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Author's Chapter Notes:

Just intended as a quick bit of fun.

Sandra’s lips curled into a cruel smile. The jet lipstick, contrasting with her wan complexion, glistened on her lower lip as salivation set about her beautiful mouth and escaped, dripping down. This was her right; she had earned it; not an iota of compunction checked her appetite for her food of vengeance. Like an animal, strands of spit tapered and fell from her mouth onto her breast, her round milky breasts which had once been an object of derision. But none of that mattered now she was big. You see, those deemed to be economically insignificant were considered a burden; they needed to be gotten rid of. Of course, although the issue was global, national governments were given latitude to issue fiats on how to dispose of this economic scourge once they had been put into standardized form: shrunken to amenable height. America, being the epicentre of capitalism, found an ingenious way of turning this economic detritus into something of value. They would sell them to the affluent, and what the affluent did with them was its prerogative. Now, of course, as so often is the way with wealth, this system was open to being manipulated for a price.

The aforesaid is how the hapless throng of tiny women ended up in Sandra’s plate. Each had been mean to Sandra during adolescence, deriding her pale skin, underdeveloped breasts etc. Each was not unsuccessful; Sandra was just bigger! Bigger in business and now bigger in life. Sandra stared intently at her property. She soaked in their pathetic forms struggling to climb out of the bowl they were in and the shrill din they were creating. Sandra moaned, her eyes widened and she crassly brought her steel fork down, pinning an unfortunate morsel beneath its prongs. The food writhed and screamed in supplication to those around her, and sweat dripped from her golden crown. The rest of Sandra’s food recoiled in fear like penned sheep making deference to the wolf’s appetite, but Sandra is bigger than a wolf, and these were little sheep.


In frantic desperation, the pinned bug began begging and whining: ‘Please! Please, no! I want to live.’, she sobbed. Sandra replied with a globule of saliva to her face and pressed the fork deeper, cutting through the skin and abdomen. This sent sharp throes of agony through the tiny woman, who responded with awful howling.

Sandra lifted the fork with her food impaled upon it. ‘Shut up! Enough fucking moaning!’, she boomed. This quietened the moans—to which Sandra smiled. ‘You were always a bright girl, Alice. It’s nothing personal; It’s just when you’re this big you need to be… NOURISHED!’. And with that, Sandra sucked her food off the fork and left the morsel’s lower legs squirming out of her lips, much to the horror of the rest of her food. Sandra lapped her tongue against the tiny’s face again and again and then she brought her teeth down sharply, severing the tiny in half. Before the poor thing had even a chance to scream, Alice was tongued towards Sandra molars and crunch! Pulped with one tremendous goddess bite. Sandra swallowed, sending her food down to her stomach with an almighty gulp. The legs fell down towards the plate, and blood dripped from Sandra’s cruel smile. Content, the giantess rubbed her belly and smiled.


Chapter End Notes:

Ideas, please!

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