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Jake sighed as he was walking down the side of the stream. At this point one of his classmates had to realize he was gone. His class had taken a field trip to a campsite but none of the activities interested him. So instead he decided to walk around. Unfortunatly, he got lost in the process. The 19 year old kicked a rock into the water as he reached a lake. "I might as well swim for a while." The brunette shrugged and got undressed. As he tossed is shirt and pants to the side he jumped in. The cold water hit his skin and he shivered. As he swam around he felt himself being pulled down into the water. Jake screamed out as he went under. The boy tried to swim up but failed. Then he simply disappeared
under the ground.

Crimson yawned and kicked her sister's door. "Wake up fat ass it's almost noon." A low growl came from the room. She rubbed her eyes as she headed to the kitchen. A pile of dirty dishes sat there, glaring at her. "Ugh. I swear she doesn't do shit around here." The wolf grumbled. She ran her hand through her hair before beginning to wash the dishes. As she was finishing with the last few something dropped out of the faucet. Crimson turned the water off and set the plate to the side. Her blue eyes met tiny brown ones. The giant anthro screamed as the thing sits up. She can tell its some sort of being. The tiny person tries to cover it's self as she grabs a fork and points it at him. "What the hell are you? I'll stab you if you try anything stupid." Crimson growls. "I-i'm just a guy, my name is Jake. I got lost in the woods, went for a swim and suddenly I ended up here! Please don't stab me" He begged looking pitiful. The woman dropped the fork then lifted Jake up by his boxers.

 "Ah. I see...you're one of those human things..damn its been a minute since I've caught one of you." The wolf drooled. "Last one tasted delicious." His eyes widened as he watched her drool and her words horrified him. "P-please don't eat me! I'm begging you, I swear I'll do anything!" Jake rambled. The wolves back in his world couldn't talk and they weren't human-like such as this one. Crimson laughs before letting her paw curl around him. The soft pads squishing against his wet body. "I'm only kidding. Personally I don't eat humans but there's some that do. Your kind makes better pets or slaves in all honesty." She grinned. Before Jake could be relieved about not being eaten he shivers. "Wait...p-pets or slaves. Y-y-you can't be serious. I've got to get back home I can't be your slave." Crimson shakes her head as her grip tightens. "You'll be what I want you to be. You tresspassed into my home, morsel. My name is Crimson but you will call me Mistress. Or I'll hand you over to my friends
who think humans like you make the best snack." Her claw presses on his tummy and he has no choice but to agree.

 "I have some friends visiting in a few hours. You'll rub their feet when they arrive. And don't think you'll ever get backt to where you're from. Once a human gets here there's no way back. Now go have fun looking around little guy." The wolf sets him down and allows him to look around. Jake decided it would be foolish to try and leave now. The tiny boy decided to look in the first room. There were band posters on the wall. In a corner was a desk and a computer. As he looked at the bed he saw a tail and gulped.
Jake hurried out into the next room. "Oh..just a bathroom." As he glanced around he noticed a mouse trap and gulped. At this size it could be the end of him. As he backs out of the bathroom he sees another door and one down the hall. Before he can decide where to go the first door opens. A shorter, brown wolf walked out and stretched. Jake stood frozen as he watched her smell the air then turn her gaze towards him. Before he could run he was pounced on and scooped into his mouth. The poor student cried for help as the wolf's tongue tossed him around mercilessly. "Toni spit him out!" Crimson yelled. She got muffled noises in response. The older wolf glared and pointed to the ground. Toni opened her mouth and watched as the human scurried out and hide into the closet. Crimson scolded her younger sister. The arguing went on for a while as Jake hugged himself. The mouth was huge, dark, and terrifying. As he went to turn around he bumps into a leg. Slowly, the adult looks up and finds himself face to face with a mouse. Her hand gripped his waist and raised him up.

Jake gulped before he was hugged.

"Awwwe you're so cute!" To this creature he was the size of a doll.

"H-hey wait, who are you? I thought this was a land of giant animal-people things.." He asked confused at her sized compared to the others.

"Is the size that vastly diffrent between creatures such as wolf and mice?" The mouse sets him down.

"Well duh, are mice and wolves the same size on whatever planet you're from?" She sits down.

"I'm Carry by the way." Jake rubbed the back of his head embarrassedly.

"I suppose they're not. It's nice to meet someone who couldn't crush me under a single paw anyways.." He said, chuckling to himself.

"I could say the same. What the hell is someone like yourself doing around a bunch of predators? You're safer with prey at this size." Carry says."I'm here because I'm a friend of Toni's even if her sister isn't so fond of me. As you can tell from that present in the bathroom." Her eyes glance up and down at you. "Why are you half naked?"

Jake blushed. "I-I went for a swim back in my world and got pulled down then fell out a faucet. W-wait..Toni's your friend? She just tried to eat me! I was lucky not to end up as wolf chow." he says shivering as he remembers the expierience.

"Pshhh what prey hasn't been inside a predator's mouth?" She snorted before tilting her head to the side. "Toni was just excited. We don't get as many humans here as we used to. Besides most predators nowadays don't eat prey. There's a meat substitute so we can live peacefully. Although..being in someone's mouth can feel delightful at times." Carry giggled.

"In any case, it seems I'm much safer here with you. Though, even at my height you're still intimidating." He says staring up to her cute face.

Carry laughs and pats his head. "Don't think I didn't hear anything. You're Crimson's little toy now. She's not as bad as you think, just rough is all. Most predators are. Especially towards snacks like you and I. Your best pet is to talk to Toni alone, she'll be most likely not to accidentally kill you." The mouse says seriously. Jake lets out a nervous laugh.

"You're not serious. You're prey too, can't you help me get out of here? A huge predator's toy doesn't sound very safe to me!" He yells fearfully.

"Don't think a bunny wouldn't take advantage of you. The only thing you're bigger than is bugs. Even I'm bigger than you." Carry stands up and moves her foot over the human. Her foot covers him almost completely. Jake's arms and legs flail as he tries to get from under her soft paw pads. As he goes to yell he gets a toe in his mouth. Carry gasps and raises her foot up.

"I won't deny how nice that felt." She laughs and picks him up. "Now go figure it out for yourself." The boy is shoved under the door.

 Jake sighs and wipes his mouths. He crawls under the last door. "Crimson's room." He mumbled. Surprsingly it was a normal-looking room. Jake expected there to be cages of trapped prey for her enjoyment. He almost felt bad before remembering his position. After looking around the woman's room he begins to leave to find his new 'mistress'.

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