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Author's Chapter Notes:

My first story on here. I have no beta reader, so I apologize in advance for any mistakes encountered.

Diana ran as fast as she could down the sidewalk.

Her alarm clock hadn’t gone off this morning so, she woke up late.

The realization when she looked at the time had been enough for her to kick herself into overdrive in order to get ready and dart out of her house.

If she didn’t make it in before the bell, it was going to be her third tardy at school.

For most teens, their third tardy didn’t mean much except a scolding from the teacher as they walked into the classroom and toward their seat. Maybe an after school detention depending on how strict their teacher was.

But Diana wasn’t like most teens, or like what one would consider a normal teen.

She was an Omega.

A type of person seen as a second-class citizen in society due to her ability to shrink by the will of those called Alphas in the world.

Her school was an integrated high school where Omegas, Betas, and Alphas all attended. While there were strict rules that were heavily enforced to keep Alpha students from shrinking their Omega classmates, when it came to the teachers it was completely different.

Diana continued her sprint as she finally made it onto school grounds.

Her lungs were burning for relief, but she tried to keep her stride.

The campus front was pretty much empty of students, signaling to the brunette that she was really late.

By the time she entered the building, the final bell for first period rang and Diana still had a ways to go to get to her first class.

A feeling of utter hopelessness threatened to consume her, but she pushed past it and kept going.

Hopefully her teacher would see she really had been trying to not be late if she kept up her run.

Maybe she’d take pity on her.

Even though she knew it wasn’t likely at all.

Her teacher had a reputation for not going easy on any student that happened to be late, no matter their status.

Not only that, she also took pleasure in punishing Omegas.

Her name was Ms. Adams, or as some people in the school called her, Alpha Adams.

When Diana made it to her math classroom, she was entirely out of breath and she was sure her dark brown hair was a mess and her face had to have been completely red.

She opened the door and immediately all eyes were on her.

It appeared as though Ms. Adams had already gone over attendance seeing as she was uncapping her marker and facing the whiteboard.

She flipped her long blonde hair over her shoulder to stare at Diana as she slowly entered the room.

Like a mouse, Diana scurried her way to her vacant desk while Ms. Adams paused and went back toward her own desk for her clipboard with the attendance sheet on it.

Ms. Adams stood tall like most Alphas, her height being around 5’11, though the three-inch-tall heels she typically wore to class made her tower even more than most students and a couple of the faculty.

She gave Diana a brief look before glancing back down at her clipboard to make a mark on it. “Diana, today makes it your third tardy.”

“I know! And I’m so sorry, I—“

“No excuses. When the period is over, you’ll come to my desk and we’ll talk about your punishment.”

Meekly, Diana nodded her head with a soft worded, “Yes, ma’am,” before sinking in her seat a bit.

She knew what was coming.

Her face grew red with embarrassment because she was sure her other classmates knew too.

Without even looking up from her desk, she could feel the looks of amusement coming from her Alpha peers and looks of pity from her fellow Omega classmates. As usual, the middle standing Betas gave her a mixture of both emotions.

She wished one of her friends had this class with her to make it less isolating. At least then she’d have some true sympathy.

Throughout the rest of the lesson Diana could barely focus on Ms. Adams’ lecture.

The whole time, she could only imagine herself being stuck inside of the blonde’s shoe for the entirety of the school day.

Her brown eyes lingered on Ms. Adams’ crème colored heels as the woman wrote on the whiteboard.

She was going to be trapped under her feet all day.

Just the thought made her feel like crying.

However, she kept herself together. Maintaining a calm demeanor despite the panic in the back of her mind, Diana began to sparsely write notes of the equations into her opened notebook that the older woman put up for everyone to see.

When the bell to change classes rang, Diana already had her stuff packed up along with just about everyone else in the class.

The other students all trickled out, most seeming to have forgotten about Diana’s dilemma that had been addressed at the beginning of the class period. She wished she could be like them. But her mind had solely been on her punishment throughout the hour.

“Ms. Adams,” Diana softly said as she began walking to the teacher’s desk.

Ms. Adam glanced over at her, her sharp blue eyes observing the teen for her next words.

Diana mentally noted how pretty she was. Although she was in her mid thirties, the woman could easily pass for a decade younger.

“I really am sorry for being late. My alarm clock didn’t go off and I don’t know… I tried my hardest to get here on time, I really did.” She knew she sounded like she was begging, but at this point, she didn’t care.

Although for the most part, she knew she wasn’t getting out of this no matter how much she pleaded. It was still worth a shot.

“I accept your apology, Diana.” Ms. Adams stated, her elbows propping up on her desk as she stared up at Diana, “However, this doesn’t change the fact that you’ll be punished for having three tardies this semester. Rules are rules.”

Diana suppressed the urge to cry.

“I know but… But… Alpha and Beta students get after school detention for excessive tardies. I—“

“You are not an Alpha or a Beta.” Her teacher cut her off before beckoning her to come around the desk, “I won’t debate this with you. You’re going in my shoe for the rest of the day. No ifs, ands, or buts.”

Diana frowned miserably, but despite herself, she walked around to the other side of the blonde’s desk and got within arm’s length of her.

She held out her hand, “Ms. Adams… I just, I really hate feet. Please... Please, can’t I have a different punishment?”

Ms. Adams’ reached out to grab Diana’s hand.

When it came to shrinking, Alphas essentially had to make physical contact with an Omega for about a minute or two and maintain undisturbed eye contact for around half that time  before being able to shrink them.

After this first set up, it was possible for the Alpha to shrink the Omega to as little as one-fourth of an inch and grow them back to their original size as they so desired. It always worked so long as they were within a certain distance of each other.

Depending on the Alpha, the distance required varied.

Some had to be at least a couple feet away, but Diana had heard of Alphas that could shrink Omegas from about a half a mile away.

In regards to her comment about hating feet, Ms. Adams laughed a little, the smile on her face making her look like some sort of super model.

The older woman shook her head though they maintained eye contact as she did so, “Most of the kids I put in there hate feet. It’s a punishment; you’re not supposed to like it.”

“I know that, but it’s so… No offense to you or your feet, but they get so smelly…” Diana quietly voiced, already feeling childish for her choice of words.

Ms. Adams wasn’t deterred at all. A mischievous gleam sparked in her eyes while she looked up at Diana, “I can put you in the back of my thong if you feel that would be better.”

Not expecting that sort of lewd reply, Diana’s eyes grew wide. Her expression seemed to make Ms. Adams’ smirk grow wider. “It’s legal, you know. I’m allowed to put misbehaving Omega in my crack. I did it with this one student in my 5th period last week and it felt amazing… Would you like that, Diana? Instead of being in my heels, would you rather be against your teacher’s sweaty asshole all day?”

She was teasing, as evident by the amused smile on her face, however, Diana only felt worse.

She shook her head immediately, though the thought of being caught between Ms. Adams’ giant asscheeks was a bit of a turn on as much as she hated to admit it.

Her ass was rivaled by her breasts which had to be several cups larger than Diana’s own chest.

The pencil skirt she wore gave her massive cheeks a lot of definition too.

“Then you’ll find that being under my ‘smelly’ toes won’t be so bad. It’s only 2nd period now so they don’t smell.” She began to take her foot out of her shoe.

The action was slow and Diana knew she was doing it like that on purpose.

Her nude nylons covered over her toes that appeared to be painted dark red. Her toes wiggled within their meshed confines and Diana nearly gulped at the thought of being trapped under them within the next minute.

Just as that thought came about, Ms. Adams released her hand, signaling to Diana that the connection time was up.

“Alright. I’ll shrink you to about one inch.” Ms. Adams informed her, her eyes briefly glanced over at the locked classroom door as her next class was undeniably waiting outside for her to let them in, “Since this is your first time shrinking with me, you’ll be placed inside my nylons rather than outside of them.”

Diana nearly found herself choking up.

Inside of her nylons?

That meant she’d actually be touched by Ms. Adams’ feet. She would actually be on her sweaty toes.

“W-What?” Right as she spoke, she felt herself hit with a sudden pang of nausea, which she undeniably knew was because of her height being changed.

Her heart rate began to pick up as the world around her, slowly, but surely began to grow.

It took only seconds before she was eye level with the sitting Ms. Adams and seconds after that, she was well and below that height. Her clothes became bigger and bigger until she was practically swimming in them.

When the dizzy feeling of shrinking subsided, Diana was covered in darkness and the warmth of her own clothing that kept their size.

Quickly, Ms. Adams began moving them away in an effort to find her and Diana found herself tripping and falling onto the cold tile below.

She shivered and held nude form as she now stared up at the gargantuan form of her math teacher.

Ms. Adams still sat in her rolling chair and she opened up one of her desk’s bigger drawers to stuff Diana’s clothing inside.

At the same time, the loud sound of the late bell rang overhead.

The noise was so sudden and loud that Diana jumped, startled, and brought her hands over her ears with a wince.

“You’ll be between my big and second toe.” Ms. Adams’ voice boomed from above and it was then that Diana remembered to cover her exposed breasts and tiny bush from the giantess’ sight.

Ms. Adams got up from her seat, the action almost making Diana go scurrying back by how quickly she moved despite how big she was.

It seemed so unnatural.

Looking up at her now, she was practically indescribable.

Her long, nylon covered legs stretched up to the sky, becoming covered by her dark pencil skirt and then making way for her giant, mountain sized breasts that nearly covered her beautiful face.

There was no way to actually get into words how magnificent and powerful she looked just by standing there.

Ms. Adams was God-like.

Her hands moved beneath her skirt to grip the hem of her nylons in order to peel it off of her left foot. She worked swiftly, not wanting to make her next class suffer with less lesson time because of this.

With her toes free, she placed her foot down in front of the tiny student on the floor.

“Get between my toes.” She commanded, spreading open her toes for the inch tall girl to get onto.

Despite being a bit dazzled from her new size and how titanic her teacher’s foot was, Diana obeyed Ms. Adams’ order and dashed into the opened space between the woman’s big and second toe.

Her skin was much warmer than the tile from the floor. It would have almost been inviting if not for the strong, musky smell that seemed to be radiating from the spot she had chosen.

She held onto Ms. Adams’ foot as tightly as she could as the woman began lifting it up into the air.

What was probably a couple inches from the floor seemed like dozens of feet to Diana now.

She clung to the toe flesh around her, letting out a brief scream of terror as Ms. Adams dipped her foot downward into her awaiting nylons.

The world around Diana became masked with the dark nude mesh that steadily moved overhead until Ms. Adams got it on securely.

With the pantyhose on, the musky smell from before seemed to have doubled.

It wasn’t a fresh scent, more like it was a stale, lingering foot odor that clung to the nylons.

Diana could only assume it was the result of repeated wear before Ms. Adams gave them a wash.

Still, with one hand clinging to her teacher’s second toe, she used the other to plug up her nose.

“I usually let students out for a breather during lunch, but today I have a meeting so you’ll really be in there all day.” Ms. Adams informed her from above, “Now get under my foot, but keep your head between my toes. That’ll be the most painless position for you.”

Obediently, Diana worked to get her naked body under her teacher’s giant foot. Now, her arms were both at her sides so she could no longer cover her nose, but she supposed it wasn’t too unbearable.

Maybe she’d get used to the smell.

She felt her face redden with embarrassment when her nipples grew hard beneath Ms. Adam’s foot flesh.

She hoped to God it was too small to feel.

“Okay, Diana. I’ll see you in some hours.” Ms. Adams stated and Diana let out a small squeak of surprise as the foot began descending once more.

This time, into Ms. Adams’ heel.

The world around her became dark and the toes squished themselves against her head. Not only that, the smell of feet became much more potent.

Diana tried to keep her breathing even, assuring herself it wasn’t that bad despite how much more claustrophobic she felt.

It was okay.

The time would be up before she knew it.

After securing her foot back into her heel, Ms. Adams smoothed out her skirt before walking to the door and letting her students in.

As soon gave their greetings, she politely responded back before walking back to her desk with the intent to start her lecture, the tiny student in her shoe practically forgotten.


Diana wasn’t sure how much time had gone by, but it felt like an eternity.

Ms. Adams’ foot gradually became warmer and warmer and now, things were becoming more damp. She wasn’t sure if she hallucinated it or not, but she could have sworn a drop of sweat rolled down the woman’s big toe.

She heard stories of how some Omegas that were trapped in in-shoe detention would get bathed in their teacher’s foot sweat. One teacher, Ms. Lewis from the English department, was notorious for her outrageously sweaty feet. The unfortunate Omegas that ended up under her soles sometimes were forced to drink it to stop from choking.

Diana hoped that wouldn’t be her.

Her situation was humiliating enough as practically a piece of toe jam in her teacher’s pantyhose. She didn’t need to make it worse by having to consume the sweat from the massive foot.

The smell had also become overwhelming.

Every breath she took in was dominated by Ms. Adams’ foot odor. It was so strong that Diana was sure she could taste it on her tongue a bit too.

She couldn’t wait to get out.

It was pathetic. Every inch about her was so insignificant to her busty, blonde teacher that she was sure even her smallest toe could dominate her one inch body.

Just as she had that thought, she felt Ms. Adams’ big toe rise up before heavily coming back down on her face.

Diana bit back a cry as her face was pressed into the digit’s warm and moist flesh.

Her opened mouth gave her a taste of Ms. Adams’ toe flesh that had a salty flavor to it. Her foot was well taken care of as evidence by how soft and well moisturized her skin was.

The giant toe seemed to be rubbing itself against her, almost affectionately, and Diana began wiggling in an attempt to roll back to her safe spot next to it.

Her attempt was in vain and she was toyed with beneath Ms. Adams’ powerful toe for what was probably about ten more minutes until it let up and she was free.

Or at least, free enough where she was back in her original position.

She wondered what Ms. Adams’ was thinking.

Did she even feel Diana just now? Was she consciously playing around with her?

Diana whimpered, though she knew the feeble sound was going to be unheard to anyone except herself and the five toes she shared the nylons with.

Ms. Adams did a lot more walking around from what Diana could feel, though her main concern was not getting trapped beneath the ball of her foot or entirely under one of her toes again.

Every time the older woman’s foot lifted off the ground, she tried her hardest to maintain her place.

Things rapidly became more humid in the shoe and Diana was positive after Ms. Adams had been walking for a bit of time, that it was her lunch meeting happening.

When she finally came to a stop, Diana released a breath of relief, grateful that she’d be sitting down for sometime.

Ms. Adams entered the meeting room and took her seat between her other colleagues from the math department. They greeted her with smiles that she returned in kind as they waited for the head of the department to arrive.

She had nearly forgotten about Diana being in her shoe. It hadn’t been until the end of last period that she remembered and thus allowed her big toe to show the tiny girl that she wasn’t forgotten.

She loved playing around with Omegas using her toes.

Although this was a professional punishment, it wasn’t a secret that Alpha teachers took advantage of their power to play with their tiny Omega students whenever they stepped out of line.

After all, most Alphas were stuck renting or buying Omegas to keep as pets, toys, or even slaves. Her own sister had recently made a purchase on one and they weren’t cheap at all.

Being a teacher had its benefits.

She could subdue Omegas to her feet for free.

Not only that, but given that she was even in bounds to trap them in her ass too, there were more possibilities.

She wasn’t quite sure if she could put them in the front of her panties without some technicalities yet. Though she wasn’t too eager to see. Having an orgasm in front of the class wasn’t her goal.

But after having that one student tickling her crack the other day, she definitely wanted more.

Ms. Adams brought her toes upward before bringing them back down after ensuring Diana was directly beneath them. Playfully, she pressed her big toe back on her little, nude body. She rubbed it along her small form even as the meeting commenced.

Diana found herself crying as Ms. Adams’ toes began flicking her body around as though she were some kind of pebble.

She shouted and begged for it to stop, though her cries were unheard as she was pushed and rolled around by her teacher’s gargantuan toes along her sweaty pantyhose. It continued on for what Diana was pretty sure was forever.

“Ms. Adams, please!” She barely managed to utter out as the woman’s toe pressed onto her body. Desperately, Diana held her arms out and grasped onto the toe’s side, rising up along with it when her teacher pulled it up.

With that, she felt Ms. Adams’ second toe behind her, rubbing against her body to peel her off.

Unable to keep her grip on the clammy flesh, Diana fell back down.

Although shrinking made Omegas denser, so broken bones and the like were very hard to come by, she was sure she was going to maintain some bruises when she grew up.

Ms. Adams’ toes came back down on her, except now, they petted against her face and body apologetically.

Had it not been for the fact they smelled awful and were riddled with sweat, Diana wouldn’t have been so opposed.

Repulsed, she tried pushing the affectionate digits as hard as she could, “Please, stop! No more!” She shouted out before her mouth was full of toe flesh.

This time, the toe didn’t move.

Diana remained on her back with the toe dominating her face. She tried spitting out the fresh taste of foot sweat from her mouth, but it was impossible with the soft toe resting over her mouth.

Before she knew it, Ms. Adams was walking again.

She whimpered and held onto the sides of the toe once more to prevent herself from fall into the depths of the woman’s sole.

Her grip was weak and slippery with the sweat that built up and Diana eventually fell back down, however, Ms. Adams’ toe was sure to greet her with a firm press with each step she took.

When it finally came to an end, Ms. Adams seemed to have been sitting again.

Diana supposed she was back in her classroom from the meeting.

She prayed that there was still enough time for Ms. Adams to give her a breather. And after all, with the playful abuse her toes had given her earlier, it was obvious she wasn’t forgotten.

She needed fresh air.

However, the hope never got fulfilled.

Diana was stuck in the nylons and crème colored heel, breathing nothing but her teacher’s foot odor and slowly getting bathed with her growing foot sweat until Ms. Adams got back up to her feet and started teaching her next class.

She started crying at some point, feeling damned for being born an Omega in the Alpha dominated society and for her alarm clock for not going off when she needed it to.

It was a brief moment of self-loathing that she wallowed in, frustrated that there was no escape from her teacher’s toes until the giantess desired it.

When she managed to get herself back together, she just prayed Ms. Adams would bring her suffering to an end and let her out of the in-shoe detention soon.

Ms. Adams returned to her classroom after the meticulous meeting and gave the clock a short glance.

She still had about fifteen minutes to eat her lunch before fourth period began.

Sitting down on her rolling chair, she went over to one of the drawers of her desk to pull out the bag that contained her sub sandwich.

The blonde unwrapped it quickly and got to eating, mindful to take her time and not mess up the light makeup she wore, especially her lipstick.

Briefly, she felt a tickle at the ball of her foot and she was once again reminded of Diana’s presence.

Ms. Adams swallowed down a mouthful of her sandwich, putting a tiny bit more pressure on the student within her shoe.

Although she could use the time to give the little girl a couple of minutes of fresh air, it was probably best she didn’t receive any breaks.

This would be more effective in making sure she wasn’t late to school again.

As she bit into her sandwich one last time, she let up her foot on the prisoner inside before attempting to play with her body beneath her toes once again.

After wrapping up her lunch and opening the door for her next class to come in by the bell, Ms. Adams put her focus back into teaching, once again forgetting about the Omega that was now lodged underneath both her second and third toes.

She got through the lesson much faster than she did with her previous classes. Not wanting this class to get too far ahead of the others, she gave the students free time to work on their homework in class.

Naturally, this time was spent with more hushed talking among friends and students conspicuously taking out their phones to text and the like.

Ms. Adams would have normally reprimanded them to get back on task, however, one of the students, an Alpha girl named Danielle, came up to her desk with an excited grin on her face.

“Ms. Adams, I heard about how Diana was late today for the third time this semester! Do you have her in your shoe?” She was pretty straightforward and she looked all too gleeful as she leaned herself on Ms. Adams’ desk.

“I do. Poor thing’s been baking between my toes since this morning.” The blonde laughed as she wiggled her toes, feeling all too satisfied as she felt Diana’s diminutive body attempt to avoid being drummed by the overpowering digits.

Danielle snorted, “My little brother finally showed over the weekend! Turns out, he’s an Omega too, like our dad. My mom said after his papers are done for his status change, I can keep him as a pet if I want.”

Ms. Adams nodded her head understandingly.

Usually, people showed signs of what they were from a young age. The latest was typically at the trail end of puberty.

Omegas were known for being short in height, the tallest males never more than 5’10, and their personalities tended to be rather meek and submissive.

Alphas were known for being tall, some even broad either with fat or muscle and they typically had the most domineering personalities.

Betas were average, nothing exceptional or different given that they stood in the middle and had a wider range of heights.

Of course, these were all generally speaking. There were plenty of outliers.

Ms. Adams’ cousin was a rather spunky and dominant Omega.

Her Alpha aunt in turn was a gentle Alpha, rarely, if ever, shrinking her son.

“You’re lucky. I know many people would kill to have an Omega for a sibling.”

“I know right? I can’t wait. I’ve always heard squishing them under your feet is fun.” Danielle stated, her eyes glancing down at the teacher’s heels, “How does Diana feel?”

Ms. Adams smirked, “Like a cute little pebble… No, actually, like a cute piece of toe jam.”

Danielle let out a laugh and at the same time, Ms. Adams concentrated on making Diana shrink to about half an inch.

She could feel the girl becoming smaller beneath her foot flesh, now becoming more easily enveloped to her meaty foot.

She couldn’t even think of how the half an inch tall girl was fairing in there now.

The smell would have only gotten worse.

Diana knew she had to have been shrinking even more when the familiar sense of nausea that hit her earlier in the day was back.

It didn’t last too long, but the difference in the weight and presence of the foot on top of her seemed to double.

She tried her hardest to remain calm, but the air she was breathing in was gag worthy, the massive foot and toes that dwarfed her seemed ready to flick her around like a ball again, and everything just seemed utterly hopeless.

The moment Ms. Adams lifted her foot so much as a little, Diana began crawling her way out from beneath it as fast as she could. The slipperiness that came with the sweat the foot was giving off was an unexpected help as well.

Diana tried to make her spot between two toes.

If she could settle on the web of them, it’d be her safest spot from being manhandled and squished.

She knew the smell was going to be the worse there. It was where all the grime and sweat accumulated, after all. But at this point, she’d take that over being Ms. Adams’ foot toy.

When she made it over, she assumed she was still between the blonde’s second and third toes, given how tight the space was, Diana heaved a breath, inhaling more of Ms. Adams’ pungent foot odor that was very nearly eye watering, and held onto the grimy flesh around her tightly.

She tried not to think about how she was pretty much a speck of dirt on her teacher’s foot now.

Just a tiny mark in between her teacher’s toes.

That was how Omegas were seen in society anyhow.

Subhumans that had no more worth than either being pleasure pets or bugs beneath their feet.

Ms. Adams definitely saw her that way too, Diana realized.

If she didn’t, she wouldn’t be playing with her like this.

Eventually, Ms. Adams began moving again. Her steps were inconsistent, moving some and then stopping for a minute or two before moving around again.

It signaled to Diana that she was onto the next class.

Surrounded by the murky stench of feet, Diana could only hope the end of the day would come faster and she’d be free soon.


By the time the last period of the day came by and ended, Ms. Adams had once again forgotten about the Omega inside her nylons.

She only managed to remember when she was gathering up her belongings after her students already left for the day. She had seen Diana’s bookbag under her desk and become reminded of the girl’s presence in her shoe.

It wasn’t unusual or uncommon for a teacher to forget about an Omega they had in punishment and end up taking them home by accident.

Typically, there was no more repercussions for it other than a light scolding because of potentially worried parents.

But Omegas were considered subhuman in their society anyways, there would never be a big fuss about it especially if an Alpha had them.

For a moment, Ms. Adams stopped and pondered what to do with her next.

She could take Diana out and grow her back or she could take her home under the pretense that Diana had been forgotten and get to play around with her some more.

The girl was probably suffering in there.

Ms. Adams couldn’t imagine the amount of praying the little brunette was doing that she’d be freed from her giant teacher’s feet soon and that her punishment would be over.

With a smile, she continued packing up her purse before exiting out her classroom.

As she walked to her car, she tried her best to not make any conscious movements with her toes that would signal to Diana that she was aware she was in there again.

Diana was such a sweet little Omega.

She could handle a few more hours in there.

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