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Author's Chapter Notes:
Just a brief intro to the story here. Don't worry the story will properly start in the next chapter.
*knock knock knock* out of nowhere, the door at the front of Joe's house thundered, much to the surprise of the fairly nerdy kid sat at his table. Swiftly, his slim figure rose from his seat. He was a bit skeptical opening his door as he didn't know who it was on the other side of the door at first, but his mild worries disappeared after peering through the tiny peephole. The front door swung open and Joe was greeted with the bright smile of his neighbour Galina.

Galina was 17 years old just like Joe, and had been Joe's neighbour since they were born. Over the years, they had become good friends even though they no longer went to the same school after their GCSE's. She moved to the all girls school's sixth form whereas Joe stayed at the school they were at in Secondary School.

Galina, despite having a Russian name, had English parents, and lived with her Mum, Stepdad and Stepsister. She was incredibly beautiful and was in perfect physical condition thanks to her huge interest in cycling and time spent in the gym. Her eyes made crystals look dull, and so did her superbly white teeth, however her favourite feature of her body was her ass. She would often work on her ass doing many squats at the gym which has lead to her ass taking the spotlight every day of the week.

Galina was also joined by her two friends, Lia and Peyton. Peyton was the unofficial leader of the group, probably because of how spoiled she can be at times, which made her get her away and ONLY her way most of the time. She had the brightest golden blonde hair that could light up any dark room. Just like Galina, her figure was stunning. What she lacked in an ass when compared with Galina, however her breasts were much larger yet still very firm in their place. For some reason, Peyton never properly engaged that too well with Joe, not that he had any idea why. Eventually, he just assumed that maybe this was one of those times where you just never click.

Lia on the other hand, was a completely different story. Joe and her always got on. Joe even found her quite attractive. The only problem he really had was that sometimes, she was just that little bit extra flirty and playful with him. As much as he would've wanted to like how she acted around him, there was something a bit off putting about it that he couldn't quite put his finger on. It was quite clear why Joe liked her though. Whenever she was around Joe, she did her best to show off her stand out features. Joe will never get the image of Lia in a bikini, with her breasts pressing to squeeze out of place, plus when her ass started absorbing her bikini bottoms into itself. She also had the face of an angel. An angel that had a clear frisky side when the night got late.

"Oh thank god you're in!" Galina cheered quietly sighing a sigh of relief.

"Of course I am. It's not like I've got a social life or anything" Joe joked smiling at his long lasting friend. Behind her, Peyton smirked to herself at how true she thought it was.

"Oh ssh you're lovely" Galina relied. "Please tell me you still have our spare key?"

"Of course I do! Your stepsister lock you out again?"

"No but she's fucked off to her friends house and didn't give me the house key - again."

Joe took a step back from the door, riffled through the door in the hallway, before emerging with a silver house key.

"Oh my god you're a life saver!" Galina said gleefully taking the key from Joe and lent in for a hug.

Joe never really knew what to do at those situations whether to hug back or just let the moment pass. This time he did nothing and waiting for Galina to retract herself from him.

"Right come on girls, let's leave this party animal alone" Galina stated giving Joe one final smile before turning and leaving. Peyton wasn't too reluctant to stay very long, but Lia made sure Joe was looking at her before winking seductively at him before slowly strolling off to the house next door. Joe chose to ignore it not wanting to be sucked into her web and shut the door.

About half an hour later, he'd finished his homework and was relaxing on his sofa watching some to as he began his relaxation before his mum came home from work. It was just him and his mum at home so Joe had a lot of the time to himself. Some days he can feel a bit lonely, which is another reason why he enjoyed the company from Galina. Just as he sat back in his chair, another knock at his door was heard. "They can't have locked themselves out twice in one day" Joe thought laughing to himself. He wouldn't even be able to help this time as they didn't give the key back to him. This time though, it wasn't the girls at the front door.

It was someone else.

Standing directly in front of Joe was probably one of the most beautiful girls he'd ever seen in his life. She was small and petite but Joe's jaw automatically dropped at the moment he saw her face, which was without a simple dimple. Her eyes, bright blue like the ocean, and just as deep. Her strawberry blonde hair fell just past her shoulders, and her figure was just as stunning as the other girls. Joe had never seen this girl so he wandered what she might be doing st his house.

"Can I help you?" Joe asked finally escaping his trance.

"Um.... Is this Galina's house" she asked. Her voice was soft and so smooth. Something that Joe could listen to for hours on end.

"Oh no, she lives next door to me"

"Really? I tried there and nobody answered"

"That's really weird cause they're definitely in. I should know I gave them her spare key."

"Oh ok. Do you think you could message them saying I'm out here cause I didn't bring a coat and it's quite cold?"

Not wanting to be rude Joe insisted that she came inside so she didn't catch hyperthermia or something.

"Thank you so much! My name's Anna by the way" she smiled showing her glistening white teeth.

Joe gave all three phones a call, but none of them answered. Eventually he gave up and sent Galina a message saying that Anna was with him. Joe assumed that they must've been down in Galina's basement which had been converted into her own party room. Down there, it was often hard to get a connection or there was a chance that they'd all left their phones upstairs so that they wouldn't be disturbed. This meant that Anna would be staying for just a bit so Joe decided to get to know this new girl.

Turns out Anna was new to Galina's school after joining a week before. She met the other girls after sitting next to Lia in her maths class. The more she spoke, the more Joe was now falling in love with Anna. He'd never felt any feelings like it before now. They seemed to be getting on well with each other. He made her a hot chocolate so she could warm up a bit. She seemed like such a wonderful person, which made him quite upset when Lia turned up st his door coming to collect her.

Before leaving, Anna turned back towards Joe, hugged him pressing her soft breasts right into Joe's chest. They felt so soft, almost sending Joe into a deep sleep just by touching him. Stepping away from the front porch she simply stated "text me later ok" before disappearing out of Joe's sight.

"Wow" was all that Joe could muster at that time. His thoughts were off the scale at this point. It seemed like she quite liked him, not quite as much as he liked her though but that was obviously. Despite that, Joe was feeling very positive about himself, sensing that Anna could be the one for him.
Chapter End Notes:
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