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Story Notes:

The first chapter! 

It was another night staying with the Small triplets. I had been hanging over there ever since elementary school. I found it a natural place to go to after school. We lived pretty far out in the country, and I had always found my way out there. Half of the reason might have been the sheer splendor of their home. I wasn’t in a neighborhood so much as the middle of nowhere. There were only a couple of houses beyond mine in the area, a couple of dozens of miles away from town and the school I attended. As soon as they moved in, the three of them came over and began talking to me. Maybe it was because I was the only real choice they had, but they came over to see me several times after I moved in.

I was kind of a latchkey kid as well. My parents fought all the time. Even by age 8 when they moved out there, I had become far too sick of it. So I found myself ending up at their house more and more often. It made me quite a bit different from some of the boys at school, as these girls quickly became my three closest friends.

Diana was always kind of a tomboy anyway. She had dirty blonde hair, and sported a tan most of the time. Many of her other friends at school were athletes, and she tended to place towards the top of both soccer and track. She always said that running is over half of soccer anyway, so she might as well do both. She was the tallest of the three of them. At 6’0 now, she actually stood a couple of inches taller than me. I thought of them all as my close friends, but she was one I occasionally found myself lusting after. It didn’t help that she often wore very loose clothes, or hardly any at all. She tended to come in with workout shorts in a bra after her midday run whenever she stayed there. She said it helped her to wind down from school. She also loved swimming there as well, because, of course, her rich family had a large pool.

Sylvia was always the shy one of the three, to say the least. Standing at 4’10 in height with jet black hair, it was easy to see right over her. She didn’t have many friends at school, even though she has always been the sweetest person I know. To the couple of friends she had, in addition to myself and her sisters, she always tried to put herself second. This made it easy for me to win her over, however. I could simply give her a gift and she would squeal in delight, losing her quiet composure for a moment. She was incredibly pale, possible a result of how indoors her hobbies were. She used the house pool some (after applying copious amounts of sunscreen), which made her surprisingly fit, but otherwise she did nothing but read manga, watch anime, and play video games all of the time after school. She always liked showing me her drawings of anime and such, and admittedly I watched some with her (hey, it doesn’t all suck). She clearly was very smart, but she was the only one of the three who struggled with her grades, perhaps a result of not caring enough.

Vicki’s fiery red hair matches her personality to a tee. I still got along with her, but she could be demanding sometimes. Whenever she saw something at the store, she would demand that her sisters or I bought it for her. Her interests were very stereotypically feminine: pop music, clothes (so many that she never wore some of them), makeup, etc. So she tended to spend her own money very quickly. However, she could also be rather gross at times. During vacation, when she knows that nobody else is seeing her, she can go for a while without showering, and she just expects everyone to be fine with that. She made me engage in a belching contest with her as well before… she won. Of course, she didn’t act that way in front of other people—only her sisters, myself, and a boyfriend she was becoming bored with. Unlike her fit and thin sisters, Vicki was starting to gain just a little bit of weight. Diana told me one time that at 140 and 5’4, her BMI put her overweight now. Vicki heard this and started throwing a fit from the other room. If she didn’t gain any weight it would be fine, because her weight distributed itself better than most people. She went around telling people, even me, that she has E cup assets. This how I found out that bras even go beyond a DD as a high schooler. Much of the west distributed itself to her wide hips, and just a little was left over to create some pudge in her stomach. This was an asset, because unlike her siblings who had remained single, Vicki had her share of boyfriends over the years. It was hard to be jealous of the boys she brought over, because she asked ten times as much from them as anyone else. Within a couple of months or even weeks, each of them was dropped, and soon Vicki was with someone else. Maybe it was worth it for them to be able to sleep with her for a time; still, I can’t imagine how much of a pillow queen she must be.

So I was hanging out with them, a senior in high school, thinking about how these days were going to come to an end. We were all attending Newbern University, at the other end of the State. However, it wouldn’t be the same when I couldn’t hang out with them every day. Even Vicki. That’s when she brought something up.

“So… we need a fourth person to share a house with us.” Diana muttered this casually, her feet swinging over the edge of the couch she was lying down on.

“Have you had any luck finding another girl?” I replied back. I was still struggling to study for my English final with Sylvia. Because of her computer skills, Sylvia tended to do well in these classes, even taking the AP versions. With subjects like this, she had no interest whatsoever, and so she was struggling with me, performing some last-second cramming.

“Well… um….” Sylvia muttered, “we weren’t thinking of having a girl move in with us per se. You’ve basically been living with us for so long, that we wanted you to stay with us.”

“Me!? Isn’t it a bit unusual for three girls to move in with a guy?”

“Come on, there’s got to be a million guys who would jump at an opportunity like that.” Vicki declared from across the room. She was lounging at the other end, guiltily eating a couple of potato chips, staring at each one for a little while before placing it in her mouth. “We can probably even get mom and dad to cover your share of the rent. They tend to cover stuff like that.”

As generous as it was, I didn’t doubt their capacity and willingness to pay for my share of the rent. They had known me for a long time. “Still…”

“Get over it,” Diana said. “People room co-ed all the time. Besides, otherwise you’ll either be holed up somewhere by yourself or with a roommate you have a 50-50 chance of hating.”

“Yeah… but it’s still awkward for a guy to room with three girls.”

“Why? Because we know your weird fetishes?” Vicki yelled out from across the room.


Sylvia smiled widely, her cute face lighting up. “I know my sister Diana’s tall, but I guess she’s not tall enough for you, right? I mean, you like really really tall girls.”

“He just wants to be stepped on, Vicki sighed tossing her hair from across the room. It’s kind of sad really.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I protested.

“You know exactly what I’m talking about.” Diana leapt off of the couch. She slowly walked towards me, deliberately putting force behind her steps. “Sylvia’s been checking your web history whenever she stops by YOUR house. We know what you’ve been looking at. Girls the size of a car. Girls the size of a house. Girls the size of skyscrapers. THAT turns you on quick, doesn’t it?”

“Yep, we know everything about your sick fetishes,” Vicki proclaimed. “So I’m afraid you have no choice in the matter whatsoever. Nada. Nil. Zilch. You are coming with us to our house, and that’s final.”

“O…ok…” I muttered. “I guess that’s final. But why would you want me to stay with you when you know this about me?”

“Eh, everyone has something weird going on,” Diana sighed. “Just look at Sylvia.”

“Wh… What is that supposed to mean?” The black haired girl turned quiet as soon as Diana spoke, looking sullenly at the ground.

"I mean, I've walked in on you and seen your OWN Internet history," Diana sighed.

“Don’t take it too seriously.” I deflected. This was going to be an interesting experience, I guess. Suddenly, I felt something damp strike my face. It couldn’t be. It was. Somehow Vicki had thrown her sock clear across the room. The smell was incredibly strong.

“I guess that would really turn you on if I was a little bigger huh?” Vicki chirped. “If only I could step on you. Nate, I know what you like about the giantess fetish. Sylvia told me everything.”

I remained silent. Living with them might be pretty interesting…

“You would LIKE me to step on you with my dirty feet, right? Or maybe you feel a little privileged? Maybe you would like to be…” she lowered the hem of her shirt, exposing just a hint of her tremendous assets, “in here.” She heard me gulp, which encouraged her to continue.

“So big that EVERYONE would have to listen to me. So big that people everywhere fear and adore me, and long for the touch of my skin. Nate, don’t be worried about it. After finding out about your little fetish, I think it’d be pretty good, y’know? So don’t sit there looking like a deer caught in headlights.”

Really interesting.

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