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My phone buzzed, startling me out of what I was reading.  I glanced over and checked it.  “Get over here,” read the text from ‘Giant Babe.’  Fulda.  “Now,” followed before I could even unlock the phone.  “NOW,” ended the trio right when I finally got it open.  So much for her being busy tonight.  Quickly I gathered my things, put my computer into sleep mode, and headed for the door, sending a reply while I locked it.  At least I had only been procrastinating on Twitter instead of anything important.


Outside was a brisk October night, making me glad I thought to put on a sweater before stepping out.  The leaves had mostly fallen on the ground, crunching lightly under my shoes as I walked along the sidewalk.  Loud howls from revelers pierced the air, students doing their best to distract themselves from pending midterms.  A few of them staggered past me on my way, calling it before midnight either because of a sudden sense of responsibility or low alcohol tolerance.


The walk barely even took ten minutes, during which I received the following, all from Fulda, and all as separate messages: “HURRY.  MID.  NIGHT.  SNACK.”  She was a strange and impatient woman, and the three weeks we had been dating so far had been an incredibly strange time for me.  I supposed being a woman over six-and-a-half feet tall made her peculiar on its own, and probably had not helped her develop patience.  Those were things I liked about her though.  Being with her was unpredictable, and things happened fast.


I had been to her sorority house on several occasions before, but never stepped inside.  Each time I was about to step through the doorway she turned around so that I ran face-first into her abs and made a joke.  “Not yet, I need to order some doll furniture for you first.”  “We still have some glue traps out and I don’t want you to get stuck.”  “You really shouldn’t, Helen saw a bug earlier and I don’t want her to mistake you for it.”  Then she would ruffle my hair, give me a kiss, and send me on my way.


Tonight was different though.  I rapped twice on the door and waited, pulling my earbuds out.  Through the window well above eye level I saw a collar bone and the plunging neckline of a nightshirt, strands of blond hair falling over proud shoulders.  The door swung inward, and I found myself practically eye to navel with a woman in a loose t-shirt and sweatpants.  She looked down at me through narrowed blue eyes and placed her hands on her hips.  “Are you lost, little boy?” she asked in a husky voice.  “There’s no party tonight, so why don’t you run back to your ant farm and dig some tunnels?”


“I’m here to see Fulda,” I replied, refusing to let her intimidate me.  “She’s here, right?”


“Oh, you’re here to see Fulda?  Why didn’t you say so!”  Her mood immediately shifted, the grimace turning to a grin as she stepped aside.  She leaned against the doorway in what I guess she thought was a seductive pose while I entered, but only ended up looking awkward with her attire.  “Please, pardon my manners.  She’s upstairs in her room.  When she’s done with you feel free to come across the hall and knock on my door, I can show you something big.”


I gave a polite nod and shuffled past her.  “Uh, sure,” I muttered, having no desire to ever follow through.  The interior was not at all like I had imagined, in that it was perfectly ordinary.  To my right was an unoccupied dining room, half-filled plastic cups dimly lit by the bulbs hanging above, and on my left a pale woman with hair dyed fire truck red sat alone on a couch, face tinged blue by the TV show she was watching.  Leaving her to it I walked down the hall toward the stairs, where I spotted the kitchen on the right after a few strides.  A slender blond stood by the sink, her back to it, and I realized that I had no idea which room Fulda actually lived in.


“Excuse me,” I began, poking my head into the white tiled room, “I’m looking for-“


“It’s a hobbit!” she screamed and pushed herself off the counter, running toward me.  She narrowly avoided bowling me over by coming to a stop half an inch from my nose, clearly demonstrating that she was head and shoulders taller than me.  Her sparkling green eyes looked down at me, and I took a big step back from having my nose in her gray tank top.  “What are you doing so far out of the Shire?  Hobbits don’t usually go on adventures, unless… you’re looking for an elf!”  With her long legs she easily closed the gap I opened, pressing me toward the hallway wall.


“Back off him, Mariam, you crazy bitch,” came a voice from inside the kitchen.  Through the doorway strode a lithe Japanese woman only a touch shorter than Mariam wearing an extra-large shirt as a loose dress.  While she approached she continued, “None of that shit’s real, so he’s not a hobbit, you’re not an elf, and he sure as hell isn’t looking for one.”  By the time she was done she and Mariam were standing shoulder to shoulder, peering down at me intently and practically pinning me against the wall.


“Oh, lighten up Li, I’m just joking around,” Mariam replied before turning her attention back to me.  “What’s your name, little guy?  Frodo, right?”  Li rolled her eyes and Mariam laughed, more that she annoyed Li than at her own joke I suspected.


I faked a laugh to be polite before saying, “My name’s-“


“Don’t you two have anything better to do?”  We turned to see the pale woman with brightly-dyed red hair standing behind them, looking down at all of us.  She adjusted her white silk robe before continuing.  “That’s the president’s boyfriend, so take your bullshit back into the kitchen and leave him be.”  She focused on me and said, “Upstairs and to the right,” then walked away.


“Sorry Jackie,” they both said, then parted to let me pass. 


While they went back to whatever they had been doing I ascended the stairs two at a time, then turned to the right.  A placard on the door read “Fulda Stein, President,” meaning I could have avoided that whole incident by just looking around.  I looked over my shoulder and “Helen Komnena, Vice-President” on the opposite door.  Without knocking I turned the knob and entered.


A white wall slammed into me head-on, knocking me backwards.  Two powerful arms wrapped around me to keep me from falling over and dragged me back into the room.  Something thudded against wood and the door slammed shut, then the room spun as I was twisted around.  “There you are!” Fulda shouted excitedly.  “I was starting to worry one of my sisters had trapped you in a jar.”  She let go and dropped me to the floor.


I sprawled out on the floor and regarded her towering over me.  Fulda never missed a day in the gym and it showed.  Calves bulged above her white ankle socks, and powerful thighs were plainly visible beneath her loose blue skirt.  Large biceps strained her plain white shirt, unbuttoned far enough to show her ample cleavage.  Her icy blue eyes looked down at me playfully, and her auburn hair was done in a French braid.  All over her skin was darkly tanned, giving the impression of a mighty Greek hero as she stood astride me.


“I think they wanted to,” I began.  “Mariam and Li got me against the wall downstairs, and-“


“Forget about them, they’re just thirsty,” Fulda cut me off.  She reached down and grabbed my hand, pulling me to my feet as easily as if I were made of paper.  My face rammed into her abs again and I looked up past her breasts while she addressed me.  “I have a thirst too though, and a hunger only you can satiate.”  Her strong hands ran up and down my back, pinning me against her.  The heat coming through her close was more intense than I had ever felt from another person.


“Now get my fucking clothes off.”


She hated repeating herself, and I didn’t need to be told twice.  I reached around her and planted my hands on her firm butt, each cheek more than enough for my palms.  My fingers probed above her crack and found her zipper.  With one swift motion I undid it, then seized her skirt with both hands and yanked it off.  It fell to the floor in a pool around her feet, then I got to work on her shirt.


Before I could undo a button Fulda seized me by the shoulders and hefted me.  In an instant her mouth was on mine, furiously kissing me while I fumbled with her shirt.  She pressed in harder with her characteristic aggression, then broke away.  “Just fucking tear it off,” she commanded in the intermission.  Without saying anything I grabbed her shirt by the lapels and pulled it apart, tearing off the buttons.  They scattered around the room, and now the tail of her shirt hung open loosely, revealing the black panties and bulging black bra it had been concealing.


Mattress springs creaked when Fulda dropped her toned ass down on it and set me back on the floor.  With half her legs out of the equation I was a bit taller than her now and tried to press the advantage.  I tried to push on her shoulders to lay her down on the mattress but she held me at arm’s length, then moved her hands down to my waist.  She grabbed my shirt and hoodie and jerked upward, forcing my arms upward as she disrobed me.  Casually she tossed them over her shoulder, then planted her hand on the small of my back.


Forcefully she pulled me back toward her, stopping me with a bounce off her rack.  Her free hand worked my pants open easily, then pulled them down fast enough it almost burned my skin.  I was already rock hard, and slid a hand around her back to begin working the clasp of her bra to free her breasts.  Fulda grabbed my wrist and dragged it down, slapping it onto her butt.  “No need to jump right to the main course,” she cooed.  “I’m still enjoying the appetizers.”


Fulda’s powerful arm held me firmly against her while her lips pressed against mine, more like a furious assault than the act of a lover.  I was pulled in two directions, unable to go back or forward against her force, so I simply closed my eyes and kissed back as well as I could.


She must have been gradually standing, since after a minute or so I had to stand on my toes to keep the connection between our lips.  Several seconds later she grabbed me by the hips with her enormous hands and lifted me off the ground as she stood fully, letting my feet dangle helplessly about her knees while she held me with a strength I didn’t know she had.  “I fucking love how small you are,” she purred during a brief intermission.  Fulda roughly kissed me again, then added, “It makes me so hot to look down at you like this.”  I tore my eyes away to look down, and sure enough just past my feet I saw a rapidly growing wet spot on the front of her panties.


That didn’t seem right.  She was a lot taller than me, but not several feet.  I looked up at her in confusion to see her smiling back, pearly white teeth glinting.  “And you’re making me hotter as we go,” she declared, and a moment later it clicked:  she was shrinking me in her grip!  My face must have betrayed that realization since Fulda gave a short laugh before leaning down again.


I turned my head away, but she simply palmed the back of it like a basketball and turned it back to face her.  After a few more seconds of vicious kissing she asked, “Aw, what’s the matter?  Don’t want to be knee high?”  She kissed me some more, her lips entirely encompassing mine now and bumping against my nose.  “Don’t worry, you won’t be.  Think more like… bite-sized.”


Furiously I pushed against her chest to break her solid hold on me, but she just laughed again and tightened her grip.  “Sorry, do you prefer fun-sized?”  I continued struggling while she pulled me up to her mouth again, pressing her lips against my face until they covered my eyes.  By now she was holding me with one hand wrapped firmly around my chest, the other down the front of her underwear.


No longer able to reach her chest I tried to pry her fingers off me, but found it impossible to break her hold.  Futilely I kept pulling on her fingers, but they only grew larger and stronger the more she kissed me.  Not much longer and her lips wrapped around my head without straining, and soon after my head barely poked out from between her fingers, the rest of my body securely contained inside her fist.


Fulda opened her fingers, leaving me to stand on her open palm.  Her lips pushed against me again, diving me back across her hand.  She grew increasingly massive while I retreated, and her fingers were wide enough for me to stand on a single one by the time I reached them.  This only encouraged her, and her mouth forced me along her index finger until I stood on the pad of its tip.


Suddenly she stopped and grinned, a smile many times wider than I was tall that promised to have me inside it soon.  I looked over the precipice and saw a six-foot plummet behind me.  Even if she didn’t catch me before I landed I would be dashed on the carpet, and if not I couldn’t imagine her not just stepping on me after.  “Please,” I pleaded, turning back to her.  “Please let me live.”


Something between a moan and a laugh escaped Fulda’s throat and her lips parted.  Her phone buzzed on her night stand.  “Midnight,” she boomed in a powerful rumble.  The hot wind from her breath blew my hair back and nearly knocked me off her finger as it rivaled the force of a hurricane.  “Just in time to be my snack.”


Fulda’s pink lips parted and surged forward while her finger flicked upward, popping me neatly into her mouth.  I sailed between her teeth and landed on her tongue, getting coated in saliva.  She raised her tongue and slammed me into the roof of her mouth, running me along her ribbed palate.  I winced from the pain of her saliva burning my skin, and he lowered the pink platform from pinning me.  Her lips were still open, allowing light to illuminate the pink cavern I was trapped inside.  She raised a mirror to her lips, and the sight of me drenched on her tongue between her teeth made me cry out from the absurdity.  Fulda tilted the mirror so that I could see her cold eyes shining mirthfully, allowing her to see me helpless inside her mouth.


The lips to Fulda’s maw closed, plunging me into darkness.  Her body began to shudder as her tongue flicked me back and sent me rolling along its length until I came to rest atop her gullet.  A river of saliva rushed around me and the ground gave way, dropping me into her throat.  I quickly exhausted the paltry air supply in my pocket within her throat muscles, and by the time I landed in her stomach acid my lungs were burning for air.


Upon splashing into her stomach everything else began to burn.  The shuddering of Fulda’s body intensified as my body gradually dissolved inside her, and the pool of acid shifted when she laid down on her bed.  Despite the agonizing pain I found myself unable to scream.  My life inside Fulda’s digestive tract was mercifully brief, the trembling of her monolithic body reaching its pitch when I finally expired.


Fulda, having satisfied her appetites, fell asleep with a smile.

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