was fine with that. When he was not three inches tall he was an above average 6' 1" with a muscular physique and just a tad round in the abdomen. He did what any sane man would do and double checked on his penis and testes. Everything seemed to be in order and he realized that his situation, while sparking the scientific part of his brain, had aroused him him a great deal. Drew's dick was semi-erect and looked like it would normally be. After thoroughly eyeing himself up and down, he decided he needed to find the time.

"Where is my watch?" he said as he turned toward his clothes pile. He stomped and stumbled a few times until he found it. 12:05 read the watch. Why is that time making me feel so odd, he thought. Just then his phone started vibrating somewhere deep in the lump of clothes. "Crap!" Andrew remembered why the time was ringing bells in his brain. His wife was coming to meet him so they could have lunch together.

Drew knew he needed to work fast and figure out how to get Miranda to not accidentally step on him or touch the spilled ingredients. There does not need to be another shrunken person. One is enough right now. He spied a piece of paper that he could write on. He turned his head and also spotted a pencil that he had dropped days ago, but forgot to pick up.

It turns out when you are a tiny human that you cannot really carry a full sized pencil. He put his foot on the pencil lead and pushed down until it broke off. He scrambled back to the paper and drug it to a position that would be sturdy enough to write on. He wrote as neat as he could with the small lead piece. "Do not touch the mess!! Please don't scream; look down. xo".

Satisfied with the note, Drew threw the lead to the side and repositioned the note over the top of his clothes. Hopefully, Miranda would see it.
Andrew ran to one of the sleeves and put it over himself. He did not want to spook his wife. As he finished hiding himself, a knock came over his office door.

"Hello? Drew?" Miranda called. "Im coming in," she said when she did not get an answer. It was not like Andrew to ignore her or miss out on work.
Drew was nervous and waiting anxiously as the knob turned and his wife walked in. "What in the world?" she muttered to herself. She took in the mess, all the vials and beakers in a heap and leaking off the desk. Greens and yellows mixing in a waterfall of color. Following the ingredient trail led her to spot Andrew's clothing and the hastily written note on top. "That silly man is insane if he is running around here naked as a jay bird." She knelt to pick up the note and as she read it her brows furrowed.

Andrew thought she was adorable when she was lost in thought. Don't scream, she thought, why would I scr...
"Oh dear lord!" she exclaimed loudly before slapping her hand over her mouth. A miniature little man who resembled her husband stepped out from under the sleeve. She gasped. It was her husband.

"Hello, my dear," said Andrew as he walked forward and flushed all over.
"Andrew, what have you done to yourself?" she asked and held her hand out for him to climb onto.
"Im not entirely sure, Mira." said Andrew using his pet name for her. "I must have mixed the wrong ingredients somehow. I was fairly tired this morning. I was so close to a breakthrough. Damn it! I am not even sure if this is reversible, or if it is permanent. I do not know what i will do if I am fixed this way." He was so anxious that the words just tumbled from his lips. Miranda brought him to her face and pressed him into her cheek.

"It will be ok, Drew. We should not worry or fret until it seems as if this will be permanent." She was slowly rubbing his backside and he had temporarily relaxed.
"You are right, Mira. I just hope it is not long lasting because I only have so many sick days. Speaking of, will you call my boss and tell her I went home early, and that I will need the next two weeks off. Also, if you could lock my door as we leave that would be wonderful."

"Of course I will do both, my love. Then we will get you home to shower and bed."
"That sounds like a plan to me," replied Andrew. Miranda gently set him down on the top of his clothes and said, "I am going to have to hide you in these. At least until we get to the car, ok?" Andrew nodded and then said, "It is fine, however, I would really love to be hidden in your bra."

Drew looked down after asking thinking to himself that he would not be so embarrased, especially being aroused currently, when she said no. Miranda knew he was turned on, at least a little, when she had pressed him to her cheek. She had thought about his warmth and how his cock had been slightly stiff. Even tiny his body reacted the same as when he was normal size. I wonder how he would feel in my mouth, she thought. She flushed as well and felt a tingling sensation through her body.

"Of course you can be in my bra, Drew. What will happen if you get squished?"
Drew answered, "I am not worried. You will be careful. I would really enjoy being pressed against your alluring breasts, Mira."
"If you are sure then, here we go." She picked him up and dropped him down the opening of her shirt. Drew was ecstatic as he gathered his bearings and began finding a comfortable position.

He slightly ticked Miranda as he moved. He decided her left breast was the most comfortable, and he curled up and inhaled her scent. Jasmine and Gardenia.
When he stopped moving she asked him if he was ok and comfortable. He replied in the yes.

Miranda called his boss, and she was fine with him taking off as long as he needed because, "He works far too much anyway." Miranda locked the office door and they made their way to her car. Finally, they were heading home.

Chapter End Notes:

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