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Part 1: When Daisy Ate Henry

Henry, a dark-haired young man who was clean-shaven except for slight sideburns, had recently failed out of community college. He had also been fired from his job shortly thereafter. He decided to volunteer to be eaten by a giantess! If he could not be a productive member of society, he might as well be a nutritious snack for a giant woman.

Using the very last of his money, he bought a ticket onto a train headed for a remote area where giants were known to congregate. Once he explained his destination and purpose of travel to the normal-sized woman sitting next to him on the train, however, she clearly thought he was insane.

"Why do you want to be eaten?"

"Because I would rather not tell my parents that I flunked out in the first place. Or got fired, for that matter. It's easier if I disappear."

"Digestion will be painful!"

"So is everything else in my life."

"Why don't you just apply back to school and improve your grades, and then apply for a new job? Why not turn your life around?"

"You say 'just' as if that were an easy task."

"Yet you are asking to be eaten and digested."

"By a girl," he finished her sentence for her.

"Why does the sex of the giant(ess) even matter to you? You are being eaten by her, not sleeping with her!"

"We all start life in a woman's belly, in her womb. I want to end life in a woman's belly, albeit in her stomach rather than her uterus. Both are relatively close, in her belly. A female stomach is the Womb of Death* with the actual womb as the Womb of Birth. I find it beautiful that a female belly is a place of death as well as a place of birth."

*The symbolic descriptions Womb of Birth for the uterus and Womb of Death for a female stomach are an actual thing, not original to this vore story. Google it! Anyway, back to the story.

"Obviously not the same woman, seeing how you're not a giant."

"And have you invented a shrink ray?" Henry asked, somewhat sarcastically.

A few stops down the rail line, the woman arrived at her destination and left the train, leaving Henry to look forward to being digested by a giantess.

A few stops after that, Henry finally arrived at his destination. Just as the train departed behind him, he was already running off toward a hill about half a kilometer away from which he would look for giants (and more specifically, giantesses). Eventually, a giantess saw him and introduced herself.

"My name is Daisy. Yours?"


"You noticed me. Didn't you, Henry? Most guys do, both male giants and normal-sized men like yourself."

That went without saying. Daisy was incredibly beautiful!

Her hair was as black as anthracite. Her breasts were in the realm of a high B cup to a low C cup; in giantess sizes, that is. Her belly was one of those "best of both worlds" female bellies, somewhat muscular but still having a slight bit of muffin top. It had held up, too. Were it not for the single very faint "tiger stripe" partially covered by her crop-top shirt that still exposed most of her belly, one would not have known that she had young giants back home. She also had a perfect camel toe and butt.

"Yes, but not in the way you mean."

"Hmm?" She was puzzled.

"I am volunteering to be eaten by you, if you'll have me."


There was a brief awkward silence.

"Yes, I will eat you, then, since it has been a while since lunch."

Like all giants, Daisy was used to proportionally large amounts of regular food but would sometimes eat people to protect others (for example, eating a mugger or a burglar) or to accept a volunteer, as was the case here. They talked a little while longer.

Eventually, Daisy said, "Well, I have to get home to the kids. Are you ready to be eaten?"

This was awesome! He was about to be digested in the very same belly that had carried two young giants.


With that, she picked him up and lowered him into her mouth. She carefully worked his clothing off with her tongue and teeth, and then she swallowed him whole. He landed in her stomach. A few moments later, she burped, and his jeans and plain green T-shirt fell to the ground below. "Excuse me," she said, just in case anyone had overheard. "He was delicious!"

She made it home to her kids, with him still digesting in her belly.

Part 2: When Amanda Ate Kayla

Kayla was a dark-haired girl. Were it not for her hair color, she might have been called a "bimbo," a term generally reserved for blondes. She was pretty, but she was a failure in life, essentially a female version of Henry. Like Henry, she too wanted to be eaten by a giantess, ending life more or less where it started (in a female belly). A man on the bus ride out here had questioned why she wanted to be eaten, with much the same results as the conversation with Henry on the train.

When she arrived at her destination, she sought out and eventually found a giantess named Amanda. Amanda had semi-blonde hair with a similar beautiful body to that of Daisy (minus the subtle evidence of having given birth, for she had no children).

Both female albeit one normal-sized and the other a giantess, the two engaged in plenty of "girl talk" before Kayla summoned the courage to volunteer.

"So Amanda, are you hungry? If so, I volunteer to be eaten."

"Sure. Dinner is in a few minutes, but a volunteer sounds like a nice appetizer."

She ate her, burping out the black dress and skirt along with some Gothic jewelry (skull necklaces and the like). "Excuse me," said Amanda. "She was tasty!"

Part 3: When Jeffrey Ate Timothy

Timothy, a dark red-haired guy, was gay and had always fantasized about being digested, a combination that led to a desire to be eaten by a male giant. How would he rationalize this desire? That was something he had put off almost until he went through with the matter.

For those who volunteered to be eaten by giantesses, the usual excuse was wanting to end life more or less where it began, in a female belly. That excuse wasn't available, obviously, for one who would volunteer to be eaten by a male giant.

He thought about "becoming part of something larger than myself," a phrase usually applied to either enlisting in the Military or pledging a Fraternity depending on context. For being eaten, he called it "becoming part of someONE larger than myself," and people would be tempted to correct him.

He had also thought of using a twisted version of the usual excuse of those voluntarily eaten by giantesses: That although one starts life in the womb, one only enters said womb from a man planting the proverbial "seed." Except of course the seed did not come from a man's belly, so the symmetry in such an argument was nothing like the giantess argument.

Ultimately, he settled on a weird combination of the above that he never quite fleshed out. There were many awkward conversations, on the island where he sought out giants as well as the cruise ship on the way there.

He ultimately found a male giant named Jeffrey, who did not look like a Street Fighter character but did have at least the beginning of a six-pack. His hair was semi-blonde like that of Amanda.

He ate him, burping out his Hawaiian shirt and khaki shorts. "Excuse me. He was delicious!"

Part 4: When Jonathan Ate MacKenzie

MacKenzie was a dark-haired girl with blonde highlights. Wanting to be eaten by a male giant, her struggles in rationalizing were very similar to those of Timothy (though she was female, and obviously straight). She also settled on the same half-baked combination of explanations as he had.

As soon as her plane landed in a mountainous area where she had chosen to seek out giants, she excitedly hurried out of the airport ready to be eaten. She was wearing a belly shirt similar to that of Daisy and Amanda (and in fact all giantesses; male giants wore the equivalent of a see-through gym shirt), albeit fitting a normal-sized woman such that she was.

She eventually met Jonathan, a male giant with blond hair, very handsome albeit with a bit more of a belly than Jeffrey.

They introduced themselves to each other.

"What brought you all the way out here?" Jonathan asked, after finding out that MacKenzie wasn't from here.

"Well, I'm volunteering to be eaten by you."

"Very well."

He picked her up and lowered her into his mouth. He removed her crop top and shorts with his teeth and tongue, and then he swallowed her whole. She landed in his stomach. A few moments later, he burped, and her clothing fell to the ground below. "Excuse me," he said on the off chance that anyone overheard. "She was delicious!"

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