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Story Notes:

Sorry folks, no violence, vore, butt, scat, destruction, entrapment or anything like that here. This is gentle. You can find plenty of that other stuff around pretty easily if you that's your thing.

Also, while this is rated X, it's likely not as explicit as some might like. However, with all these caveats, if you think you might like this, I hope you enjoy.

This is my first story. The major premise here is certainly possible, but not likely. The story is obviously not true, but it's based on real people and it could happen. I hope it is realistic enough.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


Author's Chapter Notes:

This first chapter is the shortest and only introduces the main characters. The good stuff will come in later chapters.

I was daydreaming when I saw her in line at the self check out counter. It was the lane next to me but I was behind someone who was already checking out at the front. You know how your eyes are sometimes drawn to someone inexplicably? That's what happened. She had long brown hair over a yellow t-shirt, and really nice legs. She was wearing jean shorts since this was one of the first nice days of spring, finally. So naturally her legs caught my eye. That and the fact that she was a lot shorter than your average lady. She appeared familiar. I didn't think much of it until I was finally checking out when I heard my name being called.


I immediately turned around. "Uh, hi, Julie."


Wouldn't you know it; my old high school sweetheart. I finished checking out and we spent the next few moments catching up. It seems she was finishing up her second year at the local community college and was working at a coffee shop nearby. No, not that big chain coffee shop. This was a small place that catered to the college crowd, such as it was. The type that had real Friday open mic nights where amateurs would show off their musical talents. Sounds like a fun place to work. I had even thought about showing up one Friday night to perform myself. It was just a fantasy, mind you. I do like playing the guitar and singing, I think I'm good at it. But I'm too shy to ever play in public.

Julie's parents had split up -- Dad going out to the Chicago area, Julie and her sister staying here with Mom. That is, until Julie moved in with another guy she met in her accounting class. She pretty much had to move out since Mom wasn't too well off living in a small one bedroom apartment. And Julie didn't get along with her sister very well. You could say she pretty much hated her. So did I. She was what you call, "stuck up".

I had graduated college the year before from a school out in the southwest with a degree in computer science and had landed a pretty good job working for a major company in the big city not too far away from here right after graduation. In fact, I had the job lined up even before graduation. All those years of hard work and hardly any play at college payed off after all.

Also, to my great pride, I had moved into a house that I was buying (oh joy, I now have a mortgage) which was pretty close to our hometown. (Well, that explains "bumping" into Julie.) I am even able to tele-commute at least three days a week most of the time. Yes, I was on my way to living the dream.

While talking to Julie was fun, it was a bit surreal. I detected a bit of over-cheerfulness in her. Something maybe not genuine. Did she want to get back together? Did she want to get back at me? Was something wrong? I should let you know that it was I who dumped her. Stupid move. I was going to school a thousand miles away and didn't want a long range relationship. Or so I told myself ... and her. What I really wanted was to date other girls while away. I didn't know then that it was destined not to be. That "hardly any play" thing I mentioned above was not because of working hard. It was out of necessity.

You see, I'm not really the type of guy that girls want to date. What kind of guy is that, you may ask? Short! 4'10" to be exact. (That's 147 cm for the rest of the world.) And Julie, bless her heart, was 4'9". (145 cm) There weren't many other gals in school -- high school or college -- that were shorter than I was. And even fewer that would go out with me. Sure, I was somewhat of a jock, wasn't bad looking, even if I say so myself, and I could sing and play guitar, not to mention smart enough to graduate cum laude with a degree in computer science. But most girls don't care about anything else except, "he's gotta be taller than me". Sure there were some that didn't mind and I had a good time with a few close folks back at school. One gal even caught me singing and that really turned her on. But she wasn't my type. Let's just say she was too endomorphic for me. In fact, I never really hooked up with anyone that I really wanted to spend lots of time with. Perhaps Julie was one of a kind for me. Or perhaps it was just the thrill of a first high school romance, but I found myself thinking about her for days afterward.

Julie, although short, was very well proportioned. She was a jock too. And that's how we met. I wrestled. I mean, what other sport can I play? Certainly not basketball or football. Well, cross country running is one such sport, and that's exactly what I did. I did this for the sole purpose of getting in shape during the fall for winter wrestling. I lifted weights too, also for the sake of wresting. But Julie was a pure runner (hence the well developed legs!). She also lifted -- this to help her running for the same reason I did it to help my wrestling. Perhaps we both were compensating for our stature? Whatever. We met on the cross-country team: she a freshman and me a senior. And she took a liking to me. That doesn't happen often for me. So, the rest is history. Sort of.

Yep, she was a jock all right. Toned body. Nice legs. Always tanned, blemish-free skin. She had a thin face with upturned nose. Long brown hair. Not much on her chest, but that don't matter to me. I can take 'em or leave 'em. And you could tell she worked out by one look at her butt. Julie was not quite the walking wet dream that some guys always brag about, but she was hot nonetheless. At first, I thought one of her friends might have put her up to going out with me, or something. You know, the both of us being short kind of thing. But I came to find out that she genuinely liked me. Talk about lucking out! She has really nice legs too.

Now I must mention that besides being a jock she was also a tomboy; never wore a dress. Nor heels (thank God). In fact, she wouldn't go to the prom with me because of her aversion to dresses. How tomboyish is that? So, I went with another friend to the prom. A three inch taller friend. So, just a friend. Nothing special, of course. I was a little surprised at being able to get a date for the prom but I had to agree that it was just a date; nothing more. Besides, everyone knew that Julie and I were an item. At least as much of an item as two people can be in high school. We had sex once. If you can call a hand job proper sex, that is. Julie seemed a little prudish to me. But then, all high school boys are poon-hounds, if you know what I mean. Taking "prudishness" in the proper context here means just being smart on her part. So, I couldn't really tell if Julie was jealous, or not over the prom. But it didn't matter. It wasn't long after I graduated high school that we split up.

So, yes, I dumped her. I did feel bad about it. Really. And I still do. But she was currently shacking up with some guy now. I guess I still wanted to make up for hurting her all those years ago and that's why I exchanged phone numbers with her that day, even though at the time I had a funny feeling that I'd somehow regret it. Little did I know ...

Chapter End Notes:

The next chapter is where things start to pick up slowly.

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