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Author's Chapter Notes:

First attempt at a story on this site.  Hope you enjoy!

          Adam Hollander trembled as he stood between the enormous size 10 feet of his towering mother.  She had caught him after he had shrunk himself to about an inch tall in an attempt to sneak out of the house under her nose.  He had been grounded last week by his parents for an assortment of things, bad grades, poor behavior in school, disobeying his parents but this strict grounding came as a result of him crashing his car while out with his friends after only having his driver’s license for a few months.  He had thought he could easily sneak out of the house and past his mother by shrinking himself but this had proved to be a very costly mistake.

            Adam was a 16-year-old high school student and the youngest child of the Hollander family.  He had an older sister who was 18, named Alyssa and an older brother who was 17 named Eric.  Alyssa was the captain of the cheer team and one of, if not the most popular girl in high school.  She was tall, about an inch shorter than their mother, tan, with luscious blonde hair, like their mother, and had a toned physique from cheerleading.  Eric was a star soccer player and was also a pretty good student, not to mention tall and muscular.  He had sandy blonde hair and was tall just like the rest of the family, starting at a little over 6 feet tall.  Adam was neither of his siblings.  Where both of his siblings were athletic and popular, Adam was unathletic and a bit of a nerd.  Despite being a “nerd,” he also struggled a bit in school and was often in trouble for goofing around with the few friends that he did have.  Adam knew that both his parents were definitely a bit disappointed he couldn’t be more like his siblings. 

          Adam’s parents, Jennifer and Thomas, seemed to be almost ashamed of the fact that Adam was their son.  Jennifer was 45 years old, although she was a young 45, and was considered by most to be a MILF.  She was tall and tan, with shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes.  She loved to run and work out, exercising as much as she could which helped her to maintain a toned, athletic body.  She was an executive at a major company and could be a bit arrogant at times.  Tom was 47 years old and was in pretty good shape.  He had short brown hair with some gray hairs starting to show and worked out when he could as he could be quite busy at his office job at a large company downtown from time to time.

            Adam had always felt like a bit of outsider in his own family.  His parents always seemed to be harder on him than his siblings.  He hated how strict his mother could be with him while she would simply brush off other things his older siblings did.  His father was the same way.  Adam did feel a bit of resentment towards his siblings from time to time and his siblings loved to tease him about everything, from school to his looks, to even his choice of clothing.  This led to Adam to try to avoid his siblings, at least as much as he could which still wasn’t that much.  While his siblings would be out with friends and partying, Adam often found himself researching crazy things online. 

           Adam had come across a Molecular Portsizer one day while looking around online.  He had placed an order for one as it was part of test release and had filled a few documents about why he should be one of the testers for this new technology.  A few months had passed and Adam had pretty much forgotten about it until a box had shown up at the door for him.  It was experimental technology as size changing tech was something very new.  Adam had been honestly surprised he had been chosen and was honestly even a bit more surprised it was real.  He had made his family aware of it after his mother and siblings had asked numerous questions about the portsizer.  His family and even him, didn’t really care much for the portsizer and it sat unused in a study in the house. 

          The only cool thing it did besides shrinking things was that whatever it shrunk, it made it just about impossible to destroy.  It had come with only one rule and that rule was one Adam really wished he had obeyed as he thought about his current predicament.  “Under no circumstance should this device by used in any capacity to alter the size of a human being.”

            Adam thought of this one rule as he looked up at his giant mother.  She was sitting on the couch in the living room, in a gray t-shirt and black running shorts, casting a disapproving look down at him as he trembled between her enormous, tan feet.  Adam knew that she was pissed that he had disobeyed her and tried to sneak out as her blue eyes pierced him.  He caught whiffs of a cheesy, sweaty foot funk, as he stood between her feet.  He cast glances each way at her tan pedicured feet, the nails painted red just like her fingernails.  He always thought her feet were big and being 5’10 she had size 10 feet which now looked absolutely massive. 

           “Mom, I’m sorry about this.  I wasn’t trying to sneak out, I swear, I was just, trying out the, uh, the portsizer.” Adam stammered out, breaking the silence.  “You were?” the giant woman replied, “And then you just so happened to try and sneak out the front door?” She raised her eyebrows as she looked down at her tiny son.  “No! I was just wandering around the house.  You just happened to find me near the front door.” Adam yelled up.  “Really? Just how dumb do you think I am?”  Jennifer replied, narrowing her eyes as she looked at her son.  “I don’t think you’re dumb at all, Mom!  I was just saying you misunderstood my intentions!”  Adam saw his mother roll her eyes.  “I know I’m not the dumb one.  I didn’t shrink myself with some harebrained technology from the internet.  Did you forget that everyone else would be a giant compared to you?”  Jennifer said.  Adam didn’t quite know how to even respond to this.  He saw a slight smirk on his mom’s face as he remained silent and turned red.  He hadn’t really considered the possibility of one of his family members catching him.  “Adam, Adam, Adam.  What are we going to do with you?”  His mother said shaking her head.  “Well you could grow me back for starters.”  Adam said sheepishly.  “I don’t think so.”

            I don’t think so.  Adam couldn’t believe what he just heard.  “You don’t think so? What does that even mean, mom?!”  “It means I’m not growing you back.  You need to learn there are consequences for your actions.  I’ve tried punishing you before and it doesn’t seem to have an effect on your bad behavior.  Maybe this will teach you a lesson.”  His mother could be a stern and strict woman but this had to be a joke.  “You can’t be serious, mom!  That’s not even funny!”  “Well I’m not trying to be funny and I am serious, young man.” Adam watched as she lifted up her massive left foot and grinned as she moved it over him.  “I’m sick and tired of your bad behavior,” she said as she lifted her foot over Adam. 

            Adam found himself in a shadow and looked up and stared up in a mixture of fear and awe of the huge foot.  The sole was reddened and Adam noticed bits of lint and fuzz stuck to the vast sole and a very thin film of dirt on her foot from walking around the house barefoot.  She then bought it down, “And it’s time I put my foot down.”  The foot crashed down on the carpeted floor of the living room, shaking it and producing a loud thud, well loud to Adam, with Adam just barely managing to run and dive out of the way of the tan foot. 

           The foot was close enough for him to touch and he realized just how close he had come to being under his mom’s foot.  A cloud of cheesy foot funk washed over him and he looked up and saw his mom giggling.  He stood up and glared up at her.  “What the hell, mom?!  You could’ve killed me!”  His mom smirked down at him.  “I wouldn’t have killed you. That little size thing of yours makes little things like you indestructible.  Besides, I gave you plenty of time to get out of the way.” 

          “That’s not the point, mom! You almost just fucking stepped on me with your big ass foot!”  Adam angrily yelled up.  He watched as his mother’s eyes narrowed and she frowned.  “You better watch your language, little man or my big ass foot is going to make you regret it.”  She scowled.  “Oh, I’m so sorry mom.  It’s not like you just tried to step on me or anything.” Adam said sarcastically.   “You better watch that tone, little man.”  “I’ll watch my tone when you make me big again!  This isn’t even fair, mom!” Adam said, punctuating his statement with a stomp of his foot.  “I don’t care if it’s fair or not,” Jennifer asserted, “And I can stomp my foot too.”  Jennifer lifted up the foot she had almost stepped on Adam with and then slammed it down with a resounding boom in front of Adam, knocking Adam from his feet and throwing him a couple of feet at his scale.  “And I don’t think you like that too much.”  Adam slowly pulled himself up once again.

            “Look mom, I don’t think we got off on the right foot about this, I think- “ Adam was cut off by his mom’s chuckling.  “You’re right.  We didn’t get off on the right foot.”  Adam watched as the giantess lifted up her other foot and moved it over him.  “THIS, is the right foot.”  She grinned before bringing the foot down.  Adam screamed as the massive foot came down quickly, giving him no chance to get out of the way.  Jennifer’s foot crashed down on Adam, flattening him against the floor as her warm flesh molded around his tiny form as she pressed down on him. 

           The first thing Adam noticed about the foot, besides its immense weight, was the smell.  Her foot smelled cheesy and sweaty, and it was more potent than he expected under her foot.  The flesh of her foot was also warm and he was surprised by how soft her foot was although it was quite firm and unforgiving.  Adam’s mouth being open also led to another unfortunate experience for Adam as her foot flesh engulfed him.  He got a mouthful of foot.  The taste of stale, sweaty foot was disgusting and made him want to puke.  Adam felt as if he was going to just pop or even be flattened into a sheet of paper under his mother’s powerful foot.  The foot lifted off of him and Adam found himself staring up at the smiling face of his mother.

            Jennifer’s foot hadn’t been on Adam that long.  She had simply brought it down on him and left it there for several seconds although to Adam, it felt like an eternity.  He gasped for breath as he felt the ground shake as she put the foot down next to him.  He was speechless.  His mother had just stepped on him.  Adam was dazed.  He heard her booming laughter.  “How’s that for getting off on the right foot?”  She said between laughs.  Adam was still struggling to even stand up as his mom laughed at him.  “Not so tough now, huh?  Where’s that dirty mouth of yours?”  Adam screamed as he saw her raise up her other foot over him, the reddened sole becoming larger and larger as it descended on him. 

            Jennifer’s left foot slammed down on Adam.  He experienced much of what he had before under his mom’s other foot.  The cheesy, sweaty smell, the warmth of her foot, the softness and firmness of her thick sole, all present under this foot as well.  Jennifer lifted her foot off of Adam and grinned down at him.  He was mashed into the carpet and looked helpless between her feet. 

           “You’re awfully quiet little man.  What’s a matter?  Were mommy’s big feet too much for you?”  She taunted with a smug grin.  “Please, no more.” Adam gasped.  “What was that? I can’t hear you.”  Jennifer leaned over and cupped her hand behind her ear, brushing her hair back.  “I said, please no more!”  “I still can’t really hear you, but it sounds like you said please one more.  If that’s what you want, little man.”  Jennifer laughed as she sat back up while Adam screamed.  “Mom! No! No more! No more!”  She lifted her right foot up and brought it over Adam.  “Here comes my foot!” She quipped before bringing it down.  Adam tried to raise his arms to protect himself, a pathetic attempt to ward off the tons of smelly foot flesh that were about to slam down on him. 

           Jennifer’s foot crashed down on her son once again only this time, instead of just simply crushing him, she began to twist her foot back and forth grinding him beneath her smelly sole.  Adam was immense pain as the smelly foot flesh of his mom’s foot rubbed over him.  He was lost beneath the vast sole as she grinded him.  He could feel the foot twisting on him, grinding him painfully into the carpet as it threatened to squish him.  Her cheesy foot flesh found its way into his mouth once again, gagging him as she mashed him.

            Adam was seeing spots and was dazed after her foot lifted off.  He could just barely make out her smiling face high above him although it was a bit blurry.  “You still with me, little man?” Jennifer said as she looked down at him.  She had to admit she was kind of enjoying this.  It felt kind of good to put her troublesome son in his place.  Adam watched as his mother huge hand came down towards him, her thumb and index finger in a pincer.  Jennifer reached down and pinched him up between her thumb and index finger of her right hand.  She brought him up to her face which to Adam was a bit disorientating going to from being smashed into the ground under a foot to being dangled in the air.  He could still smell her sweaty, cheesy foot scent despite being nowhere near her feet and realized she must’ve rubbed it into him.

          Adam’s vision slowly cleared and he tried to focus, his mother’s face slowly becoming a bit clearer.  He saw her perfect, white teeth, each one looking as if it could tear him in half in an instant before looking up at her big, blue eyes.  She had a look of amusement on her face and Adam tried his best to focus on just one point on her face.  She shook him which made him even more nauseous than he already felt.  “I’M SURPRISED YOU ASKED FOR ONE MORE.  BEING STEPPED ON DOESN’T SEEM THAT ENJOYABLE IF YOU ASK ME.”  Adam winced in pain.  Her voice was so loud.  “I didn’t ask you to step on me again,” Adam wheezed, “I said please no more.”  “OH. I’M SO SORRY.  I THOUGHT YOU SAID PLEASE ONE MORE.  IT’S A LITTLE HARD TO HEAR YOU SINCE YOU’RE SO SMALL.”  The sarcasm dripping from her amused tone. 

        “Please mom, I’ve learned my lesson.  Let me be normal size again.  I’ll never misbehave again.”  Adam gasped.  Jennifer laughed.  “I DON’T THINK YOU HAVE LEARNED YOUR LESSON YET.  IF YOUR GRADES ARE ANY INDICATION OF HOW WELL YOU LEARN, I’LL NEED TO TEACH YOU THIS LESSON QUITE A FEW TIMES FOR IT TO STICK.”  “Mom… please… your feet… they’re so big… and so heavy.  They, they smell too.” Adam choked out.  Jennifer’s booming laughter shook him.  “MY FEET,” she laughed, “ARE BIG AND HEAVY.  I GUESS YOU WOULD KNOW BEST SO I’LL TAKE YOUR WORD FOR IT.  AND THEY’RE FEET. OF COURSE, THEY SMELL.”  She mocked. 

         Jennifer then moved Adam to her nose and sniffed.  Adam felt the air around him being pulled into her nose before she moved him away.  Adam watched as she waved a hand in front of her nose and had a look of mock disgust on her face.  “PHEW.  YOU’RE NOT KIDDING ABOUT THE SMELL.  YOU SMELL LIKE SOMEONE’S HAD THEIR FEET ALL OVER YOU.”  She chuckled and grinned at him.  “THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING OF YOUR PUNISHMENT.  IT SEEMS TO BE WORKING PRETTY WELL SO FAR.”  Adam’s ears were still ringing as he dangled in front of the giant face.  “NOW I’M GOING TO WATCH TV AND YOU’RE GOING TO PROVIDE ME WITH A BIT OF ENTERTAINMENT.”

            Jennifer moved Adam away from her face and dropped him from about her knee level to the ground between her feet.  Adam couldn’t believe how cruel his mother was being.  She had stepped on him not once, not twice, but three times and then taunted him about it!  He was pissed at her but had no energy to be pissed.  Being stepped on like he was a bug had zapped him of his strength.  He was a bit terrified to find out what the giant woman meant be “entertainment.”  His question was soon answered as the giantess turned on the TV and then raised up her right foot over him.  Her mature foot came crashing down on him, flattening him to floor and molding around him before lifting up slightly.  She was keeping enough pressure on Adam to keep him pinned to the ground but didn’t have her foot pressing down on him to mash him. 

           Adam was suddenly jolted as she began to move her foot, forcefully rolling him beneath her smelly sole.  She rolled Adam from heel to toe under her warm foot, forcing him to smell her cheesy foot funk and taste her acrid flesh while she forced him back and forth beneath it.  She grinned as she felt him being forcefully rolled along under her foot.  Adam was completely at the mercy of his giantess mother.



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