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Story Notes:

Disclaimer for entire story:

This work is entirely mine and any link to anything in the real world and life are for written context and I am nothing to do with any companies, people or situations mentioned in this publication. If something causes offense please let me know and I will sort it out for you. 

Author's Chapter Notes:

Starts off slow and sort, gets better once characters are introduced and power play begins.



Charlotte sighed, the sound of clanging metal pulling her from her dreams. She stretched and waited for the door to crack open for her into the dressing room. A number of small women pushed the doors aside and ran into the room before her, readying the chair and muttering morning greetings to her,

“Morning Madame…” They all muttered, heads lowered to maintain their place against her, “What clothing shall we prepare for you today Madame?”

“I want my fifth garment, I’m feeling dominant.” At these words all the women exchanged worried looks and continued with their work silently. The words Dominant and the her towering height were enough to make anyone squirm. They all knew what happened if they misbehaved, their old friend who no longer was seen was proof.

It had all changed when somebody had to be deemed perfect to be a ruler. The flawed were shrunk, made into nothing and forced to serve those who deserved it. They were able to gain and take anything they pleased from their flawed smalls, their houses, their money and whatever they wanted.

Charlotte was one of the most powerful women in the world, she ruled across many perfects as well as many of her own smalls. She commanded them with fear and lpower at the same time, reminding them they were forever hers but also caring for them and looking after them… But they must work for her with whatever she pleased, or they would be gone.

The four small women were utterly controlled by her, she was 5x their height if not more and they all knew the power behind her smile was even more dangerous than that. She was perfect in every way and knew it. From her blonde hair down her back to her milky, flawless skin and curves in all the right places. Her blue green eyes could glare at the most powerful of men and have them on their knees worshiping her in minutes. 

She knew this, they all knew this, so they worked in silence.

The women finished perfectly curling her hair up and applying her makeup before adjusting her tight black dress and helping her do up a single black button at the front. They then gave her a pair of black heels and walked her downstairs. The clanging of metal followed again and Charlotte laughed, kicking the door open to chaos inside.

A single ginger tabby cat sat with three smalls in its mouth, all were screaming for release but Charlotte just laughed at the little men, petting the cats head and making it purr in contentment. The whole room fell silent and the three men fell still as the blood from their bleeding ankles dripped off their noses.

Nobody dared speak, they all knew that the scene in front of them would not end well. Charlotte's eyes were flashing in anger, but her voice was calm and sweet as ever.

“You irritated him didn’t you?” She spoke to the men, all three cowered under her powerful glare. She stood to her full height, glaring down at their puny bodies, easily double their height and much more powerful than they could ever imagine themselves to be, “I told you the rules… You must be punished…” She bent down and clutched the three weak and pitiful men in her hand, holding them out to the cat.

The smalls around the kitchen stayed silent and the cat leapt forward and sniffed the three men, licking them and then nipping at one of their arms making him flinch and blood drip down again. The smalls around the kitchen recoiled slightly but Charlotte laughed a slightly wicked giggle.

“I thought the same…” Charlotte laughed, then the fake happiness died instantly. Her voice became like pure ice, freezing every hope of them getting out of this well. “You must worship me now, the three of you. On your knees at my feet. Remember who is in power. Work for what you want, now.”

The three men fell to the floor in crumpled heaps. Charlotte chuckled and pointed her foot forward trapping their feet and damaged ankles under her toes. They all yelped in pain but no mercy came. They had broken rules, they must pay the price.

"Well hurry up you useless wrecks." She demanded down at them, towering above them in every way of the words. 

They instantly sunk down and began kissing her feet, the disgusting taste of her nail varnish filling their mouths but they couldn't stop. The smell of her unclean feet was enough to make anyone feel sick, but they had no choice. If they stopped she would crush them as easily as if they were sticks. They licked and kissed the toes, cleaning the pads with their mouths alone. 

Charlotte giggled at the sensation, knowing she had full power over the whole kitchen. It gave her a buzz, made her smile.

She was in her rightful place.

She was in control. 


Chapter End Notes:

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