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“Why won’t the fucking doors open?!  God damn it, we’re going to drown!”  Linda was screaming at the door more than she was screaming at the other occupants of the car.  The milk was up to her knees, and she was already hyperventilating.

  Outside of the windows of the four door sedan she could see nothing but white endless white ocean, most of the car being under water at this point.  

“Calm the fuck down!  As soon as the pressure equalizes, we’ll…” Ethan tried to rationalize with the panicking woman, but was immediately cut off.

“Why the fuck should I calm down Ethan?!  We’re fucking microscopic, in a fucking bowl of milk, and that giant bitch is going to come back and eat us any second now!”  Linda’s screaming was deteriorating into sobs of anger and fear as she reminded her fellow captives of their situation.  Her cheeks were beet red, and tears had begun to fill her eyes.

“We’re not going to get fucking eaten by anybody!” Ethan screamed back, finally losing his own temper.  “My fucking girlfriend isn’t going to eat us, she’s going to see us in this fucking milk get us out, unshrink us, and we’re going to put this shit behind us.  It’s going to happen.”  Whether or not Ethan believed what he’d just said may have been a different story.  Yesterday, if you’d asked him if people we’re capable of shrinking objects, he’d have laughed at you.  Now, he was trapped in a car with his sister and her best friend, smaller than any bug they’d ever seen, and floating in his girlfriend Michelle’s bowl of milk, ready to be filled with breakfast cereal.

“What if she doesn’t Ethan?”  A much more calm, but likely much more terrified voice called from behind the driver’s seat where Ethan sat.  “What if this is the end?  If we don’t drown first, we’re either going to be chewed to death, swallowed alive or poured down the drain…”  Hearing this, Ethan gripped the steering wheel that much tighter.

“None of that is going to happen to us, Sarah.  Remember how many times Michelle almost stepped on us last night? Remember how long we spent running from her feet? Or how we were stuck in the tread of her shoe? Do you really think whatever god is watching us kept us alive through all of that just to die in a bowl of cereal?  No way, we’re going to survive this, somehow. I’m your brother, Sarah, and…”

“But Ethan…”  Sarah tried to respond.
“No! I don’t want to hear anymore negative shit!”
“Ethan…” This time Linda chimed in, her voice frail and whimpering.
“Same goes for you, Linda, just shut up and let me think…”
“Ethan!” Sarah pointed out of the cracked window of the sinking car.  It had begun to tilt towards the sky, giving the three passengers a mostly unobstructed view.  Above them, a shadow was beginning to form. 

Despite being a massive goddess of a woman to the three people in her bowl, Michelle was a slim, athletic woman who stood at 5’6” tall.  Her sandy brown hair tumbled messily along  her face, the very ends spilling over her sun-kissed shoulders.  There was a sleepiness to her eyes, she’d only been awake for a few minutes, but her deep brown eyes still seemed to be full of life. Paying her bowl very little attention, she set down a huge box of cereal in front of it, immediately obstructing her guests view of her pretty face.  Instead, they were restricted to the image of a cartoon toucan, jovially smiling near a bowl of colorful loops with marshmallows. Froot Loops, Michelle’s favorite, especially this extra sweet kind.

“Ugh...coffee…”  The goddess whined, and the trio could hear and feel the tremors of the twenty-something’s bare feet walking across the kitchen floor.

“We’re running out of time, Ethan!” Sarah said, now becoming a little less calm  as she stared up at the goofy looking giant bird wearing a safari hat.  Regardless of the outcome of their situation, Sarah would never look at that bird the same way again.

“I know we’re running out of fucking time!” Maybe it was the sight of his giant girlfriend placing the box down that drove the point home, but Ethan was having a hard time remaining in control of the situation.  He was frantically considering every possible outcome, and they all came back to the same idea: stay with the car.

“Okay, okay...” He began, attempting to sound as collected as possible.  “Once the car finished flooding, I think it should float. If we just stay inside the car, we have a much better chance of being seen. It might get scary, but...we can do this, I know we can.”  

“...Alright.  Okay.”  Sarah said, and tried to take a few deep breaths to calm down.  Linda remained silent, staring down at the milk around her knees. The car was quiet for a moment, as they all contemplated their situation.

After several seconds, the group could hear Michelle returning, and Linda began to hyperventilate.  Ethan reached over and took her hand to try to comfort her, and Linda did not resist.  The mountainous box of cereal shifted, and they saw Michelle’s fingers reach over and pull it out view. As the box moved, Michelle was now sitting much closer, and they had an unrestricted view of her upper body and face, as she reached into the box to open the bag inside.  The crinkling of the plastic bag was like a final warning to the shrunken occupants of the bowl, and soon after the saw Michelle turning the open box toward the bowl they were stranded in.

For the first seconds, Ethan could only watch her face.  The sleepy eyes and pleasant smile on her face, it fit her bubbly personality so well.  She was always so cheerful, so bubbly and ready to please people.  Always willing to go out of her way to help her friends and family, and there was hardly a selfish bone in her body.  This sickly sweet breakfast cereal was her only guilty pleasure.

Ethan’s dream-like montage of Michelle came to a quick, violent end as the colorful cereal began plummeting out of the box, encouraged by the girl’s gentle shaking.  It was like watching a rockslide from a towering mountain, only much more surreal.

Both girls inside the car began to scream as the Froot Loops began to fall around them.  Each one was the size of small house, and they crashed into the milk with abusive force, creating waves that carried the tiny car from one place to the next, only to be sent in the next direction as another bite-sized loop landed unceremoniously next to them.  

Bits of multi-colored pieces of cereal dust fell from the bowl as well, some of them only fist-sized, others as large as the vehicle itself.  The sounds of the car being pounded with the crumbs that fell from the sky provided a chaotic soundtrack to the situation.  Periodically, Ethan expected one of the marauding crumbs to impact the window and crash through, but despite his fears, none of the crumbs were heavy enough to pierce the glass or dent the vehicle much more than it already was.  At least they were safe from crumbs.

But that thought in and of itself, being fearful that cereal crumbs may crash through your car window and impale you, or someone else, was maddening.
The torrent of cereal did not slow yet, it was clear to the shrunken friends that Michelle was not going for a light snack, this was a breakfast befitting of a girl with a busy day ahead of her, and no time to worry about what time lunch was. The loops filled the surface area of the milk with ease, each impact sending the vehicle slamming into another colorful, porous wall.  Glancing out of the window, the crevices and holes, normally just barely visible to a human eye, were large enough to fit a person.  The surface area of the loops were large enough to have a pool party, the car itself small enough to fit in the center with ease.  

As if to humble them even more, a yellow loop fell from the sky and splashed into the milky ocean, surrounding them.  It was just a single piece of cereal, a single spoonful would be comprised of at least four of five of the sugary behemoths.  
Michelle continued to pour the cereal into her bowl, and Ethan finally tore his eyes away from his titanic girlfriend to check on the other passengers. Linda was still screaming, but Sarah was now sobbing hysterically, face buried in her hands.

The sky darkened as the cereal began to layer upon itself, the height of the loop surrounding them giving them temporary protection.  As piece by piece fell from above, Michelle’s face disappeared, and they were sealed away, buried alive in her breakfast.  A few seconds later, the sound of pouring cereal stopped, and the trio was given a brief reprieve.

“There’s no way she’s gonna see us, now, Ethan!  Look at us, we’re buried in this fucking cereal!  Michelle is going to eat us for breakfast, I fucking know it, I just fucking know this is how it ends…”

“...maybe.” Ethan responded.  Both girls looked up.
“What?  You’ve given up?” Linda turned to Ethan, then glanced back to Sarah in the back seat to check her reaction.

“You’re right...we’re already floating, and we’re so covered in cereal that even if we managed to make it to the top of the pile, this car is fire-truck red.  We’d just look like another speck of cereal dust.” Ethan’s words hung in the air for a moment, and he let go of the steering wheel.

Things fell silent again for another several seconds.  After a moment, they could hear the muffled sound of music being played from a cell phone. Katy Perry would be the soundtrack to their final moments.

The car gently floated in the calming waves of milk, occasionally bumping against the interior wall of the Froot Loop.  Sarah was next to break the silence.

“Do you think they’ll ever find out?”

“What would be left to find?” Linda spat back with a bit of venom.

“Maybe...maybe we’ll make it through her system alive?”

“I don’t want to think about getting shitted out by your sister, Sarah!”

“Would you rather die?  Well, Linda?” Ethan joined in the argument, turning toward Linda.

“I don’t know, maybe? Between dying and spending the rest of my life remembering being trapped shit and flushed down a toilet? I don’t think I want to remember that forever, Ethan! I don’t want to be this bitch’s shit!”

“Stop calling my girlfriend a bitch!” Ethan growled, eyes narrowing on the woman in the passenger seat.

“She’s literally going to kill us and you’re defending her? How fucking whipped are you, dude?”

“None of this is her fault, Linda!” Sarah interjected, jumping to Ethan’s defense.

“She’s going to murder us, even if she doesn’t know! This cunt is committing negligent homicide!”

“I swear to god, if you say one more thing about my girlfriend, I’ll…”

“You’ll what, E?  Kill me?  I think the gigantic fucking woman whose breakfast we’re floating in is going to handle that part!”  

Before Ethan could reply, the relative calm was interrupted.  They heard something heavy and wide impact the milk, and the waves began buffeting their car again.  It became stronger as the sound of the cereal around them became more intense, and Ethan realized what was going on.

“She’s stirring up the cereal, fuck me….hold on!”  He couldn’t get the words out fast enough, Michelle’s spoon made its first appearance behind them, crashing through the layers of cereal above them before dipping into the milk.  They couldn’t see the entire surface of the spoon, it was as wide as any yacht or ocean liner they’d seen, and much more intimidating considering the intended purpose of this harbinger of death.

The spoon pushed the cereal violently around in the bowl, capsizing many of the floating loops, and sending the tiny vehicle on a ride like it’d never had before.  The passengers screamed in unison as they were ushered along through the milk, slamming violently against other loops.  They were thrown forward, their bodies ragdolling against the dashboard or seats of the car, only to be tossed aside again as Michelle’s spoon returned to torment them.  At one point, they felt the sensation of being carried up into the sky as the spoon stirred more vigorously, but it was only to be spilled back on top of the rest of the cereal. The free fall from the spoon, was short, considering that the spoon never fully left the bowl for this purpose, but the intensity was nothing short of heart-stopping.  Crashing onto the surface of a green loop, Ethan, now bruised and slightly bloodied, looked over to find Linda’s head lolling around on her neck.  She was either unconscious, or dead.

“Linda!  Fuck, no!”  He screamed weakly reaching over to grab her arm and shake her some.  Sarah, watching for a moment, coughed up some milk, and called out to him.


“She can’t be dead, she can’t be...she can’t be dead!”  Ethan chanted, still shaking the limp woman.

“Ethan! Listen to me!”  Sarah screamed out, reaching forward to grab Ethan’s arm away.  “She’s probably just unconscious...she probably just hit her head.  If you wake her up now, she’s only going to be awake long enough to…”  Sarah words faded, not wanting to speak further about the situation they were surely waiting for.

“Let her wake up when we’re safe, or not at all...she did say she wouldn’t want to remember any of this.”

Ethan, finally letting his emotions get the best of him, leaned into the steering wheel and began to cry.

“It’s okay...just let it out…”  Sarah couldn’t help but feel strange and the sudden role-reversal.  Moments ago, Ethan was telling her to stay strong and believe that they will survive.  Now, she was the one helping him come to grips with their imminent demise beyond the lips of his own girlfriend.

Another tremor in the bowl, and both conscious passengers looked out of the windows.  They couldn’t see Michelle, but the could see that terrible, terrible spoon returning.  This time it wasn’t viciously chopping and stirring the cereal, it was elegantly diving in, the girl was beginning her meal.  The spoon disappeared beneath the milk, but the towering handle still taunted them with how close it was.

Maybe it was because they violence had come and gone for now.  Maybe it was Linda’s screaming finally silenced.  Maybe it was Sarah’s strength in the face of death.  Something was strengthening his will power again.  Not to survive, but to be at peace.

He imagined the scene from another perspective, from one he’d seen a dozen times.  Michelle, sitting in boy shorts and a tank top, seated at the table enjoying a bowl of cereal, music playing from her iPhone.  Her legs, crossed and feet tapping to the beat of the song as she enjoyed another mouthful.  A cheerful expression on her face as she watched the video of the song she listened to, chewing gently.  It was a simple scene that complimented the simple lifestyle of the girl he loved.  To her, this was any other morning.  To her, this was one of a hundred more bowls of cereal she’d have in her life.  She had no idea how much pain she was about to put her sister, her best friend, and her loving boyfriend through.  

Ethan would have it no other way.

The ground beneath the vehicle rumbled, shifted, and began to move.  Looking through the rear-view mirror, the silver, rounded wall that made up the base of spoon began to reappear, carrying every piece of cereal within a quarter mile radius of their location with it.  They were in the center, they were in the first spoonful.

“Hang on!”  Ethan called out to Sarah as they felt the world around them ascending into the air.  The loop they were on was rather stable, and they were given a perfect view of the ceramic bowl’s walls lowering out of their sight.  Replaced by it, the pink canvas of Michelle’s tank-top, her small, perky breasts hidden behind it.  Soon after, her neck, chin, and finally her face filled every inch of what they could see.  

She had a small nose, some of which also dominated their view.  A few freckles spotted her face, giving that much more personality to her dimpled cheeks.  Her eyes were above and out of sight, and Ethan hated that he wouldn’t see them again.

The focal point of their view, however, was Michelle’s lips.  Soft, warm, inviting, plush tiers of flesh that Ethan remembered obsessing over before they were a couple.  He imagined kissing her over and over, and he had been very open about how they were his favorite feature of her face.  She would often kiss him on the bridge of his nose, and he’d get tingles of joy down his throat.

Now those pouty, playful, pillow-like lips were the last welcoming thing he’d ever see on his beautiful girlfriend.  He’d give anything to kiss them again.  He’d pay any price.

But Michelle would have none of that.  In fact, she would taunt her tiny friends with another of Ethan’s favorite parts of her anatomy; her tongue.  Gently slipping from between those soft lips, the huge pink muscle slipped out to wet the lips the passengers were suspended in front of, gliding gently along both the top and bottom at the same time.  It didn’t seem like the intent was to taunt them any further, but Ethan found himself both humbled, afraid, and turned on at the same time.  Regardless of the situation, hovering this close to his girlfriend’s beautiful lips as the licked them was nothing short of erotic, and he’d have been dropping his pants were his adrenaline not focused on how to survive this trip into the hungry girl’s maw.

The precious lips parted, revealing the very tips of Michelle upper and lower incisors.  Her breath flowed from out of her mouth, filling the air around them, she had not brushed her teeth yet.  It wasn’t a smell that Ethan was familiar with or enjoyed, but he was too mesmerized by the sight of the mouth and tongue becoming more visible by the nano second.  The entrance the temple of a goddesses body was widening before them, and they were not worshippers, they were the sacrifice.  

Ethan leaned forward against the steering wheel, finally coming to his senses enough to begin screaming for help.  He pushed as close to the window as he could, despite Michelle’s breath fogging the windshield.  He opened his mouth and let out a visceral scream, but found it muted by another sound.

The car horn.

The car emitted its own loud scream of desperation, as though the car had become self aware and was attempting to preserve its own life, as well as the people within it.  Eyebrows raising, Ethan turned back to look at Sarah, who seemed equally surprised.  With renewed vigor, Ethan pressed both hands into the center of the steering wheel as though pushing harder would make a louder sound.  He didn’t know if the sound would reach her ears, but staring helplessly and screaming into the hungry woman’s mouth was about as useless as anything else he’d tried.  

The surreal roller coaster ride toward his lover’s lips slowed.  Had she heard them?  Were they about to be saved?  

They felt a torrent of wind as Michelle gasped, and suddenly they were descending.  Ethan refused to let off of the horn as Michelle’s mouth moved further away, and they were soon descending.  She was putting them down...they were saved!


Back into the bowl they went along with the spoon, disappearing under the surface of the milk as the metallic monster pushed other pieces of cereal of of it’s way as it landed back in the bowl.  Resurfacing, they were treated to Michelle enormous backside turning to them as she walked away from the table.  She groaned.

“Coffee’s done...finally.” The giantess said aloud, stumbling towards the espresso maker.

The tiny trio was granted a stay of execution, for now.  But Michelle would be returning soon enough, and there was no guarantee that she wouldn’t scoop them up again and devour them in a mouthful of cereal.  They just had to wait.

To be continued.


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