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Author's Chapter Notes:
This chapter will just be the structure of the story, so giantesses will be next chapter.
Nate got off the bus and started to walk home. It had been a long day at school and he was looking forward to coming home to just relax... and maybe, just maybe, have a little catch up on his giantess fetishes.

He walked in the front door and was welcomed with a warmful hello from the lounge. He entered the room and as expected saw his mother and sister sitting down watching T.V. As always, his sister had arrived home before he did and had stolen the best seat, clearly smirking at knowing what she had done. Her name was Jessica and she was a tall brunette, standing around 5ft 9 inches at the age of 16. She had lovely plump breasts, thick thighs, smooth feet and a quite chunky ass, like her mum. Mum was just slightly taller than Jessica at 5ft 11 inches at the age of 43. Like Jessica, Susan had a nice figure, soft breasts, smooth feet and a juicy ass, although this was bigger Jessica's... a good bit bigger.
"Hi mum... Hi twerp."
Jessica grunted and rolled her eyes. Susan got up and gave her son a hug, clearly leaving a big butt imprint on the sofa. "Hi honey, how was school?"
"It was ok, nothing much happened though. Just work upon work upon work. You know how it is."
"Well, there's some tea in the kettle if you want some. Jessica and I are were just going to start watching 'How I Met Your Mother'. Want to join?
"Naw mum I'm fine, not really into that. I'm just going to go upstairs."
"Ok. Fine by me."

Nathan went upstairs and into his room. It was pretty tidy and air circulation wasn't half bad. He jumped onto his computer (Not literally) and started to search giantess videos. After a bit of searching he found one that looked interesting and started it up. The video started loading and as usual, before it played an ad popped up on the screen. Nate moved the mouse, getting ready to close it but paused. The ad read: "Try this shrinking poison today for FREE!"
Nate stared at it for quite a good bit of time, considering wether or not he should he click on it. See, Nathan has always had this fetish about being shrunken down and seeing the women around him as giantesses. Even his family a bit.

After a good minute, Nate clicked on the ad, hoping that this could be real. He was eventually brought to a private product on EBay.co.uk (Not Sponsered) with the title saying: 'Shrinking Potion'. He read the description and to his surprise, it seemed legit. In summary, a man name John had chosen Nate via the site's previous giantess video viewers in the last month. He goes on to say that he has invented this potion with months and months of hard work and to celebrate his success, he is giving a one away. Nathan's eyes beam up and so, without a care in the world, he orders one with single day delivery and lays back in his chair, dreaming of what was to come this Friday.
Chapter End Notes:
I know it's unlikely, but come on! We can all dream...can't we?
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