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Story Notes:

This will be a series of inter-connecting one-shots, updated at random.

Being a paladin of Voltron was hard. Being a Galra-human-hybrid paladin of Voltron was even harder. So many things happened in a hybrid of two very different species. It left Keith wondering if he was able to have children. Not that that was of immediate concern, but he wanted the option somewhere down the line. Although he wondered if any woman would want him since there was no telling what kind of children he would sire. He sighed and rested against the cavern wall as his thoughts drifted to his fellow paladins.

They had been doing a training exercise on some remote planet when he had been seized by excruciating pain. He had lost himself in his screams and Red's roaring in his mind. The lion had known something was wrong and immediately ejected his pilot. The small craft had quickly dropped to the surface, beneath the thick layer of cloud cover. It had crashed landed, completely out of control. Blindly, Keith had pushed himself out of the craft, tumbling to the sandy ground. He was still screaming, now groaning between breaths, as he hauled himself forward, away from the crash site.

"Keith! Keith, can you read me?" A voice echoed in his helmet.

He could hear Shiro's worried voice but he didn't have a voice of his own to reply. It was at this moment that he realized they needed text messages to scroll across their visors. He would have to talk to Pidge about that later. When he was able to talk again. He had a feeling if he simply crawled from the cave, stood and waved, they would see him. But what then? He couldn't just hop in Red and blaze back to the ship. That was currently impossible.

His eyes slid to the metal cat that was curled around him, purring up a storm. Idly, he scratched the top of the lion's head. God, his hand covered the cockpit. It was slowly sinking in just how massive he was. Sitting down, his and Red's shoulders were nearly even, with his pulling out a few inches, feet, on top. This was trippy.

Another frenzied call, this time from Pidge, made him rethink his desire to hide. Red purred reassuringly in his mind, coaxing him from the hole he had squeezed into. Green and Pidge were nearby. Fine, Keith relented. He leaned forward and felt Red slide out from behind him and trot back outside.

"Guys! I see the red lion!" came Pidge's over-excited voice. Their teammate's voices rang in the helmet, asking for coordinates and landmarks. Pidge rattled off the numbers on her screen as she circled in the air. She looked up as she landed and ended up face-to-face with a massive wall of white. "What the...? Guys, I think my screen is messed up. It turned completely white."

Suddenly, that white screen moved. The top turned red which seemed to bleed into the rest of the screen until, finally, it came to a stop. Except, now she was literally face-to-face with, well, a face. A giant face. That strongly resembled... "Keith?!" she yelped.

A familiar scowl was plastered across the face. Then, that head dipped in acknowledgement. Her voice rattled in his helmet, frantic and concerned. "What happened to you? You're taller than the lion!"

Keith looked away as he rubbed the back of his neck and shrugged. He glanced back at her when she called him again.

"Why don't you say something?" she pressed.

Again, Keith shrugged. He touched his throat and shook his head. Sometime during his dramatic transformation, he had lost his voice. And not just a hoarse tone that had crept in, but totally and completely gone.

The frown was evident in Pidge's voice when she spoke again. "Don't worry. We'll figure this out."

Heh. That was definitely Pidge. Even knowing the girl's brave personality, he was still shocked when she dropped from her lion and landed right between his feet. He froze, not trusting himself to move. He didn't want to hurt her. She put her hands on her hips and sized him up. "Stand up," she ordered. "I want to see how tall you are."

Keith scowled and shook his head. He was not moving. Not when she was so close to him.

"Keith, I need to see how tall you are. I need to figure out how to get you back on the ship."

The red paladin heaved a reluctant sigh and slowly, carefully stood. He didn't dare move when Pidge walked right between his feet, behind him and muttered calculations into her helmet. "My best guess is you're around sixty-feet tall. Not a legendary monster height, but still respectable for a human. What I can't believe is that your body hasn't collapsed in on itself! Human frames aren't made to carry such size."

Keith shot her a look over his shoulder. Not helping, it said.

Pidge didn't even flinch. It was Keith. He wouldn't hurt her. "Shiro, what's your ETA? I found Keith."

"So I gathered," came his chuckle. "What's all that about legendary monster height?"

"You'll see when you get here. Just hurry up." Her eyes looked to the yellow sky where a blue streak was directly incoming. "Really hurry up. Lance is almost here."

There was a groan from the older paladin. "I'll be there in two minutes. Just don't let Lance start something he can't finish."

"No promises."

Keith followed Pidge's gaze and he frowned when the blue lion dropped to hover right in front of his face. "Dude! You're huge!" The red paladin had to resist the strong urge to smack the lion down. Moreso the pilot than the lion. "Look at you!" Lance continued. "You're like a hundred feet tall or something."

"He's sixty feet," Pidge cut in, annoyed. "He's about the same height as the black lion."

Both paladins watched as Red came in, pushing her way into Keith's touch as if she were a living cat begging for attention. Keith smirked and obliged, gently rubbing her head and around her ears. That's my partner, he thought. You always know when to show up.

A minute later, Shiro and Hunk landed, completing the five paladins. Sure enough, Keith was just about the same height as the black lion, give or take an inch, foot, or two. Shiro and Hunk disembarked and Lance followed suit. The four paladins were gathered around Keith's feet, just admiring his new height.

"Well, at least his suit didn't rip," Lance finally said. Shiro gave him a look. "What? You see it all the time in tv shows and comics! Look at the Hulk. Every time he grows, he shreds his shirt and pants."

Keith sighed. That was definitely Lance.

"Dude, how are we going to keep him fed?" Without a doubt, that was Hunk. Always driven by food. Keith didn't bother to hide his smirk.

"But how are we going to get him back into the castle?" Shiro asked. "It's not like he can fit in the front door anymore."

"No. But he can fit through the lions' bays. Especially Black's," Pidge explained.

"Good thinking, Pidge," Shiro praised. "Allura, come in. Do you read?"

"I hear you, Shiro," came Allura's voice. Just the sound of it eased something in Keith. "What happened? Did you find Keith?"

"Yes, but we need the castle down her on the surface. He can't exactly leave the atmosphere as-is."

"What? Why not? What's happened?"

"You'll see when you land. I'm sending you our coordinates now."

Keith slowly dropped into a couch. Hunk skittered back a few steps while Lance's reaction was much more dramatic. He jumped back several paces and yelped. "Don't do that!" he scolded "You could sit on me or something."

Keith rolled his eyes. If he had actually wanted to sit on any of them, he could have done so easily. But hurting one of his teammates was the last thing on his mind. Carefully, he shifted to sit cross-legged on the ground. He was immensely grateful when Red curled against his back, giving him support. He felt something on his leg and was surprised when he saw it was Pidge and Shiro, casually reclining against his thigh as if it were the most natural thing in the world. He shook his head as the ghost of a smile curved his mouth.
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