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Author's Chapter Notes:

Introduction to Tom and Alice.

I ran along with the panic stricken crowds of the city that were desperately trying to escape, screaming, yelling, pushing, shoving, doing whatever they could to get away. It had started as an ordinary and bright sunny day with nothing out of the ordinary, but within fifteen minutes after nine in the morning tens of thousands had been killed, hundreds of buildings damaged or destroyed and the survivors plunged into blind animal panic as police, medical services and fire fighters were completely and almost instantly overwhelmed.

The crowd had been running for several minutes and I could not see where any of them were going or to control where I was going even if I had a rough idea of their general direction until I saw an opening at the front of the crowd, where I could then push my way to the front and see exactly why they stopped. In front of me was one of the biggest craters I have ever seen up close, right in the heart of the CDB of the city. I didn’t know what the exact dimensions were, but I was guessing it was a few hundred feet in diameter and at least 100 feet deep. I could recognise that was it was an enormous shoe print; in fact it was a giant boot print to be more specific.

Inside the crater were the remains of buildings, people, cars and anything else that would have been caught up in the stomp of a giant on a rampage, it made such a deep impression that it cut right through the subway below and caused a passenger train to derail and dozens of vehicles and buildings simply fell into the hole.

I supposed that that was the impression left by the new pair of boots that my wife was bragging to me about an hour ago, not that I could tell for certain since I hadn’t seen her in the flesh since this all started. Though this was not what actually concerned me at the moment, it was the fact that in this case she appeared to have deliberately made sure that the hole completely blocked the street forcing everyone to take a detour.

Except for me of course; I resolved that she wasn’t going to stop me from beating my previous record merely by her complete destruction of the streets I had to run in. I found the rubble of a collapsed building nearby that hadn’t fallen into the hole yet and carefully climbed through the wreckage to get around her obstacle.

I then continued to run through the almost deserted street and for the next ten minutes sprinted through the city and avoided the next two boot prints of the same breathtaking scale with the same method of going around, all the while avoiding any more panicky mobs until finally I saw her in the distance, lying down on her back, roughly a mile tall and nonchalantly playing with an office building like it was a tiny matchbox car she found on a kid’s floor. She had completely demolished and flattened everything within several miles of her body, leaving the ground relatively smooth, although still rather coarse from my perspective.

She was dressed in a pair of big black boots, a black miniskirt, a white t-shirt, with a gold wedding ring on her right hand. She also had white skin, long red hair tied in a bun, blue eyes, a trim figure and a radiant smile on her face as she briefly glanced at me with those house sized eyes. I only briefly glanced at her in return and focused my efforts at dashing to the line we agreed on. As soon as I passed it she turned to face me and said “Twenty Eight Minutes and Thirteen Seconds, that beat your previous record by ten seconds”.

She then casually tossed the building behind her and said “Well done Tom*, you’re getting better at this. Tomorrow I’ll try beating my record” She stood up and brushed herself down, causing the massive debris from buildings and pavement she was lying on to fall to the ground and in turn create huge dust clouds that almost obscured my vision of her lovely mile high body “Now let’s trash this dump” and she grinned as I focused on growing myself in size.

*Not my real name of course and neither is the name Alice which is what I will call my wife.

I expanded my height and watched the buildings around me dwindle as my shoes sank into the pavement while I rapidly entered the Literal Mile High Club. My wife hugged me as I reached my full height then pawed at my crotch with her right hand. She could feel my erection but I quickly brushed her hand away “Not yet Alice, let’s have some fun with the city first”. We then took our first tentative steps towards the outskirts of the city where the remaining survivors were massing.

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