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Matthew was a typical sixteen year old teenager in high school. He was six feet tall and white skinned with dark hair. He lived with his two parents and his four year old little brother named Chad. He was very attractive but a bit of a late bloomer as far as puberty goes, especially in one particular place. That changed one day when he noticed that his package looked slightly bigger than it was before. He kept track of his progress as his four inch dick and balls had a growth spurt which finally stopped as his dick got just a little bit past the six inch mark on the ruler. "Fuck ya!" he said as he measured himself. "I'm average size now. Time to finally get laid."

A few weeks later Matthew was finishing up a texting conversation with a friend about his recent growth spurt he just finished having.

"So anyways I think my dick is done growing now and it only took about one month."

"So you got two inches then. Damn!"

"Ya I know right!"

His conversation was cut short by his mother asking him to give his cell phone to her because he accidentally went over his phone plan for the month. He gave her his phone and went off to go eat dinner.

Later that night his parents called him into their room and explained to him that they had decided to go on a vacation two weeks later and that they would have a baby sitter come to watch his little brother while he was at high school.

Two weeks later.

It was a Sunday morning and Matthew's parent's were ready to leave for their trip. They were waiting to make sure the baby sitter got there before they left. She showed up on time and was introduced to the family. Her name was Jenny. She was a perfectly flawless white skinned nineteen year old blond with perfectly spherical perky cantaloupe sized breast and wearing a short dress. Her entire body had an elegant beauty to it. Matthew was quite pleased to meet her.

The next week begin normally. Every day after Matthew got back from high school he and Jenny would talk to each other about their different interests and over time they got to know each other better and better. As the days went by he couldn't help but notice that Jenny's appearance was changing. At first he thought maybe it was just the clothes she was wearing that made her look different but as time went on he realized that it wasn't an illusion. Some how her breast were growing a little bigger each day. She even had to stop wearing bras because of her size. Eventually they grew so huge that he couldn't ignore it anymore. As his parents vacation was coming to it's end he decided to go ahead and ask her about her breast while he still had the chance to. They had now reached the size of basket balls.

"Hey Jenny, I've got to ask you about this before you leave. There is no way you could not have noticed it. Your boobs keep on growing bigger every day. Do you know what's causing it? Do you think you need see a doctor?"

"Yes I know what's causing it and I've already been to a lot of doctors about it. My breast aren't really growing bigger, they're just filling up with milk that's all. I haven't milked myself since I got here. The doctors say my body has a lot of extremely strange hormonal problems. They've taken a lot blood and milk samples from me and are still trying to figure out what's going on but I'm certainly not in any hurry for them to find a cure!"

"Me neither!"

Later that night after dinner Jenny opened Matthew's door and walked in the room. He had just gotten into bed before she walked in.

"Hey what's up Jenny?"

"My tits feel like they are about to explode. Can you please milk them for me?" She said while bouncing her boobs up and down on her hands.

Matthew got the message and said "yes!"

Matthew rearranged himself so he was sitting upright in his bed. Jenny took off all her clothes and sat down on top of his legs. He was shocked as she quickly held up her breasts in her hands and forcibly shoved one of her nipples into his mouth. She pushed his head back against the wall pressing as much of her boob into his mouth as she possibly could and yelled out.


Matthew immediately obeyed her command and started sucking away as the most delicious milk he had ever tasted flowed down his throat. With one hand holding her breast she reached down with the other hand and grabbed his rock hard dick. She started stroking him while he sucked. After a few moments of sucking his stomach started to feel strange and he realized that his dick felt differently inside her hand. As he continued to suck he opened his eyes and looked up to see her staring down at him with a large evil grin on her face. He stopped sucking and pushed her back from him. He then looked down at his crotch and did not see what he was familiar with, instead both his dick and balls looked bigger than he remembered. He grabbed his newly enlarged seven inch dick feeling it's new size in his hand.

"No way!...........I'm bigger!"

She smiled at him and laughed.


Smiling and giggling she said.

"I don't know but my breast milk has always had that effect on young teenage guys."

"Is it permanent?"


"Awesome! I've always wanted to be huge. Let's make it bigger!"

"I was planning to. Hold on for just one moment."

She picked up her shirt, pulled out an XXXL large condom from her pocket, opened it up, and put it over his dick.

"Don't worry. You'll grow into it."

Matthew thrusted himself into her and began pounding away. As they fucked he grabbed her tits and sucked as much as he could, desperately trying to grow as big as possible. He felt himself growing bigger inside her. He kept on banging into the bottom of her more and more as he grew past eight inches. He could feel his balls getting bigger and heavier. Her screams kept getting louder and louder as he grew. He passed nine inches. He was amazed to see how it kept getting easier and easier to pleasure her. He felt the head of his dick start to press against the end of the condom. He passed ten inches. Finally he became too stuffed to drink anymore milk. They both screamed and moaned together as they had a thunderous orgasm and continued to kiss each other until they fell asleep.

The next morning Matthew woke up to the fullest and hardest erection he ever had. Something about Jenny's milk made his erections become permanently much stronger. His new massive rock hard penis bounced and throbbed around as he got out of bed. When he measured himself he couldn't believe what he saw. Ten and 1/4 inches long with a new much larger pair of balls.

"Damn I'm big!"

He quickly got ready for school and left. By the time he came back his parents had already returned from their vacation and Jenny was gone.

Four months later.

It was four months after the life changing night Matthew had with the sitter. He was collecting phone numbers at high school and chatting with friends online. He was extremely happy and proud about his new endowment and was looking for the perfect someone to share it with.

One Friday day after he got back from high school he got a strange text message from his mother.

"Son your father and I need to have an important talk for you. We just want you to know that we love you no matter what and we are perfectly ok with it if you're gay. We would encourage you to go out and find yourself a boyfriend."

Matthew responded.

"Wow that was weird! Thanks for the information but I'm not gay!"

"Then how come you have never brought a girl home with you and you never go out?"

Before Matthew could finish thinking about a response his mother messaged him again.

"Son your father and I love you very much. We know what's wrong with you and we want to help you out. We know this must be extremely embarrassing for you but we don't want you to be miserable and alone for the rest of your life so we have to say this. We saw the text you sent your friend about your little two inch dick. Do you need us to pay for the special baby sitter to come back and give you another boost down there?"

Matthew was speechless!!!!!!!!!

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