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Story Notes:

This was originally a chapter in a different story, but I decided it should be standalone and part of a series.

Joji shouldered the cold wind, his arms crossed over his torso in an attempt to hide from the icy blast. This was bad, he thought, finally admitting to himself about the situation he was in. Before he had tried to stay positive, but with the looming storm clouds and the sun just now dipping below the horizon he couldn't keep up the facade. Here he was, freeing cold, alone, lost and in the infinite shadows of impossibly tall buildings. The young man was conflicted, he thought about sheltering in a tiny nook for the night, hopeful it wouldn't rain and potentially drown him. This idea was an absolute last resort however, a night in the cold an unappealing prospect. He sat on the ground to rest for a few minutes, just to catch his breath and collect his thoughts.


The soft sound of the wind was interrupted by the unmistakable sounds of echoing footsteps on the empty street. Joji's spirits were lifted by this development, maybe this person could help him! He stood up, ready to shout and get the attention of the approaching giant, a large set of concrete stairs to his right blocking his view of the person. Finally, as the hollow thumping was almost crashing around him the person emerged from behind the stairs. Joji was planning to jump up and down to get their attention, but instead he was stunned. She was an older woman, perhaps late thirties to early forties, her hair a light, almost navy black and she wore high heels and a blue dress that fitted her mature, curvy body. She continued to walk past with her clacking steps, not seeing her tiny admirer in the shadows. Snapping out of his star-struck state, Joji began to shout and wave his arms around. "Ma'am! Ma'am! Excuse me ma'am!" he prayed his relatively feeble voice would be heard over the clacking of heels and whispering wind. Apparently it was, as the woman turned around and spied him with her gigantic blue eyes, so high up compared to his low vantage point.


"Oh?" she looked at the tinier person with a bit of puzzled look, her voice breathy and deep to Joji's ears. "What are you doing out here? It's awfully cold, especially for a tiny." she inquired as she approached Joji, the older woman squatting down to get closer look at the lost person.


Joji's sky filled with her face, her skin smooth and betraying no wrinkles. "I'm terribly sorry ma'am, but do you know where the nearest tiny maglev station is? I'm horribly lost." he asked her, trying to be as polite as possible. He was actually surprised he sounded so confident.


"Sorry, I couldn't tell you." she said bluntly, Joji visibly disappointed, casting his eyes down; it seemed like a night in the cold it would be. "But I can't exactly leave you out here, can I?" Joji looked back up into her dark eyes, this was unexpected. "Would you like to come in for a while?" Joji was always told to never go with a stranger, but as he felt the bitter chill on his face, he had to accept. She placed her hand down and gingerly carried him to her apartment.




Joji sat with his back against her towering cup of warm tea, the ceramic vessel emanating a welcoming warmth. He reached out and took a few red crumbs from the strawberry cake she had left by the tea. She didn't have any adequately sized cups for him to drink from, but nothing stopped him from stealing the odd nibble or two. The woman had prepared this shared treat for them before she had left to change, and now the rhythmic thudding of footsteps signalled her return. She came back wearing a sweater that didn't have any back or arms to it. Odd, thought Joji, seemed to defeat the purpose of a sweater. But it did show off a lot of her smooth skin, so he didn't mind. She sat down by the relaxing tiny, the cup of warm milky liquid still as inviting as when she left it. 


"So, what's your name honey?" she asked, trying to strike up a friendly conversation.


"Joji." he replied.


"Joji is it? I'm Narumi, pleased to meet you." she smiled as she extended her index finger, Joji responding by touching it with his hand: the traditional greeting between a giant and tiny. 


"So, how old are you?" she continued with the conversation.


"I'm 18, ma'am." he responded, still remaining seated against the warm beverage. The vapour beginning to condense into droplets along the ceramic surface.


"18? Really? My my you're so young!" she cooed, wrapping her slender fingers around the handle of the cup. Joji shifted off the cup as she brought it to her lips and took a deep sip. "And don't bother with that ma'am stuff sweety, just call me Narumi."


"O-okay, thank you for letting me stay, Narumi." he said, a small tremor in his voice betraying his slight uneasiness at the situation. He still didn't really know this woman, even if she seemed so nice.


"No problem, its not like you're gonna take up much room in here." she chuckled "Anyway, how can I say no to someone as cute as you?" she took another sip of her tea as she left him with the 'compliment'.


Joji wasn't sure how to feel about being called 'cute', feeling slightly emasculated. At least it was a compliment, he reasoned. They sat in silence for a while, both taking small nibbles from the deep red cake, Joji's 'small' a bit different to her's. A crack of lighting announced a coming downpour, the sound of thousands of drops falling on the road reaching into the cosy apartment.


"Oh my, it's really bucketing out there. I bet you're glad I found you or you might've drowned." 


"Y-yeah" was all he could say, he wasn't sure what he should be saying exactly, he wanted to carry on the conversation but he didn't know how. He was always a little shy, especially around women.


Narumi was growing tired of his uncooperative mood, so she decided that it was time to just go for it, "Tell me Joji, do you have a girlfriend?" 


Joji choked on his cake a little bit, the question taking him by surprise. He swung his head around to her massive face, an eyebrow cocked in curiosity. He was a little taken aback by her forwardness. "N-no. I don't have a girlfriend." he replied, deciding to tell the truth.


"No girlfriend? That's a surprise. You look quite lovely... from up here at least." she teased, biting her bottom lip in a gesture Joji didn't understand. Was she really trying to seduce him? This random woman off the street? Maybe she enjoyed just teasing younger men. He decided he wouldn't be too presumptuous, and just go along with it. "Do you mind if I pick you up? Just to get a closer look." she asked. 


Joji was sweating, his heart rate beginning to climb. This was surreal, he thought. But he already decided to go along with it, and he was thankful for her taking him in... "S-sure." he muttered out.


She picked him up, talking him onto her soft hand, the subtle wrinkles deforming as he sat on them. She brought him up close to her face, her giant blue eyes deep and dark. "Oh my, you really are lovely." she said with a breathy giggle. "I could just eat you up!" she teased, accentuating this comment by licking her lips hungrily, leaving a slight glossy sheen on the plump things. A small breath escaped her mouth as she did this, the slight humid breeze washing over the young man. The view was a little unnerving to Joji... likely she was just trying to tease him, but maybe she was some sick pervert that ate lost young tinies, or something equally terrifying. He decided that he should keep quiet, not wanting to offend the gracious woman. "Nothing? You're staying quiet?" she asked, Joji really at a loss for words. 


"Uh... you have a very... uh... beautiful mouth?" he regretted the words soon as they came out, his attempted compliment falling flat.


"Beautiful mouth?" she snickered "Aren't you adorable." she smiled. Joji was sitting in stunned silence as this older woman fawned over him. Narumi decided that now as best as ever to accelerate things further. "So, Joji. If you don't have a girlfriend, I'm guessing you've never been with a woman."


Joji's suspicions were confirmed, this woman really was trying to seduce him. His heart was practically thumping out of his chest. He was a horny teenager so of course he was looking to get laid, and he had his eyes set on her curves and gorgeous face the moment she walked past. But that same face was the size of a house. Giant and tiny couples? He had heard they existed but never seen one in real life, they seemed like the kind of thing that only existed in weird porno movies. How was it even possible to... interact? Never the less, he needed to address the question. "N-no, I haven't." he replied, not sure if that was the right answer.


"Well... would you like to?" she asked, lowering her eye lids into a seductive glance. There it was, he was being forced to make a decision, now, and he really didn't know. How would it work? Did he really want to lose his virginity to some random giant woman twice his age because she invited him in for tea? "Don't worry honey, I know what you're thinking. I'll be here every step of the way." Joji was still unsure, he continued to sweat, the warm environment of her soft palm making it easy. "Oh, I can already see you're excited!" Joji looked at his crotch, he didn't even realise that he was becoming erect, his member forming a tent in his pants. "So, what'll it be? I'll make it easy; I'll close my eyes and count to ten, if you're not naked when I open my eyes then we'll forget about this whole thing. If you are... well, I think you can guess." the giant woman shut her eyes tight, "One". He took a deep breath, this was so unfair of her to make him choose. "Two" well, you only live once, thought Joji. spurred by the finality of the countdown. He began frantically undoing his belt. A smile stretched across the counting Narumi's face, feeling the tiny boy frantically undress himself, what a happy coincidence she made such a nice catch for the night. "Ten" she said as she opened her eyes, beaming at the tiny naked young man in her palm.




"There's no need to worry, really. Just listen carefully and you'll go just fine." she reassured, Joji stood on the coffee table with his back to the giant woman. She insisted that he did this, so that he could turn around for the 'big reveal'. The crashing of rain outside the warm apartment filled his ears, he really was glad he was inside. "Okay, turn around." doing as she commanded, Joji finally saw her body entirely. Her skin was a warm and healthy shade, her hips wide and thighs full, but most of all his eyes were drawn to her breasts, large but still taut. Joji stood at about level with her midriff so he had to crane his neck to look at her smiling face, framed by dark hair and plump with red lips. She brought a palm out to the star struck teenager, stepping on without breaking his eye lock from her large breasts. The older woman giggled at his infatuation, this really was his first time. She lay down on the couch, making sure the tiny creature she held was held stably and wouldn't slip out. "Okay, I think we should start with a warm up." he didn't really know what they meant but he was excited. She brought the young man close to her reclining face, her gentle breathing and calm eyes reassuring him slightly. She puckered her lips and pulled Joji to them, planting a giant kiss onto his entire body, leaving it slightly moist. Again she pulled him closer, ready to plant a peck on his body. As she brought him in he puckered his lips and kissed her too, the feeling of his comparatively minuscule lips on her plush red mountains causing her to giggle a little. "You're really cute Joji, you know that?"


"R-really?" he was still unsure how to feel about being called 'cute', but if that's what she liked that's what she liked.


"I bet you taste good too." Joji raised an eyebrow, not sure what she meant, before he could vocalise this her giant tongue came popping out from her between lips, delivering a quick lick across the entire length of his body, a fine coating of saliva left in its wake. Joji felt the still warm liquid cling to his body tightly, the goo more viscous than regular water. He thought he should be disgusted by this, but since it came from her, he wasn't too fazed. She licked again, more saliva being transferred onto his form, equally as warm as the last. She drew in a haggard breath, this was doing it for her. Deciding to take it slow, she dabbed the tip of her tongue along his legs, then torso, and finally head, savouring the very slight taste of his body. This was doing it for him too, especially when the giant muscle teased his crotch. This tiny game continued, the giant woman cheekily licking the tinier party, the saliva covered boy occasionally reciprocating her actions by sticking his tongue out as the larger tongue passed, the contact of the two muscles like an inter-size kiss.


When the game was done Joji was pulled away from the oral teasing by Narumi, depositing the slick young man onto her bulbous breast. She looked at him from a distance, an adoring smile stretched on her lips. Joji landed quite softly, and looking up he instantly decided his task. Without any instruction he crawled over to the dark, erect nipple, the surface plump and studded with tiny imperfections. The thing was almost as big as him, he realised as he stood by it, feeling both tiny and privileged. He delivered a kiss to it, and then a lick, and in no time he was basically clawing at the firm teat, using the entire force of his body weight to stimulate it. "Oh... oh my you're a cheeky thing, aren't you?" she giggled as she slid her hand along her womanly curves, towards her moistening womanhood. She was almost proud that he was getting into it so much, that he had already 'learnt something'. With several fingers she began to pleasure herself, Joji in a frenzy at her nipple. She brought her other hand over to her second, unattended, nipple and with a teasing finger began to run circles around it. Narumi began to moan, the warm, husky sound filling Joji's ears and replaced the drizzling of rain that dominated the room before. As they continued Narumi began to take shallower breaths, the filling of her lungs bouncing her breasts, and thus Joji, up and down. He needed to hold on tight to the nipple for balance, the extra squeezing stimulating her further and caused even shallower breaths. Joji was legitmatley terrified, the bouncing up and down threatening to knock him off. He desperately clung on to the warm studded surface, wrapping he legs around for even greater purchase. Narumi was delighted at this but decided that he needed a break. Slowly she stopped her laboured breathing, looking down at the tiny shaken thing gripping so tightly to her dark teat with a sultry smile. "Your turn."


Joji sat between the two mountains of her breasts, slightly moist from the previous exertion. He had to admit he was a little scared, even with the smiling face of Narumi reassuring him on the horizon. "This is for you, just sit back and relax." was all she offered to reassure him. With those words the walls of the valley began to close in on him, her unseen hands pushing the plump mounds together. He cried out a tiny squeal, thinking that she was actually going to kill him. She was some sick pervert that toyed with her tiny captives before crushing them between her giant tits, how could he have been so naive? He braced himself for his death, shamefully with his penis still erect... But instead of a giant crushing weight, the pressure was perfectly tolerable. He was sealed between the giant goosebump studded walls fairly tight, a light tinged red filtering in through the thin aperture between her breasts. He was slightly confused, what was she doing? He was held fairly tight, but still had some wiggle room, was this another game? His question was answered when the walls around him began to shift, gyrate around him. She was massaging her giant breasts together, grinding them softly. She smiled down at her bare breasts knowing that little Joji was probably having the time of his life. Indeed he was; the slight heat and humidity her body naturally giving off, the heavy beating of her heart, the very faint scent of sweat and body wash deep within the chasm, the pink light ambient and the soft grinding along his entire body, all combining to overload his senses. He frantically planted kisses along any surface he could get to, even nibbling slightly, he was worked into a lustful frenzy. It was not long before he burst, his cum pouring out into the crack. Feeling the barely perceivable wet spot form between her soft mountains, Narumi allowed her breasts to fall limply to the side, the humid air trapped inside escaping with a rush. Joji was laying almost comatose, panting between in the fleshy valley. Narumi giggled to herself, he was very cute indeed.


"Wakey wakey, Joji, you're not done yet." she cooed, nudging his still body with a careful finger tip. He stirred, he wasn't asleep, just collapsed after having his senses overloaded. Carefully she picked him up with two fingers, forcing him to acknowledge her. "You have one last job, sweety." she said, Joji was drained but willing to do what she said, especially after what she did. She brought him all the way down, at the equator of her body, placing him gently onto the small patch of pubic hair she had; the curly black field coming up to his knees. He looked towards her face for guidance, so far in the distance, like a setting sun. "Just help me out down there, okay?" she requested, Joji completely lost. His thoughts were interrupted when he felt the ground beneath him shudder, she had slipped her fingers inside of her and began to work them around. As she fingered back and forth he was shaken slightly by the tremor, feeling like he was on top of a giant mound of shaking jelly. He crawled, on all fours, towards the ledge that led to her vagina. He moved slowly, lest he was shaken off and injured himself. Looking over the cliff face, he saw her giant fingers working back and forth inside her vagina, covered in a fine secretion. Above that was a spherical mound of flesh, that must be the clitoris he thought. He had heard enough about sex to know that was important, and it looked to be in just in reach. Lying on his stomach, he reached forward, his probing hand just making contact with the swollen blob. A sultry moan from underneath told him that she liked that. He reached forward again, this time pressing both his hands into it. Again she moaned, happy that he understood what she meant by 'help'. Joji pushed closer towards it, massaging up and down the slick surface, Narumi responding my thrusting her fingers in and out faster, shaking the ground even more. He was so close to it now, maybe if he could just get a little closer... Before he knew it his body began to tumble forward, the excessive motions proving too much to handle. He fell down, towards her thrusting fingers. He grabbed onto whatever he could instinctively, which happened to be her clitoris. With both arms he gripped it tight, his legs kicking against her skin in an attempt to find a foothold. This sudden movement did it for Narumi, the monumental woman squealing in pleasure. She reached climax, her body shuddering. She came down from her high, feeling Joji still desperately clinging onto her perfectly round orb. He was relieved from the dangling by a slick finger raising from below. He allowed his arms to relax, sliding down onto the soft palm. Joji was shocked half to death, tired, and aroused. He was brought to the giant eyes of Narumi, a smile worn on her face, a smug, self satisfied one, but also a proud one. "You did great, sweety."


"Th... thank you." he said between pants.


Narumi laid on one final peck, just to show appreciation. Joji was too tired to reciprocate. "I had my eyes set on you the moment I saw you on the ground, I'm glad you made the right choice." Joji was also happy, his mind blown at the new experience. "Well, lets get cleaned up then I think its time for bed."




Narumi lay sprawled out on the couch, naked, snoring gently as she lay on her stomach. The living room was warm enough to forgo clothes, so she might as well. Joji was tucked between the crease of her thigh and the giant right cheek of her rear, the soft flesh from her behind like an insulating blanket for the exhausted tiny. This would have been incredibly arousing if he didn't feel like he had recently run a marathon. It was still bucketing rain outside, the sound refreshing to his ears. What a strange day it was, he thought, from freezing to death to... this. That was fine by him though. It didn't take long for him to drift off to sleep.




"Well, would you look at that," she said as she scrolled down her phone, Joji waiting patiently on her table. "the nearest station is just down the road." Funny he thought, he probably could have walked there last night, fortunately he didn't. "Come one, I'll walk you down." she didn't wait for a response before hoisting him up and carrying him down the road, the sun shining brightly on the drenched city. It was no time before they reached the corner side station, a small crowd of tinies already waiting patiently for their morning commute. "Well, I guess this is goodbye." she said chirpily. Joji was a bit sad, this was probably the last time they would see each other... leaving him with a good memory and nothing else.




"You really need to work on your conversation skills." she chided "Oh, and don't for get this." she handed him a folded piece of paper, about the size of a brief case to him, but folded compact enough to be considerably heavy. He looked at this thing puzzled, wondering what it was. She set him down amongst the crowd of other tinies. "See ya honey." she said with a wiggle of her fingers, turning around and strolling off.


"What's that?" asked some nosy older man next to Joji, wondering at the folded piece of paper that he held awkwardly.


"I think it's her number."


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