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"Still alive?” asked Marilyn to her high heeled chunky loafer shoe. In fact, she was talking to someone inside her shoe. That specific someone had been in there for nearly 4 hours without interruption while at work. It was now noon, beginning of December.

“I am alright” said a low shriveling voice from inside the musky smelly shoe.

“Okay.” Said Marilyn. She then placed the shoe back on the ground and carelessly pushed her foot back in, twisting her ankle for until it was a tight fit. Under her black cotton socked toes, there was a tiny half-inch naked girl, a bit absent-minded.

Marilyn works for a law firm, she’s the law student who never became a lawyer but more of a counseling jurist. She spends most of her days on the computer reviewing texts, making sure they are legal, and stuff like that. She’s a 35 years old single woman, loves to drink wine and smoke cigarettes and has 2 passions: Classic ballet and figure skating.

The tiny girl who was actually being a bit tortured inside her shoe is Annie, 20 years old. Now, Annie is what we call a “shrinker”. She was diagnosed being a shrinker when she was young, learned to live her life with it and at some point, when she was 20, she just decided that she should have a life of her own. She stole her purple jewel from her mom, and ran away, moved out of town, and decided to use all her savings to rent an apartment and work full time in a coffee house in NYC. Annie, much like many shrinkers, had grown up living half of her life in her mother and sister’s shoes, being crushed under smelly women’s feet is something Annie had lived a LOT. She hated it as much as she enjoyed it, depending on who was crushing her, how, in what circumstances and footwear type. But Annie was now in control of her own life, a rare thing for a shrinker, and she kept her purple jewel safe. When twisted, that jewel had the power to shrink her or grow her back to normal size.

Nobody knew who she was, and she could have a normal life.

Annie now lives in the apartment under Marilyn’s, she moved in and met Marilyn a few days later. They became friends quite quickly in fact, and it was a most awkward moment for them. It was earlier in September, Annie heard tap sounds from the apartment above. Like someone hitting the floor with a small hammer, rhythmically, like following music tempo. Curious, but also a bit annoyed by the sound from the appartement above, Annie went upstairs and knocked at the apartment’s door. She could hear classical music inside and someone walking to open the door. Marilyn smiled, wearing ballet pointes, white nylons, and dancewear uniform, her jet black hair in a ponytail.

“Oh hi!” said Marilyn.

“Hi, I am Annie, I just moved below a few days ago.” Said Annie extending her hand. Both girls shook hands and met normally. “I see you’re uh...a ballet dancer?” asked Annie. Marilyn smiled and invited Annie to follow her inside, where she grabbed the stereo remote to cut the music off and lit a cigarette. “Wow, nice apartment.” Said Annie.

“Just likes yours I guess. No?”

“No, well mine is not a loft. And hmm, well I just moved in so I don’t have all the decorations, just what is necessary.” Annie smiled shyly, quickly overwhelmed by the cigarette’s smoke. Annie was staring at Marilyn’s ballet pointe shoes with great fascination. Being inside all sorts of footwear for all her childhood, she had never been inside ballet pointes and she couldn’t help but stare.

Marilyn said something but Annie was distracted and unfocused.  Marilyn talked about stuff and finally ended up with a question: “So what do you think?”

“Me? Oh, hmm, sure. I don’t mind trying, I’ve never been put inside ballet pointes before.” Answered Annie.

“Uh...what?” Marilyn puffed out her smoke and looked at Annie with a weirded expression on her face. “Annie? I ask you what you think about the neighborhood...” Marilyn looked confused.

Annie’s face became as red as a beet. She couldn’t believe she got so distracted and absent minded. She could not believe what she just said, she was sure she only thought it. She looked up at Marilyn, who was quirking a brow in disbelief. “I am sorry, I was, hmm, thinking out loud. I mean... I was...distracted. I huh.... I do like the neighborhood, a real nice place to live, really. Hmm, sorry about that.”

There was a silence. Annie couldn’t help but look at Marilyn staring at her and look down at the floor. Marilyn crushed her cigarette in her ashtray and flexed her right leg up, bringing it up, straight until she rested her heel on the countertop. The appartement being somewhat a loft the kitchen, the living room and the dining room were all one big room. Marilyn stretched her body forward like a gymnast, grabbing her own foot by the sole and stretching her leg. Annie was looking at this whole stretching without saying a word, she glanced at Marilyn’s ballet pointe shoe on the counter.

“How small can you shrink?” asked Marilyn who clearly made 1+1 in her head.

“I am sorry?”

“How small?” asked Marilyn, this time stretching her other leg, bringing it up on the counter and bending her body over it like she did with the other leg. Annie hesitated and fidgeted. “Come on, don’t be shy, I know of your kind. Never met one before, but, sometimes there are news in the papers about your kind being crushed to death and all. Aren’t you old to be a shrinker?” asked Marilyn.

“I huh... survived like I could.” Said Annie, inadvertently admitting her condition. She instantly sighed and realised that she had just told a pure stranger about herself and that she should have been more careful. Living in the big world by herself could be dangerous and she was new to this, mostly.

“Most of you are kept inside shoes right?” asked Marilyn without any concern.

“Yes...hmm, mostly. Yes.” Said Annie.

“And you like it?” asked Marilyn, now rotating her ankles on her pointes to stretch them and keep them warm.

“I don’t! I mean, you know...” She hesitated.

“It’s okay you can tell me....” said Marilyn to ease Annie’s visible discomfort.

“...well, after spending almost half my life in my mother’s and my sister’s shoes, I kind of...I kind of got used to it. But, now I am free, I can live a normal life you know.”

“I am happy for you, really. All I hear about your kind is horror stories, mostly. So what do you like, the pressure?....the smell?...being humiliated?” asked Marilyn.

Annie realised she was talking to very understanding woman in her mid 30’s who actually respectful towards her, even if she was a shrinker and had a “lower” status in society. No rights, no consideration, shrinkers were seen more like objects than real human beings. For a rare time in her young life, Annie was getting compassion from someone, a stranger, who she actually wanted to become friends with even if she was way older. “I hmm, huh, how to say. I have never talked about this before.”

Marilyn shrugged. “You did start it.”

“I guess you’re right.... Wow, I am fool.” Said annie.

Marilyn did not answer.

 “Hmm, yeah well, hummm....Smell is always different, sometimes I like it sometimes I hate it. Pressure hurts, but I am more sturdy than I look.” She gave Marilyn a little shy smile, trying to sound humorous. Marilyn returned the smile. “As for being humiliated, well... I don’t know, I can’t remember not being humiliated. People just don’t care about us you know, they don’t care if we die.” Explained Annie.

“Yeah that’s quite horrible, really. One would hope our president would do something for shrinkers rights but I think she’s biased. Some say she has a shrinker in each of her shoes at all times. Maybe she enjoys torturing you guys too much to actually change anything.” Said Marilyn, still flexing her ankles and lighting another cigarette.

“Yeah I heard those rumors....Thanks for being nice.” said annie, not knowing what else to say.

“So how small?” asked Marilyn after a few puffs.

“I am sorry?” asked Annie, unsure.

“Well, if you want to try being inside my ballet pointes while I practice, you have to tell me how small you can shrink, cause it’s quite cramped in there.” Said Marilyn way too casually than Annie was used to.

“Hmm uh..oh, uh....1 inch tall ...I think...maybe... oh my god....What am I doing!?” Annie stuttered, visibly shy, and also aroused, but mostly embarrassed.

“Oh...that’s big. Maybe I could squeeze you under the arch of my foot at that size, but if you want to really be in the toe section....” Marilyn tapped the hard tip of her right ballet pointe on the floor, making a few Toc toc sounds. “....you got to shrink way smaller.” With that, Marilyn stood up on her pointes and maintained her balance. She arched her arms above her head and walked on her pointes until she was in the middle of the living room, and the dropped back on her feet and proceeded with a few arabesques and dance moves in sheer elegance, her shoulder and arm tattoos contrasting with her white dancewear, moving like a feather in the thick smoke cut by orange sunlight from the large loft windows. She finished her cigarette, walked-danced back to the ashtray and crushed it in, all under the fascinated, astonished, admiring eyes of Annie, who was hardly containing her excitement.

“Half an inch maybe? Said Marilyn, slowly exhaling her smoke in the shy girl’s face.

“I can try.” said Annie. Completely mesmerized and under Marilyn’s charm.

“Still a bit big, but, I guess if you get crushed in there I can’t be held responsible. You see, I am a jurist. I know the laws.” Said Marilyn. “So, what do you say, shall we try?” Marilyn got closer to Annie and ran the back of her hand on the 20 years old shrinker’s cheek, very smoothly, caringly, teasingly.

“S....sure... I.. huh...I’ll get my jewel, it...it’s downstairs.” Said Annie.

Marilyn smiled and nodded, then grabbed the remote of her stereo and pressed play. Classical music continued to play and Marilyn went on practicing ballet moves, on her pointes. “Don’t bother knocking on the door when you come back.” She said, already not giving Annie any more attention. Annie took a few seconds to really take in what was happening, and suddenly felt like Marilyn was a good person, and that she should get downstairs in her own apartment and come back with her jewel as fast as possible. And that’s what she did.

Minutes later, she was back, holding her purple jewel necklace. Marilyn has paused to drink water. The angle of the sun rays was slowly getting smaller, soon, they would see the sun setting over the city skyline.

“Hi again.” Said Annie.

“Come on Annie, stop being all shy it’s okay. I mean, I think you’re very courageous to actually knock on my door, stare at me and my shoes, and ask me to put you inside. As weird as it may sound I don’t care, I am in fact impressed, many in your situation would have never done that.” Said Marilyn, smiling and holding a towel around her neck. “So how does it work?”

“Hmm, you have to hmm, hold it like this and spin it, and the more you spin the more I’ll shrink and well, that’s it, twist it again after to make me grow back.” Explained Annie.

“Don’t you have to strip?”

Annie scratched the back of her head and grinned shyly. “Yeah, kind of. Didn’t think about that one...”

“No problem. Go ahead.” Marilyn grabbed the jewel and inspected it. It took a few seconds for Annie to actually aknowledge that she had just handed ultimate power over her to a complete stranger. Yet, she felt interestingly in confidence and started to slowly strip, shivering. Marilyn looked at the girl. Being a jurist, Marilyn is a confident woman, she hardly had any prejudice, but she had a strong character. “Yeah, well, that’s a weird way to meet someone for the first time.”

“I know” answered Annie, naked, covering her mid section with her hands. “I feel so pathetic.”

“In all honesty, you are. But don’t worry, I wouldn’t do it if I was not a bit curious myself. I actually never tried a shrinker. I have friends who did, and said you guys were entertaining.” Marilyn paused and looked down at her feet. Annie looked down at them too. Marilyn looked back straight at Annie. “Anyway, let’s get this over with, there is a show later I don’t want to miss.” Said Marilyn, dead serious. She gave the jewel a good twist.

Seconds later, a half an inch tall tiny minuscule naked girl was on the floor beside a pile of clothes looking up at the giantess in ballet dancewear. There was a brief moment of mutual astonishment. Marilyn sat down on the floor and crossed one leg near herself and lifted her other knee up to reach her dance shoe and started untying the long silk ribbons around her leg. Annie was looking at her new neighbor with great anticipation as she saw her remove her ballet pointe shoe, revealing her size seven perfectly shaped sexy foot encased in white nylon. But a few seconds later, the torn insole of a rather warm and old pointe shoe was all Annie could see as Marilyn placed the shoe on its side in front of her. “Hop in!” said an beautifully inviting deep voice.

Annie felt the musky powerful smell of the pointe shoe, and she walked in and climbed in its moist side. The giant dance shoe’s ribbons were all over and around. Suddenly, Annie felt like falling along and sliding/tumbling on the long moist leather insole of the point shoe toward it’s hard shelled toe section. And hitting the bottom felt like hitting a moist cloth wall. She rest there as Marilyn has put the point shoe upward, on its pointe. Annie new soon Marilyn’s huge nylon toes with be crushing her right there.

Marilyn looked inside her shoe and smirked. “Remember, you wanted this.” She said before bringing her foot up and lowering it inside, blocking Annie’s light and soon, movement. The tiny girl felt the toes touching her squeeze together and push down on her. She was small enough to squeeze herself between the second and third toe, her body covered in nylon mesh and starting to absorb the woman’s foot sweat saturating the rare tiny air pockets that are not filled with her toes. Annie could hear the ribbons being enlace around the woman’s leg and the pressure started to increase. Marilyn stood up and walked, put her music back on and started her ballet routine just like if nothing happened.

Annie on the other hand, could feel her world rotate, swing, and tip upside down. She knew that when the pressure was hard, she was being pushed against the tip of the pointe shoe normally and when the pressure was unbearable was when the woman above her would stand on her pointes. Toc toc toc, she could hear the hard shell of the pointe would hit the ground under her back and all of the stranger’s weight pushing down on her tiny frame. Annie felt her right knee cap being crushed and a rib break. A few more steps and she felt her right leg go numb.

Annie was used to being crushed, she knew how to withstand this and resist. No matter how hard she was being crushed, her face full of sweaty nylon mesh and flesh, she was happy to finally be crushed by someone who made the whole experience something fun. And besides, Annie enjoyed the hard musky and sweat soaked satin and leather mix of aromas finding its way strongly inside her nostrils when she could actually get a chance to breathe a little.

This went on for quite a while as Marilyn danced and danced and practiced, and danced again. Each time, not giving any thought about the tiny being inside her shoe. She danced around her loft in the sunset and with elegance and style, until she had done her routine ten times. Marilyn felt her feet aching and needed to release them of their squeezing prison and while doing so, she lit herself a cigarette. She greeted a tiny reddened little girl with a long exhale of smoke right into her ballet shoe.

“Still alive?”

“Yes... I am...” said Annie, tumbling down, and trying to stand and walk on the damp insole. She effectively crawled.

“Get out.” Ordered Marilyn. Annie clumsily and painfully crawled until she reached the sides of the ballet pointe slipper and hissed herself outside the shoe with great difficulty. “You look bad.” Said Marilyn. As soon as the girl was outside her shoe she stood up and gave the jewel a good twist. She looked at the tiny girl grow back up to her normal size and exhaled smoke in her face again, handing her back the jewel. “Go rest now Annie, it was nice to meet you.”

Annie nodded and put her clothes back on painfully, always holding on either the counter or a wall. “Thank you Marilyn...”

“You’re welcome.” Said the woman helping Annie outside her apartment. The door closed behind Annie as soon as she was out in the hallway.


It took Annie a few days to fully recover, she had to call in sick at her new job and mend herself. During those days Annie never saw Marilyn, but she could sometimes hear her walk up there through the ceiling. Annie was happy to be in control of her life, and desperately wanted to see her neighbor again someday. 




Chapter End Notes:


More to come.

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