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I rang the doorbell, and a wave of trepidation ran through my body.  Though I had been dating Fulda for six months by this point I still got nervous whenever I went over to her house.  Maybe it was how rich they were, or how all of them had a very direct demeanor.  Maybe it was how all of them, including her ten-year-old sister, looked down on me.  Physically.


The door opened, revealing Fulda filling the doorway.  Nervously I looked down at her dark blue high-heeled shoes and visually scaled her body, moving up her toned calves and muscular thighs to her navy-blue dress that came halfway to her knee.  I went past her superfluous belt to my eye level and continued up to her ample breasts nearly bursting out of her dress, and ended at her icy blue eyes perched above her lightly glossed lips.  Her auburn hair was down for once, allowing her bangs to rest just above her eyebrows, complementing her tanned skin perfectly.


“Ready?” I asked, my voice cracking a little.  She nodded, and I took the corsage out of its box. Carefully I reached up and poked it through the single strap over her left shoulder, then clamped it closed.  After a sigh of relief I stepped back and offered her a hand.  Fulda reached out and grasped it, her hand enveloping mine, and let out a light giggle.


“Surprised you could reach it, short stuff,” she teased, and was soon joined by a chorus of laughter.  From either side of the door came one of her sisters, one peeking over her shoulder while the other stood beside her, not quite clearing her shoulder.  Neither of them rivaled Fulda’s 6’7” height, but when they got together like this they still made me feel puny.  Behind her shoulder was her 6’3” sister, a foot taller than me at only 14, and on the other side was her kid sister, standing 5’11” at only 12.  Both were very blond, and very mean.  The older one had subjected me to some vicious mockery in the past, especially when she started going to the same school as me, but the younger one was always the most savage.


“Why are you so smalllllll?” asked the shorter one, doing her best to be obnoxious.  She tossed her head to the side, whipping her hair behind her.  “Because you’re really smallllll.”  Fulda’s sister emphasized her vocal fry, and I tugged on her hand to get her to move.  Unfortunately she was nearly twice my size I couldn’t make her budge, and her sister continued.  “I’m so much taller than you and I’m like 12.  A doctor said I might clear seven feet, but you’re done growing.  I’m going to keep getting even taller than you while you stay puny!”  Fulda grinned and I gave her arm another tug.  “Fulda, when are you going to crush him?”


Fulda started laughing and answered, “I’m not going to, Gina.  He’s my boyfriend.”  Gina pouted and looked down at me, a playful malice in her eyes.


“Well then, when can I crush him?”


Fulda gave a thoughtful noise and replied, “Not on my watch.”  She looked back down to me and said, “C’mon, let’s go.  They’ve had enough fun.”  For show I gave her arm another tug and pulled her along with me, finally moving the mountain of a woman towards my car.


“Try not to step on him while dancing, Fulda!” shouted her other sister, Jessica.  “You’re always talking about how you have to watch your step with him!”


“Don’t drink him along with the punch!”


“Check your shoes before you put them on in case he fell in!”  I opened the car door for Fulda, and her sisters continued taunting while I walked over to my side.


“Don’t sit on him when you take a break!”


“Try not to lose him in the grass!”


“Don’t drop him into your dress!”


“See if you can even get him in a picture with you!”


“They’re all funny because you’re so small!” Gina shouted, getting one last taunt in before I closed the door.  I looked over at Fulda, who was laughing hysterically.  She tried to calm herself down, but every time she looked back my way and opened her eyes she started up again.


“I’m sorry,” she manages to say through her peals of laughter, “but they’re right!  You’re really short!”  She continued laughing while I started the car.  “Not- not that I have a problem with it, you know.”  Fulda cleared her throat to stop her chuckling.  “If I did would I do this?”  Without waiting she reached over and grabbed the back of my head the pulled it towards hers, giving me a deep kiss before shoving my face into her breasts.  After a few seconds she released me, and I sat back up.


“I know,” I said, putting the car in gear.  I looked over at her, with her seat all the way back with her luscious, long legs still bent, compared to me practically being under the steering wheel, and grinned.  “And make no mistake, I am going to climb you, Mount Fulda.”  She started laughing again, and I began driving to the dance.


When we arrived at the dance it was already in full swing, and I could hear music coming through the walls of the auditorium.  I quickly parked and hopped out, then went over to give her a hand as well.  She swung her legs over the side in anticipation, and with a gentle tug of her hand she sprung out of the seat, bowling me over into the car beside us.  Her body convulsed with laughter again, shoving her breasts against my face repeatedly, until she relented and took her weight off me.  With a quick yank she pulled me into her, wrapped my arm around the bottom of her waist, and set off for the dance.


I had to step quickly to keep up with her long strides, practically jogging to keep up with her elegant pace.  The clicks of her heels against the pavement rung out and echoed off the building’s walls, momentarily drowning out the music while we approached.  “I remember you said that you like when I wear heels,” she said, looking down at me with a grin.  “Why is that, hmm?”


“I like the way they make your legs look,” I answered, leaning my head against her chest.  “So long, so defined… and your butt, let’s not forget!”  For emphasis I reached down and gave it a good squeeze.


“Is that it?” Fulda replied coyly.  “I think it’s because you like really tall women.  I think that you think the taller the better.  I think you want a woman to really tower over you.”  She stopped suddenly, halting me as well.  “I think that if you could be bug-sized in comparison to me, you’d like it.”


My face reddened and I looked up at her, suppressing an embarrassed grin.  “Fulda, if that were true I’d be all about Anni.”


She grinned back and placed a hand on the top of my head, covering my entire cranium.  “I think I’m right, and you just don’t want to admit it, shorty.”  Her taunting finished she entered the auditorium, pushing me along with her, the clicking of her footfalls echoing louder as we get closer to the door.


The lighting inside the hall was dim, with red and blue light beams lazily waving back and forth along the ground.  A strobe light flashed occasionally, making it difficult to focus on anything for too long.  I looked over the crowd of about two hundred people, very few of which were dancing, and saw that most of them were milling about off to the sides.  It was easy for me to spot Fulda’s friends at least, since Anni, well over seven feet tall, towered over everyone else in school.


“Oh, let’s go say hi to my friends!” Fulda exclaimed, pulling me in that direction.  “You know, since you’re all about Anni.”  She guffawed and started to pull me in that direction, practically dragging me when I had trouble keeping up.  In no time we crossed over to them, and when Fulda suddenly came to a halt I was stopped by her rock-hard physique.


I had gotten to know Fulda’s friends fairly well in the past six months.  The blond a little bit taller than me was Alyssa, whom she had known for since preschool, and didn’t seem like she fit in to well with the rest of the group.  Next to her was a dark-haired cheerleader named Mary, about a head taller than me and as mean as Fulda’s sisters.  Lastly there was the brunette Anni, with me standing between her and Fulda.  Anni was the only girl keeping Fulda from being the tallest in the school by a wide margin.  At seven and a half feet tall or more I barely came up to her waist, and I would have thought her some genetic freak except she was also perfectly proportioned, as though someone had scaled up a model.  Her height made it easy for her to intimidate people, but that didn’t stop her from being plenty mean herself.


“Fulda, you made it!” Anni shouted in her deep voice.  “Come, give me a hug!”  Without waiting Anni reached over me and grabbed Fulda around the shoulders, pulling her into a tight embrace.  “I’m so glad my little friend finally showed up!”  She pulled her tighter, smushing me between her pelvis and Fulda’s stomach.  The pressure steadily increased as the hug continued, lasting at least a minute, while I became more and more uncomfortable between them.  Outside I could hear Alyssa and Mary laughing.


At last Anni let go and I could finally breathe.  “Oh, and you brought your tiny boyfriend, too!”  She crouched in front of me so that she was at eye level and continued, “Little boy, you like Fulda right?”  Nervously I nodded, with no clue where she’s going with this.  “Well, she calls you cute as a bug and her little doll to us.”  She stood back to her full height, towering over me.  “I’m not sure what that means other than you being small, I just wanted to say I agree!  You are really small!”  Everyone in the group but I laughed, and Fulda yanked me back to her side.


“Lay off Anni,” Fulda scolded, pressing my head into her breast.  “He’s my prom date, not yours.”  I looked up to thank her, but she continued, “Isn’t that right, my little doll?”  She pressed her face against mine, nuzzling for several seconds, before she pulled away chuckling.  “C’mon, let’s go get photos taken.”  With that Fulda stepped away from the group, taking me along with her.


“Fulda, I’ve been meaning to ask you something,” I began when we got out of earshot.  She canted her head downward, which I took as acknowledgment enough.  “Could you maybe stand up for me when people make all these short jokes?  Or at least not join in yourself?  Some of them are really mean.  Like, your sisters were talking about how you can crush me by accident, and I’m not entirely sure they were jokes.”


“Why?  Do you feel self-conscious?”


“What?  No.  I guess- I mean- It seems like you don’t respect me,” I stammered out finally.  “Like you’re just with me so you have someone to be mean to all the time, or you think I’m a novelty or something.”


“Aw, baby, don’t worry about that,” Fulda replied.  “I keep you around because you’re funny and interesting, not because I think you’re a circus freak.”  She leaned down and whispered in my ear, “And after tonight you’ll see just how much I respect you.”  My ego properly stroked I looked up at her with a smile and grabbed her butt again.


The line for pictures was mercifully short, with most people having already gotten theirs done.  I squeezed Fulda tight during the brief photo shoot, then my jaw dropped when I saw the actual pictures.  Dead center was Fulda, looking more beautiful than ever, with the top of my head barely in the frame.  Upon seeing them she winced and tried to console me.  “Well… they’re more for me than you, right?  Don’t worry about it.”  She thanked the photographer and left, with me in tow.


When we got back to the dance floor there was a slow song playing, and Fulda quickly pulled me out to the middle.  Reflexively I put one hand in the small of her back and took hold of her other one, pulling myself close to her.  I looked up into her eyes and she gazed into mine, and we swayed along with the music in silence.  Once we got into the rhythm I placed my head under her breasts, feeling the warmth of her body and losing myself in the sound of her heartbeat.


Just when the song was wrapping up Fulda tapped me on the back of the head.  I looked up and saw her with a mercurial grin looking back down at me.  “I’m glad you came,” she said softly, but before I could say anything she added, “And I’m glad I didn’t step on you during that.”


I dropped my arms right when the music ended, giving me the perfect opportunity.  “Fulda, I can’t do this anymore,” I declared.  “You seem so obsessed with me being short, it’s all you, your friends, or your family ever talk about around me.  It’s like you’ve fixated on it because you’re so freakishly tall.  I’m sorry, but we’re breaking up.”


I didn’t know it was possible for a face to go from jovial happiness to furious rage so quickly, but Fulda always managed to surprise me.  Her eyebrows slanted inward and her eyes narrowed, and she leaned in so that her face was mere inches from mine.  “Freakishly tall, huh?” she whispered venomously, her voice almost a hiss.  “I’ll show you freakishly tall, you little twerp.”  With that she stood back to her full height and closed her eyes, serenity returning to her visage.  Nervously I stood and watched, with no idea what she could possibly be doing.


In an instant Fulda doubled in size, then doubled again, and doubled once more.  I looked around in surprise and saw that everyone around me was rapidly growing too.  As everyone else continued to grow it struck me: Fulda, in her rage, was shrinking me!  Panicking I looked back to Fulda just as I slipped below knee level and could only watch as she continued to loom larger.  I dwindled along her shin to her ankle, and then the heel of her shoe towered over me, until I finally stopped shrinking at about an inch.


Fulda placed her hands on her hips and spread her feet so that she stood astride me, looking down with a sadistic smile.  Terror washed over me as Fulda spoke, “So then, my little doll, is this freakishly tall enough for you?”  I looked around in shock, unable to believe this was really happening.  The toe of her shoe was taller than me now!  “Hey!  Eyes up here!”  Unwilling to anger her I looked back up my now-ex-girlfriend towering over me, unable to do anything but stare up at her wordlessly.


The music came back on, much faster than before, and Fulda gave me a mischievous look.  “I hope I can follow Jess’s advice now,” she declared.  “I do like to stomp when I dance… and you’re just so tiny!  It’d be such a shame if I smashed my tiny ex-boyfriend!”  My eyes widened when she lifted her high heel, bringing it right above my head.  Her shoe raced toward me, growing larger until I could see the minute imperfections in the sole.  At the last moment my senses came back and I jumped out of the way, just avoiding her stomp by millimeters.  The quakes from the impact rattled my bones, but before I could recover Fulda lifted her foot again.  Once more she brought it down, and I was able to step aside quick enough that the breeze of it passing by rustled my hair.  She raised her foot a third time and I began to run, just clearing the impact of her third and fourth stomps.


I was almost clear when Fulda lifted her other foot, preparing it for a stomp as well.  She brought it down directly in my path, causing me to run headlong into the toe of her shoe.  Thinking quickly I pushed off the shoe, running back the way I came while she stomped after me, just missing me three more times.  Before I could get free Fulda blocked my path again, trapping me between her shoes and knocking me to the ground.  The look on her face told me that she had been toying with me all along: if she had wanted, she could have easily smashed me.


  “Hey Anni, come here!” Fulda shouted, beckoning to her friend.  I didn’t think this could get worse, but it was about to.  The ground rumbled as the titaness got closer until she was about a foot away.  When she stopped I looked up at her, still in shock at how big everyone was now to me.  Previously I had though Anni towered over me, but now she was more like a literal tower.  “You remember my boyfriend who’s really short, right?”  Fulda pointed down at me and Anni’s gaze followed.  “Check out my ex.  Isn’t he just cute as a bug?  Just as easy to crush, too.”  Despite the distance I saw Anni’s eyes light up when she spotted me.


“So, what’re you gonna do to him?” Anni asked, her naturally husky voice driven to new extremes by her relative size.


“He seemed upset that our prom photos cut him out,” Fulda began, “so I think we could use a new set.  Go take some pictures of him, and make sure he’s the focus.”  Anni knelt down so far that she was practically lying on the ground and withdrew her phone from her skirt pocket.  “Tiny, go stand by the outside of my shoe, I want this to look authentic.”  I complied with her command, not wanting to anger two giantesses who, it seemed, did not care for me too much.


I stood next to the toe of Fulda’s blue suede heel, leaning against it while the withering gaze from Anni’s green eyes made me wish I could shrink even more.  Dutifully I remained still while Anni took the pictures, the smile never leaving her face.  “I think we should really get one that commemorates tonight,” she declared, and tilted the camera enough to get both me and Fulda in the shot.


“Now send them to both of us,” Fulda said, “I want to see how cute the little bug looks next to a shoe so much larger than him.”  Anni nodded, and after a she fiddled with her phone for a few seconds my phone vibrated.  Seeing myself next to Fulda’s shoe, not even coming up to the toe of it, drove home just how pitiful I was now.  I scrolled down further, to the picture of a monolithic Fulda acting as a background for my terrified expression, and reached a new level of understanding.  “Ooh, I like this one!” Fulda declared.  “It really shows that I’m gigantic compared to my bug-sized ex-boyfriend!”  And I thought I was short before.


I looked up from my phone to see Anni’s hand raised, fingers outstretched, poised to swat me like a fly.  “Just give the word, Fulda,” she offered.  “Say I can and I’ll flatten him for breaking up with you.”


“Hmm, not yet,” Fulda answered, putting her phone away.  She bent over and extended a hand toward me, thumb and forefinger extended.  Effortlessly she pinched my collar and lifted me, causing my stomach to drop to my knees from the sudden acceleration.  In mere seconds she carried me the hundreds of feet up her body until I was dangling in front of her face, a jovial smile plastered across it.  “How about it, little guy?”  She batted me with a finger, causing me to sway back and forth like a pendulum in her grip.  “Wanna get back together?  Or do you…” Fulda paused to lick her lips, “not?”


Without hesitation I shouted, “Yes, definitely!  It was just a test anyway, I never wanted to break up!”


Fulda cooed in response, and gently stroked me with a finger.  Her blue eyes narrowed, and she said, “I knew I was right.  Now let’s get back to the dance… my tiny boyfriend.”


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