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In the warm orange light of the setting sun Alana strolled peacefully through the bustling campgrounds, the rows of pointed tents slowly filling with her comrades returning from a raid. The woman's muscles twinged in her legs, and the leather of her sandals chaffed between her toes, but she was not ready to rest just yet, she had some money, and was looking to buy herself a much deserved present.

Alana was quite a large woman, in a very literal sense, being a giant. She was a member of the so called 'battle-sisters', a clan of female giants that were as respected as any other, which meant even among other giants she was quite large. She possessed thick arms, full legs and defined abdominal muscles, just hinting at a six pack. Despite her musculature, she did retain a sense of softness when her muscles were not engaged, with pliable resting skin and a small hint of fat. She also retained her sense of femininity through her sizeable bust and wide hips, both covered in revealing 'armour', which was somewhat more like a bikini, with a top and bottom piece; an armband and anklet also added for appearances. In contrast to her thick yet alluring body was her face, the picture of kindness; her shoulder-length dark hair, blue-eyes and soft, round features carried a sense of almost motherly approachability; especially with the inviting smiles she liked to wear. 

Alana bore the weight of her weapon on her back, a great iron battle axe with a length of 120 feet, as tall as the warrior herself. On her belt was strapped a jingling pouch of treasure, hoarded throughout her raiding sessions, and finally she had enough to indulge in one of her favourite activities.

"Hello young mistress." Alana said jovially, patting the fluffy hair of her young friend Lena. 

The short child, being a paltry 60 feet, enjoyed her patting, and let out a happy childlike purr. "Alana! Do you want to come in?"

"You know I do sweetie." she said with a smile, the girl spreading the flaps of the especially sizeable tent.

The warrior stepped in, the somewhat spacious tent needing a stake, carved from an entire mighty northern tree, to hold up the centre. The sense of size was diminished however, as the ground was cluttered with boxes, cages, pens and pots, and filled with a clattering sound of braying and squeaking. Alana always took her visits slow, it was permissible to peruse at a leisurely pace after all. The giant smiled at the pens of tiny cows, pigs and goats; an ever popular sale from this menagerie, due to the ease in attaining them and multitude of uses: from pet to snack. Moving on, the wide cage of tiny white chickens were quite adorable, the tiny clucking things were sold by the jarful. On the opposite side to the barnyard creatures were the less domesticated ones: wolves, bears, deer, all kept separate for obvious reasons. These animals were used mostly as pets or deterrents for humans, even a large bear could do little against a giant. 

After her slow perusing of the 'zoo', Alana moved to the furthest side of the tent, home to the sentient creatures. Humans, elves, dwarves, all kept in tight cages along the wall. The woman even noticed a pot adjacent, and with a quick hand managed to snare a mermaid, the slimy woman squirming in her grip; Alana set the cutie back however, she was a little out of her price range. These captured creatures were classed as slaves, and indeed Lena would usually sell these beasties whenever a human caravan of questionable morals came past, but there was no harm in opening their sale up to her giant colleagues. The tiny things scurried away at the giantess' approach, deep into their shadowed prisons. Alana simply returned a smile, it was understandable why they did this, and no doubt they heard her purse jingling with treasure. 

Sometimes Alana thought it was too easy, the money that is. It was not exactly a fair fight when a band of giants with hundred foot long axes and swords stomped a village; but it was a living. Despite her recent occupation, Alana considered herself as something of a 'do-gooder'; raider was not her first career choice after all. In fact, in her younger years she worked as a mercenary, the statuesque woman offering her services to the smaller races in return for whatever they could muster; many a dragon and witch fell to her axe. However it was quite unsustainable work, frequently entire fields of crop could disappear down her gullet in one night, and even less could be said of the monetary compensation: it was basically charity. Even when she was hired by a human kingdom they struggled to support her, and her presence perturbed soldiers on both sides. Reluctantly Alana turned to a life of less than moral deeds, falling in with a band that raided around the edges of the giants' homeland. Still, she couldn't deny that the band felt like something of a family, and the work did pay exceptionally well.

During the years of helping the tiny races, Alana had developed what one might call 'a soft spot' for them, humans in particular. Even when their houses crumbled beneath her sandals she liked to ensure as few as possible were injured, and in times when her friends weren't looking she wouldn't hesitate to carry them out of the danger zone. It was true, Alana simply loved the 'runts', as her friends called them; it was something about their endearing size and likeness to giants that she loved. That was why she smiled placidly into the cage that held the human women. Alana had a weakness for human women, especially younger ones: they were simply the most adorable little creatures! Simply looking into the cage she was overcome with a desire to feel their supple bodies, with firm behinds and squishy chests, between her meaty fingertips. "Lena!" she called, the human women flinching at her sudden yell.

"Human women again ma'am?" the young girl said, entering. As usual she was by the human female cage, her favourites. Lena had no clue what she did with them, she just knew the next morning they were gone, and when asked she would simply say 'when you're older sweetie.'

Alana stood to her full height after crouching to peer in, placing her hands on her hips. "Yep, I'd like to buy two, thank you darling." she smiled.

"Which two would you like?"

Holding her lips in the cross of her fingers, she hummed. "I think I'll take that cute blonde and the feisty redhead." she said with a point, the two singled out girls' stomachs dropping.

It seemed the day had finally come for them to be bought, and the fact that it seemed this wasn't her first foray into purchasing them put them at unease.

Lena unlatched the cage, and even with her sensitive youthful hands she could easily snare the puny animals, scrambling at the very back of the cage. The terrified women were too scared to move in the youthful grip, and simple allowed themselves to dropped into the wide hands of the muscular giant. 

"Hello girls." she said in a sickly sweet tone, smiling down at their bodies covered in tattered rags. The mousy things cowered, a sense of dreadful fear welling up inside them.

"Is that all for today?" Lena asked.

"Yep!" she said, slipping her recent purchases into her leather pouch and unfastening her coin purse, walking over to the scales to weight the hoard of scavenged goods.


The tired giantess cast her weighty axe to the floor with a horrible clatter, bending down and unfastening the leather straps of her constricting sandals. She place her coin purse and leather pouch to the side, and undid the knob that fastened the small container shut. Like frightened rodents they shivered at the bottom, terrified by the presence of their new owner's face, perusing them inside their unsafe haven. With a smile Alana plucked them out, placing them on the wide, fuzzy rug at the base of her tent. The rug was constructed from the hides of an entire mammoth family, the elephantine creatures being the most economical to use as bedding material. They marvelled at the colossal room, filled with all the typical things one would expect of a warrior's yurt: side tables, animal pelts, weapons, sconces, only scaled to gigantic proportions. The far wall had a wide entry point, seemingly providing an entrance to her private bedroom. On the brown fur the girls stared in fear at her, Alana seemingly unfazed by their terror, seemingly uncomfortably familiar with it. The giantess lay on her stomach, her thick arms moving to box-in her two pets with her face hanging above the arena like a floating observer. "Hello, girls." she said again, her voice booming and deep to their ears. The two 'runts' remained silent, staring with wide eyes up. Alana just giggled, "You two have names, don't you?" she asked, allowing her head to rest in one of her hands.

Unsure, the redhead stepped up first. "I... I'm Sonia." she said cautiously, her voice weak but still audible.

"And I'm N-Nina." the second one said.

Alana smiled, bringing a broad fingertip to pat both of them gently on their heads. "What lovely names for lovely girls. I'm Alana." she said. Nina and Sonia were unsure of their future, they couldn't imagine that giants were too friendly, especially after their village was razed and them taken as prisoners, also that apparently this transaction was a common occurrence... "Are you two hungry?" she asked, not expecting an answer. She rose to her full imposing height, the human women barely coming up past her ankles. "I can trust you to not run off, right?" she asked, the two girls responding in a frightened nod. Alana left through the flap of her tent, her bare feet collecting the dirt of the ground.

The hungry giant navigated through the encampment, only a few tents down, to a large bonfire fuelled by several entire downed trees. A collection of her 'battle-sisters' were gathered around the fire, chatting and warming their aching legs in the encroaching darkness of night. "Alana! Come take a break with us, we've saved you a bite." her friend Alexa said, removing a sharpened log from the fire, an entire cow, crisped from the fire, impaled on it. 

"No can do, sorry. I have two little cuties waiting for me in my tent." she said with a slight laugh and wide smile. "But I will take this." she announced, taking the wooden stake from the fire.

"Oooh. Fair enough, have fun." Alexa teased with a wave as she kicked back; typical Alana, with her unconventional tastes. 

Alana strolled back with the bovine in hand, wiping her feet before entering her tent. Happily the two had stayed put, still sitting on the thick hide of the mammoth wool, and to her welcome surprise, and much adoration, they seemed to be holding each other; so they were close, she thought. She took a seat, cross-legged, and pinched a small piece of the cow's crispy meat, placing it down for them. The two girls were slightly perturbed by the sight of an entire cow spit-roasted, but they weren't fed much more than bread in the cage, and a hardy meal of meat was alluring. Crudely they began eating, needing to tear chunks of meat off and eat with their hands; luckily it was quite tender. Alana smiled and began to have her own feast of beef, easily crunching it's weak bones between her powerful jaws. Nina and Sonia tried not to focus on the less than pleasant sight, off-putting and more than a little intimidating. "You really don't need to be scared, girls. I'm not going to kill you or anything." she said over a full mouth; so these were the fabled giant table-manners.

The two women looked up from over their steak, wondering what this monster had in store for them. Perhaps she was trying to lull them into a false sense of security, or maybe she was looking for a quick snack of them.

They finished their meal in silence, Alana discarding her skewer with little ceremony and a small belch. It was officially evening, and the sun was down, the tent lit only by the peeking light beneath the entry flap. She lit several lights around the room, the flickering dim flames in the cosy, animal pelt covered interior creating an interesting atmosphere. Alana wanted to accelerate things a little further, and get the night started proper. "Lena is a good girl, but she always forgets to give you things a proper cleaning. When was the last time you had a nice bath?" she asked innocently, standing at her maximum imposing height; anklet lazily drooping on her bare foot.

For the second time they were being asked a question, and timidly Sonia stepped forward, "A f-few weeks..."

Alana frowned, heading into the back room of her tent. After a few seconds of rummaging, she returned, large wooden bucket in hand. The giantess dropped the timber vessel on the ground, steam rising from the warm water she had boiled earlier. She smiled from behind the portable bath, inviting the girls to approach. Realising they weren't going to step instantly step up, Alana swooped in and gingerly grasped Nina, struggling a little in her palm. "It's okay, it's okay. We're just having a bath. Here, let me get this off..." she said, pinching at the humble rags and lifting them over her head. Alana perused her now naked body lovingly, her pale, soft skin and delightful little limbs; she lost herself in infatuation. "Oh, sorry..." she blushed, slowly lowering her into the warm, soapy water, just buoyant enough to keep her afloat. Sonia followed suit, being groped as her clothes were removed by the thick fingers, and lowered into the water with her friend. Alana watched on as her pets were awkwardly suspended in the suds, grinning at their almost cherubic appearance. "Get cleaned up please, but do enjoy it." she said, hoping to place her pets in high spirits before putting them through anything too strenuous. 

Alana gazed on at the women beginning to slowly clean themselves, scrubbing the dirt from their body. It was somewhat disconcerting to have a gigantic voyeur watching them, but the warm water was relieving, and quickly they came to enjoy it, the tiny smiles on their relaxed faces made Alana happy. Carefully, she dipped a rag into the bucket, avoiding the bathers, and began to scrub her own body, cleansing the dried sweat from her arduous day. She began on her aching shoulders and arms, the suds running down the ridges of her body and falling onto the mammoth skin rug. Sneakily she washed beneath her chest coverings, not wanting to expose the girls to the full extent of her nudity just yet. 

The warmth was heavenly, and Alana was definitely grateful she had time to relax with her full belly, especially on what was shaping up to be a chilly night. When the giant was mostly wet, and sly game popped into her head, and she slunk over to the bucket. "Do you two mind giving me a hand?" she asked, seeing that the girls were mostly cleaned and now relaxing. She removed the soaking women, their doll-sized bodies dripping with foam and water; lustrous hair thick and matted. Sitting up and straightening her legs, she placed one on either thigh, tearing a small corner of the damp rag and handing a piece to both. They stood on the solid thighs, drips of water had run on the surface from her upper body, but they were thoroughly washed. Her words 'give me a hand' seemed to be obvious, but it was slightly odd. Her happy face gazed at her little cleaners, and nodded to encourage them to begin their work. Slowly lowering to be on all fours, they began to work, swirling the moist cloth around her meaty thighs, wiping away as much sweat and other dirt as possible. Was this going to be their lives from now on?

The living platform sighed, her cute little girls hard at work cleaning her. She still wiped at her upper body, and assisted them partially, scrubbing the large surface area of her skin that they would struggle to do by themselves. Sonia and Nina continued on their paths, skipping over the already slippery parts Alana had done before them. Eventually their symmetric journeys ended up at the feet of the giantess, Sonia stepping over her leather anklet. Her towering peds stood imposingly over them, even as they stood at her ankles, on her wide calves. "Get between my toes, please. I've been marching all day." she teased, resting her head on her hands and sighing contentedly. She had cleaned most of herself now, and was relishing in the girls pampering her. She giggled as she felt the slick rags slip between her digits, draining away the dirt and soothing some of the wear from the day. Sonia and Nina by no means relished this, and it was to some degree humiliating, but they continued anyway, just trying to be sure that they wouldn't be knocked over by a stray wiggle from the powerful extremities.

Feeling cheeky, Alana slipped her fingers around the midsection of Sonia, gripping her like a doll. Carefully she dunked her in the water, renewing the sheen of water and suds on the gasping girl. She sat up, Nina still quivering at her ankles as she polished her toes, and brought the moist girl down to the soles of her feet, pushing her harshly, but not overly, into the bottom of her foot. She was treated like a rag, her glistening skin dissolving the dirt of her brief walk and smoothing her soles. The sheen of filth was transferred onto the human woman, and the white suds turned brown as she was forced into the wrinkled instep. Alana wasn't content with one clean foot, and repeated the process with her second. "I just thought I'd hurrying things up a little." she laughed, dipping the filthy human back into the bucket to clean herself once more. Not wanting to play favourites, Alana took the other girl, wetting her in the bucket and lifting her to the pit of her opposite arm. Nina was pressed into her smooth, clean shaven armpit, slightly sticky from a day of raiding. The crook of her arm was quickly cleansed by her living rag, and with a brief brush in her opposite uncleaned nook, Alana was finally totally refreshed.

The giantess kindly cleaned Nina as well as her friend, and lifted the pair from the steamy broth, dropping them to the mammoth skin ground. The pair held their bodies awkwardly, shamefully... and perhaps a little painfully. "Awww, did I hurt you? I'm sorry." she cooed, although she was being earnest. "I don't want my little kittens to be hurt." she patted their silky hair with her finger, hoping her apology was accepted. "Now that we're clean... maybe it's time for a little fun." she said, her voice was changed, deeper, more seductive. She winked, and backed up into her room. 

Sonia and Nina stared into the shadowed room, transfixed on the dark pit; whatever she had been planning was soon to come to head, and the blonde instinctively gripped onto her friend for comfort. Like a monster, Alana slunk from her cave, on all fours and completely nude. Her pale womanly breasts hung low due to their weight, and her shapely behind was high in the air, in conjunction with an arched back. A slow, methodical purr resounded from her lips, pinned with her teeth, the ends curled in a sly grin. Sensually, the alluring giant tigress circled her 'prey'. The flickering flames painted her face in dancing light, and her eyes glinted in a desperate hunger. The two girls simply cowered, their eyes locked to her face in fear. Finally, after several taunting rotations she stopped, dropping her incalculable mass onto her forearms, a lion-like domineering pose. "Oh my my my... two little humans, in the domain of a dreadful giant..." she spoke, her deep breathy voice ripe with condescension; a cat playing with her food. "Did your parents never warn you to stay away, lest you end up... eaten?"

Sonia and Nina were in complete shrunken fear, withdrawing from the predatory words of their owner. Was this even the same person? She seemed to completely change in a few minutes. 

Smugly recognising their fear, Alana flashed her talons, her fingers wrapping around Sonia's midsection without protest from even her human friend. She smiled, flashing her ivory teeth. "What a pretty little thing you are." she purred, using the thumb of the hand she gripped her with to push into her yielding freckle dusted breast. 

"Hn... n-no..." the redhead squeaked as she vainly fought at her intimate invasion, her pathetic dainty hands absolutely inadequate compared to even her thumbs.

"Awww..." was all she said, Sonia's tiny protests barely registering. "Maybe I SHOULD eat you." she teased, her slimy wet tongue unsheathing from her lips, and dabbing at her tiny feet and wriggling up her calves. "Mmmm." she purred at her taste.

Sonia recoiled at the moist tickling, her laboured breathing struggling as she was still groped at by a thick thumb. It seemed their initial fears were justified, they were going to end up devoured.

Although she did enjoy her taste, Alana meant nothing by this, it was only a bit of fun to get her in the mood. She enjoyed taking on the role of a huntress, a game of 'cat and mouse'. Alana dropped her toy, landing softly on the wool of the carpet, by the mountain range of her lazily reclining body. Before she could skitter away a giant left hand, still by the equally colossal chest, peeked out and pinned her beneath a finger. With her right hand Alana now picked up the untoyed with woman, holding her similarly to the other one, "You look quite tasty as well." she said, the timid woman breathing shallowly. The giant tigress continued her groping with her new doll, smooth skin and slightly smaller chest felt in her hands. She turned her around deftly, her friend still pinned beneath a single finger. Now with her minute rear facing the giantess, her plump cheeks were pinched gently, causing an involuntary mew from the woman. "Mhmm, how cute." the giantess taunted, bringing the soft body up to her nose and inhaling deeply, "Oh, and what a delicious smell." again she ran her tongue along this one like a piece of candy, delighting in her soapy flavour. The alien muscle left a viscous trail of saliva along the tiny woman's back, causing her to shiver from the still warm exudation. 

With her hunger for frightened human women sated, she could partially drop her charade, and sat up, placing the two invaded women together. In her same predatory cadence she spoke, "It seems your beauty has been your saving grace, to eat you would be such a waste of two little cuties." Alana loved how they huddled together, seeming even smaller. "How about you come here and help me out?" she said, laying down on the rug and plucking them both up in one meaty hand, dropping them on her toned yet very slightly yielding abdominal muscles. They looked around the wide surface of her stomach, her face off in the distance like a sun setting between the twin peaks of her bosom. At the apex of the peaks stood two pointy nipples; their eyes drawn to the points of interest. Alana noticed their staring, and gave them an enticing wink, beckoning them to their lewd doom. Nervously they approached, Alana fighting off shivers at the feeling of their tiny little feet marching along her skin. The pair's journey ended between the gap of their platform's prodigious breasts, the meaty bags resting on her toned body. The colossal mounds of flesh seemed like hills, taller than them and curving away above their head; they must have weighed tons and tons. 

The two women stared in complete awe at the gigantic mounds of supple meat, terrified to begin their task, which they sensed intuitively. "I-I'll get the right one..." Sonia instructed to her friend with a whisper, feeling slightly awkward. 

"Good girl." Alana smiled, over-hearing the embarrassed girls. Sonia clambered up her squishy breast, using handfuls of flesh to propel herself skyward. It took some effort, but she managed to gain enough height to grab onto the dinner-plate sized nipple, and use it to gain better purchase. Cringing, she took the corner of the nipple in her mouth and nibbled it, hoping that it was enough for the giant. The erect surface was still yielding, if not leathery, to her weak jaws and tongue. She had no doubt that even if she bit her hardest it would not have even punctured skin. "Umf." the giantess reverberated, telling Sonia she was doing a good job. She shoot a look at the pet still stuck in her cleavage, demanding her to begin nibbling. Nina, compelled by the judging gaze, followed her friend and clambered atop the opposite breast. The blonde looked over at her compatriot diligently biting the gigantic dimpled thing the size of a large rock and began to imitate her, gently. 

Alana was in love, such good little girls, working so hard to please her. The thought alone made her squirm, reaching her hand down below to stimulate herself, sending minute waves along her hard body, not even enough to disturb the girls. The giantess' face was warmed to an infatuated red, looking with adoration at the objects of her desire. They also looked at her, more in fear than love, as they refused to falter in their work. Her husky muffled moans were beginning to escape her mouth, her increasing breathing shaking her chest, along with the humans on it. She held a wide grin, exposing her powerful teeth inadvertently, watching as the two tiny cuties were bucked up on down by the waxing and waning of her chest, their tiny bodies landing back with gentle slaps. They held back cries as they struggled to stay latched to her teats; the softness of her mammaries being a small consolation. 

Alana couldn't take it anymore, and plucked the blonde one from her suckling. She relished feeling her feminine body in her great hand, all her curves and erogenous zone felt. "You look quite tasty... do you mind?" she asked rhetorically, bringing the girl over to her horizontal face and prodding at her tiny human nether regions. Nina gasped at the tickling, it was not expected at all, but shamefully it was quite pleasant. With her other hand, slightly moist of juice from it's lewd massaging, Alana took Sonia from her breast and placed her between her thick thighs, at the mouth of her womanhood. "Kiss it please deary, they're lips after all." she cooed sweetly with a chuckle, reengaging her tongue to the tiny sex when finished speaking.

Sonia cautiously approached her womanhood, moist and imposing; like the maw of some eldritch cave. When at the precipice, the heat radiating from the swollen genitals kissing her body, she held her breath and gave the meaty lips a few pecks, the scent and taste burning her nose and tongue. Her small signs of affection barely tickled the living landscape, painfully inadequate; but that was the appeal. 

Alana began to intensify with her licking, slowly forcing the tip of her tongue between the minute labia of the darling maiden. The tiny girl eeped and squeaked at the alien muscles, infinitely strong, pleasuring her. It was invasive, but exciting, and painfully lewd. The toned giant was beginning to fall into somewhat of a frenzy: the adorable little squeaks, the taste of her tiny love, the feeling of her pet painfully teasing at her lips, all combining in her mind, along with the sheer erotic pleasure of having two dainty human creatures with her, to be magnificent. 

"Hn~" she said with an awkward breath, blasting moisture onto her 'lollipop' from her gaping maw. She couldn't have her adorable thing deafened from her ear-shattering moans, could she? She'd need to 'plug the hole'. Slowly she lowered the girl in, her plump rear and womanhood slipping past the giant lips, her legs pushed up to rest on the buxom things. 

"Ah~" Nina crooned, her entire lower half being sucked on, the tongue still forcing itself against her lewd regions. "Y-you're stirring up my insides!" she cried, the tongue moving like a tornado within. Alana struggled to laugh with her full mouth, a humid torrent of a giggle being blown from her nostrils, again onto the blonde. The lewd giant gripped the Sonia's calves, finally having enough of her teasing, and plunged her, head first, into her womanhood. The feisty redhead held her breath as her world was darkened, instead her other senses picking up the slack: her burning nose, engulfed skin, the sound of a giant, beating heart. Alana moved her slowly at first, using her as if a sex-toy along her smooth canal, elastic muscles gripping onto her feminine form. This sensation only threw her deeper into lust; one of those lovely little things was INSIDE her. She sucked harder on the rear of Nina, and accelerated her thrusting until it was as fast as she thought Sonia's tiny body could handle. The girl between her (oral) lips began to twitch as she reached orgasm, letting out the most precious little cries to Alana's ears. 

The giant recognised the taste of lewd nectar on her tongue, and withdrew her. "All~ empty? I think it's time for a change over." she said, managing to contain her own moaning. She pulled the sopping wet woman from between her lips, moving her along her body in a motion simultaneous to placing the other down. Sonia was completely drenched, not a single square inch of her body safe from the juice. She was hot and tired, but still alive; and perhaps the exhilarating experience had piqued her adrenal glands. Giggling, the giant licked off most of the sex from her body, and as she did so around her midsection, brushed her tongue at her genitals, triggering a squeak. Alana slowly directed the slightly terrified Nina inside her, still licking away the remnants from Sonia. She allowed the blonde to acclimatise to the bizarre environment, slowly thrusting her back and forth. With the girl now cleaned, Alana slipped her past her lips, appreciating her subtly different flavour. She had simply exchanged the pair of lips they were between, and after a brief period of warming them up, she comfortably reached the pace they were at prior, and continued at the full extent of pleasure her darling humans could provide her with. 

Sonia was hot and bothered after being plunged into the deep womanhood of this giant, and she had to admit this new invasive sensation was somewhat of a welcome change. The meaty fingers still gripped at her torso, the sizeable thumb lovingly prodding at her sweet chest, it was... incredible. Sonia had always admired both men and women, and this erotic magnetism felt like something of... desire, for the giant. A smile curled at the corners of Alana's lips, noticing down her nose that her human was well entertained, which made the whole thing better. Alana tasted her like fine wine, allowing the flavour to roll over her tongue, savouring it; this was incredible!

A permeating warmth emanated from below Alana's stomach, spreading upwards happily, into her filled belly. She was getting close to finish, and she had the perfect lewd idea to get both her and the pent-up ginger to satisfaction. Withdrawing her tongue, Sonia looked at her saddened, with wide eyes, begging almost; the giantess giggled, lifting her from her mouth and moving her down to the hemisphere of her body, where her friend was 'happily' being sent deep inside her. Her expanded clitoris stood below her slightly hairy pubic mound, throbbing lustfully. With sheer joy Alana 'slipped her on', and a moan emanated from both women. 

It was too much for the giantess, two girls so intimately touching he nether regions, so perfect, small and smooth in her colossal hands.  She looked down, her flaming cheeks puffed up as she moaned, swallowing excess saliva produced in her mouth. "Hn~ hn~ eh... eh~" she moaned, trying to gyrate the doll-like woman sitting on her clitoris like a spoon stirring a bowl. The roughly handled girl was also moaning, only much more faintly. She fit on the node so well, it was so incredibly intimate and lewd she felt she might pass out, especially with being used like a joystick by the overpowering groping hands, her giant middle finger squeezing her tiny bust together as she did so. Alana began to wiggle her hips happily, every part of her womanhood being stimulated; it was... perfect. The quaking, gyrating movements made the two girls dizzy, but it also intensified their experience, building up, becoming greater and greater until... in unison, Sonia and her owner reached climax. A deep, throaty moan resounded from Alana's lips, the tiny girls whimpered at the overpowering giant orgasm, the nectar oozing out and the moan bouncing around their head.

Alexa looked up, the moans of passion audible even from the fire she still warmed her feet at. "That would Alana and her 'little cuties'." she giggled to a friend. 

Alana pulled the girl away and placed them on the rug, where they collapsed, panting. The giantess rolled over and smiled at her used up toys on the floor, their adorable supple bodies glistening with sweat and juices. "You two are just the best." she said, dropping her dominating persona. She leaned in and gave each woman a peck on their stomach, trying to comfort them in this time of need. "Sorry I was teasing so badly when I first came out, it's just a bit of fun I like to have." she cooed, bringing in a finger to caress the little mass of limbs. "And sorry if I was too rough... I'm a bit of an oaf." she giggled, "But I hope you enjoyed it."

After a small period of recuperation Alana lovingly cleaned her new friends, allowing them to soak in the still warm bath, polishing them with the fibres of her cloth. The blonde and the redhead were too tired to resist, and they just enjoyed the still warm water dissolving away any of the sticky fluid that clung to their body. As they did so, Alana washed herself, this time not using them to scrub her body. When she was clean she lay down on the cosy mammoth skin, and lifted their delicate bodies from the bucket, nestling them symmetrically into her stomach, in the nook of her external obliques. Already the human women were asleep, and the giantess' inside were warmed by their love, the comfort they provided with their subtle breathing and squirming in their sleep. She adored her little kittenish things, and she wrapped her meaty arms around her midsection and relaxed, embracing them.


"S-so we can go?" Sonia questioned, looking up to the towering giantess from between her sandaled feet. 

The dark haired woman smiled down at them, their lustrous hair illuminated in the early morning sunlight. "Of course!" she smiled. She had her night of fun, and now placed them at the road at the edge of the giant encampment. "The nearest village is a few miles that way, sorry about the walk. I wouldn't worry about bandits or anything either, they know we're here."

"B-but you bought us! Y-you're just going to let us go?"

"Yep. I had my night of fun, you're free to go. I assure you, it was worth the price."

The two humans shared a glance, they knew they were thinking the same thing: they enjoyed it. They had both enjoyed their time with the giant, even when slightly battered by her monumental hands and rough toying and teasing. Sonia and Nina had always loved women, and they couldn't deny that this giant was exceptionally beautiful, especially after being so intimate. They looked up at her friendly face with swollen eyes, as if they were lost kittens.

"Hmm? Don't tell me you want to stay?" she questioned. 

Slowly, the two girls nodded, shamefully admitting their desire. 

The giant grinned, this was unexpected, but very much welcomed. Most women would scuttle off at the first chance they got, grateful she wasn't going to kill them. If they actually liked their time with her, what was wrong with letting them stay? Alana snatched them up, pressing them into her chest and lightly squeezing them. "I love you two." she said. 


"Oh, Alana!" Lena said, rushing up to the tall woman. "H-how was your purchase?" she asked. She was curious what she did with her women, and wanted to see if she could get any more information. 

"Ask them yourself!" she said, shaking her hair from her shoulders. From behind the blinds of her smooth hair emerged two tiny human women, one on each shoulder. Awkwardly they waved down at the usually much taller girl; the one that had fed and kept them for the weeks of their stay. 

Jaw open, Lena waved awkwardly up. Most of her theories on what Alana did with them had gone out the window. "Y-you're keeping them?" she asked. 

"Sure am! Anyway, see you later, young mistress." she said, patting the girl's hair and marching off, young women in tow.

Lena supposed that she wouldn't be having her as a customer for a while.

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