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Wealthy 35-year-old bachelor Dylan Blake, is a student at Matheson University on California's sun-soaked central coast. In addition to being somewhat athletic, Dylan is a straight-A electrical engineering student who is no stranger to the ladies. This fact is the primary reason he finds himself at a party with five beautiful college chicks in the garage of Victoria "Vikki" Vega, the leader of this clique of drop-dead gorgeous co-eds.

While drinking his beer, one of the college girls, introduces herself to Dylan ...

"I'm Destiny Draconis, I'm a time traveler from five-thousand years in the future." 

Dylan laughs and says, "Yeah, right!"

After laughing at her claim, Destiny unveils a dimensional portal she brought with her from her time. A town about ten miles away is targeted in the scope, and an image of the town shows up in the portal. "This is a dimensional portal I brought with me from my own time. It's locked onto the city of Bullet Bay, about five miles from here. How would you like to see me shrink that town and teleport it here?"

The other young women gathered around with their beer cups in their hands. Victoria Vega, Serena Savage, Twila Travers, and Jerrica Johansson were definitely interested in the conversation between Dylan and Destiny, and they obviously already knew that Destiny was a time traveler.

"What would the five of you do with a shrunken town?" Dylan asked.

"We'd dominate it!" said Victoria.

"Go for it!" Dylan said.

Destiny pulled out a device and held it in front of Dylan.

"Before we can shrink the town, someone needs to take this transponder device and plant it in the center of that town! Will you drive over here and do that for us, Dylan?"

"I'll do it!" Dylan tells Destiny. "What part of the town should I drive to in order to plant the transponder?"

"Behind the theater downtown," said Destiny.

Dylan took the transponder and jumped into his sports car and drove off toward the town.

Meanwhile, back in Victoria's garage, Destiny confided in her girlfriends.

"What Dylan doesn't know is that he will end up shrunk, too!"

"What's your plan, Destiny?" Vikki Vega asked.

"I'm going to shrink the town and teleport it to this garage, but I'm also going to create a full-sized duplicate of the town and its inhabitants so nobody will know the town is missing!" said Destiny. "The duplicate people will think they are the original inhabitants, while the original towns-people will be shrunk and teleported here!"

"So nobody will know we're holding the miniature town hostage?" said Serena Savage.

"Exactly!" said Destiny. "That transponder is actually a device to ensure that Dylan doesn't get duplicated when he gets shrunk down to ant-size and teleported to this garage! The convenient thing is that the neutrino dissimilator I'm using to shrink the city is engineered so the voices of the shrunken people will be easily heard by normal-sized people!"

The girls began laughing at Dylan's plight.

"That'll teach a 35-year-old to try to pick up on girls our age!" said Twila Travers.

As Dylan drives toward the town, he can't stop thinking of those three luscious cheerleaders and their two hot friends back in that garage. Jerrica the cheerleader was Caucasian, but she had a nice tan going on, then there was Vikki Vega, also a cheerleader, who was Hispanic, so she had a natural all-over tan. And Serena! That tall blonde cheerleader! What kind of name was Serena Savage? Dylan could only imagine what a chick with a name like that would do to a town of ant-sized captives. Hopefully, her personality matched her evil-sounding name!

Dylan has always had a giantess fetish, so he is fascinated by how those five college gals will treat their miniaturized prey once the city is shrunk and teleported to the floor of the garage. Dylan doesn't even care what will happen to the townspeople.

When Dylan pulls into the back of the theater, he sees his friend Skuttle digging through a dumpster for recyclables. Skuttle is in his early 20s, Caucasian, with short blonde hair. He wasn't homeless, but he supplemented his income by recycling.

"Skuttle, you're never going to believe this!" Dylan says as he slams the driver's side door. "This whole town is going to shrink in a little while! I've got a transponder in my back seat, and when I drop it off, some chick from the future is going to shrink and teleport this whole city to her garage!"

Skuttle runs and opens the passenger door of your car and jumps in. "I don't want to shrink!" he shouts. "I'm afraid of shrinking!"

You climb in the car with Skuttle to reassure him.

Meanwhile, back in Destiny's garage, Destiny is watching every move you and Skuttle make.

"Now that Dylan is where I want him, I'll activate the miniaturization device and teleport the city, with him and Skuttle, to the floor of this garage! Remember, the town will be replaced by a duplicate of clones, but Dylan and Skuttle will not be duplicated because they are near the transponder!"

All five of the young women started laughing.

An image of the outline of the town appeared on the floor of the garage.

"This is the size and shape the city will take when it is miniaturized and teleported here!" Destiny took a can of black spray-paint and shook the can. She sprayed along the edge of the image of the town that was projected onto the floor, then she set the spray-paint can on a shelf and went back to her control console.

"Activate!" said Destiny, and the process began!

Back in the city, behind the theater, Dylan is still arguing with Skuttle, trying to convince him that he will be safe. Just then, the sky turned purple and pink.

"No!" said Dylan, "The process wasn't supposed to happen until after I planted the transponder!

Within seconds, the city, with Dylan and Skuttle along for the ride, shrank and was instantly transported, while simultaneously replaced with a duplicate city of clones who thought they had always been the original inhabitants.

Moments later, Dylan and Skuttle looked up to see the sky filled with an image of five young women looking down at them, three of them in Matheson University cheerleader uniforms.

"Citizens!" Boomed Destiny's voice from the sky. "I am your conqueror! You shall never again know freedom! You shall spend the rest of your pathetic little lives serving the five of us! We will remain forever as your goddesses! I'll be honest, some of you will be crushed underfoot, while others shall end up crashing to the depths of our bellies!"

"Don't even think anyone will miss you!" said Serena Savage, the tall blonde cheerleader. "After you were shrunk and teleported here, a duplicate city replaced yours, and all of you were replaced by normal-sized clones who will never know that they are not the real versions of you!" Serena laughs and licks her lips as she finishes saying this.

"Destiny!" Dylan shouted up at the monolithic matriarchs. "This wasn't part of the plan!" Dylan gazed up at the three cheerleaders who towered over him, as well as the two other giantesses.

Vikki Vega approached Dylan in her cheer uniform, and said, "This was part of the plan all along! Now you're our slave!" Vikki spits in Dylan's direction.

Dylan is surrounded by the five normal-sized women; they formed a semi-circle in front of him. Destiny and Serena are to his left, and Jerrica and Twila are on his right. Vikki is standing guard right in front of him as she spat in his direction. The spit was a dead aim, and hit Dylan squarely in the torso and face, knocking him over. This got a reaction from his normal-sized female captors, some of them high-fived each other.

"Enough of this playing around," said Destiny. "I have an ankle bracelet I want you to wear from now on, Dylan. It will restore you to normal size so you can go about your daily tasks, but you will shrink back down to ant size at night time, so you'd better return here every night, or you'll shrink in public!" Destiny had something in her hand, and she knelt down and dropped it in front of Dylan. It had been replicated to fit him perfectly; Destiny must have made it while he was driving to town to place the transponder in front of the theater. "Put it on, Dylan, don't just look at it."

Dylan walked to the edge of the shrunken town, and walked toward the ankle bracelet. He put it on, and Destiny restored him to normal size.

"Your home is duplicated in the normal-sized town," said Destiny, "so I want you to act as you normally would and continue attending Matheson University. Every night when you return here, you'll return to ant-size and live in the miniaturized version of your home. If you ever try to take the ankle bracelet off, you'll shrink back down to ant-size. Understand?"

"Yeah, you really thought this through!" said Dylan.

To Be Continued!

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