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"Kim calm down we're almost done," Lulu said to her sister over her communicator that was attached to her wrist. Lulu was part of the exploration and research team sent to study distant plants. Lulu's job was to explore and take samples of possible habitual plants to colonize or to extract resources. Normally Lulu told her sister where she went so as not to have her younger sister worried about her she was now. However this time she didn't tell her sister Kim where she went because she would have overreacted just like she was now and ground her ship from being able to leave.

"Don't tell me to calm down. How can I be calm when you are standing on literally the most dangerous planet ever to be known to human kind!?" Kim's voice was filled with anger and fear for her sister over the two way video chat.

"We're almost done, like I said. I'll be back in space in less than an hour without a scratch on me. Jeez you worry more than mom and dad did."

Kim gave Lulu a stern glower, "If mom and dad were still alive right now they would be the ones scolding you and not me."

Lulu gave her a sympathetic look, "Ok, sorry. Look if it makes you feel any better we're almost done and we got some very good data."

Now curious Kim asked, "What kind of data?"

Lulu got excited as she started to explain what they found, "You won't believe it, guess what we found on this planet?"

Getting annoyed at her sister, "I don't know what?"

Lulu rolled her eyes, "Guess..."

Growling at her sister, "I don't know Lulu, gold? Diamonds? WHAT?"

Lulu gave Kim a grin, "Alphanium."

Kim eyes widen, "How much?" Alphanium was an extremely rare element hardly found anywhere. The thing about Alphanium that it was used as a power source for humanities space stations. A normal space station usually needed multiple nuclear reactors to power a station, 1 gram of Alphanium could power a space station for 1 year. Yet as powerful an element it was, there was a reason it was hard to come by. The conditions that are needed for the element to be produced had to be very specific and the slightest variable would give a different byproduct. It was why it couldn't be produced in a lab yet and could only be found. Anyone who found some could become a billion air over night.

Lulu smiled even wider, "Tons... I mean like literal tons of it. There's enough to power multiple stations for years!" Lulu said excitedly.

Kim was too shocked to response, this was the discovery of the century. "My God... this is could change everything..."

"I know right," Lulu said excited that her sister was finally understanding the importance of her exploration and research.

Off screen from Lulu there was a male voice, "Dr. Carmen, the ship is prepped."

"Thanks," Lulu replied. "See, I told you we were almost done. I'll see you soon, sis."

Kim shook her head, "You got lucky this time. Next time who knows-"

There was a loud cry from off the screen that cut Kim off. Before she could ask Lulu called out, "What was that?"

"Quick everyone back on the ship!"

"What's going on," Kim tried to ask but the Lulu was too busy trying to find out to answer her. The monitor that was on Lulu's arm was quickly dropped from her face and down to her side allowing Kim to see where Lulu was right now. She was outside and behind her was the research vessel that brought them to the planet. A few other people were rushing aboard as they grabbed whatever equipment they could and shoved it on the ship that was preparing to take off. Kim tried to get Lulu's attention but she was too busy talking to someone. Kim couldn't make out what they were saying but noticed the panicked sound in the males voice that Lulu was talking to. There was another cry in the distance and a rumbling noise that shook the video that Kim was watching. Whatever that noise was, it was huge.

"We need to leave now," Someone shouted inside the ship.

Lulu quickly headed toward the ship and got aboard. The small research vehicle had just enough room for 6 people including the pilot and all their gear. Kim was able to see that there were 2 empty seats as the door started to close. The seats must have belonged to the people who let out those cries earlier. Whoever they were, they weren't coming back. Worried Kim tried to get Lulu's attention to find out what was going on.

"Paul get us out of here," The man that was talking to Lulu earlier shouted at the pilot. Quickly the man started flipping switches and hitting buttons as the ship started up it's engines.

"Where are the others?" Lulu asked.

"Gone," The man said as he clearly must have been in charge.

"Gone? What happened," Lulu pressed, sounding upset and scarred.

"I told you this was a bad idea," the man growled at her. "You just had to come here," He mumbled as he jumped into the co pilot seat and started to help prep the ship for take off. "How much longer," he said sounding really worried.

"Just a few more ... there," the pilot said as the ship started to lift off the ground.

"Lulu what's going on," Kim said frightened for her sister.

Lulu looked down at the monitor, "I don't know." She said sounding just as worried as Kim was. "Richard," Lulu called out.

The man in the co pilot seat turned around, "I'll explain once we get off the surface of this God forsaken rock."

Lulu looked out from the ships front window and saw as the ship lifted up off the forest floor and above the beautiful landscape. It was a lush green planet with large mountains and trees covering over the horizon. The ships engines started to hum louder as they started to move forward gaining speed. They were about to ascend and break out of the atmosphere of the planet.

"Are we safe now," Lulu asked sounding very upset that Richard hadn't explained what was happening yet.

"Not yet," Richard told her still sounding spooked. "Not until-"

Suddenly there was a loud noise as the ship was hit by something. The ship flipped over in the air spinning as it came down from the sky and headed for the forest again. Kim could hear everyone crying out in alarm and fear as they spun around in the air in a disorientated way. The ground came rushing up to greet them as Kim could hear the pilot of the ship shouting out S.O.S over the radio. There was a loud crashing sound and the monitor that Kim was watching went black and fizzled out as she lost connection with her sister.

"Lulu...? LULU?!" Kim screamed at her monitor hoping that her sister would come back up on the screen long enough for her to know that she was fine. But as Kim kept calling out for her sister she realized that her sister wasn't there. As the seconds turned to minutes and eventually hours Kim's dread grew as she realized that her sister wasn't gong to be able to contact her. It was either because the radio aboard the ship that sent all transmissions off planet was damaged and couldn't send the signal to her or worse... Kim's sister was dead...

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