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Author's Chapter Notes:

Jason goes on a trip, but it's not the trip he thought he'd have.

Jason Jackson looked around at the landscape before him. He thought it looked familiar, and then a few seconds later, he realized why. He was inside of his apartment, except everything in it was gigantic....no, that wasn't it. Everything was the same size...it was Jason who was now smaller. Much smaller. He didn't know why though. He thought about the last thing he could remember. He was supposed to be on a trip, but had came back to the apartment to pick something up. That was all he remembered. Obviously, he never left the apartment afterwards, but something had to have happened that caused him to shrink.    

Jason took note of where he was: on top of the counter by the front door. That was where he had been last, when he was normal size. Well, he wasn't on top of the counter before, but he was now. He was glad for that, being on the floor at this height was not somewhere he wanted to be. The counter was relatively bare, but it shouldn't have been. His phone had been on the counter, that's what he came back to get, but it wasn't here...He had picked it up before this happened. It's possible it fell down to the ground. Cautiously, Jason traversed over to the edge of the counter and looked down to the carpet below. It looked like a beige ocean. It was so far down it made him sick just looking at it, so he stopped peering and got back on the counter fully. His phone wasn't down there, maybe it was possible it shrunk as well? He had no idea, he just knew he didn't see it on the counter, and he was not going down to the carpet below...he didn't even know how he could.   

 Instead, he surveyed the counter some more. He found some crumbs...at least, they were crumbs when he was normal sized. He moved over next to one, and found it went up to his waist. It was an extremely surreal feeling, just how small was he? Jason didn't really want to know the answer to that question. The crumb was a brownish color and he had no idea what it had previously belonged to. It was food, he supposed. Though he had no intentions of eating it. He found another crumb that was about an inch taller than him, and it made him feel even more insignificant. Jason was a pretty large guy, reaching about six feet in height, and now this crumb was even taller. He had looked at this counter previously and never even noticed there were crumbs on it, and now he was smaller than some of them. It gave him no hope.    

Dejected, Jason stopped looking around. Crumbs had made him feel small, and there was a whole apartment full of objects that he already knew were massive to him. He didn't want to think about it, instead, he thought about what he was going to do. He had no idea what caused him to shrink, but it was possible it would be undone. He was positive it would be undone, even though he had no basis for thinking that. He was scared, certainly, but he wasn't really worried. Nothing had happened in the few minutes he had been shrunken, and so he went about with mild curiosity, certain that things would be back to normal soon. Those feelings quickly changed once he heard the sound of the front door being unlocked.   


Abigail Winters walked up the stairs to her apartment. She held a few pieces of mail in her hand and had her purse hanging from her shoulder as she flipped out her keys and unlocked the door. He welcomed the air conditioning inside as it bested the hot air of the summer heat. She closed the door and walked over to the counter where she dropped her purse. It landed with an inaudible smack and rolled over on it's side. She stood above the counter looking at the mail and, one by one, tossed them onto the counter when she deemed them unworthy of being read at the moment. When she finished, she looked around at the apartment and took note of how quiet it was. The only sound was the hum of the AC working.    

She lived with her boyfriend Jason of seven years, but he was away on a trip by now. They had said their goodbyes earlier in the day, before Abigail had to go to work. She missed him already, but it would only be for a week or so. The two of them had been apart before, but ever since moving into the apartment, they had seen each other pretty much every day. It would be okay though, she had friends to spend her time with and could always face time if she felt lonely.   

Abigail walked into the bedroom where she kicked off her shoes and socks. She was someone who preferred wearing flip flops, but for work, or if she was going for a run, she couldn't really do that. Once she was settled, she walked to the kitchen and began making herself some dinner. The cool tile in the kitchen felt nice against the soles of her feet, which had been trapped in her shoes all day. It wasn't the biggest kitchen in the world, and things were scattered all over, so she had to do a good deal of walking back and forth to get what she needed, but eventually, she had made a nice, warm dinner. She went over and took a seat on the couch, flicked on the television to her favorite show, and propped her feet up on the table. She knew Jason didn't like when she did it for whatever reason, but he wasn't here, so she didn't really care.   

 The disruption of the front door opening nearly caused Jason to lose him balance, but he caught himself on the massive crumb. Jason looked to the front door and saw the massive figure of his girlfriend Abigail standing there. He barely had enough time to begin shouting her name out before she was instantly in front of him. In the blink of an eye a huge black object crashed down on the counter far away from Jason, but it still created a loud smack and a big tremor. Even the support of the crumb wasn't enough, and Jason quickly face planted onto the counter. He turned on his back and the crumb looked even bigger now, but larger than that was Abigail standing over him.   

 The bottom of her breasts were about on level with the top of the counter. Jason looked upward and was able to make out Abigail's face looking down at the stack of papers she held in her hand. He took the opportunity to spring to his feet and begin calling her name again, hoping to garner her attention, but she made no indication that she was even aware Jason was there. Instead, he watched as a large paper she was holding was flicked out of her hand and landed on the counter behind him. The gust of it landing propelled him and the crumb forward, beyond the edge of the counter, and Jason let out a horrified scream as he plummeted towards the beige carpet ocean below.   

He landed on his back amidst the giant carpet fibers. He was breathing heavily, completely shaken and terrified from the experience, but he was fine. From what he could tell, there was no damage, he was completely unharmed. Jason had no idea if that was pure luck, or it had something do with his size, but he didn't want to experiment to find the answer. At his normal size, and even up above on the counter, the carpet has looked like one mass of color, but now what he was apart of it, he realized it was all a bunch of individual strands. They scratched at his arms as he tried to move them, but at the very least they kept him supported enough to not fall deeper into the carpet. The carpet was the least of his concerns, however.  
Abigail was fairly short, reaching a couple inches above five feet, but to the miniscule Jason laying down flat on the carpet, she looked colossal. He was situated almost directly below her and so her breasts obscured his vision from seeing her face. He traced downwards to her waist and her legs and found himself staring at her shoe. It was gigantic. Her shoe was gigantic, easily dwarfing Jason. He could see specks, to a normal person at least, of dirt adhered to the side of her shoe. He could smell the rubber from the tread of it emanating towards him. It was something he would never notice or even care about at his normal size, now it was frightening. He could see the carpet strands being crushed beneath the weight of her standing on it. Abigail was pretty light, but even so the carpet stood no chance against the titanic woman. Looking at the carpet strands made Jason fully understand his predicament. He was a tiny speck on the carpet standing directly beneath his girlfriend. And he was just laying there, open for anything terrible to happen. He had to move!   

It's a good thing he didn't move, as an instant later Abigail gigantic shoe glided over the carpet, mere inches above Jason. If he had stood up, he would have surely been smacked by the shoe as it moved. In another instant, the shoe was gone, creating a small tremor far away from Jason. The smell of rubber lingered in the air around him. He was in utter shock of how such a massive object could move so fast...but then he thought about it, and realized it made sense. Abigail wasn't moving any faster than she did normally, he was just perceiving it differently due to the height difference. It was still terrifying, though, because it meant she could get around much faster than he could, and if she was heading towards him, there would be very little he could do.   
Jason finally stood up and tried to get his footing on the carpet. It was a tad difficult at first, but he eventually got used to traversing it. The real killer, however, was seeing how far he'd have to travel to get anywhere. From above, the carpet had looked like an ocean, but now that he was down on it, he realized it was more of a desert. A huge, vast, flat area with little in it. Before he started walking anywhere, he needed a game plan. His ultimate goal would be to get Abigail's attention, so she could protect him from everything dangerous at his current size, and hopefully get him back to his normal size. But that was much, much easier said than done. He thought back to the crumb on the counter. It was something he never noticed at normal height. Now he was that size, and on the floor, getting Abigail's attention would be exceedingly difficult unless he found a way off the floor, not to mention he already knew it was extremely dangerous. Jason wasn't even worried about being mistaken for a some kind of ant or other bug. He knew from experience Abigail went out of her way to not hurt any creature. He just had to get her attention and he would be fine. But where would he go?  

 The tiled floor of the kitchen wasn't that far from him. It would be much easier to traverse on compared to the carpet, but then there wouldn't be much to climb up on. He would be pretty stuck on the floor, still, it was probably pretty safe. His other option was the table in the living room. It was fairly low to the ground. Still high for him, but lower than a lot of other pieces of furniture. It would be quite a trek to it, but it was an option. A loud smack came from the kitchen. It sounded like sweaty flesh slapping against cold tile, because that's exactly what it was. Tremors reverberated from the kitchen towards Jason, and from the around the corner appeared Abigail's gigantic bare feet. They slapped down with a small squish that only someone at Jason's level would hear. Even at a distance her feet still looked massive. He scanned his eyes upwards and was finally able to catch a glimpse of her face, at least somewhat. She vanished beyond the corner again but Jason could still hear her stomping around in the kitchen. His decision of where to go was made up for him.   

Jason spent the next while walking across the carpet desert to the table. It was terrible. After several minutes it appeared to him he hadn't made any progress at all. He was a speck afterall, of course it was going to take a long time to traverse the floor. He was out of breath, but he wasn't really thirsty. He found it odd, but he didn't dwell on it, there were other issues to attend to at the moment, so he kept walking. Before long, the tremors from the kitchen subsided, but began again on the carpet. He heard the small squeak of the floorboards beneath the carpet behind him, but he didn't even have time to begin looking backwards before a giant tan, fleshy sky descended upon him.  

 Jason was smashed face first into the carpet. The rough strands scuffed at his face. An immense weight pressed down upon him, threaten to crush him into oblivion, but it was merely an empty threat, no such crushing happened. There was a lot of pain however. A sweet scent mixture of sweat and lotion filled his nostrils. It was intoxicating. There was zero light coming in, but it didn't matter since Jason's eyes were shut closed from wincing in pain. He tried to wiggle and move about, anything to get free, but he was completely immobilized. All of it happened in less than a second.   

In another part of the second, Jason was propelled upward, faster then he ever thought possible into the air. He felt wind breeze past him, hitting him everywhere except for his back. Every part of him was cold, except again for his back, which was covered with warmness, and was also damp. Everything was happening so quickly Jason didn't even have time to register what was happening. It just happened and he was along for the ride, literally.    

In the last part of the second, all the wind stopped, but it was for a time smaller than a fraction of a second. Jason opened his eyes and saw the beige carpet desert below him. He appeared to be several feet in the air, but in reality it was probably a couple inches. The wind picked up extremely fast and tears started to form in the corners of his eyes. He was still unable to move as the carpet grew closer and closer before he was relentlessly smashed into the fibers once more, though this time with much more force. He screamed in utter pain once more, but again, he felt no serious damage, but pain pain and pain.    

It took the entire second, but Jason's mind had finally caught up on what was happening. Abigail had stepped on him, and he had become adhered to the sole of her foot. That entire second, featuring more pain than Jason had ever felt in his entire life, was simply Abigail taking a step. On carpet. Jason couldn't help but let out a pained whimper as he lay smushed beneath his girlfriend's foot. He loved Abigail and she loved him, and yet she was causing such horrific pain to him. He recalled how she went out of her way to not hurt living creatures...but he realized she had to be aware of their existence for that to take effect. She was walking with full force, stepping down with all her weight, because she had no idea the man she loved was currently suffering and sobbing beneath her soles like a mere piece of dirt.    

Before Jason could even contemplate how incredibly awful his situation was, he was lifted up at high speeds again, still adhered to Abigail's foot. And in less than a second, he was forcefully brought down, smashed mercilessly into the rough carpet strands without a care for his well-being. It happened again, lifted up, smashed down. He felt no serious injuries even after all the steps, but each time it still hurt as if he was being crushed by the full weight of a colossal foot. This time, when his face was mashed into the carpet, it stayed there for a bit. It gave Jason time to think about what was happening. Think about how insignificant he was. His girlfriend was walking all over him. Not figuratively. She was literally walking on top of him, and she didn't even know. She was walking on a human being, and was none the wiser. How the hell was he ever going to get her's-or anyone's-attention?  

 Jason was lifted up once more, but it was different this time. It was more vertical. He looked ahead forward and saw flashed of the television in their living room. Then a loud thump sounded and Jason was ejected from his place on Abigail's sole like a fleck of dirt. Other pieces of dirt also feel from her feet onto the table below. Some of them were bigger than Jason. He landed with a small smack on the white table. It was the very table he was trying to get to in the first place, he had just taken...an alternate route to it. A quicker, but more painful one. Jason had told Abigail he didn't like her putting her feet on the table, but he was glad for it this time, since it allowed him to get off of the hell ride.   

Jason's body felt no pain anymore, and he had no injuries whatsoever to his body, it was as if he had never been stepped on, but he knew he had. He knew what he had just gone through. His body was unscathed, but his hopes had been shattered. He flipped over onto this back and stared up at Abigail's sole looming over him. She did not have big feet, she wore only a size five shoe, but the thing above him was monstrous. He saw specks of dirt still adhered to the sole. He was glad he was not one of them, but then he noticed the other dirt specks around him. They laid scattered on the table around her soles. He was one of them. He was naught but a mere speck of dirt to his own girlfriend. Jason had finally reached the table that he set out to reach, and Abigail was literally right next to him, and he could have gotten up and tried to get her attention, but he didn't. He was so defeated, so humiliated over what had just occurred to him, that all he could bring himself to do was sob to himself staring up at Abigail's sole and the dirt around him, reminding him how insignificant he was at the moment.    

When Abigail finished her meal, she brought her feet of the table and set them down on the ground. She set her plate on the table and noticed a couple tiny specks of dirt on the table. She looked at the sole of her foot and saw a couple more there. That was probably why Jason didn't want her putting her feet up on the table. Whatever. She brushed the dirt off the table with her hand onto the floor below, and brought her dish to the sink to clean it. She was planning on cleaning tomorrow anyway, who cared about a little dirt. 

Chapter End Notes:

End of Chapter 1

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