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This is actually my first story ever. I have zero writing experience, so i hope it's not too bad.
English is also not my mother tongue. I did my best at the grammar, but I'm afraid it's not flawless. I hope it doesn't distract too much.

Please let me know what you think. I really had fun writing this story and I'm planning on continuing it, but only if it's good enough for people to read.


* i dont know what all those series doing there, i cant delete them for some reason.




Shocking news


After parking the car of her mother on the driveway Emily gets happily greeted by Spooky their black housecat. Crouching down stroking his tummy, Spooky is twisting on his back in the garden dirt, making his cleaning effort of 5 minutes ago meaningless. "You missed me, didn't you? I missed you too." She stood up walking to the front door while being followed by Spooky. "I'm home!" Emily screamed. No response.

Hanging up her leather jacket on the coat rack, she walks through the hallway while hearing the sound of her Vince Camuto knee boots clattering on the tiles.

From the living room, she hears the sound of the television. Entering the room she sees her mother sitting in her lazy chair.

Tired of the shouting of her swimming coach, Emily crashes down on the sofa not planning to stand up for the rest of the evening.

"What else is on?" She asks her mom who seems to watch some boring cooking program on television.

Sitting down with her messed up gray hair and purple flower blouse her mom says "Oh, sorry honey you were saying something?"  while scrolling on her tablet.

"o.m.g." Emily formed with her mouth while rolling her eyes. "Never mind mom!" and she grabs the remote lying next to her mom's feet on the carpet. Her mother always had this strange habit of turning the tv on while doing something else. ‘It comforts me to have some background sound' is the explanation of this habit.


While lying down zapping the crap out of the television, Emily suddenly realizes how sore her muscles are from the hard training she just had.

Emily is a 20-year-old young woman. She has blond hair with curls in them and because of her swimming, she has quit the athletic figure. Taking a sabbatical from college, Emily works at a Flower store at the moment. With the money she earns, she can buy herself nice things like the latest fashion sandals and part of it she gives to her mother. She hates to live like some parasite. As soon as she continues her studies again next year, she will find her own place.

While watching the screen, Emily asks "so where is Lizzy?"

Still scrolling her tablet, her mother answers "Your sister is upstairs studying."

Shocked by this revelation Emily turns her head to her mother "you're kidding right?"

Her mom not looking up "no, why should I?"

"Well, you know… ah never mind" Emily waves away the subject and continues her quest for something worth watching.


After her realization that there is nothing interesting on tv, she chooses to watch the news that was just about to begin. For the third time in a year, there was this breaking news of an entire city that just disappeared.

Shocked by hearing those words, she whispers "no, she didnt"

Looking up from her tablet her mom asks "uh what did you say, honey?" Emily said nothing.


 She saw a reporter standing near a massive crater in the ground where use to lie Metro city, announcing her story in the camera.

"Since the first time the world got struck by this seemingly supernatural disaster about a year ago citizens are terrified that they will be next. Previously attempts to make contact with inhabitants of the vanished Mowthen City and Spirit Lake City all failed. Now with the disappearance of Metro City, we can only speculate what happened to them."

In the background, Emily saw the police barricade the area with tape. This was needed to hold back curious bystanders and people who were worried about where their family or friends could be.

Repressed memories floating up again in Emily´s consciousness. She gets overwhelmed by a feeling of guilt she knows to darn well.


Next, she saw the President giving a press conference where he declares to get to the bottom of this. "Cities don't just vanish into nothingness!"

Since the first disappearance, there were all sorts of beliefs of how this could happen and who could have done this. Off course the Aliens stood by far on the number one list of suspects, followed by the government who some thought was testing a secret weapon.

Although some say the government could only wish they had this kind of technology. No, it must be some kind of brilliant mad ass scientist, with world dominating ambition.

It makes people all over the world afraid and who wouldn't? The idea of your own city to be the next to disappear and to where? Or what, or whom?


It also freaked out Emily's mother. "People don't learn, I told you so, The Lord is not pleased with mankind's behavior. All those lost sheep's, confusing and hurting each other. Have mercy Lord, they don't know what they're doing!'' She preached, raising her hands in the air and looking up waiting for some holy revelation that never came.

I forgot to mention there was also this idea of some people believing that God is mad at us for making a pact with Satan instead of Him. So this would be His way of retribution. I guess that's also a way of convincing people to pick your team.

With a little stuttering, Emily says to her mom "I… I have to get upstairs mom… Yea I have to get upstairs… to do something." standing up she makes her way to the stairway.

With a concerned look, her mother asks "everything all right dear?"

Suddenly her phone is blasting Chained to the Rhythm of Kate Perry, Emily feels relieved for this distraction and runs upstairs.




What is she thinking?


Walking upstairs she hears her mother chanting Jesus lyrics to herself. Emily slides her iphone out of her back pocket and sees that it's her best friend Christi calling.

"Did you watched the news?!" Christi asks in a playful tone.

Angry about the situation Emily replied "I thought we were done with this Christi!" and throws her sports bag she carried upstairs, in the corner of her room and sits down in the cracking desk chair

"No, you were done with this, I am just starting" Christi chuckled.

"Where are they?"

"Well with me of course, what did you expect?" Answered Christi while smiling down to a small dome of plastic as big as a plate right next to her.

"You are my special ones aren't you?" She says as if talking to a baby. While actually, she was talking to the millions of citizens of the once proud Metro city. Now just shrunk down to a mere plaything in a plastic dome.

While driving in the blue Chevy Van that Christi 'borrowed' from her dad, the helpless city lays right next to her on the leather couch.


Total chaos ruling the city while people trying to get out of town only to realize there is no escape through the indestructible plastic wall that looms for miles and miles in the air.

Dozens of terrified citizens craning their neck to look up to their new owner.

They see a massive dark blue fabric wall, which of course was the denim miniskirt that Christi was wearing. Further to the right, about halfway the city the fabric ended and they saw what looked like a female leg.

The massive smooth thigh of Christi dwarfs the inch tall skyscrapers. Suddenly a large shadow covered the city and they could see the stunningly beautiful face of a young ginger girl with light freckles under her eyes smiling down at them. She giggled while putting a hair flock behind her ear. She looked like a goddess to them. So powerful and all knowing.

Christi is Emily's best friend since Junior high and is 21 years old. She used to swim with Emily, but lacked the talent and now plays soccer instead. It's more her thing and she seems to have a feeling for it.

Although Christi and Emily are close friends, there's sometimes friction between the girls. Christi being very impulsive, while Emily is the most rational of the two.


"Listen to me Christi, this is not some game you're playing. Maybe you don't realize it yet, but there will be consequences, how about you drive back and I'll meet you back tomorrow so we can solve this?" Emily knew that if this all came out it was traceable to her and that would mean that her life was over. Only God knows what they would do in prison with people who shrink cities for fun.


"But I'm not done yet?" Christi whined while taking a peek now and then on her new toy.


Oh, my god, Emily thought. Not for the first time during her friendship with Christi, she had to do her utmost to put some sense in this girls head. "What do you mean you're not done yet? Are you going to another city? Don't you think that other cities are on high alert now? What if you get caught?"


"They won't, I'll just shrink them, nothing can stop me with this"


"What are you going to do with them anyway?"


"I don't know yet, maybe let them live peacefully in my basement or something and watch how they develop" Christi replied like that was the most common thing you do with shrunk down cities.


Now Emily sits up straight in her chair, preparing to discipline Christi "See, that's always been your problem. You never think things through. You always just act on every thought or feeling that comes up with you!"


Tightening her hands on the wheel, while digging her nails in its rubber Christi screamed: "Don't be so condescending, I hate it when you do that!"


After a long sigh, Emily bounced back "Okay I'm sorry, look just come over here right now so we can..."


"Just… SHUT UP!" Christi yelled while slamming her fist right next the city.

Shocked by her own reaction, she sees little starting fires on some buildings and 2 skyscrapers collapsing.

In that simple act, Christi killed more than 5000 people. The massive fist of Christi smashing down, causing an earthquake the inhabitants of Metro City never witnessed before.

Almost all windows shattered on the impact of Christi's ‘attack', followed by the rumbling sound of skyscrapers crumble. Large pieces of concrete and glass raining down on the street, crushing cars and people.

Everyone run for cover.

"It's the end of the world!" some scream. "we must honor the goddess" others say.

All hope to fight this giant girl shattered in an instance. How could they stand a chance against such might?  

Some confused citizens thought that this goddess was angry at them for some reason, so they tried to convince her to spare them by getting on their knees and beg for mercy.

The almighty Christi didn't even realize this was happening in her city. She was only angry with the fact that Emily didn't let her have some fun.

"what kind of friend is that!" Christi thought.


"See what you did? now some of my buildings are broken!" Christi whined like a kid with a damaged toy in her hands.


"They are not your buildings Christi, they are occupied with real people living in them. People like you and me. They are not yours to play with like some child." Emily replied like a disciplining mother.


"Don't you talk like you're some kind of saint. I didn't hear you blather this shit while having the time of your life with Spirit Lake City."


Overwhelmed by a feeling of guilt for this statement, Emily replied "Just… just let's forget about the past and focus on the future. It was wrong what we did. All those people killed"


"But you have to admit, you loved it having control over life and death like some God" Christi said, bringing up the old memories.

Emily always was a good girl, she still is, but that experience she had was indescribable. Millions of people begging her for mercy and obeying her every command. Total control… total domination…

Only the thought of it made her wet like a sponge.

Then she snapped back to reality.

"Don't change the subject. Just come down here this instance!"

Christi hung up the phone.

"Foolish girl does she has any sense at all?! She's going to get us both in trouble for this"


"FUCK!" Emily screamed and in a moment of rage pushed her feet against the wall, making her desk chair rolling backward and collided against her bed with a hard bang.



"Everything all right honey?" Emily's mom called from downstairs.


"Yea everything is fine mom!" Emily replied throwing her phone frustrated on her bed sheet.


"Okay, dinners ready in 5 minutes, could you set up the table please?"


"Yeah fine" Emily said while sitting with her arms crossed and breaking her mind to come up with a solution for this.

Her mother interrupts again.


"And could you call your sister too."


"Yea yea, Okay I will!" she shouts


"Why you sound so angry, darling?"


Emily rolling her eyes "I'm not angry mom, just chill out sheesh!"


"I didn't say you were angry, but that you sounded angry sweety."


Walking to her door with firm steps, Emily replies "Well I'm not angry and I don't sound angry. Just let me be for a moment all right?!" with a smack she closes the door.


"Well... Okay. If you want to talk I'll be here for you" her mother said while looking up, hopeful for a response.


No reply from Emily


Standing with her hands folded and rolling her thumbs the sweet mother says "I love you, you know that right?"


Still no reply


Quietly she walks back to the kitchen chanting Christ lyrics to herself.







Close call


Frustrated about the phone call with her so called best friend, Christi is ventilating her anger in her own way.

"What the hell is she thinking anyway!" Christi said to particular nobody.

"Always bossing me around like that, I'm sick of it. From now on I'm going to do it my way!" She says while watching the little city next to her lap.

"You hear that, little ones? It's going to be my party from now on and only I make the decisions!"

The helpless citizens of Metro City couldn't care less about the social struggles Christi has. They only wanted to survive and gain their old life back.


"I really love you, you know that right?" Christi says while teasing the little dome with her red painted fingernails."

Some people gained some hope by this gesture, they were convinced that their pathetic begging was the cause of her being humble to them. For some, it fed the conviction that they need to worship her to survive.

Without Christi even realizing it, the attitude of Metro city slowly tended from recalcitrant to submissive. At this pace, some citizens probably already had built some shrines for her by the time she gets home.


For some reason, Christi always got turned on from little things. Even in her childhood she always had this feeling for tiny things. She had a lot of fun as little girl, creating hell for defenseless ants for example. Torturing them, burning them. Let them think they could escape, only to crush them under her powerful feet or fist in the end.


While playing with the little dome, she starts to feel some pleasurable sensations. Biting her lower lip she starts to moan, giggle and whispering ‘the power I have'

Imagination taking control, creating images of her playing forbidden games with the little people.

She sees herself massaging her C-cup sized tit while pushing a delicate 1-inch tall skyscraper against her hard nipple with her other hand. The doomed building doesn't stand a chance against the pressure and breaks easily, with broken fragments and hundreds of people falling down on her legs.


Or let little people do a race to the dead on her pale smooth thigh with their microscopic cars. The first one who reaches her womanhood wins, while the fate of the rest is to get glued up by Christi's in saliva covered pinky and sensually licked off.

While fantasizing about this, Christi can't help but play with herself while driving. Slowly she breaths faster and feels the wetness making his way through her panty.

The sensation is becoming irresistible! She starts to rub herself harder, moaning and giggling, while watching the defenseless city.

‘Yes! Your all mine now haha'

The more the temperature in her body rises, the more she spreads her legs. This causes her right bare thigh to bounce softly against the cold plastic from the dome, which on itself is in that moment enough sensation to raise the excitement even higher.

She sees another skyscraper collapsing and Christi can't hold it now. She embraces to finish off her biggest climax of the month.

Until suddenly...


She hears a knocking sound and a muffled voice of a woman shouting.

Befuddled, Christi comes back to earth (and without her anticipated orgasm), she looks around to discover that there's a woman in business clothing knocking on her side window. Behind her, she hears some cars sounding their horns.

It seems that in the middle of her ecstasy she stopped pushing the gas pedal and now stood completely still in the middle of the road with dozens of cars behind her who were in a hurry.


Totally embarrassed, but also angry because of the failed orgasm, she opens the window.

"Excuse me miss but are you all right?" Says the business woman with curly dark hair. She was an attractive woman, maybe around her 30s.

"Yea, yea I'm good. I'm fine... Why?" Christi said.

"Well, it seemed like you were suffering from some kind of pain or something."

Good thing Christi was in a van. So the woman could only see her from head to shoulders.

Nervously Christi quickly took a peek at the little city "No no, there is nothing wrong with me, haha."


"Well, I may look like someone who only knows the way of the office, but I also know some First Aid, so if I need to do something?" The woman replied in her most helpful voice.


Christi desperately wanted to escape this sticky situation. She didn't know what would happen or how she herself would react if the woman discovered her secret.

"No really, it's very kind of you but I'm fine. I'll just drive through so you all can continue your journey."


"No serious, you don't have to be shy" and without asking the business woman opens the door

"Now let me see what we have…" with a surprised look on her face she sees the dome lying next to Christi's lap "Excuse me, but what on earth is that?"


"that's uhm…"

Christi's brain cells started to work with the speed of light at that moment. In a split second, she comes up with two options.

A: smack the woman, close the door and drive away like a maniac


B: come up with some sort of credible explanation.


considering Christi's nature she tends to go for solutions like option A. But, even Christi realizes the seriousness of this situation.


"It's a present for my little nephew"


The woman reacts putting her hand on her chin, frowning her eyes "Ah okay… but what is it?"


Dumb cunt with all her fuckin questions Christi thought.

"It's a uh… snow globe, only a very big one. It was very expensive, I can tell you that haha" Christi said.


"o wow!" the woman responded like a kid seeing a rollercoaster for the first time in her life.

"So how do you activate the snow?"


Omg Christi thought. She was seriously considering option A now.

"Look miss, I'm a bit of in a hurry, so if you'll excuse me"


"Yeah I understand, but can I please take a look at it for just a second" the woman replied. She was already raising her hands ready to pick up the dome.


"NO!" Christi said, with a little bit too much persuasion.


Totally flabbergasted by this reaction the woman looked at Christi raising her eyebrows, realizing she just crossed some holy line.


in an awkward moment of silence the woman runs her hand through her hair while looking away. "well, let's not keep the others waiting haha, I think they're in a hurry"


"Yeah let's do that" Christi said, feeling relieved she could finally get away from this heat.


Quickly she closes the door and pushes her gas pedal.

"Pfff that was close, it's better that I turn back right now"





That sister of mine


Listening to Ed Sheeran, Shape of you, the cute looking but rebellious Lizzy sits on her bed leaning against the wall with her legs curled up, with a book lying on her lap.  She wears a white cotton short, with a trendy red sleeve blouse. She has her dark hair pulled up in a messy france twist.

Lizzy's busy doing some last minute panic study before her biology test tomorrow while talking on the phone with her friend Amanda.

Lizzy is Emily's younger sister. She is not very tall like her sister,  but her beautiful female curves make more than up for the lack of length. Not to forget her lovely smile that makes her look more innocent than she actually is.  Most boys turn into groveling puppy’s when talking to her and she knows it.

She just turned 18 and in contrast to Emily, she doesn't do so well in school. Not because she's dumb or anything, but just because she rather do other stuff than making homework.

She and Emily always had this sibling rivalry. Her mother always praising Emily doing so good at school and being a mannered girl and all.

Lizzy desperately seeking for her mother's approval but to no avail. This resulted in Lizzy hanging out with wrong friends, going to party's and even got arrested two times for stealing and intimidating a teacher, with a screwdriver.

Lizzy is not the kind of girl that follows others into doing bad things. No, it's Lizzy herself that convinces others to do bad things. She is a born leader and loves to be in charge.


Reading in her study book of more than 400 pages, Lizzy says to Amanda "Stupid crap! Who cares about some idiotic looking glow in the dark fish living more than 1500 feet below the surface. It's not like I will ever encounter them or something!"

Amanda replied "yeah I know, but just hang on. If you pass this test, you'll never have to hear from it again"


Suddenly there's a knock on the door, she looks up and sees it opening.

With her cute face and curly hair Emily peering through "Diners ready! you have to come down and..."


Slamming her phone on her book, Lizzy respond "Who said you could come inside?!"


Raising her eyebrows Emily says "Well I knocked didn't I."


Crossing her arms, Lizzy replies "But I didn't told you to come in now, did I?."


Sigh, not this again, Emily thought "Well mostly you don't hear my knock anyway because of the loud music you always listen to"


With a self-satisfied look, Lizzy says "So you were assuming that was also the case this time and decided you could enter MY room, without MY permission?"


"Goddamnit Liz!" Emily replied "Whatever, mom asked me to call you and so I did. See you downstairs. Bye!" and closes the door.


Lizzy shakes her head in disbelief for this rude interruption "fuckin cunt" she mumbled "what the hell are you thinking anyway"


With a surprised look on her face, Lizzy looks up to see her door opening up once again, with Emily's face peering through.


"SPEAK!" Lizzy says.


With a smug on her face Emily says "you seriously need to work on your music repertoire, even I dream of the lyrics of that stupid song by now" With that, Emily gently closes the door after giving her the most genuine smile ever.


With her mouth wide open, shocked by the rudeness of her so-called lovely sister, Lizzy shouts back "always better than that stank whore of a Kate Perry of yours! and now be a good girl and get lost! you already did what you were told to!"


"How dare she! No one talks to me like that!"


Picking up her phone again "your still there Amanda? Can you believe that bitch?"

As always, Amanda totally agrees with no matter what Lizzy says.

"That's totally unacceptable Liz! she should know better than that!" Amanda replied.

"Yeah, i know... Hey, listen! About the test tomorrow. You better sit somewhere so i can see your paper. You know, in case i forget something" Lizzy says.

Eager to help the beautiful and popular Lizzy, Amanda immediately agrees with this somewhat command of Lizzy.

"Yea off course Liz! You can count on me!"

This usually results in Amanda filling in ALL the answers. While Lizzy's only input is her own name on the paper.

With little hesitation, Amanda asks "Say, you don't happen to have plans this Saturday night?"


Lizzy's mind was already somewhere else now the thing with the test was settled and she wasn't really in the mood for this question. It annoyed her.


"Oh, i don't know yet. You know what, I'll let you know tomorrow after the test okay?"


"Yea, of course, take your time haha. Because you know, there is this funfair in town and..."


"Hey I'm sorry but my mom is calling me, i really have to go now. See you tomorrow okay" and without giving Amanda the chance to reply Lizzy hangs up.


She stood up from bed to do a little stretching to loosen up her stiff body from the long sit. Lizzy was unaware of the show she gave away through the window behind her, for the peeking 62-year-old next door George. Unintentionally supplying him with a good quality of jerk off material for the night.

After her little exercise, she walks downstairs whispering "hope it's not that delicious pork beef again"


Chapter End Notes:

please let me know what you think. I rather get a negative feedback than none.

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