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Story Notes:

This started as a story to go with a picture I made for Halloween, but I think it's a little too long for that.

Cassandra always hated her birthday, October 31.  She never felt like it was her special day when everyone else was getting ready for Trick-or-Treating or Halloween parties.  For 19 years she tolerated it, cursing under her breath for most of the day before going to bed upset.  In recent years her younger brother, William, called the time she was most hateful her 'bitching hour', and she would always snap at him for the stupid joke.

As time crept in on what she figured would be the 20th year in a row she'd feel like Halloween would steal away her special day, Cassandra's mother, Morgan, approached her with a large, old looking Tome bound in leather.

"Just a week left until your big day."  She said meekly, knowing full well Cassandra's thoughts of her birthday.

"Ha!  My big day?  This stupid holiday always takes all my friends attentions.  Sure, we hang out and whatever, but it's not like when I celebrate their birthdays."  Cassandra spat back angrily.  "Why'd you have to give birth to me on this stupid day?  Couldn't you have waited another day or two?"

"No sweetie, I had to have you on Halloween."  Morgan said, in much the same way she did every year since Cassandra started verbalizing her dissatisfaction with the date of her birth.  However, there was something about the way she accentuated the 'had' this time that caught Cassandra's attention.  "If you had been a day late or early, you would have been just like the rest of Us, like me and my mother before me and her mother before her..."  This was a new line, and while it did seem a little strange to Cassandra growing up when she realized all the women on her mother's side of the family had birthdays in October and November, she never gave it much thought.

"What do you mean Mom?  And what's with that book?"  Cassandra asked.

"We have to meet, in groups of three and in places of high spiritual potency to practice our craft, only once a year for an all too short one hour on Halloween night.  The time when the boundary between here and there is thinnest.  The Witching Hour."  Morgan explained, opening the Tome.

"Mom?  What are you talking about?  You make it sound like we're a family of..."  Cassandra asked, not daring to finish her thought.

Smiling gently, Morgan traced her fingers over a page in the Tome.  "Following the rituals in this book, where the slightest mistake will ruin all our hard work and force us to wait until the following year to try again.  That is why I was so happy when I had you on Halloween night 20 years ago."  She said, closing the book and setting it down.  Motioning for Cassandra to come to her, she wrapped her arms around her daughter.  "For 20 years I've waited to tell you about who you are and how special you truly are."

"Mom?  Are you okay?"  Cassandra asked.  "You make it sound like-"

"Oh, but it is real.  You know it to be true.  You're special like that.  What Witches like I try so hard to understand and wield, you need only imagine and it shall be.  Where I need a coven, you can stand alone.  And when I am given but a single hour once a year, you are given the day all Hallow's Eve."

Cassandra wanted to reject what her mother was telling her, to tell herself it was just a joke or delusion or something else, but she could also feel... something deep down in a trusted, warm part of herself that her mother's words were true.

"So... I'm a Witch?"  She asked.

"Yes and no sweetie."  Her mother replied.  "First you must wait until your 20th Hallow for your powers to awaken.  After that, while you will also be a Witch in name, it is a poor measure to compare the flickering match or Our power to the brilliant bonfire of yours."

"Wow!  Really?  And I can do whatever I want?"  Cassandra asked, getting excited for her birthday for the first time in her life.

"Anything.  You will be a Goddess to Us sweetie.  There will be nothing I can forbid you from, no prize I could keep from you.  All that I have created, all that I owe, even my life itself you could claim if you want."

"Mom!  Don't say things like that."  Cassandra said sternly, tears forming in her eyes.  "I love you Mom, and need you.  I want you to reprimand my when I'm bad, praise me when I'm good and continue to be my mother."

"Thank you sweetie.  I love you too, with all of my heart.  Not because you were born on that fateful Halloween all those years ago, but because you were born."  Morgan said, squeezing her daughter once more before breaking her embrace.  "I will still have to step out Halloween night to help my coven with this year's ritual.  A Witch's power is to be used for her and her coven, not to be exploited by others so you don't need to feel any obligations to anyone else."

"Okay, thanks for the news Mom.  Now I can't wait for Halloween!"  Cassandra said, hopping around excitedly.

"Oh?  What did you have in mind?"  Morgan asked curiously.

Looking back with a toothy grin, Cassandra hopped back over to the mother and whispered in her ear.

On Halloween Cassandra spent most of her morning practicing with her magic powers in her room.  Levitating objects, animating toys, conjuring the elements and even bringing images to life off the page!  Though they remained two-dimensional and where only what the original showed, but still it was amazing.  She even figure out how to project her senses out of her body and wonder reality.  Her body was left unconscious during the experience, but she was able to travel to anywhere she imagined instantly and was invisible and intangible to other people, though she could interact with them if she wanted.

As a childish prank she followed one of her favorite actors around until he was changing and gave him a ghostly blow job!  Giggling after the deed, she returned to her body but just before entering it again she saw that someone came into her room and doodled all over her face with a permanent marker!  With her magic, it was easy enough to remove the ink, but Cassandra wanted revenge, and with her newly awoken abilities she could have it.

Concentrating for a moment, Cassandra transported her brother from his room to her hand, shrunken to only a few inches tall and without his clothes.  Grinning at the dumbstruck boy in her hand, she addressed him.

"Okay, little Willy, this isn't a dream nor are you high.  You really are in the palm of my hand.  Why?  Because I really did gain magical powers today, as a full-fledged Witch, and I really did shrink you down after I saw what you did to me."  She explained, closing her fist about his tiny body for effect before releasing him down unto her floor.  "Now, Mom told me that I'll likely only have these powers for the day, then I'll be a regular old normal person again until next year, sadly.  She also told me I could do anything I want to whatever, or more importantly whoever I want."  Her smile only widened as she watched the horror cross his face.  "I'm told changes will persist even after the day is done, so if I don't feel like changing you back, which by the way I don't, then I guess you'll be stuck like that for a whole year."

She couldn't help but laugh as William fell to his knees and started begging her to change him back.  "Oh, don't cry like a little baby, brother, I'll still give you a chance."  She sighed, sitting up and swinging her legs over the edge of her bed.  "I was planning on making everything in the house my plaything for the day, so here."  She said, snapping her fingers.  "Make it to the front door before midnight.  Touch it and you'll be back to you proper size.  You'll then have five seconds to leave or I'll shrink you again, only there will be no second chance.  Understood?"  She asked, looking down at him.

Without even answering her, William got up and ran towards her door.  Sadly, Cassandra's room was more than a little messy and William was having a difficult time traversing the landscape.

Seeing this, Cassandra smirked and waved her hands a bit, magically lifting all the clutter, and her brother as he clung to the closest object for dear life, and began organizing her room.  She almost immediately lost her concentration and burst out laughing when she saw the item her tiny brother just so happened to grab was a dirty thong she had worn a few days ago and forgot to toss in the laundry.  "What a little perv!"  She teased, raising the undergarment, and it's little passenger, up to the ceiling of her room.  "Clinging to your big sister's dirty undies!  I bet you secretly use me as fap material all the time, judging by the death grip you have on them right now."  She continued to organize and clean up her room as William struggled to pull himself up into his sister's thong.

While he didn't like the idea of climbing into his sister's underwear, it was better than risk falling.

"You like it in there?"  She asked as she finished moving everything else, bringing her brother down to face level.  "If you don't make it to the front door, you could very well be living in my panties forever."  She really liked seeing him beg and shaking in fear of her new power.  "You want down?  Well I don't remember saying I couldn't interfere with you on your way out, though I guess it wouldn't be fair it make out little game impossible.  More importantly it would be boring..."  She reasoned aloud, not really addressing him.  "Tell you what.  Lick that dirty spot in my panties and I'll let you down."  She said, not as a negotiation.

Shaking his head, William wanted very much to refuse his sister's demand.  He was still a man, even if he was only 16, and he had his pride.  No matter how scared he might be of his sister, he refused to yield.

"Whatever."  Cassandra shrugged, pointing her index finger at him.  With a twist of her finger and a flick or her wrist, Cassandra wrapped her brother up tight in her panties and tossed them into her laundry bin.  "Good luck little bro.  At least try to keep me entertained as you try to escape.  I decided to set some magical traps too, so yeah, there's that too."  She mentioned, snapping her fingers teleporting her current clothing off of her and replacing them with a sexy little black Witch dress with a orange and black spider themed corset and long spider laced gloves.  Appraising herself in her mirror, she materialized a Witch's hat that matched her corset out of thin air and set it on her head.  "Perfect, now to have some fun."

Leaving her room, it didn't take long for Cassandra to set her magical traps.  She even set a little time specific surprise for William before laying on the couch, snapping a bowl of popcorn into existence, and turning on the T.V. to watch a balled up thong wiggling and shaking under a pile of clothes.

It took almost a half hour, but William managed to pull himself out of his pantie prison and another half to climb out of the cylindrical, mesh hamper he found himself in.  Cassandra was pretty bored by this point though and decided a little mischief was in order.  Generating a trap right under him as he climbed under her door, she watched as he disappeared from the screen and felt something appear in her armpit.

"Oh, it looks like you hit the first trap, little Willy."  She mocked, pressing her arm into her side even harder to keep him in place.  "You're going to be stuck in there for an hour, but I'll let you out in half the time if you lick my pits!"  She added, laughing.

Cassandra felt her little brother wiggle and squirm, fighting with all his might just to escape her armpit.  It was a feeling like no other she'd ever felt before, to have such complete control over another person.  Just thinking about it, she felt a primal heat being stoked in her nethers.  Tentatively reaching under her dress, she felt that her panties were already being soaked through and even the lightest touch sent a shiver up her spine.  Still, the one thing she really wanted, compliance from William, never came and an all too short hour was about to pass.  "Mmmm, no... not yet."  She thought, reaching out towards the clock.  "Just 5... no, 10 more minutes."  She wished, feeling her powers latch on to something and pull it back.  To her surprise, Cassandra noticed the minute hand on the clock wind back 10 minutes.  "No way..."  She whispered, even if she now had powerful magic, the restriction that she only had it on Halloween made her think somethings were still impossible for her.

She almost completely forgot about tormenting her brother anymore, instead she waiting for the extra ten minutes to expire before William was transported back to just outside her door.  "OMG!  I actually did turn back time... not just the clock hand but actual Time!"  She praised herself, happy to find a new application of her powers.  "This, this is way too awesome.  I can't believe I only get to feel like this once a year."  She thought, wishing she could keep her powers indefinitely, or at the very least use them more often.  "Hmm, Mom had a book of spells and rituals, maybe there is something I could learn from that."  Looking at the clock, Cassandra figured by now her mother would be getting off work soon and decided to go ask her real quick, snapping her fingers and vanishing in an instant.

William wasted no time running for the front door.  Sure he only had to get to the end of the hall and down the stairs and he still had hours before the deadline his freaky sister set for him but he didn't know how long she'd delay him with any given trap or how many she set.  He ran for all he was worth while still trying to be wary of any traps he might stumble into.  Sadly for William, Cassandra set a number of traps that covered the width of the hall, one of which being the next one he encountered.  There was no obvious display that he tripped it either, but slowly he began to notice everything getting bigger and bigger the further he traveled.  He figured he'd continue to shrink until he reached the door, but in actuality he was shrinking proportionally to the percentage of distance left between him and the door.

The next trap William came across was another one that spanned the width of the hall, but it was very obvious.  An inch wide red line with text that read 'Tricked into a Treat'.  Getting a running start, William was able to jump over the line, only to vanish the moment his foot touch the other side.

"Thanks Mom, you're a lifesaver."  Cassandra said as she opened her mother's book of magic in the back seat of the car.  She was able to meet her mother just as she was getting into the car and asked to look at it as a reference.

"Not a problem sweetie."  Her mother replied, driving towards her coven meeting since Cassandra said she could just teleport back home.  "How has your day been?"

"Absolutely fantastic!"  Cassandra answered with a huge smile, looking up from her reading.  "I can do so much I can barely believe it!  Thank you so much for giving birth to me on Halloween Mom."

"I'm just happy that you're finally enjoying your birthday."  Morgan said.

"Oh, depending on how well he does, William might be my living toy for the next year."  Cassandra mentioned, flipping through the Tome.

"Oh my, what did he do this time?"  Morgan asked, though not concerned that her daughter was toying around with her son.

"Drew on my face while I was having an out-of-body experience."  She replied as a ball of translucent hard candy appeared before her with her aforementioned brother curled up inside of it.  "Hehe, looks like you fell for the candy trap.  Did you really think the line was the trigger?"  She taunted before opening her mouth wide and consuming the candy.

"You're not going to hurt him, are you?"  Again, Morgan just seemed more curious about how Cassandra was using her powers than concerned for William's safety.

"Dunno."  Cassandra replied, stuffing her brother into her cheeks so she talk more clearly.  "Likely not today, but if I do keep him for a year... well..."

"Well, just make sure whatever you do, you want to do it."

"I will, thanks Mom."  Cassandra said, closing the Tome and setting it on the passenger seat.  "Found what I was looking for, thanks."  She added, leaning forward and kissing her mother on the cheek.  "Wanna say anything to little Willy here?"  She asked, holding his little candy in her lips presenting him to her.

"Hmmm, nothing comes to mind."  Morgan said after a moment of thought.  "Just do as your sister says young man."

Grinning a wicked smile, Cassandra snapped her fingers and she and William disappeared.

"It's good that she's enjoying herself."  Morgan smiled to herself as she continued to her destination.

"Okay William, you're my delicious treat for the next 30 minutes, whether the candy shell lasts or not, so try to not end up in my stomach for too long.  Who knows what my stomach acids would do to you."  Cassandra cautioned as they appeared back in their living room before committing him to the darkness of her mouth again.  While tormenting him in her mouth, Cassandra cleared the dining room table and started drawing glyphs and sigils on it.  "And while you do that, I'll get to work on my little surprise."

Within 10 minutes, Cassandra's saliva was able to dissolve the flimsy candy shell encasing her brother enough for him to spill out onto her tongue.  Feeling his tiny body on her tongue, Cassandra smiled and shoved the remains of the sugary treat between her molars and easily crushed it.  "Better be careful Willy."  She teased, tossing him onto her teeth next.  "I don't think your weak, little, tasteless body would fare any better than any other snack I've eaten."  Cassandra then gently pinned her brother between her teeth, making sure to pressure him but not maim him.

Unfortunately for William, he didn't know that Cassandra didn't want him dead, at least no yet, and began to panic.  He frantically wiggled and squirmed in her mouth, pounding his fists against her molars as if to break them.  Roughly moving his limbs against the edges of her teeth, he cut his arms and legs but made no progress other than filling his sister's mouth with his blood.

Cassandra could feel William freak out in her mouth, but happily ignored it as she continued to draw magic symbols and write archaic script on the dining room table.  That is, until she tasted a coppery taste in her mouth.  Curious, all it took as slipping a finger into he cheek to discover it was blood, and since she wasn't feeling any pain she could only conclude it was William's.  "Damn it Will, I told you to be careful..."  She sighed, using her tongue to move his tiny body under it and holding him in place as she conjured a healing spell for his wounds.  "You're an annoying little shit, and I will make you my toy for the next year if you can't get out of the house in time... but I'm not going to hurt or kill you.  Dummy."  She confessed to herself, keeping her brother under her tongue until he was just about to return to his task.  "Well, I think I've sampled you enough Willy, but I need you out of my mouth before you try to dirty it."  She joked, lifting her tongue and jerking her head back sending William's tiny body towards her waiting gullet.

William didn't even have time to realize what was happening before he was sucked don't the tight, wet tube of flesh leading to Cassandra stomach.  He could feel his sister trace his progress with her fingers and easily figured out the only possible answer to what had happened, she swallowed him!  Futilely trying to climb his way back out, just as his foot was pushed into a slightly more spacious organ he vanished.

"Oh, try to not dirty the halls little snack!"  Cassandra called, feeling William exit her body.  With a smirk she continued her work.

William returned to where he was transported from, just on the other side of the red line he had jumped over, still covered in his sister's saliva.  Sore and exhausted, he collapsed to the floor, thankful just to be able to breathe fresh air again.  He had never felt so relieved before in all his life, crying tears of joy as he kissed the floor.  He never wanted to repeat that experience again, and knew that if he didn't get out of the house before the time limit he'd likely not survive the year to follow.  With renewed vigor, he picked himself up, swiped himself off as best as possible and continued his journey to the front door.

Thankfully for William, they had no pets he'd have to worry about and by pure luck he was able to avoid the rest of the traps Cassandra had laid in the hall.  However, by the time he reached the stairs, William was so small the each step was like a 3 or 4 stories tall!  Thankfully, he realized he could climb onto the handrail and use it to descend.  Sadly, Cassandra had the same idea and set a trap on the rail, one that teleported him to the second highest step.  Now, with no way to climb up the rail, William had to figure out another way down the stairs.  After a few more minutes of no progress, William decided his only option was to jump down each step and try to pull off one of those parkour landings he'd seen so many YouTube videos of.  It didn't look so hard, so he figured he had a better chance than not.

The first fall hurt a lot.  He didn't stick the landing, almost twisted his ankles and likely stressed the bones in his legs, but it was still better than whatever Cassandra might do to him so William pressed on.  His second and third falls where no better, but thankfully he had yet to break anything.  Still, he had 8 or 9 more steps to go before he was at the bottom and he wasn't sure his body could handle the continued abuse, however the next step had a stabilizing support to the handrail, so hopefully he could weather one more fall and there were no more traps.  This time he landed a bit better, but his legs were really sore which formed into a limp as he made his way over to the support strut.  Climbing with his legs hurting so much as difficult, but William managed and he thanked all his lucky stars that Cassandra didn't put another trap on the handrail as he slid to the bottom and started to climb down.

As William was about to reach the bottom of the rail, ground level and only a 'short' sprint to the door, William heard a deep, resounding bell ring six times, though their house didn't have a grandfather clock.  Even if they did, this bell sounded more like a clock tower bell, but it sounded like it was rung in the house.  After the 6th toll, William was about to continue climbing down when he realized something.  It was 6 o'clock Halloween night!  The time when, at least for their neighborhood, kids were all out and about in full costume going door to door asking for candy.  The time when teenagers went out for fun and mischief with their friends.  The time when all of Cassandra's friends would be the most busy, when she birthday officially took second fiddle to the holiday and Cassandra herself was the most moody and upset that her birthday fell on Halloween.  It was...

"The Bitching Hour!"  Cassandra exclaimed in utter joy, transporting William to her as she laid on top of the dining room table.

William had gotten a couple glimpses of the table when he was in her mouth and saw her marking it with weird letters and symbols, but none were currently visible.  However, that wasn't what was most important to William now.  No, what caught his attention was the fact that his sister was lying naked on top of the table, well except for her hat, gloves, boots and corset.  Dumbfounded, William froze at the sight, forgetting to even cover his eyes he just stared at her exposed breasts and glistening pussy.  She made no attempt to hide her nudity, in fact she had her legs spread wide open!

"Still haven't left the house yet I see.  Well either way I was going to bring you back for 'Bitching Hour' since you seem to enjoy it so much."  She said, suspending him in the air in front of her using magic to hold his hands and legs in place and making him unable to close his eyes for more than a second.  "You loved to tease me, laugh at my frustration and be a regular pain in my ass!"  She continued with a mounting fury.  "Well now I'm a true Witch and can do as I wish, and I was thinking as a Witch I should also be riding a broomstick, don't you agree?"  She asked, materializing a stereotypical witch's broom out of thin air.

William then felt some unseen force take hold of his head and force him to nod in agreement.

"Yeah, but I figure my first couple of times would be really painful, and you wouldn't want to see me in pain anymore, right?"

Again, the magic binding him forced him to nod.

"And being should a nice and considerate sister, I'm willing to let bygones be bygones and let you ride my broom with me.  Aren't you happy?"  She said, as William was brought to the end of the broom handled and stretched across it.

Once more, he was forced to nod.

"So, since I'm such a nice sister to share her broom stick with you, you don't want to see me hurt the first time I use it, and you want to make up for being a pain in my ass for all these years..."  She confirmed, bringing the broom handle, and by extension William, to point straight towards her asshole.  She paused for only a moment with a wicked smile on her face, reveling in the absolute control she had, bringing her brother closer to the brown eye set between her perfect ass cheeks.  "You get to 'protect' me, okay?"  She asked sweetly, dispelling the magic forcing him to nod in agreement.

Instantly William furiously shook his head.  He could already smell the intense odor of her ass assault his nostrils to say nothing else about all the other reasons he didn't want to be anywhere near his sister like this.

"Hmm... yeah, you're right."  Cassandra said, stopping William just shy of her wrinkly orifice.  "That is a little uncalled for I guess."

Surprised but thankful, William let out a sigh of relief.  He was saved!

"This however..."  Cassandra added, squeezing her muscles to force a blast of gas from her ass right in William's face.  Caught off guard, he ended up inhaling a lungful of the toxic air, forcing him to cough and retch his stomach.  "Be thankful I just don't like shoving shit in my ass, or else that's where you'd be right now!  However, I suppose I did say I'd let you ride my broomstick with me, so I guess I'll be nice."  She said, bringing the tip of the broom to her pussy and slowly shoving it and William inside.

While she was no stranger to pleasuring herself, feeling her brother struggle as she shoved him deeper and deeper into her sex was like nothing she had ever felt before.  The pleasure of both physically dominating her annoying little brother and filling her pussy brought her to new heights of arousal and she felt her love muscle clamp tightly down on William's tiny body.  "Oh, fuck!  Bad news little bro."  Cassandra said as she began pumping the broomstick in and out of her, fluids flowing like a river.  "This feels amazing!  I don't want to stop, ever!  I swear if you fail I'll use you every moment of every day.  Fuck, I'll never let you go again, you'll be nothing but a slave for your sister's pussy.  If you don't want that, you'd better try hard to escape."  She pronounced, grinding all of her most sensitive spots with her little toy, rapidly coming to climax and spraying all over the table.

For William, he was roughly slammed into the soft walls of his sister's honey pot over and over until it was flooded with her nectar, threatening to drown him before he felt her body go limp and her breath to come short and ragged.  The flesh around him still held claim to him, and when he felt her pull the broomstick out, he fell off and was left inside of her.

"Oops, looks like you fell off."  Cassandra said after inspecting the end of the broom to see no William present.  "Or could it be that you like it in your big sister's tight pussy and want to stay a bit longer?  I don't mind, I'll keep you in there until the 'Bitching Hour' passes, it'll made the next 3 hours feel fantastic."  She explained, patting her stomach with a satisfied smile on her face.  William was squirming around inside of her, which felt amazing.  "And it'll help pass the time until I perform my little ritual."  She thought, feeling the fires of her lust burning hotter with every tickling motion William made.  Biting her lip, Cassandra picked up her broom again and held it in front of the entrance to her pussy again, waiting until she felt William stick his little head out of her heated folds.  "Mmmm, time for round two!"  She exclaimed, thrusting her broomstick and brother back deep inside of her.

This cycle repeated again and again, Cassandra masturbating by slamming William into her deepest most depths until satisfaction, William struggling and crawling to exit her, Cassandra becoming aroused from the feeling of a tiny life form in her pussy and satisfying that desire once he almost made it out.  Battered, bruised and thoroughly exhausted, William was finally able to exit Cassandra's body after she had tired herself out from so many orgasms, his body being carried by her vaginal fluids that seeped out of her slumbering form and into the crack of her ass.  He was too tired to even move, glued against Cassandra's puckering rosebud for the last hour of her 'Bitching Hour'.

Again, an invisible bell tower bell sounded, this time 9 rings, to signify 9 o'clock.  The time when parents start bringing in their youngest kids as the sun sets, and when children appraise their earnings for the night.  It was when Cassandra felt people mostly stopped caring about 'Halloween' and used the night to have fun once again.  In fact, her own friends would likely come looking for her to hang out and celebrate, but more importantly for William it was the time he was transported back to the bottom of the stairs and away from his sister's ass.

Unfortunately, he was too tired to maintain his hold on the handrail strut and fell harshly on his butt, but since he was almost at the floor that wasn't a big deal.  No, what was truly unfortunate was that Cassandra had set a trap where he had landed, and in a flash of light William found himself back in amongst her dirty laundry in her room!

"Tsk, tsk, tsk!"  He heard her voice chastise.  "You think I'd let you take the easy route?  Using the handrail is cheating and just so you know, unlike all the other traps, this one resets.  Now then, I wonder if you'll be able to make it in time.  Or will I get a little toy to play with for a year?"  And with that the voice faded in laughter.

Depairing, William was about ready to just give up and resign himself to being at Cassandra's mercy for a year.  Maybe in that time she'll come to feel sorry for what she's done to him and change him back, no questioned asked.  Unlikely... no, if he wanted freedom, he was going to have to beat her little game.

Retracing his steps, William made great time it back to the stairs within an hour, progress being easier to make when he's not being whisked away to please Cassandra.  Still, even though he regained the height he had lost on the journey initially, he slowly shrunk again as he got closer to the door.  Without much time left, he threw caution to the wind and in his adrenaline fueled state managed to land more or less correctly as he jumped down each stair.  However, 3 away from the bottom Cassandra came to watch him make the final leg of his course.

"Way to go little bro."  She praised, sounding genuine as she crouched down at the bottom of the stairs, though she was still mostly naked.  "I actually thought you'd have given up by now.  You're tougher to break than I thought.  I just wanted you to know that I will keep my word.  Make it out of the house and your free of me and my magic.  That's not to say I wouldn't be able to bring you back at my whim, I just won't since you worked really hard.  But also remember, I will gain access back to my magic so if you don't want to go through all of this again try being a little nicer to your big sis."  She explained, giggling a bit at the end.  "That being said, there are a couple more traps between here and the door so be careful."  She finished, sitting on the bottom stair as she observed him.  "Unless you want to be owned by me, in which case I'll gladly take you."  She added smiling playfully.  "Who knows, you might even like it."

William wasn't sure how to feel.  Sure, she was his sister and deep down he loved her, but these new magic powers terrified him and everything she put him through today really pissed him off.  Sure, she made sure not to hurt him and she's likely been healing him just enough so he doesn't break anything without him knowing, but she also used him as a sex toy!  He knew she was beautiful and knocked out more than a few people that talked about her like she was just some sex object, but she was still his sister.  Still, hearing her explain herself and despite the general terror of the day, it could have been a lot worse... she could have been a lot worse if she wanted.  Shaking his head, William smiled back to her and continued on his way towards the front door.

"Okay, but be careful.  I said I'd keep my word so if you don't make it or stumble into a trap I'm not helping.  Understand?"

Pausing for only a moment, William nodded without looking to her.  He figured that was the case anyway.  He realized that as he got closer to the front door, the smaller he was getting.  by now, each step was felt like a 5 or 6 story drop, maybe further and he could get smaller still if the only requirement for him regrowing was 'touching the door'.  He still had an hour and a half or so left, but would he be able to cross the distance as the goal kept getting further away?  He have to think about that later and just kept moving forward.

Cassandra watched with great interest as her brother persevered.  She was more than a little worried about him falling such comparatively far distances and even though it was technically cheating, she reinforced his body so he wouldn't hurt himself.  After he made it down the final stair he began running for the front door, steadily shrinking as he went.  She secretly started rooting for him too, after seeing how hard he was trying and her heart skipped a beat everytime he almost stepped on a trap, but through pure dumb luck he was just barely avoiding them.  With a half hour to spare, all that was left was to cross the doormat and touch the door.

William figured at his current size it would take him 20ish minutes to cross the mat, the material being thick and roughly his size likely would slow him down, or he could go around the mat which would take closer to 30 minutes.  Deciding it would be too risky to go around, William climbed onto the door mat only to hear Cassandra take a sharp inhale.  Disappointed in himself, he didn't need to see her face to realize he had sprung her final trap.

Watching her brother vanish, Cassandra felt her heart sink a bit, but also a side of her was happy.  Now, William would just resign himself to being her plaything and she would take care for him from now on.  The only problem being...

"Uh, sorry Will, I think you know exactly where you are without me telling you."  Cassandra said, placing her hands on her lower abdomen, feeling the presence of William's life force appear inside her.  "But to be fair... I was a little ticked off at you when I made these traps."  She justified, but it was a hollow excuse that she figured he wouldn't accept.  Not many people would be so willing to forgive their sister teleporting them into her colon after all, some but not many.

And she was right.  William could immediately tell from the intense, gut wrenching stink and thick atmosphere where he was.  Unable to control himself, he puked upon entry of Cassandra's gas filled colon until there was nothing left to bring up.  He felt the flow of her blood through the soft walls of flesh as the pulsed around him, gently squeezing him like a shit scented hug.  Everything began to shake as he figured Cassandra got up and walked a short distance before the orientation of gravity slowly shifted.

Laying on her back with her ass facing the front door, Cassandra tightened her gut and squeezed out a tiny puff of gas.  "Will, it's up to you if you want to continue, but I'm at the front door if you think you can still make it.  There is no time limit on this one, so either you crawl out of my ass or wait until I pass you.  Either way I'm moving at midnight."

With the tiny sliver of hope left to him, William crawled in the direction her felt Cassandra's fart traveled.  The natural motions of the ring muscles around him helped push him along and with a couple minutes left to spare William pulled himself out of his sister's asshole and tumbled down to the door mat.

"Hurry up you little shit."  Cassandra teased, a playfulness in her voice as she got up and saw William trying to catch his breath.  "It felt good, so unless you want me to be dumping on you after this too you'd better hurry."

Without the time to waste on a reaction, William clambered over the last stretch of mat between him and the door.  It was coming right down to the wire and just hoped that his 5 second grace period extended past midnight if it needed to.

Cassandra watched both the clock and her brother as he scurried along, materializing her black dress back on.  She wanted him to win and she wanted him to lose so she stopped herself from tampering with the mat, even though she really wanted to either push it forward or pull it back.

Lunging the last step of the journey, William's fingers just barely touched the door as the Cassandra's spell notified that time was up.  In an instant William grew back up to full size, fully clothed and everything and for a second he was so happy to be big again he turned and hugged Cassandra in delight.

"Hurry!"  Cassandra chastised, taking in the bitter-sweet moment before pushing him away.

Wasting not another moment, William turned and grabbed the doorknob, throwing the door open as he took a step forward.  Unfortunately Cassandra's best friends, Isabelle, had come to cheer Cassandra up and apologize for missing her birthday.

Isabelle's parents were always busy on Halloween and it had recently fallen to her to take care of her younger siblings until they got back.  She always came over immediately after, but it took a couple hours to walk from her house to Cassandra's.  Had she been just a couple minutes later, everything would have worked out, but she had also grabbed the doorknob as she reached the door and was about to knock when William throw the door open.  Falling forward, Isabelle knocked William, who was already off balance, back flat on his ass.

Cassandra froze, watching in horror and glee, cursing herself and thanking Isabelle, as before her friend could pick herself up, William vanished from sight and reappeared in her hand.

"Hey you little br-!"  Isabelle started to say only to stop once she didn't see William anymore.  "Huh?  Where'd he go?"

"Belle, your timing couldn't have been both better or worse."  Cassandra said, walking over and helping her friend up, closing the door behind her.  "Sorry little bro.  Deal's a deal."  She added, looking at the tiny, exhausted William in her hand.

"Cass?  What's going on?"  Isabelle asked, surprised to see her best friend who hates Halloween dressed up as a witch and holding a doll of her brother.

"I'll explain everything in a moment, Belle."  Cassandra replied, holding out William to her as she walked over to the dining room table.  "But first I need to finish this ritual."

Taking what she thought was the William doll, Isabelle followed behind her friend as script and symbols appeared on the table.  William was too tired to move, and just let himself be held.  "Cass?"

"Don't worry.  I was just waiting for the magical energies of Halloween to be their strongest."  Cassandra explained with a smirk, snapping her fingers to activate the ritual.  In a flash of light, all the writing disappeared from the table and in it's place was a small pile of hexagonal shaped flawless purple gemstone, each about 1/4 of an inch wide and half of that thick.  "Perfect!  Okay, so now I guess I should start explaining."  She said, turning to her freaked out and confused friend.

After, Cassandra told and proved to Isabelle that she was a Witch, had magical powers only on Halloween and that she shrunk her brother as punishment for drawing on her face while she was 'sleeping'.  She explained that because Isabelle prevented him for leaving he was now her toy.

While freaked out, Isabelle trusted Cassandra and promised not to tell anyone else about her powers or what she had done to her brother.  She stayed over that night and together they played with William until they all fell asleep.

Because of the nature of the rituals her coven performs, Morgan wasn't back until the following evening after work.

"I'm home!"  She called, entering her house.

"Welcome back Mom!"  Cassandra greeted her, running down the stairs and hugging her.

"Thank you sweetie.  Where's your brother?"  She asked, putting her things away and going to the dining room table with the take-out she got on the way home.

"I tired him out earlier, so he's sleeping."  She replied with a giggle, pulling up her skirt enough to reveal the shrunken form of William pressed tightly into her crotch by her panties.

"I see, well I suppose that is only to be expected."  Morgan replied, setting the food out for the two of them to eat.  "Are you okay with this?"

"I don't know... I mean he really impressed my with how hard he tried to win, so I'm a little sad that he lost in the end but when he's squirming in my panties I feel so naughty and happy."

"I wasn't asking about your toy sweetie, but I'm glad that you're happy.  I meant the food."

"Oh.  Ah, yeah.  It looks delicious."  Cassandra replied, sitting down to eat, which had the added bonus of pressing her brother into her more.  "Mmm, he feels so good.  You want to try him sometime?"

"If you don't mind."  Morgan replied nodding her head.  "Such advanced magic is beyond what even a coven of Us can perform.  I'm happy you had a great birthday sweetie, I just wish I could let you use your power more often."

"It's no problem Mom, I've already taken care of it."  Cassandra replied with a playful smile.

"Wh-what do you mean?"  Morgan asked, slightly confused.  Cassandra loved that her mother was always composed and calm, almost nothing through her off her game.  But she also liked seeing this side of her mother too, those rare occasions when something managed to crack her composure.

"Just a second."  She answered, running up to her room and returning with a bag of purple gemstones.  "I haven't come up with a name for them yet, but I made these last night."

"Are these Amethysts?"  Morgan asked, reaching into the bag and pulling one of the stones out. "You know you could have made diamonds instead, right?"

"No Mom, they aren't a normal gemstone.  On the night of a full moon these stone can weaken that barrier between here and there, simulating the effects of a Hallow night."  She explained.  "And on Halloween itself, you'll be able to use your magic all day like me."

"What?!"  This new completely shattered Morgan's composure as her eyes widened and darted back between her daughter and the bag of gemstones.  "Such a thing is possible?"

"I figured I could after I looked through your Tome.  I don't know why, but I just kind of knew I could permanently weaken the barrier between here and there but I figured that the barrier exists for a reason so I shouldn't do anything too drastic.  So instead I made enough for us and everyone else in the family."

"Sweetie, this... this is..."  Morgan began, tripping over her words.  "This shouldn't be possible, and yet you have done it.  This is why you should be treated as a Goddess, not just as my daughter."

"Then as your Goddess I order you to treat me as you have been."  Cassandra ordered.  "I don't need worshippers of followers, but I do need my mother."

"And your brother is neither a worshipper or follower?"  Morgan asked in jest, composing herself back into 'Mom' mode.

"He's a toy."  Cassandra defended, reaching down and gently petting him.  "A very, very precious toy."

"As your mother I should tell you to change him back, you know that right?"

"True, but I don't think you have told me to yet."

Smiling, Morgan pulled out some of the plastic utensils and started eating her meal.  "I'll have a talk with him after we eat, understood?"

"Oh, and which 'mouth' will you use to talk to him with?"  Cassandra asked back, sticking out her tongue playfully.

"Cassandra!  Is that any sort of question to ask your mother?"  Morgan replied in mock astonishment, her cheeks getting a little flush at the thought.

Smiling, Cassandra reached over and hugged her mother.  "Thanks Mom.  For everything."

"You're welcome, sweetie."  Morgan replied, hugging her daughter back.  "I'm glad you had a happy birthday."

"It was a Happy Halloween."

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