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Story Notes:
If anyone has any ideas and wants to add they are more than welcome.
This is also slightly dedicated to another deviantart user labbaART who contacted me on deviantart. It might not be what you requested but future chapters will include more school based settings.
Author's Chapter Notes:
A mother teaches a truck driver about road safety

Johnny was simply a 10 year old boy riding along the dirt path around his neighbourhood. He would often go out bike riding for long hours into the bush or along the streets. His mother, naturally, was worried that he might be hit by a car or get into an accident. However, that was no longer an issue with shrink-O-Car. This tiny device was attached to her son’s bike and would automatically shrink anything that came too close too quickly, thereby protecting her precious baby from any possible car attacks.

The energetic child was pushing along the path, whistling to himself, and not paying much attention to his surroundings. He unfortunately started riding across the street without looking while a truck was driving passed at full speed. This wasn’t unfortunate for the boy. No, no, no. It was unfortunate for the middle aged driver whom, despite putting the brakes on as fast as he could, still came into contact with the boy. At least, he would have, if the Shrink-O-Car safety device didn’t engage.

Within a split second, the 2 tonne truck and the burly, muscled man were reduced until they resembled tiny toys rather than an actual vehicle. At no more than 2 inches, the truck was miniscule and came to a grinding (If not silent) halt on the now expansive pavement. Everything resembled some kind of gravel based desert with nothing being seen for miles except for a single monolithic structure. That structure was the wheel of the boys tire which itself had come to a halt when the truck almost collided with it.

Johnny looked down at the shrunken car and didn’t exactly know what to do with it. He was still reeling from the absolute shock of almost being run over. He was almost tempted to simply step on the car and be on his way but was unsure if that was what he was supposed to do. What if his mother was angry that he crushed the car? She would know that he did it, of course, since mothers know everything. Finally he came to a decision.

Since he didn’t know what to do he simply thought that his mother would be able to handle this. Reaching down, he picked up the tiny vehicle (Not very gently either) and dropped it into his side pocket. The transition for the truck driver was absolutely terrifying with his entire world being rocketed up into the air and then free falling down a long tunnel of fabric. The smell of sweat and the encompassing heat instantly assaulted the tiny man. He couldn’t even get out of the car since the pressure from the boys fingers had dented and warped the metal of the doors. The man was trapped until released

Johnny made it home in record time to give his mother the prize he was captured. Walking up to her in the living room he noticed that she was once again drinking a glass of wine while reading a magazine, relaxing. She was wearing a white tank top that barely held her ample cleavage. Her stomach was toned and her arms thin showing that she probably did exercise or yoga. Her long brown hair was neatly kept and her face was clear and smooth. An ideal looking wife and could have been no more than 29, which made sense given her son’s age.

“You’re home early, sweetie. Is something the matter?”

The boy didn’t know if he was in trouble and so it took him several minutes to explain what had happened. Finally, he took the small truck out of his pocket and showed it to his mom. Her eyes narrowed in on the tiny vehicle and finally met his with a smile.

“Oh, Johnny. Don’t worry, you’re not in trouble. You did the right thing bringing this to me. Now you go along and play and make sure to watch wear you’re riding from now on”

Taking the shrunken car from her son she watched as the young boy walked away before bringing it up to her face. The truck driver, who was thanking the lords that he was given to the mother, was hoping that she would now unshrink him with an apology and let him be on his way. His hopes, however, were dashed with her next words.

“So, you almost ran over my son, did you? Fell asleep at the wheel, perhaps? Just like all you truck drivers: Can’t watch where you’re driving. Well, something like you should not be on the road anymore considering the danger you pose. The only question is what will I do with you?”

The sight was terrifying from the truck driver's vantage point. The entire horizon was filled with the face of this beautiful mother. Her hazel eyes were narrowed in on him and her mouth was bet into a smirk. Looking out the side windows was pointless as the giant woman's fingers were pressing in on both sides, further denting the metal and causing the glass to crack.

For Susan, it was quite amusing. Looking inside the window at this cowering man who could have easily killed her with a single hand if he were normal sized. But like this, he was more pathetic then a bug and both he and his truck was literally in the palm of her hand and at her mercy.

The truck driver tried to scream apologies. To explain what had really happened but knew that it was no good. His voice barely carried to her and even then the mother wasn’t having it. He was a villain in her eyes that had nearly killed her baby boy. His fate was sealed the moment the Shrink-O-Car activated.

“I know! Since I want you to get a punishment before you die I don’t want to kill you instantly, like, by crushing you. And eating you would kill you too quickly as well. But I think I have the perfect plan for something like you”

The mother then leaned over and gracefully dropped the shrunken car into her sneaker which she had clearly been wearing that day. The pink and white shoe was looking greyer these days given the constant usage and the inside was fairing no better. Dark sole and damp walls, the cave of a shoe had a distinct smell of foot sweat with the faintest feel of warmth from residual heat. Safe to say, the shoe was very unpleasant but was about to get a whole lot worse.

Susan, the mother, grabbed her phone from the table and aimed it at the tiny car trapped in her shoe, accessing her own “Shrink-O-App”, which was designed to be used for self-defence. She set the app for “timed shrinkage” of ten seconds before tilting her shoe. The tiny car hurtled towards the toe end of her smelly shoe before coming to a soft crash at the cushioned end. The man inside wasn’t harmed but was now unable to see anything due to the dark and was starting to cough from the tainted air.

At first, the man only noticed a scraping sound as the wheels of his truck brushed against the insole. He didn’t know why since he could tell he wasn’t moving. He also thought his mind was playing tricks on him because the air felt like it was getting thicker, and warmer. After about 30 seconds the scraping stopped and the man wondered what was going to happen next. The air was absolutely stifling and felt like he was in a stale sauna where the steam was made from old sweat rather than actual water. Every breath felt uncomfortable and hard as if he were breathing into a pile of socks.

Susan looked down at her phone: ‘Target reduced to 0.1 mm’. Perfect, thought the mother. If the giant truck was only 1/10 of a millimetre then she wondered how small the man was. She could only imagine how bad it must be for him in her sure and knew that it was only going to get worse as she put her foot into it. Clicking on the remote, Susan rested her shoe on the flow and enjoyed the feeling as her foot started to warm up.

For the man, it was terrifying hell to say the least. He had just been through the largest earthquake he had ever experience and now it felt like the heat had increased tenfold. And was still rising!! Finally deciding that he had had enough he put his car in nth gear and pushed the pedal to the metal.

Of course, this action sounded far cooler in his head than in practice. Not being able to see anything, the man had no idea when he would crash into something or if he was reaching the exit. Or if he even could reach an exit since he was in a shoe. But he knew he had to do something. Suddenly, his truck crashed into something and started tilting downwards. Whatever it was had grabbed onto his car and made him start sinking.

Susan scrunched her toes in pleasure, barely thinking about the shrunken man trying to survive in her shoe.

The man finally busted his car door open and went out to investigate, using his hands to feel the ground and walls. He finally realized what had happened and jumped into his car immediately to reverse his mistake. He had unwittingly driven into a tiny smear of grime made up of sweat and dead skill calls. Almost unperceivable to a normal human but an absolute barrier to the shrunken man and his truck.

Putting his car in reverse, the man tried to drive out of the squishy mas that was slowly eating his vehicle like a quicksand. Everything he did simply made the car sink faster. Finally, he realized that it was a hopeless cause and jumped out of his car and started trekking on foot. His feet squished into the ground at every step and he felt like he was marching through mud, having forgotten that it was actually a young woman’s sneaker.

The polluted air started getting to him and straight thinking became hard. The man finally blacked out into insanity, wondering the wastelands of this mother footwear.
Chapter End Notes:
Well, I have a few more idea so expect some more chapters. Or don't. Ideas are welcome but it's best if you just write your own. Don't forget to check out the original creator of this idea MShrinker on DeviantArt
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