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It was a hot summer morning when I had my first interaction with her. I had known her for years but never had the pleasure of experiencing her embrace. I don't believe she ever realized that I existed before that day.

I was fourteen years old and stood just 2 feet tall. Most boys my age stood over 5 feet tall, but I was already as tall as I would ever get. Most people mistook me for a toddler due to my short stature. I have the rare supernatural ability to shrink my size, although I wouldn't discover the ability until later that year.

I was alone in the local public park when she first noticed me. I was attempting to ride the swing but I could barely reach it. Struggling to pull myself up, I held on to one side and lifted my legs up to throttle the other side while i attempted to flip myself over. Suddenly, I heard the squeak of flip-flops and noticed two tan-colored legs standing next to the swing. I hopped down and looked up at the vision standing before me. She stood about 9 and a half feet tall; well below average height for a woman in the year 2640, but she was intoxicating nonetheless. She was about 20 years old and likely not finished growing. Women typically continue to grow well into their 30s these days, and their average height is increasing all the time. She had mocha skin and an hourglass figure. She wore bright yellow boy shorts that barely contained her voluptuous thighs. She kept her skimpy top tied in a knot, exposing her naval and slightly-toned abs. She had the largest, most well-defined natural breasts I have ever witnessed. Her cleavage was very exposed and the outline of her nipples could be seen through the subtle sweat stains on her white top. It appeared that her bra could snap at any moment, due to the sheer size of her bosom, but that is how she always looked. She had long brunette hair, with hints of dirty blonde. She had gorgeous light brown eyes and a perfect smile.

"Hi baby, what's your name? I'm Tina." She said.
I stared at her, awestruck and speechless. Her voice was soft and arousing.
"Do you need some help getting on the swing?" She asked.
I nodded.
She slowly bent her knees and lowered herself towards me while out-stretching her arms. My body began to tremble at the anticipation of her touch. I felt my blood begin to rush towards my groin. I had longed for this moment for years and it was finally happening. She grabbed my torso with both hands and placed her thumbs on my chest. She began lifting me up slowly and I quickly became fully-erect. She lifted me up until i was as high as her chest, then she paused and ran her fingers across my face. My groin felt as though it was about to explode. Without warning, she pulled me towards her ample breasts and hugged me tightly.
"Aww you're so tiny, baby." She said, with my body still between her cleavage.
"Where's your mommy?"
I stared at her, blankly. I don't have a mom, but that's a story for another time.
"Is somebody in the park with you?" She asked.
I continued staring, relishing in the moment. I didn't want to reveal to my age. She was under the impression that I was a toddler, not a teenager, and I wasn't sure if I wanted her to know my age just yet.
"Well I'll keep you safe for now, sweetheart." She assured me, as she ran her fingers through my hair.
"Mmmmm" she hummed as she pulled me tighter to her chest. I was captivated by the warmth of her bosom. Her massive, sweat-filled breasts surrounded me for a brief moment and I was enthralled.

She gently peeled me from between her moist breasts and sat me in the elevated toddler swing, since the other swing was too low to the ground for her to push me. She began pushing the swing, her breasts jiggled vigorously with every thrust of her arm. I couldn't take my eyes off of them. In that moment, all I desired was to be sandwiched between them while blissfully unloading my scrotum.

"I'm gonna call Lisa, maybe she knows who your mommy is." She stated, while continuing to push the swing. Her glowing, sweaty breasts swayed perfectly from left to right, subtly bouncing beneath her shirt.

She began to dial the phone. I imagined that it was me between her fingers, instead of the phone, consumed by her seductive touch. Lisa answered the phone and Tina started to talk. She was barely paying attention to me at this point, and I decided that I couldn't resist her body any longer. She was no longer looking directly towards me, gently pushing the swing while watching from her peripheral vision. She was too concerned with finding out where my mom was to pay attention to me, and I decided to take advantage of the moment.

I stood up inside the swing and pulled my shorts down just enough to expose my genitals. She didn't notice. I held onto the chains as she pushed the swing again, half-heartedly. She unintentionally grazed the tip of my phallus with her middle finger. She didn't notice. I felt a tingling sensation in my scrotum and decided to succumb to temptation. Just as the swing reached it's most forward point, and just before she pushed it again, I leaped from the swing with my erection still exposed. I landed between her breasts, just as I had planned. I was unable to hold on and began falling backwards...
"Oot, baby be careful!" She exclaimed, followed by a giggle. She pressed the palm of her hand against my back, preventing me from falling while unintentionally forcing my erection deep beneath her bosom. I felt a couple drops of semen leak through my phallus and it took all my strength not to explode..

Unaware of my arousal, she continued to hold me tightly against her body for several more minutes while she conversed with Lisa. I became engrossed by the inner vibrations of her sultry, alluring voice, booming through her chest. She was drenched in perspiration and I noticed her nipples were erect. Her aura was irresistible. Overwhelmed, I
started having second thoughts about pleasuring myself. But at this point I was completely encapsulated by her superior sexuality.

Still enclosed beneath her enormous boobs, and at the mercy of her enticing palm, I began rubbing my cock against her right breast. Just before I was ready to climax, I paused. I wanted to make sure she didn't know what I was doing.
"Well, thanks anyway Lisa. I guess I'll keep him with me for now. Call me tomorrow if you're going to Equinox."
The conversation was almost over, I had to finish up fast.

Just as I was about to finish, a bee flew past Tina's face. She panicked and removed her hand from under me, in order to swat it. I grabbed onto her necklace and held on for dear life.
"Oh my god, oh my god!!" She exclaimed while ineffectively swatting at the bee.
She started running and her tits were bouncing uncontrollably. I held on to her necklace with both hands. My lower body was hidden beneath her breasts and my dick was violently rubbing against them. I was past the point of no return, and I feared that Tina would notice my climax.

Luckily, she began running towards the kiddie sprinklers on the other side of the park, in order to escape the bee. I figured if I climaxed while she was under the sprinklers, she wouldn't notice. It was almost impossible, but I managed to hold off just long enough.
She ran underneath the water and pressed both of her hands against my back.
"I'm sorry baby, are you okay?!" She asked excitedly, as she hugged me tightly against her soaking wet melons. Her embrace was overwhelming and I climaxed, intensely, submerged beneath her perfect breasts. The water quickly washed away the cum, so she didn't see it, but she felt it. I pulled up my shorts before she noticed.

"What was that? Sweetheart, did you have an accident?"
I unwillingly loosened my grip and she held me away from her body.
"I don't see any mess. Did you pee your pants baby? I felt something warm."
I nodded reluctantly, curious to see what she would do with me.
"Aww that's ok baby. Let's go get you cleaned up."
She inserted me back between her ample breasts and began walking to her house. Her breasts gently bounced and swayed with every step.

"You can stay with me for now baby. I live alone and I don't mind. I'll get you cleaned up and make you some lunch, how does that sound?" She asked, as her chest flopped up and down, my body moving simultaneously with it. I was already hard again. She continued walking until we got to the front of her door. I was exhausted from the adventure I'd just had, and I was basically glued to her chest from all the sweat and moisture. She pinched the back of my shirt and slowly peeled me from her cleavage, unaware of how reluctant I was to be removed. She held me up to her face and stared at me for a second. I'm not sure how she didn't notice the massive boner I still had, but she seemed to notice something.
"Mmmmm. Okay baby, let's get you cleaned up." She declared, as she held me in front of her face. I felt a tingling in my genitals as she spoke.
"Okay, I'm gonna lay you on your back and take off your dirty diaper, okay baby?"
A sense of panic rushed over me. I'm fourteen, I don't wear diapers. She was about to see my erection and realize that I'm not a baby. She held her hand against my chest, pinning me down to the table. I squirmed my legs in a panic. I needed to curb my arousal, just for a few minutes. But she made it impossible.
"What's wrong baby?" She asked as she giggled slightly, still covering my torso with her hand.
"Awwwoo, it's okay baby"
She giggled again, while lifting me up to her chest one more time, to comfort me, and slammed me against her breasts slightly harder than the previous times. My boner wasn't going anywhere. She began to hum gently. Everything went black for a moment. I had never been so aroused, and so terrified in my life...

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