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Author's Chapter Notes:

I wrote another story, blah blah blah....don't read into it.....but do read the story. 


MAJOR/minor Chapter 1: A minor/Surprise


Izzellah Ivory wiped some of the oil and grease onto her jean overalls. She observed the new brake rotor she’d just installed on the bare axle of her classic Ford Mustang Boss 302. It was a hand me down from her papa and an absolute wreck but three years of hard work and it was nearly running. Next she needed to replace the brake pads. She walked into the garage and retrieved a set of new brake pads she had purchased with her allowance. They were two vaguely oval hunks of black metal with wedges on the side that fit in place around the rotor. She went back to her car and put them in place then slid down and fastened the caliper. Finally she placed on a fresh Firestone tire, part of a full set her papa had gifted her for her birthday. Every year since he’d given her his old junker he’d gifted her with a new piece. Last year it was an engine, this year it was tires. She grinned. It was nearly street legal! Now she it just needed tags, and a new paint job, and probably some front bumpers, and of course she actually needed a license to drive it. Actually there was still a long way to go but for the moment she relished in her minor victory. She walked around to the jack that kept the front of her car suspended in the air. She pumped the lever once, then again, then another time, before sitting down and taking a breath.

“Whoo.” She sighed and wiped some sweat from her brow. Fixing a car was hard work but she loved it. It was like a giant puzzle for her to fix and the lifting help build some decent muscle. Still as she struggled to catch her breath she couldn’t help but think of how much easier this would be without her disability.

“Cool car.” Izzellah heard. A shadow appeared above her and a figure blocked out the sun above her. Izzellah turned around to see the form of someone she didn’t recognize. A young girl. A young...MAJOR. She was at least three heads taller than Izzellah despite the fact she was clearly younger looking. She short, curly, brown hair and tanned skin. She smiled brightly in a way Izzellah could only describe as annoying.

“Can I help you?” Izzellah asked the young amazon.

“Actually I was wondering if I could help you.” She cheesed. The girl then took it upon herself to head toward the front of the car and in a feat of pure herculean spectacle lift the car up of it’s jack and holders. She seemed to exert little to no effort in doing this and Izzellah might have been blown away if she hadn’t seen strength like this in her life everyday for nearly seventeen years.

“You can move your jack and stuff now.” The girl said.

Izzellah sighed and grumbled, but complied. She was more than irritated by this “help” so to speak. She’d been working on this car for three years. She knew what she was doing. She didn’t need the assistance of some MAJOR despite what the world might think.

“Thanks.” Izzellah said hollow.

“No problem!” The girl said. She then abruptly dropped the car back onto the concreted driveway with a loud thud and one of the wheels she just installed came loose and rolled it’s way into the front lawn. “Oops.”

“Arghh! Dammit!” Izzellah cursed. That shouldn’t have happened even with this bumbling girls rough treatment. She must not have screwed the lugnuts on tight enough. Amateurish! Now she’d have to ask her papa to help. She went to her new tire and struggled to lift it up off the grass. Normally it wouldn’t be so hard but she had more than worn herself out today. She’d been working on the Mustang for more than three hours. Two more than her papa usually allowed her.

“Let me help.” The girl said as she gripped the tire and lifted it easily with one hand.

“Just stop!” Izzellah seethed. “You’ve done enough already! I don’t need your help!”

“But my mama says we should.”

‘I don’t care what your mama says!” Izzellah snapped. “Who the hell are you anyway?! And what are you doing in my front yard?!” The teen was now livid. She didn’t know who this girl was but if she’d didn’t leave soon she’d call her papa and he’d throw her out on her ass.

“Oh! I’m Sabrina. Sabrina Rodriguez. Me and my mom just moved here.”

Izzellah spat at the revelation that she would inevitably see more of this girl. Best to alienate her now and be rid of the irritation. “So why are you bothering me? Sabrina Rodriguez!”

“Mama said I should introduce myself. To make a good first impression.” She beamed. She took one of Izzellah’s grease coated hand in an overzealous shake. “Hello!”  

“Well you made a bad one!” Izzellah said. “So why don’t you run back to your mama and tell her what a disappointment you are.”

Sabrina giggled at her insult. “Your dad said you might be mean. But that’s okay, I still think you’re cool.”

“My dad?! When did you?” Izzellah jumped up off the lawn and dashed to inside her garage. She pushed the button near the light switch to close the automatic door and leave that insufferable MAJOR girl trapped outside. She went inside through the laundry room and into the main hallway. Her papa usually watched sports or something on the weekends and would probably be in the living room.

“Papa!” She yelled as she rounded the corner and to her surprise she saw a strange woman instead. A MAJOR woman twice her size that looked similar to the girl outside except older. She had longer hair and overall a far more mature look while still being beautiful. She was dressed in what looked like maroon hospital scrubs. She waved at her with a pleasant smile.

“You must be Izzellah.” She said. She then took a sip of coffee from what Izzellah recognized as one of her father’s mugs. Just then Izzellah felt a massive and familiar hand rub the top of her head and ruffle her hair. She heard his deep throaty laugh as her papa Ignacio Ivory walked by her with a cold drink in his hand.

“This is my little spitfire!” He chuckled as he went to greet this unknown woman. He gave haer a firm handshake which she transitioned into a hug. He looked back at her cheerfully.

“Izzy, meet Gloria Rodriguez! She’s an old friend.”

Izzellah didn’t like the way he said “old friend”. There was something wrong here already. He stared into her eyes just a little too long and his hand lingered on her hip. She didn’t like this.

“Good to meet you , Izzy.” Gloria said.

“It’s Izzellah to you.” The irate teen corrected. “And I wish I could say the same.”

“Izzy!” her papa shot her a chastising glare.

“I mean it’s nice to meet you as well, Mrs. Rodriguez.”

Gloria just inspected her with an amused smile. Fucking MAJORS. They always think they’re so much better than you. Except her papa. He never treated her different.

“I thought you were working on your car?” Her papa asked.

“I was, but this annoying girl wouldn’t stop bothering me, and one of the wheels fell off.” Izzellah informed with a hint of shame. Her father wouldn’t let that last part slide. She’d be in for another one of his lectures about car maintenance and safety. She knew it all by heart already but he was overcautious. Comes with the territory when you have a minor for a daughter.

“Oh! So you met my little Sabrina!” Gloria grinned. “I take it didn’t go very well.”

At that moment in an instance of perfect timing Sabrina came through the front door with Izzellah’s tire under her arm.

“Hey!” Izzellah rushed at her to snatch away the tire but Sabrina reacted by holding up above her and out of the minor girl’s reach. “Don’t just touch my stuff!”

“I was worried someone might steal it or something.” Sabrina defended. She looked down at the smaller girl who was jumping up with all her might to grab at the tire.

“Sabrina, give her the tire.” Gloria commanded.

“But mom she can’t.”
“Now.” Gloria added evenly.

“Fine!” Sabrina huffed. She dropped the tire and it fell on top of Izzellah. Sabrina laugh to herself as she watched the inferior girl struggle to lift the tire off of her. You wouldn’t believe she was supposed to be older.

“Sabrina that was uncalled for!” Gloria snapped.

“You told me to give it back!” Sabrina whined.

“Apologize now.” Gloria ordered with a furrowed brow. Her teeth were gritted in barely contained rage.

Sabrina jumped in terror. “Sorry.” She said down to Izzellah but the teen was already up and working her minor muscles of hauling the tire up off the ground. In a stunt that surprise her Izzellah had managed to heft the tire over her shoulder. Sabrina saw the tension in her arms and shoulders as the minor girl walked away with her property. Before she left Izzellah turned around and shot her a look of pure hatred and contempt without acknowledging the apology.




“Not quite the introduction I had planned.” Gloria blushed. She leaned into Ignacio’s strong arms and gave him one last peck on the cheek. She had to control herself for the moment. Ignacio wanted to ease themselves into this transition.

“Maybe this isn’t the best idea.” he admitted. “I don’t think Izzellah’s ready.”

“She’ll have to find someone eventually.” Gloria broke their embrace and touched his shoulder. She saw the worry in his face. She didn’t envy the position he was in.

“Yeah but arranging it just seems wrong.”

“Ignacio. You have to do this.” Gloria said firm. “I shudder to think what would happen to Izzellah on her own. At least with Sabrina around she won’t be so vulnerable.”

“But dating? Is Sabrina even old enough for that?” Ignacio scratched some scruff on his chin. He questioned her with those lovely yellow eyes, silently pleading for her advice.

“No one said anything about dating, Iggy!” Gloria lightly slapped the man’s cheek to knock some sense into him. “Think of her as a bodyguard. Whatever happens after that is up to them.”

“But the implications and Sabrina’s a young girl. Teens have urges and-”

“Iggy, enough.” Gloria silenced the man with a kiss to the lips. A little dangerous when the girls could see at any moment but screw it. “Sabrina knows. She’s just...eager. You can trust her. You can trust me.”

“Oh I can trust you!” He grinned. He raised his eyebrow and leaned in a little closer. “You’ve burned me before HotRod.”

Gloria winced at her old college nickname. “I was young and stupid.”

“And now?”

“Not so young, not so stupid.” She kissed him again. This time he reciprocated and they locked lips for a long moment. She finally broke with a heavy breath. “See you Friday, Iggy.” Gloria sauntered down the walkway to her Lexus where Sabrina waited. She hopped inside and started the engine. She waved to Ignacio and blew him a kiss before driving off.

“Someone’s in luuuuuuuuv!” Sabrina teased.

“Hush child.” Gloria silenced. “I’m very disappointed in you.”

“But I was just trying to help her!” Sabrina argued. “She was clearly having trouble with her car. I don’t know why her dad even lets her have one when you still won’t let me drive!”

Gloria sighed. “Izzellah isn’t like the minors you’ve been around or the one’s you’ve seen on tv.”

“How so?” Sabrina snarked. “She looked just as tiny. The only thing different is her bad attitude.”

“Exactly, mija.” Gloria agreed. “Ignacio….he.” Gloria paused. How could she explain this without inferring that Ignacio was a bad father. Most would criticize him for giving a minor such freedom, especially since they were so rare to begin with. He wouldn’t actually let her get behind the wheel would he? “He raised Izzellah different. She’s not as….timid as you would expect.”

“Clearly.” Sabrina hissed.

“Do you like her?” Gloria asked.

Her daughter didn’t respond. She could see a small bit of red hit Sabrina’s cheeks.

“Good.” Gloria smiled. “If you don’t want to blow it I expect you to shape up. She’s probably too good for you to begin with.”

“Mom!” More blood rushed to Sabrina’s face and maybe a few other areas.

“Watch out for her, mija. I mean it!”

“She doesn’t even like me!”

“Don’t care, mija.” Gloria affirmed. “You protect her.”

“Because she damn sure won’t be able to protect herself” Gloria thought as she pulled into her driveway just three houses down from the Ivorys.




Izzellah laid down in a queen bed her size, on a pillow her size, with a blanket her size, in a room much too big. She looked around her MAJOR sized room tinted red in the light of the setting sun. It was filled with furniture and clothes for a minor that only filled the corner of the room. It had taken years just to accumulate what she had and it would take even more before it felt lived in. The walls were too big, the door handles were too high and she had to use a stick to flip the light switch. Everyday this bothered her but today something else was swimming in her mind. The image of her father kissing that woman. It burned her up! How dare she! The last thing Izzellah wanted was some random whore weaseling her way into her family. Trying to replace her mother! Izzellah’s mind flashed to her mother humming to her on from a large swing on their porch. She had a soft voice and was a kind and gentle woman. Not some oversized slut! And her daughter! “Sabrina” she would avoid that giant pest like the plague. Why did they have to show up and ruin a perfectly good day? She tried to block it from her mind. Her father was his own man. He could do what he wanted even if it was stupid, and when that giant bitch hurt him like Izzellah knew she would, he would still have her to lean on. Until then she would look forward. Tomorrow was a big day. She hopped down off her bed and went to her closet Hung neatly on a bar set about halfway down was a uniform. It had a navy jacket with a black skirt. On the corner of the jacket was a unique crest that belonged to the Winton family. Tomorrow her life would begin.




Chapter End Notes:

Hrmmmm. There seems ot be a few changes in this world. I wonder if that means this world is canon or the "Small" world is?......Too bad I don't care! Just wanted to write something different with these characters. Let me know if you like it. I may eventually update this. See ya around. 

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