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Author's Chapter Notes:
Hope you enjoy my new story!

Kyle and his wife Emma drove downtown as they usually did on Friday evenings. Emma had recently become addicted to these new yoga classes that her friend had recommended to her. It was the one thing she rarely blew off and it was a solid couple of hours for Kyle to do his own workout and hit the gym. As they pulled up to the front, Kyle spotted Emma's friend walking up to greet them.

She was an extremely gorgeous woman. Kyle never understood why she didn't just model for a living rather than her fitness trainer job which couldn't have made her that much money. Maybe she was too tall for the modeling world, he thought. She was damn near a head taller than Emma, who wasn't exactly short at 5'8''. He had never asked, but he had estimated her height to be somewhere around 6'3'', give or take an inch. She had a fit build, obviously, with a toned and tanned body leading up to her sandy hair and blue eyes. Emma, in addition to being shorter, also had a thinner body, with brunette hair and brown eyes. Her heritage was a mix of sorts, making her more of a mutt, while her friend was clearly of Scandinavian descent. The two of them together was damn near the hottest thing that could be in yoga class and Kyle still couldn't believe it was his wife's best friend. Lucky him.

"You gonna join us today?" Janica called out to him.

"No, no, not today. Probably not ever, but who knows, maybe one day." Kyle teased as his wife grabbed her stuff from the trunk.

"Fine then. Can't believe you can resist spending time with a couple of the hottest women on the planet wearing tight clothes." Janica remarked confidently.

"It's true. But I need to go to the gym. I'm busy trying not to get fat so I don't embarrass myself when I finally do join you two." Kyle responded, brushing of her joke. "I'll see you later, sweetie! Is Janica joining us for dinner tonight? Or just dropping you off?"

"She'll come by for a drink at least. See you soon. Thanks for dropping me off!" Emma waved, flashing her wonderful smile.

Kyle threw it into drive and made his way around the block. Initially he had planned to go to the gym, but he was too damn tired today. Work had been long this week, and his housekeeper had just informed him this morning that she was leaving back to her home country, so she wasn't able to work any longer. It was a quick ten minutes before he finally arrived at home again. Kyle hurried to the door, excited to nap for a little before his wife came home again. He opened the door and stepped in, half-expecting his housekeeper to be there.

Nothing. Did she leave early, he wondered.

He walked down the hall checking the rooms which all ended up being vacant. He took a left at the end, making his way to his room when he noticed the door to his office was closed. Kyle threw open the door to find Velma sitting on the computer. She quickly closed the screen, hiding what was there. Kyle pretended not to see it, although he was very curious.

"There you are. I thought you may have left." He explained to her.

"No, no. Still here. I didn't know you'd be home already. Did you want me to grab you something to drink?" She asked.

"Yes, I would love some water. Can you bring it to my room when you get it. Im gonna lay down for a bit." Kyle explained, gesturing to his room next door.

Velma took off down the hall while Kyle made a bee-line for the bed. He jumped up onto the cushioned surface, and took solace in the feeling of his body sinking comfortably into the memory foam. With his eyes closed, Kyle remained there silently until Velma popped back in with his water in hand.

"Here you are." She said, handing him the glass.

He was parched and wasted no time in downing the thirst quenching liquid. After several gulps, the glass was empty and Kyle wiped his mouth, noting a funny aftertaste to the water.

"Thanks, I needed that. Is that from the sink? Had a weird taste to it." He asked.

"Yeah, sorry. Do you want me to get you a bottle instead?" She kindly offered.

"No, it's okay. If you could just start preparing dinner, that would be awesome." He said, closing his eyes again.

Velma walked out with the glass in hand to begin her task. He was going to miss having her around for a bit. At least until they got a new one. He never enjoyed the process of starting over, but it wasn't going to change. All he could do wasn't accept it and move on. He'd find another like Velma, he thought, as he dozed into a light slumber.


The sound of feminine voices penetrated the silence of the room, causing Kyle to open his eyes and awake from his nap. A quick yawn and rubbing of his eyes awoke his senses as he stood to walk out. Why was he so tired, he wondered? As he paced down the hall, he could hear Emma and Janica a little ways down. When we reached the living room, he could see they were still in yoga gear, meaning they had just gotten home. The smell of dinner floated in the air; Velma always made a great dinner.

"Hey hubby, how was the nap?" Emma asked, while approaching for a hug. She always hugged above my arms since she was a couple inches taller. Their bodies intertwined briefly, each giving a quick squeeze before releasing the other.

"It was good. Not sure why I'm so tired though." He told her, rubbing his eyes once more.

Janica was walking by to get to the kitchen and quickly greeted Kyle. She was a head taller than Kyle and took the opportunity to fix the stray hairs on the top of his head. Her hand matted it down for a moment until the hair settled back in place.

"All better."

"Thanks Janica. I knew your height was good for something." He teased.

She laughed with him, "Or maybe it's your lack of height."

"Hey don't make fun of my boy toy!" Emma yelled before grabbing Kyle's face and passionately kissing him. Kyle always loved when she took charge.

Everyone laughed at the loving gesture and made their way to the dinner table. It was finally time to see what the amazing smell was that wafted through the air. The three of them eagerly loaded up their plates with the chicken, vegetables, and rice. Each thanked the nanny, before Kyle raised a more formal announcement for her final day.

"As we all know, it's Velma's last day. I just want to thank you for all you've done and we wish you luck in your new future." He concluded, raising a glass on her behalf.

Emma and Janica clicked glasses and then again with Kyle. Velma was blushing, nodding her head over and over, clearly overwhelmed from the gratitude. For the the next couple of hours, the four ate and drank together until it was time for Velma to leave. She had a flight that very evening, and all her bags were ready to go. When the Uber driver arrived, Kyle, Emma and Janica all waved goodbye as she drove off into the dark night.

"Well that sucks." Kyle noted, sipping from his glass.

"Yeah I'm sorry she had to go. If you two need someone, I can call my younger sister. She'd be more than happy to get paid for this as a side job for college. Just let me know." Janica offered.

"Oh my god, the would be great. Please ask her." Emma chimed in.

"Perfect, I will. In the meantime, I should head home myself. Gonna be a long day tomorrow. I have a bunch of errands to run...just what I want to do on my Saturday." Janica complained as she walked to her car.

"Well it was great having you tonight. We will see you soon." Kyle said as he and Emma walked to give her a hug. She group hugged the both of them, tucking their heads into her neck, nestling them both close.

"Thanks for again for dinner. Night!" She said, entering her car.

Kyle and Emma headed for the house. He already knew what would take place on the other side of that door. Emma had been super grabby all night, sneaking in several over-the-pants tugs at his package while they had dinner. Her sex drive was incredible and she was kinky too...meaning she at least enjoyed partaking in his own little fantasies. The two leisurely walked in together, and closed the door behind them.

Emma grabbed Kyle's head aggressively and kissed him before pushing his head back away from her as she exclaimed, "Fuck me Kyle. I want it rough tonight."

Kyle's instincts took over as he threw her over his shoulder and proceeded to the bedroom. He tossed her onto the soft mattress and grabbed her ankles, pulling her to the edge of the mattress. They tore at each other's clothes, stripping each other of all garments. Their hot and sweaty bodies embraced each other as Kyle inserted himself between her legs. He looked into the eyes of his beautiful wife who was smiling right back with her hands wrapped around his head, encouraging him to push harder. Moments like these were only one of the many reasons he had married her.
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