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Story Notes:
Might add new chapters and use all tags if this gets any reviews.
Alyssa was having a bad day.

First, the barista at Starbucks had messed up her order.

I said an extra large caramel latte with extra sugar! Not a large caramel machiatto!

And now she had to go to her shitty psychology class and sit next to all the miserable shits of her senior class.

Her sandals flip-flopped on the tiled floor of one of her high school's many hallways. Her hips swayed back and forth in tight white shorts held up with one of her many designer belts. This one in particular was black leather with a painted gold buckle. Although she of course liked to tell people it was actual gold.

She wasn't particularly anything special, with a somewhat boyish face combined with frizzy brown hair, but she was fine enough. She was wearing a tight pink embroidered t-shirt that accentuated her above average breast size quiet nicely.

As she flip-flopped along the hallway, passing by numerous students on their way to class, she stopped briefly and thought of skipping her class. After all, she was having a terrible day, and her mother might take pity on that if she showed up to home earlier than normal.

She stood off to the side of the hallway for a while, before checking the time on her phone. Most, if not all of the students had found their classes by now, and she'd be caught by teachers passing by if she didn't find somewhere to be fast.

She sauntered off into the nearby girls restroom and was aiming to enter one of five stalls when she noticed something crumple beneath her right sandal, making a barely audible crunch. She quickly became irritated.

Great, somebody left their shit on the floor.

She lifted her foot up to reveal not a wrapper, or a piece of food, but a small reddish stain. She took hold of her foot and turned it over to examine the sole of her sandal. Imprinted right around where the ball of her foot would be was a dark red stain about an inch in size, with very small but noticeable strands of hair poking out.

Amazed at how weird it looked, she put her foot down and crouched to get a better look at the stain. That's when she saw it. About a foot away from the stain, was a girl! Only an inch tall! She jumped up in shock and gasped.

"What the fuck?!"

The tiny girl was waving her arms, and now that she was paying attention, she could hear barely audible squeaks coming from her. After a moment of letting the shock settle down, she crouched down, her tight shorts wrapped around her tan legs creasing in strain, and observed the tiny girl.

She was screaming by the looks of it, and she thought she was crying too. She was waving and pointing at Alyssa.

"Yeah I know I can see you, what happened?"

The girl kept screaming and pointed at the red stain. Alyssa examined the stain again and came to the sudden realization that she must've stepped on another tiny girl!

Her stomach dropped and she stood crouched in place, unable to really move. The girl kept squeaking and crying, as Alyssa continued to look at the tiny red spot, her eyes transfixed. She had completely obliterated another student, right under her sandal, like it was nothing.

She thought of the tiny girl, waving, trying to get her attention, as the pink sole of her sandal loomed over head without caution, allowing a short, curt scream before crashing down. She thought of the other tiny girl down there, and moved her gaze from the tiny stain to her. She was still crying and screaming, she was amazed she hadn't lost her voice yet. That's when she recognized her.

She was Amanda, from her psychology class! Her completely black hair and pale face was all too familiar. She always sat in the back of class with her boyfriend, chatting constantly. She wouldn't be such an annoyance to Alyssa if she wasn't so attractive. Alyssa hated girls that looked like her, just born with that privilege. She thought back to the girl that was crushed, and how it must've looked from Amanda's perspective as her fellow classmate was ended right in front of her.

"I must look like a God to you, don't I?"

Amanda stopped screaming for a moment and stepped back a couple feet in fear. Alyssa tried to picture what she looked like, her massive feet planted in front of her. Her feet must've been a mile long to Amanda. Her legs, her ass, her chest, her face, her arms, so huge in comparison. Alyssa thought of all the ways Amanda could die by her, and she relished in them. She felt so powerful, so in control. She loved to control, to have a high place, that's why she ran for class president last year after all.

She thought of the girl imprinted at the bottom of her sandal, how completely flat she must be. She cocked her head slightly, and smiled. The tiny girl down below screamed in sheer terror.

"Are you afraid of me?"

Amanda fell backwards and sat upright, staring in complete horror at the grinning giant.

"Are there any more of you in here?"

She questioned, as she gazed around the floor of the bathroom. She looked back to Amanda on the white tiled floor, and turned in place. Her ass, while pleasing in normal perspective, was gigantic to Amanda. The white shorts clung tightly to her expanding ass and she crouched down further. The edges of her cheeks pressed against the cutoffs of the shorts. Amanda wet herself in terror and she tried to stand up.

"I could crush you, so easily with my ass."

Alyssa let out a laugh, and to her surprise, a low moan.

"I don't know what the fuck happened to you," she said, as she stood up and turned back around, "but you're nothing now Amanda. You're nothing but a bug."

Amanda had begun running away, screaming as loud as she could as the giant girl loomed massively overhead. To Alyssa, the tiny girl was moving so slow it was as if she wasn't running at all.

"And bugs need to be crushed."

The same sandal that had, unbeknownst to Alyssa, the remains of Vicky Chan, the class secretary who had only needed to wash her hands prior to being shrunk and crushed to a bloody paste, raised up from the floor and glided just a foot in front of Alyssa. Her sandal completely dominated Amanda's world as her shadow cast over her surroundings entirely.

Alyssa let her foot loom for a couple moments, listening desperately for Amanda's screams. She hadn't been this turned on in a while, and she could feel herself becoming moist. Down below, Amanda had begun screaming the loudest she ever had in her life, begging for mercy. She was so shaken she kept falling over herself, her piss stained yoga pants clinging tightly to her flailing legs.

Just when Alyssa finally heard squeaks from below, she brought her foot down, hard, with a proud "Emmph." She barely heard her crush, but saw blood had spurred out from the side of her sandal. She couldn't really resist any longer, and stuck her right hand through her shorts and against her nether region. As she gently fingered herself, her nipples became ever so hard, and soft moans escaped her lips.

She was in control, and she had ended Amanda's pathetic life. Her boyfriend would never see her again, and nobody would check the underside of her sandal, that's for sure.

As she stood in bliss, she lifted her heel and turned it side to side, grinding whatever was left of Amanda into nothingness. She wanted to make sure there was nothing but a stain left of her. The fucking cunt deserved it. She let out one final moan and smiled. She looked down and lifted up her sandal to reveal another stain, this time, more brown and thin, mixed in with the dirt. She looked at her sandals sole again and chuckled, pulling out her phone and taking a picture. This wasn't such a terrible day after all she thought.

Maybe there's more.
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