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"Keep...keep sucking on my pussy. UHHGH! More! Do it more!" the little woman moaned. Her giantess lover complied and more as she began to suck more of her body into her mouth. Her tiny legs and back bent as the suction drew her in more. She gave a slight yelp as a pair of large lips sealed her away in humid darkness. The moans of he her partner vibrated her prison and body as she fingered herself. The tiny woman wasn't afraid as this has happened before. It gave her a thrill being so close to becoming a meal for the human. One accidental swallowing of saliva or gulp of air and she could be sucked down her throat. She bounced around holding the giant tongue tasting her body as her lover came. A moment of stillness and then a whoosh of brisk air before landing on her open palms.


"I wasn't too rough was I?" the giantess asked. "Not as much as usual. I could feel my feet touching your throat this time. I was sure you'd fuck up and swallow me" the woman replied. "That actually hurts Claire. After how many times we've done this? Made love? You'd think I'd just eat you?" the giantess said heartbroken. "Not saying you'd do that on purpose Aspen. The world is scary for a borrower. Humans have it easy. Not having to worry about being eaten by a large bird or snake. Just going to a grocery store when you need food. I'd like to see how you'd do my size. Bet you can't hack it at 3 1/4 inches tall" Claire said. "You obviously forgot my size watch" Aspen huffed. "That's not the same. You're my size for a few hours. I'm talking about your entire life."


"When you were a kid you'd run outside to chase butterflies. When is as a kid I'd run outside to avoid being killed by crows" Claire told her. "I know that. We've know one another for years. I get how hard your life is. Why do you think I decided to document borrowers for a tv show?" Aspen said.  Aspen sighed as she wiped Claire clean of spit. "Let's not argue. We're supposed to have dinner with your parents tonight. I don't want to show up with a cloud over our heads" Aspen said rubbing her tiny cheek. "True. It's going to be tense enough as it is with mom" Claire said patting the finger. "Speaking of which, we should get ready" Aspen said.


Aspen slipped on a nice red dress with matching sandals as Claire chose a decent pink dress and plastic heels. She didn't like the shoes. "I wish you stop insisting a wear shoes when I walk around" Claire said. "Well I don't want those cute tiny feet getting dirty. Besides they look cute" Aspen said combing her hair. "They're plastic. They hurt the arches of my feet" Claire whined. "I'll file your complaint to Barbie. Have you seen my camera?" Aspen asked. Claire pointed to the chair. Aspen placed Claire on her shoulder and scooped up the camera with tripod. "Mom is going to hate you filming her again" Claire said as Aspen left the room. "It's a living" Aspen said walking down the stairs.


It was a very nice house they all lived in. Two story brick home darting back to precolonial times. Aspen walked to the living room and to a hole in the wall. Setting down Claire, she pressed the button on her size watch. Within seconds she had shrunk down to Claire's size. The size of a borrower. "Still creeps me out every time I see that. Amazing how your clothes and that camera shrank down too" Claire said. "Keith explained it but it's over my head. I got lost after gluons and quarks" Aspen said walking to a mouse hole. "Explain why again a guy that invented a shrinking watch is stuck working as your technical assistant and editor?" Claire asked following her.


"Well Keith as much as a genius as he is, he wasn't as smart about what to do with that genius. Hacked the pentagon 3 years ago and had to fake his fucking death to avoid a lifetime prison sentence. Came to me as he's as much an advocate for borrower conservation and rights as I am. He gets paid and stays off the radar in exchange for being my tech slave" Aspen chuckled. "Don't like how he looks at me" Claire said. "Your cute and tiny. Look around. Not many tiny blondes with perfect tits running around here" Aspen said yanking on a lose piece of floorboard. "Perfect tits?" Claire asked helping. "Not a big as mine but good enough for a 19-year-old borrower" Aspen replied. Claire plucked her ear. "Good enough? You sucked them for a half hour last night" Claire said. "Keep messing with me. I won't be your size forever" Aspen said pulling the floorboard to the side.


A series of makeshift steps led down a foot to a crawlspace between the floor and underside of the floor. A flashlight was available to them. A gift from Aspen as she didn't want them using torches and potentially burning the house down. The smell of cooked chicken led them to Claire's parents’ home. A cut piece of wood was the door and Claire knocked. "Hi mom!" Claire said hugging her mother. "Hi sweetie...oh hi Aspen" the woman said seeing the shrunk human and her camera equipment. "Hi Mrs. Thimblekin. It smells nice what you're cooking" Aspen said politely. The woman bid them inside and shut the door. "Well look who is here! Claire! You're looking well and hey there Aspen! I swear you look prettier by the day. I see why my daughter fell for you" a man who was in a straw woven seat said standing. "You're making me blush Mr. Thimblekin!"  Aspen laughed. "Come and sit at the table. I'll call Ritchie" he said. The borrower male called on his son to come out his room.


"Hey sis. Umm...hi aspen" the boy shyly muttered. Richie was 14 years old and like the others, Aspen knew him well. "You're becoming a very handsome man. You got taller" she said getting close. The boy saw her cleavage and blushed. "Not as tall as you...normally" he said. "Don't be upset. Some of the best things in life are small" she said kissing his cheek. The teen boy smiled and nodded. Aspen set up her camera before sitting down. "Must you Aspen?" the woman said. "It pays the bills ma'am. How else does a single woman pay for a house this size. Grandma wasn't exactly rolling in dough when she passed and left me this house and my settlement from my parents’ death can only last so long. If it wasn't for my documentary show I'd lose the house and someone else would be living here. Someone who'd not like borrowers living under the floorboards eating their food and stealing their electricity" Aspen said.


"She has a point Rebecca. We could have a family with some dangerous bratty kids...or worse one that owns a cat" Mr. Thimblekin said. Rebecca reluctantly nodded as he set the food out. Kernels of cooked corn, shreds of chicken, crumbs of biscuits, and a succulent grape for dessert. The camera recorded everything. "So how's the outside world?" the dad asked. "Could be better. Lots of problems going around. People are choosing sides about the borrower rights issue. You got one side saying borrowers aren't human so they don't deserve rights. Not surprising those that say that have been caught more than once abusing them. A senator was caught keeping entire families as sex toys. She was even eating them" Aspen replied. Rebecca's annoyance was visible as she loudly clanked her silverware as she ate.


"And you got the other side saying they need rights just to make sure they don't go extinct. What rights nobody can agree on. Marriage? Working a job? Healthcare? Our cozy town of Ipswich Massachusetts hasn't seen any protests...yet" Aspen said. "And what is your stance?" the man asked. "I'd think that obvious. Full rights. At least marriage. A few want to marry borrower partners. I can think of at least one" Aspen grinned as she slid her sandal off and used her toes to run Claire's bare leg. Claire chuckled as it tickled. Rebecca slammed her cup down.


"I want grandkids" Rebecca hissed. "And here we go..." Claire said slamming her fork down. "Aspen I respect all you’ve done for us over the years but I want Claire to have kids. You and her won't do that" Rebecca said after taking a breath. "Ehat about Ritchie?! You can have grandkids from him!" Claire yelled. "He's 14! I want them now!" Rebecca yelled. "Mom even I know it takes months to have...


"SHUT IT RITCHIE!" his mother yelled. "He's old enough! You yourself got pregnant with me at 13!" Claire yelled. Aspen moved slightly in her seat. It was true Rebecca had Claire fairly young. Rebecca herself was no older than 32 years old and her husband just a year older. At 19 years of age, Claire could be seen as a spinster in borrower society. "The rules are different for our kind that live in homes. We don't have to have as many kids as possible as soon as possible. Me and your father lived in a rabbit hole before we came here. I myself had 9 brothers and sisters. All dead now. Nature killed them off. A snake ate my brother. A hawk tore apart my eldest sister. A bass fish swallowed the youngest brother. A falling tree branch crushed another..." Rebecca said softly.


"Have you tried looking for others? There's bound to be some out there the hunters haven't found" Aspen asked. "Once last year before the snows. A week journey out looking for a bride for Ritchie" Mr. Thimblekin answered. Rebecca looked shocked. "What? I believe the boy is ready" he said. She threw her hands up and left the table. "If everyone is done talking about my sex life, could you pass the butter?" Ritchie asked. Rebecca stayed to herself in the kitchen. Her husband watched videos on an old iPhone Aspen gave them that connected to the Wi-Fi. Aspen sat on Claire's bed made of a collection of cotton and old fabric. "Sorry about that. Mom isn't a homophobe. She just wants to make sure the family doesn't die out" Claire said hugging her lover from behind. "Do you want kids?" Aspen asked. "Not right now. One day" Claire replied. Aspen took off her sandals and held her knees to her chest. "Do I make you happy? Truthfully" Aspen asked. "Of course you do. Ever since we met. How long ago was that?" Claire asked. "Well I was 10 when I found you so...12 years ago now" Aspen said.


"I remember now. I snuck out because your grandma made oatmeal cookies and left them out. You came downstairs and found be on the plate" Claire said. "Haha. Yeah, you begged me not to eat you. Goes to show what your mom said about humans to you. You were so tiny" Aspen chuckled. "I was 7 years old! Of course I was scared you were gonna eat me!" Claire chuckled. Aspen turned to face her. "But instead of gobbling you up I made a friend" Aspen said toying with her blond hair. Aspen scooted off the bed and pulled Claire to the edge of it. "A friend I really needed" her lover said as she looked at her eyes. Aspen pulled off her panties and dove in. "Hmm...your pussy tastes so much better when I'm tiny like you. Sweet as sugar" Aspen said looking up. "Keep eating. There's more where that came from" Claire said shoving her head back down. Claire sighed and moaned as the shrunken human gave her oral. It was these times she felt closer to her instead of Aspen towering over her like a titan.


Claire returned the favor stopping Aspen before she came. The woman felt so content being eaten out as Claire had an expert tongue about doing it. "I swear you get better every time" Aspen said. "How many times I've seen this pussy towering over me? Been inside it? Aspen Reynolds I'm an expert on that cunt. Now hold still so I can do this" Claire said reaching over. "What is...ohhhh...." Aspen moaned as Claire shoved a wooden doll inside her. "Daddy carved it for me to play with when I was young. As you see it has...other uses" Claire said as she turned her old toy into a dildo. Aspen curled her toes as she felt the soft ridges of the doll scraping her insides. The two lovers made out and Aspen groaned into her mouth as she came. "Playback for the orgasm you gave me earlier" Claire said after licking the dildo clean of Aspen's juices. Aspen's watch beeped. "First warning. I'll have to grow back soon" Aspen said looking at the countdown timer.


"Sucks that it has a limit" Claire huffed as she put her panties back on. "Can't be helped. As Keith told me the process becomes permanent after 6 hours. Have to regrow before then. It's getting late anyway" Aspen said collecting herself. The two left the room and noticed Ritchie scamper to his room. "Little perv" Claire hissed. "Let him be. He's a teenage boy" Aspen said walking to the living room. Mr. Thimblekin was cursing as the low battery icon was on the iPhone screen. "And I was right at when the dragons show up" he said. "I'll charge it tonight and give it back tomorrow" Aspen said. "Thanks dear. I'll have Ritchie help me carry it to the usual spot" he said. Rebecca was quiet as she dried dishes.


"Mom I rather you not be angry" Claire said. "Honey I know you love Aspen but eventually you will want kids. Your body will demand it. It's in our blood. Maybe Aspen can buy a male for you" Rebecca said. "Don't think you want that. Those let stores use breeding camps. Many of those borrowers come out inbred as hell" Aspen said. "Aspen you're not a borrower. You don't understand. Incest is a common occurrence" Rebecca retorted. "Believe me I know. Grandma has extensive books about borrowers but it's also known they have shorter lifespans and get sick easily. You really want your daughter with a guy so inbred he might die within a year or so?" Aspen asked. Rebecca pauses at that. "That bad?" she asked. "Probably worse. I don't talk about it much not to frighten you or your family but it's horrible out there for your kind."


"A study showed your population has fallen since borrowers became mainstream knowledge 100 years ago. Fallen enough you might become extinct within 50 years. With more people living in apartments and having pets, borrowers are finding less places to call home. Breeding helps but like I said the inbreeding actually lowers life expectancy. There was something that is being done now but many humans don't like it to help" Aspen said. Rebecca gave her full attention. "Like what?" she asked.


"I heard from a source that borrowers are being impregnated with human sperm. The result is a healthy offspring borrower size" Aspen explained. "That's great!" Rebecca yelled. "Not quite. Religions organizations are saying it's an abomination. Human fathers are terrified of losing the kids. Human rights are yelling about slavery because of the human blood they carry. Hypocrites I say" Aspen said. "You really know a great deal on the subject" the mother said.


"Grandma got me interested. After meeting Claire and you three, I really wanted to know more. I use the footage I collect to show how similar human and borrower families are. My viewers will have a good time with the footage tonight" Aspen said. Rebecca blushed realizing what was caught on camera. Aspen's watched beeped once more. "We got to get going" Aspen said. "Take care and thanks for coming" Rebecca said hugging the soon to be giantess. Aspen and Claire emerged from the mousehole. She pressed a button on the watch and grew back to her normal height. Aspen went around the wall and into the closet. In the floor in the corner was a loose board. Pulling it up revealed Ritchie and the iPhone. Aspen picked it up. She saw Ritchie staring at her panties. She bent down and snatched him up. "Like what you see?" she asked.


The boy was nervous as he was busted. "Aspen I didn't mean to stare" he croaked out. Now the thing was, Aspen was all for borrower rights but she also enjoyed the power of dominating them. "I know you listened in on me and your sister fucking. Here you are trying to get a panty peek. That make you teeny dick hard?" she asked grinning. She opened her palm and rubbed his crotch. "Aspen...I..." he groaned. "You're so cute I could gobble you up but I love tinies. You're in the time of your life when your body screams to fuck. I'm no stranger to horny boys so I know you got the hots for me. If you're nice and do your chores I'll give you a blowjob" she said. She took a lick of his face and sat him back down. She waved bye before sealing the board back.


"Took you long enough" Claire said.  "Just saying bye to your brother" Aspen said carrying her. Claire was quiet as they went up the steps. Still quiet as they got ready for bed. "Is everything alright?" Aspen asked seeing Claire snuggle into the pillow. "I was thinking about what you and mom said. It is a borrower's duty to have kids but I'm just not feeling the need. Isn't that wrong of me? Like you said we are slowly going extinct" Claire asked the giantess near her.  


"It's different for you. You're not living every day fearing death and the predator lurking outside your hidey hole. You don't need to push out babies as fast as you can. Or is it because you're gay you're asking this?" Aspen asked. Claire looked away not answering. "Do you regret being in a relationship with me?" Aspen whispered. "No! I love you! I knew I wanted to be with you for years. Ever since..." Claire said choking back tears. "Ever since that day I nursed you back to health" Aspen finished. Claire nodded. Claire was 15 at the time when she got extremely sick. Borrowers, like humans, get colds and flu. It's exceptionally worse for borrowers though as their tiny bodies can succumb to disease faster. Claire had chills and fevers for three days.


Aspen would warm her tiny body with her own sleeping naked. Bathing her in cool water. Shaving Tylenol and mixing it in drinking water. Claire even began hallucinating her fever was so high. Screaming at Aspen not to eat her. Begging and pleading and sobbing. Claire didn't recognize her friend and it broke Aspen's heart to see her like that. Finally, Claire got better as her fever broke. She opened her eyes to see Aspen standing watch. No sleep for three days left her haggard. "You're awake...good" Aspen said collapsing on her bed. Claire freaked out but calmed as her giantess friend was just passed out from exhaustion.


"At the end of the day you have to live your life. Not the life someone else would want you to live. If you want kids we can find a way. Either Keith or I can get a stud" Aspen said. "Not Keith. No way Keith" Claire said holding her hands out.


"What’s so bad about him? He's not an underwear model but he's not ugly" Aspen asked. "He makes me nervous when he's here. He stares" she said. "You're a three-inch-tall blonde with cute titties. Of course he's going to stare" she said. Claire huffed and looked away. "Pouting gives you wrinkles. I'll turn the frown upside down" Aspen said pulling the bedsheet cover off her. Gently pulling her legs apart, Aspen began to slowly lick her crotch. Claire rested her legs on her cheeks. The heels of her bare feet sitting in Aspen's dimples. "You just want to lick me again" Claire said. Aspen stopped and looked at her. "I didn't say stop. You better keep eating me out" Claire said. "Yes my tiny mistress" Aspen said before continuing. "Corny...but exciting" Claire hissed as she felt the rough tongue lapping her tiny pussy.


Aspen rubbed her belly and circled the tips of her fingers around her firm breasts. Claire shivered as her hard nipples felt every groove of her fingertips. She gave a cute chirp as Aspen picked up her sucking. The giantess felt her blonde hair between her fingers and rubbed and stroked it. Claire kicked her tiny feet into the soft flesh of the giantess' cheeks as she came. "You're cuter when you gasping for air" Aspen said licking her lips tasting her juices. Claire kicked her nose laughing. As the two settled in, Aspen spoke. "I don't mind you having kids. I think we can handle it by this point" she said. Claire looked at her. "Let me think on it" Claire said. Aspen nodded and closed her eyes.


The next day, Aspen had run errands in Boston. Dropping off a video card for Keith to edit and finalize for their web show, she decided to make a stop at the local Save-Mart. Picking up stuff to make dinner and various other things, she found herself entering the pet department. She found the regular stuff like dogfood, leashes, and whatnot but in a special room was the borrower section. Aspen thought about getting a stud for Claire. Aspen had been in such a room before and each time she saw it it still didn't sit week with her.


There were three terrariums in the room. One for each wall.  8 ft. long, 2 ft. tall, and two feet wide held borrowers of all types and ages. The first had borrowers that were young. Ranging from 5 years old to 13 of girls and boys. The second was females exclusively from 14 and up. The third similar with just males. A sign hung overhead. "Females 14 and up...$100 apiece. Males 14 and up...$75 apiece. Female children...$150 apiece. Male children...$125 a piece"


All of them naked and staring at the giantess in fear. Aspen didn't notice an employee washing her hands close by. She passed Aspen and peered into the adult male tank. "Tcch. The one from the other day is still sick" she said looking at a door. "The fat one? Get rid of him. Take him to the reptile section before he gets the others sick" a voice said. "I was just about to go on break! Can't you do it?" the teenage employee responded. "It's only three aisles down! I got my own shit to deal with signing invoices for the next shipment!" the voice responded. The female employee huffed and snatched up the male borrower in question. Fat and in his late 30's by the look of it, he did indeed look sick. "No...please it's just a simple cold. Not the snake...not the snake!" the obese little man begged. The teenage giantess paid him no mind as she was still irritated her smoke break was delayed. The tiny man sobbed as she left the room with him walking past Aspen.


"I swear those kids come out of school lazy as fuck" a woman hissed emerging from a stock room in the far back. "Oh! Can I help you?" the middle-aged woman asked. "Just browsing" Aspen said still disturbed. "Well we have a great selection. We're contracted exclusively with a breeding farm just outside the city. Maybe I can interest you in a young female?" she asked reaching into the first tank. She pulled out a girl no older than 12. "She's already been broken in to service you and she's almost at the peak age for breeding. Girls like here are going to be a hot seller this Christmas" she said nearly shoving the girl into Aspen's hands. The 2 3/4-inch girl looked terrified but as she stared at the giantess her expression changed. She began to stroke the giant fingers around her. She looked dead into Aspen's eyes as if seeking her affection. Aspen felt for the girl. She reminded her of Claire just a few years before.


"No...no thanks. I already have a female I take care of. She did voice concern about having kids" Aspen said. "Say no more. I got one that's perfect" the woman said placing the girl back in the tank. The tiny girl looked down at her bare feet surrounded by wood chips as if she failed. The woman yanked out a male around 16. Tall for a borrower at 3 1/2 inches with black hair. He was healthy and fit and terrified of the woman that held him. With no ceremony, the middle-aged giantess took his penis between her fingers and quickly jerked him. Within seconds he orgasmed all over her index finger. "As you can see he's very virile. He'll have no trouble getting your pet pregnant" she said showing Aspen her shiny semen stained finger. "Can I take a picture? I rather her decide" Aspen said. Aspen shot the pic of the tiny boy before the woman could say anything. "Ah. You prefer your pet to have some freedom in what happens to her. I understand. I myself have a young male at home I let roam the house for exercise. He gets in all kinds of mischief though seeing he's still 13 and just discovering his sex drive. The other day I found him in my dirty laundry basket smelling my panties" she said whispering.


"I see. Have any new clothes come in? I wanted to get her something nice other than doll clothes" Aspen said. "Right on this shelf. What’s her size?" the woman asked. "Borrower size 7 for a dress. Not sure about shoes" Aspen replied looking at different sets. "Well here's the dress and did you want panties with that?" the woman asked. "Yes. She prefers panties" Aspen replied. The woman gave an odd look and shrugged. "Here. We can figure out the shoe size later" the woman said taking a sharper tone. "No need. I can figure it out right now. Just have to call her" Aspen said dialing.


The woman stood there aghast that Aspen went so far as to give her pet phone privileges. Claire was at home watching Netflix on the bed when the phone rang. Stepping on the pause button, she quickly ran to the cell phone on the nightstand and saw it was Aspen. Sliding her tiny bare foot to unlock it she answered. "Yeah? Sup?" Claire asked. "Need your shoe size" Aspen said. The woman was astounded by two things. First of all the laid-back way Claire talked. No master or mistress or even a ma'am. The second was Aspen had a picture of Claire as a contact pic. The woman had seen many a borrower but almost none as cute as Claire. With blond hair and blue eyes, she was sure this borrower was a pedigree. That would make Aspen a woman of money. "You sure you're a borrower size 8?" Aspen asked. "I think I know my shoe size. You should too after you keep sucking and licking them" Claire said. "Ummm...sweetie. You're on speaker phone" Aspen blushed. "Oh shit. Sorry...mistress" Claire said hanging the phone up. "Mistress...Way to play it cool Claire" Aspen whispered.


"Well we have her size. These heels are from Italy and if that's not your style then some high-quality sandals that show off her feet and toes" the woman cheerfully said. Aspen wanted to die of embarrassment as the woman obviously pandered to her fetish. "Something simpler please. Those sneakers and socks look okay" Aspen pointed out. They were $24.95. "I guess so. Here" the woman said slightly cold again. The woman gathered what Aspen wanted and turned back to her. "I'm curious miss. How much did you pay for such a fine purebred borrower?" she asked. "She wasn't bought or bred. She's a free borrower" Aspen said annoyed. "So you found her? That's very lucky. Someone with her looks would fetch at least $1000 on the open market. Where by chance did you find her?" the woman asked. Aspen was past annoyed now. "That's none of your business" Aspen replied. Last thing she needed was poachers running around in the woods behind the house looking for possible hiding places of Claire's relatives...if there were to be found.


Aspen turned and left. "Borrower rights freaks" the woman hissed. That was it for Aspen. This woman was a suck up, abusive, and now condescending. But worse yet saw Claire only in a way so one would see a prize truffle. "First time I ever did this to a person. Keith said I could though" Aspen whispered pressing buttons on her size watch. Aspen touched the woman and pressed a button. The woman was frozen in place as she shrank down. The drinking didn't stop until she was the size of a borrower. Aspen grabbed her up. "I use that setting to shrink down equipment and heavy shit so I can carry it easily. Something about localized quark displacement fields" Aspen said putting her stuff down.


The woman couldn't say anything as her mind blown seeing everything huge including the woman she had insulted. Aspen tore her Save-Mart uniform off leaving her naked. "Goddamn you got stretchmarks. Claire looks like a supermodel compared to you. Which is very bad for your future. "Bad? What...what do you mean? What are you going to do to me?!" the little woman shrieked up at the giantess. "Me? Not a damn thing except this" Aspen said dropping her into the adult female tank. "You won't get away with this! Someone will find me and I'll tell them all about you!" the woman yelled slamming her fists against the plexiglass. "Go ahead. Not like they'll believe you. I'm not a borrower! I'm a shrunken Save-Mart employee! Good luck with that story especially seeing how I'm the only one in the world that can shrink people."


"They'll think you're a looney borrower who happens to look like a missing coworker. You know how they say you have a lookalike out there in the world? They'll pass it off as coincidence. Right now, you should worry about surviving the week. Look around you. Surrounded by females most likely related to those you sold off, fed to snakes, or worse yet sold their kids to god knows what kind of people. If they don't beat you to death with a wood chip, your coworkers will finish the job. Look at you. You're what 40...45 years old. Stretch marks and chubby with saggy tits. Nobody will buy you as a breeder or think you're pretty enough as a pet. The woman with the fucked up hair behind you is prettier. It would be poetic justice if you get fed to that snake like that poor borrower bastard you had that kid do just 10 minutes ago. Enjoy your new life...as long as it lasts" Aspen said coldly walking away. Aspen could hear the woman screaming for help and then nothing but yelps of pain.


"Find everything you were looking for miss?" the cashier asked. "Oh I was most satisfied" Aspen replied. "Well we do put customer service above everything else. Thanks for shopping at Save-Mart!" the cashier cheerily said as Aspen paid and left.


Aspen was alone in the study room. It was filled with old books and tomes. "Hey, I just finished editing the video" Keith said opening the door. "That was quick" Aspen said looking up. "Well I had Claire her to help. Isn't that right?" Keith asked rubbing her head as she sat on his shoulder. Claire shoved his finger away. Keith sat down next to Aspen and Claire expertly slid down his arm like an athlete. "What's that?" Claire asked stepping on the book page. It felt dry and dusty under her tiny bare soles. "One of Grandma's books on tiny people" Aspen said. "Oh. Your grandma did bring a lot of books with her. She had quite a collection" Claire said. "She was a hoarder" Aspen said looking at all the books on shelves. "Your grandma came to live with you? Thought it was the other way around" Keith said.


"No. My parents bought this house shortly after they married. They died in a car accident when I was five and grandma moved from the suburbs of Boston here to raise me" Aspen said shooing Claire off the book to turn a page. "Must've been rough losing your parents so young" Keith said. "Grandma made sure to keep every picture of them for me. Paid off the house with some of the life insurance. She loved this house. Always said it was a borrower's house. And she was right" Aspen said poking Claire in the right breast. Grandma was obsessed with the myths and legends of homo smallicus or tiny people as they call it. This book here is about borrowers" she said looking at the new page. "What’s it say about me?" Claire asked.


"Well I'll read the first passage. Borrowers are the few of many written tiny people species confirmed to exist. Native to the United States, Canada, Northern Mexico, and Caribbean. Once thought to be myth, borrowers were officially discovered in 1867 even though their recorded existence is much sooner. The first mention of borrowers was in the diary of Edward Plimpton in 1634 in Boston. His diary states..."the other night as I read the Kings bible in front of the fire, I spotted movement. Thinking it was a mouse looking for warmth from the godforsaken winter night, I paid no heed. That is until I saw this creature carrying one of my jelly pastries. I immediately stood up to stop the thieving rodent and sensing my steps dropped it. It was no mouse as it stood on hind legs and ran. Tripping on an elevated floor board, I could see that it was a tiny man child. I reached for it and tripped myself on a rug I had. My fall nearly crushed him but I saw in perfect sight his features. Dirty and sooty but distinctly human looking as it had hands with five fingers and feet with toes. The man child regained his composure and ran into the darkness..."


"Nobody believed Edward when he told his story to others. Mainly due to him being known as a prolific drunkard. Borrowers are very much like modern Americans or Canadians for that matter when it comes to appearance. Coming in different shades of skin, hair, and eye colors, it is obvious they mate whenever they can regardless of what clan, family tree, or community they come from. Some even speculate their varied appearance is due to mating with humans. See chapter 3 on reproduction and sexuality for more."


"Borrowers have infamously short lives. Living in the wild, borrowers have a life expectancy of 31 years which is why they prefer to live in human homes. In captivity of human habitation their life expectancy increases to an average of 54 years. Please note this average can widely vary if human families have pets, vermin, or old electrical wiring in their homes. Borrower height is an average of 2.85 inches Depending on bloodlines, this can vary as the tallest borrower recorded was 4.34 inches. As of the publishing year of this book (1984), borrower population has declined sharply. As few as 120,000 borrowers still exist. A far cry from the expected 2.73 million back in 1867. Changes in habitation, pesticides, and the explosion of the cat and dog population are some of the reasons but by far the fault lies with humans."


"As is exploitation. Pets, sexual aids, and even exotic food, are some uses. Even famous people have been known to use borrowers for their own vices. Marylin Monroe was said to keep a stable of borrowers to massage her feet after shooting movie scenes. President Taft was infamous for eating borrower females instead of steak and Al Capone ground up the bones of young borrowers as he believed it to be a cure for syphilis. Lately more and more activists are pushing for legislation to protect borrowers. Some as far as full rights like humans. However, so far nothing has been signed as yet and the population continues to fall. Borrowers may one day join the ranks of the dodo bird and passenger pigeon" Aspen said finishing the pages.


The room was dead silent. Claire sat down and hung her head. Hearing such blatant truth cut to the core. "Grinding up the bones of young borrowers? That's inhumanly cruel" Keith said petting Claire. Claire hugged his finger but stopped seeing who it belonged to. She was about to give an icy stare until she saw tears in his eyes. "It's not enough" Aspen said. " What’s not enough?" Keith asked. "This. What we're doing. I saw how they treat borrowers today at the store. A guy led away to be eaten because he was fat and sick. Borrower kids torn from moms. Dads not allowed to be near them unless they want him to fuck and make more. Even this damn book says it and it was made back in '84. What has changed since then? NOTHING! We got to do more. Make our show flashier, more expansive" Aspen said standing up.


"How do you propose to do that? Hunt out more borrower families to record and document? Better cameras and shit?" Keith asked. "Borrowers? You're thinking too small (pun not intended)" she said pointing to a large row of books. "Those? But they're myth? Like that one that says fae. That's the old word for fairies" Keith said. Aspen picked Claire up. "So were borrowers once. Does she look like a myth to you?"  she said placing her in her hands. Claire looked up at the giant whose expression softened. "...no she doesn't. Alright I'll help. If it can save people like Claire I'm all in" he said. Aspen chuckled. "We can start with this one. Volume two" she said dropping the dusty book on the table. "Kew...naygo?" Keith said trying to sound out the word. "It's pronounced koonago. A species of tiny people native to Japan" she said.


"Sounds like a place to start this project of yours. What do we know so far?" he asked. "Not much. Mostly legends and folk tales but there's so many of them it can't be just myth" she said. Keith sighed. "Give me a day or so to poke around the dark web for info. I should find a lead in my size chat forum" he said. Both looked at him. "It's a forum dedicated to borrowers and is run by a borrower if you believe the rumor. What? I got a life you know" he said. "Can I come?" Claire asked after Keith sat her down. "Of course you can. I'll even buy you a kimono as a souvenir" Aspen replied. "Smooth move putting me in his hands to have him agree to you worldwide tour" Claire said sitting on the book. "Eh...whatever works. Now since it's Friday it’s your turn to roleplay" she said. "I'll change into my princess dress if you get the string" she said hopping into her hand. "Deal. Just remember I skipped dinner tonight. If I get out of hand you remember the safe word right?" Aspen asked. "Tinkerbell" Claire replied. "Good girl" Aspen said as she walked up the stairs...









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