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I began this story 6 months ago on another website and I lost interest but now want to see how far I can keep it going, as well as putting a Giantess story on a Giantess website.

I hope fans of Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire enjoy this, as well as non fans. All reviews would be greatly appreciated.



The end is coming, mused Princess Elia Martell; Targaryen, Elia reminded herself. Prince Rhaegar Targaryen may have perished from the crushing blow from Robert Baratheon’s Warhammer but Rhaegar was still her husband. I’ll be joining him soon in any case. The Princess had been barricaded into her bedchambers by four knights; these were the few remaining knights not currently being slaughtered by Lord Tywin Lannister’s army. Elia swaddled her babe around her arms; tears flowing down her face as she thought about her eldest child, Rhaenys will die alone. She pleaded, begged, demanded and challenged the honour and manliness of these knights into saving her daughter, possibly anywhere in the Red Keep and possibly dead right now, but all four knights repeated the King’s order: “We must not leave your sight until the Lannister’s are destroyed.”

Elia was distraught but unsurprised by the fact that each knight, each looking as different as the four seasons of the world and ranging from a youthful twenty to a masterly seventy, recited this command perfectly. Aerys will burn them if they don’t follow his command to the letter. Then Elia gave a bitter bark of a laugh. More like Tywin will burn Aerys now or sell him to the Usurper. Elia knew that there protection was futile; four knights had no chance of anything other than to be quickly massacred by a fresh organised army. And then there is me.

Elia had no illusions that Robert would claim the throne, and under even less illusions that Robert knew that his reign would be more secure if Rhaegar’s heirs were dead. Dead children cannot fight back. She had no idea if her brothers, the cautious Prince Doran or the bold Prince Oberyn, would even be riding North to King’s Landing after her husband’s defeat and death. A high proportion of Dorne’s army had marched to the Trident with her husband and they were slaughtered, defeated and most likely bent the knee to Robert already. Word might not have even reached Doran yet that Robert was closing in on the Capital. But Lord Robert is not my primary concern.

To most men, having a sister of a Great Lord as a hostage would be a wonderful opportunity. But then again Lord Tywin is not most men. Aerys picked Elia over Cersei Lannister to marry his son Rhaegar and to carry his heirs, and Lord Tywin had never forgiven the King for that slight. And we all know what Tywin does to women that had slighted him. Lord Tywin publically humiliated his father’s mistress after Lord Tytos’ death for parading herself in his mother’s jewels. The poor woman was paraded around Lannisport naked immediately after Tytos’ death and was exiled in disgrace. And Tywin did that to someone his father loved; we all know what Tywin does to those that are standing in his way. Elia then instinctively heard the tune of ‘Rains of Castamere’ in her head. I’m not long for this world, I wonder if the bards will sing songs of my no doubt horrific demise.

Elia briefly imagined the horrible things the Lannister’s will do to her. Images of blood, tears and gore flooded through her mind. It will be violent but quick; Tywin is not one to waste time. No doubt Tywin had cutthroats who would cut her in half without a second thought. Brutes were ten a penny in Westeros and nobody had more pennies in Westeros than Tywin Lannister. More images of horror, violence and degradation swept through her mind.

Elia could not deal with what was happening and quickly she imagined her two brothers in happier times. Elia could see proud Doran Martell humouring his younger brother, the bold and dashing Prince Oberyn after another misadventure. Elia would give almost anything to just see her brothers one more time before the end. Elia loved both of her brothers with all of her heart and she took small comfort in the fact that they loved her in kind. The war may be lost but they will plant the seeds for the next one. Neither brother would take this lying down and with other Targaryen’s scattered in the winds, all it would take was Doran paying a few thousand sellsword’s to invade as well as betrothing his young daughter the Princess Arianne to Prince Viserys and the next great war would begin. Doran was patient and calculating, he will bide his time until Robert becomes complacent and then even more thousands of men, women and children will die in horrific ways. Elia was infinitely saddened by that thought, many thousands of people had already died because her husband ran off with the Stark girl, and Elia did not want innocent’s blood on her hands.

Elia knew her death will change her brothers’ lives for the worse, but no doubt it will hit Oberyn the hardest. My dear Oberyn. It still surprised Elia that the sweet mature worldly Oberyn who made her laugh and feel loved during her many illnesses as a child was the feared and decadent Red Viper. The Red Viper feared no man and he would not be satisfied until he had Robert Baratheon’s head on a spike. Elia knew for a fact that Oberyn would rage and scheme to avenge her. He will make himself miserable his whole life. As much as she hated Lord Tywin, she did not want her brother’s life to be dominated by hate. Most of all she wished she told Oberyn the truth, that he was the only man she could ever truly love. Would that I had the courage to confess it loudly and proudly, befitting a child of Dorne. Oberyn always told her that things would be alright and gave her a big hug afterwards. Elia could only dream that would happen again.


Elia sensed that the drawbridge keeping the Castle safe would be scaled at any moment, and as she contemplated the emptiness of her life leading up to her family’s inevitable slaughter she spied a glowing red ring from the table of her bedchamber. Elia was stunned into seeing such a fantastical scene in the middle of an all too real slaughter. Have I gone mad? Elia had to compose herself, but she remembered that this ring was given to her by her mother during her wedding on Dragonstone. Her mother whispered that this ring was given to her by a sailor seeking her favour after supposedly returning from the Dooms of Valyria but definitely on the gallows after a drunken brawl went bad in the streets of Sunspear. Whether her mother truly believed that this man ever saw the scorched ruins of the Dragonlord’s Freehold is debatable, the Valyrian Steel that the ring was made of was not debatable however, with its wonderful array of Rubies, Gold, Emeralds and Sapphires to complement the rare Valyrian Steel. It was more beautiful than any ring either woman ever saw and this prize allowed the sailor to leave Sunspear alive.

The Ring was glowing stronger as she was getting nearer to the table, and by the time she put it on, a stream of bright red light had clouded her mind. A strange chorus of an even stranger language was being sung by a chorus of angelic voices. It was definitely not the tongue of Old Valyria, Elia surmised as her Maester had taught her a passable amount of High Valyrian during her childhood. Elia couldn’t truly understand what the chorus was singing about but it felt like they were singing: “Help, Help, You need Help.” At that Elia was stunned to see that the ring had actually melted into her finger and Elia suddenly felt incredible. Power was oozing through her veins and all Elia could do was smile.

Elia’s tears were gone. Her beautiful face became calm and serene; despite the improvised barricade separating her room from the enemy hoard was beginning to be pounded into. Elia took a deep breath and commanded to the voices singing to her: “Give me the power to live, save my children and for my family to marvel as my enemies quiver in fear. Give me the true power of the Gods.”

The knights looked at her like she had become mad from the horrors outside, but Elia didn’t heed them as an even greater feeling of power surged through her body.

Elia’s elaborate dress grew tight and then tighter as she noticed her limbs began to actually grow longer. The knights around her had forgotten about the door and stared agape at the incredible scene in front of them. The Princess who was significantly shorter than any of the knights around her, had begun to grow taller than any of the men in the room. Her robes ripped off from her body and her large olive coloured breasts hung proudly over the knights as she ascended to become over nine feet tall. Elia could not even begin to describe how good this felt. There was no pain only an even greater exponential feeling of power.

Despite the euphoria of the magnificent feeling of her growth, Elia noticed that her babe, Prince Aegon was not growing with her and as she noticed the ever so smaller babe in her arms she cried to one of the knights: “Take Aegon!”

One knight was bold enough to take Aegon from her continuously growing limbs. As the babe left her arms, Elia’s growth had begun to accelerate.

Elia’s growth sped up and within moments her head had reached the ceiling of her high bedchambers, she had grown fifteen feet and from one look of the tiny knights Elia cooed as her protectors reminded her of Rhaenys’ toys. Elia knew right there that she would never need another man’s protection ever again.

The barricade had burst open and the Lannister soldiers decked in their blood red armour took one look at the growing princess, and in her euphoric ecstasy Elia gave one look of sharp defiance back at the soldiers, and smirked. Elia roared a mocking laugh at the thoughts those peons could do anything to harm her and they then all ran back down the stairs in complete panic and horror at the fantastical sight in front of them.

This is Heaven, Elia thought as she began making strides which were so strong that they actually had burst through the floor beneath her, and the sheer force made Elia beam with joy.

Elia was rising even quicker and within moments she was at least fifty feet tall as she burst through the castle tower and saw the glorious light outside the tower and into the burning city. Elia was heartbroken as she saw the horrors and injustice occurring all around her. Thousands upon thousands of people were being murdered, raped as well as their homes burning to the ground. Robert’s Rebellion had already decimated Westeros; Elia would not allow this evil to continue now. Elia was used to seeing the city from a great height but now she was the great height. I will be the great force for good in this world; I will be the peacemaker Westeros needs.

Elia saw that Kings Landing was being sacked and knew that there was no more time to waste. She picked up the knights, each of them staring through the crater sized hole in the tower at her gigantic nudeness. The birth of two royal children had not diminished her natural beauty, and Elia could not help but smirk as her ginormous pussy loomed over the knights. Bet they never thought that Princess Elia's womanhood would dwarf them. Her pubic hair looked like a huge tangled garden that grew ever so wilder as her height speed up. Elia knelt down at the knights and told them softly: “Get on my hand.”

Despite trepidation the knights did as she asked, with Prince Aegon in toll in a knights’ muscular arms, and they all climbed onto Elia’s hand and soared through the air as she slowly stood back up, marvelled at seeing all of the city from her incredible vantage point and all Elia could say was: “I am a Giantess.”

Elia looked down through the castle and saw from a miniscule window, her daughter, Princess Rhaenys, being dragged out from under her father’s bed. Rhaenys was screaming and her face red from tears. In her rage Elia grew again and reached five hundred feet, and Elia immediately opened up the roof of Rhaegar’s bedchamber with her free hand, her incredibly large face blotted out all light in Rhaegar’s bedchamber and she roared at the red caped gnat: “LEAVE MY DAUGHTER ALONE!!!”

The Lannister man at arms collapsed on the ground crying in hysteria, as Elia gently picked up the bed her daughter was hiding under with preposterous ease; it weighed seemingly nothing to her. Elia looked down at her tiny daughter and all she could do was to sigh in relief that Rhaenys was unhurt and that she was not too late. Elia noticed that Rhaenys was staring up at her gigantic mother and her tears had immediately dried up. Elia’s heart was beating like a smith hammering a sword into shape, her family were all alive and Elia’s heart flipped in joy as Rhaenys smiled lovingly at her. Rhaenys’ childish face turned into a mirror of awe and wonderment and she quickly began to laugh at the incredible sight of her gigantic mother. Elia gently laughed back with her precious daughter, moved her hand down and softly whispered as quietly as she could muster: “Climb up my hand my sweet Rhaenys.”

Rhaenys did just that and Elia softly rose up until she was at full size. She stared intently at her daughter, extremely relieved at her safety, as well as the fact that through this miracle she was able to save both of her children, the true joys of her life. Elia gave a soft smile to her incredibly small daughter and whispered softly: “I will never let them hurt you again.”

Rhaenys began to talk, so Elia moved her ear closer to Rhaenys and heard Rhaenys say in a giddy, breathless childish voice: “I love you Mamma.”

Elia’s heart fluttered inside her and as she began to choke up Elia replied back: “I love you with all of my heart.”

Elia was so relieved that no matter what will happen, Rhaenys loved her and will always love her. Rhaenys was too sweet and innocent to not feel anything other than love to her mother. I truly do not care if others see me as a monster and a freak, Rhaenys loves me.

Elia put Rhaenys softly on the same hand as Prince Aegon and the Knights and the first thing Rhaenys did as she got there was to give her baby brother a big hug. All Elia could do was to smile peacefully. My family lives and we will get past this, I know it.

As Elia began to compose herself, she stared towards the city, and saw what must have been the Rebels by the gates of the city. Elia felt rage but realised that the safety of her children was paramount so she walked over to the gates of the city. She had begun to grow again and quickly doubled her height. By now she noticed the looters, the soldiers, the knights, the innocent and the evil staring up at her. She did not want her children to see her nakedness but as long as they were on her hand they would not see anything they should not. The other people in the city she could not care less about if they saw her nakedness. Elia tried to move out of the city, but as she began to move she spied a group of Lannister soldiers running out of the Keep. Rage returned to Elia, all the little soldiers had contributed to the burning rubble that was King’s Landing and tried to execute herself and her family. But Elia saw Rhaenys looking at the tiny red-caped men not with anger but with fear. One of those red caped brutes almost killed her. Rhaenys looked petrified of them despite being hundreds of feet above them in the air. Elia gasped softly at how frightened Rhaenys was of them and then rage returned even stronger than before. Elia did not ever want to see that look on Rhaenys’ face ever again. I will show her how puny those fools truly are to me now. Elia looked at Rhaenys and softly murmured to her special little Princess: “Do not worry Rhaenys Mamma will show these brutish vile betrayers who is truly in charge here.”

Rhaenys looked at Elia with great hope on her face. She believes in me. Elia smiled sweetly at her daughter to gently reassure her and then she turned her head softly from her daughter’s face to the red caped brutes’ way down below at her feet and grimaced at the traitors with righteous fury.

“STAY PUT!!!” Elia roared to the tiny soldiers far below the ground.

The tiny soldiers were too petrified to do anything but stand perfectly still. Elia smiled proudly as the puny men obeyed her without question. Elia looked back at her hand and though the four knights were in awe of Elia’s power, all Rhaenys could do was smile softly at her Giant Mother. It worked.

“See Rhaenys, I said that I will never let them hurt you again and they will never do so again.” Elia said reassuringly to her precious little daughter and Rhaenys smiled appreciatively back to her, true love and trust etched on her innocent sweet face. Elia looked down at the petrified soldiers and though Elia wondered how they would feel if she crushed them with her soft feet, she did not want to ruin the sweet moment. Elia wanted everyone to look at her like Rhaenys was now. Rhaenys’ soft smile was melting Elia’s heart and Elia was very careful but she could not resist. She moved her massive face in closer to Rhaenys, Elia smiled as Rhaenys saw what Elia was doing and she leant in herself and gave Elia a kiss on the lips. Despite the extreme size difference Elia felt so comforted by Rhaenys presence and she felt whole again.

“I love you being a giant Mamma.” Rhaenys said with soft laughter and a huge childish smile beamed from her lips.

“I love being a Giant sweetie.” Was all Elia could say in reply. I love being a Giantess and I cannot wait for everyone in this world to know that too.


By now pandemonium hit the streets of the Capital as everyone was in a complete panic trying to run through the packed city attempting to escape from the towering Princess. Elia began to grow again and she rose and rose, soaring high above the clouds. Elia was in awe at the serenity of the skies and how far she could see over. This is what it must have felt like flying through the air on a Dragon. Then she corrected herself. I am not a Dragon. I am something more. Elia continued her ascent until she reached over six thousand feet tall. Elia saw the Narrow Sea and the lands around her, as if she had stepped on a Maester’s painstakingly made map. I must be at least a mile tall now. Wow.

Despite her obvious awe shown from her parting lips, Elia was very careful not to step on anyone, even Lannister’s, as well as making sure her children and their protectors remained on her hand, luckily as she grew they drifted ever closer to the centre of her hand. Her children and the Knights on her hand looked like tiny dots to her now. Elia stepped out of the City walls, careful for her ever so looming feet not crushing anyone or anything. Elia peered down at those in King’s Landing from her vast height and she commanded: “LISTEN TO ME!!!”

Everyone, enemy and friend had stopped their chaotic scrambling and stared intently at the royal Giantess. Elia had a look of pride at the sudden silence and a smirk rose from her lips. Despite her nakedness, she heard no voice of protest from the insect like dwellers of the city. Elia cleared her throat, leaned over to her people as her marvellous breasts loomed over the sky and hid the light like an eclipse and she then announced: “PEOPLE OF KING’S LANDING, A GREAT INJUSTICE HAS BEEN OCCURRED BY THE TREACHEROUS LANNISTER’S. I AM A PEACEFUL WOMAN AND WANT TO RESTORE THIS BURNING CITY TO GREATNESS AND ALLOW ITS PEOPLE TO LIVE IN PEACE AND PROSPERITY.”

Elia noticed that the terrified citizens had begun to look less fearful and even heard a few isolated cheers as she leaned closer at her people. Elia cooed at the cheer and rose up and edged closer to the ruins of the Red Keep, willing to get down to business. “WHERE IS KING AERYS? I WISH TO SPEAK TO HIM.”

Elia moved her hand over the ceiling of the throne room, gently moved the ceiling and squinted at the floor as she noticed a very small bearded man with miniscule blood marks, looking like an ant slaughtered in battle. She realised the King was dead but saw neither witnesses nor the killer either. They murdered him. Elia felt no grief. Aerys allowed his Queen and their youngest Prince Viserys to flee to Dragonstone after Rhaegar’s death but not Elia or her children for fears of Dorne betraying the crown. Elia’s face contorted to anger and began to grow again. The panic stricken people began running again as Elia quickly but safely crept back out of the City to avoid crushing the people with her ever so growing feet. Elia stood back up after the growth stopped and announced: “KING AERYS IS DEAD. BY ROYAL PRECEDENT MY SON AEGON IS KING.”

Elia noticed a strange confusion as she strained her eyes at the people who once again stared up at her. She realised that she must have doubled in size during her growth and thought: They cannot believe I would hand power to my son. Aegon, as well as being a babe, was as small as his subjects but Elia didn’t care, she loved her children with all her heart, no matter how small they were to her. Elia began to speak again, but focused primarily on Robert’s troops and the Lannister betrayers: “THE WAR IS OVER, I WILL ACCEPT AN HONOURABLE SURRENDER FROM THE LORDS BARATHEON, STARK, TULLY AND ARRYN. HOWEVER LORD TYWIN…”

Elia stared at the ground of the Lannister’s trying to be inconspicuous by the ruins of the Red Keep. Elia allowed herself a spiteful smile. “IF LORD TYWIN IS NOT BROUGHT TO ME NOW, I WILL EXECUTE ALL LANNISTER SOLDIERS WITH MY GIGANTIC AND EVER SO FINE FEET, IF I MAY SAY SO MYSELF, LIKE MERE BUGS.”

Elia began to laugh, but not too hard as she was always mindful of her children on her hand. Elia leaned back down and allowed herself an even bigger smile as she noticed a gang of tiny people dragging a single tiny man as a few of them feebly tried in vain to protect him. Lord Tywin has lost all his power. Quickly they dragged him close as she reached her hand out and picked Lord Tywin up with her free hand. Picking up her enemy amused Elia to a great extent and she smiled as she squinted closer and closer until it was recognisably Lord Tywin Lannister, the Warden of the West, the former Hand of the King, the richest Lord in Westeros and now her prisoner.

“UNBOWED, UNBENT, UNBROKEN, LORD TYWIN. BUT FUNNY I CANNOT HEAR YOU ROAR.” Tywin looked furious as Elia began to laugh at her captured enemy. Despite her newfound power, Elia has and always will be a Martell of Dorne and was immensely proud of it. Her family’s motto rolled off of her immense tongue even now. Gods I hope Oberyn and Doran can see and hear this. Elia could not wait to show her brothers her newfound power but then a troubling thought emerged. Elia did not want to accidentally confuse her delightful children with the vile Tywin Lannister due to the now almost indistinguishable size difference between them and frankly they did not need to see what she will do to Tywin Lannister. Elia began taking a few steps out of the city as she deposited her children a safe distance from the capital. She dropped her hand to the floor and let her children and the knights off her hand; she dropped her colossal head next to her daughter and as it loomed over her entirely Elia marvelled as Rhaenys did not even so much as flinch. Gods she is such a sweet brave girl. Elia whispered to Rhaenys: “Mamma needs to deal with a few things, stay here with these fine Knights and please do not look at Mamma's nakedness, only my face please.”

Elia scooted her ear to the ground as her daughter replied softly: “Yes Mamma.”

Elia briefly softened from her anger because of her daughter’s love and acceptance of her newfound power and height. She is my little angel. Gods I hope she will never see me as anything other than her loving protector.


Elia stepped a few paces forward after her peaceful thoughts and stared at the prisoner on her hand. “NOW THAT THE ACTUAL IMPORTANT THINGS LIKE PROTECTING MY CHILDREN ARE OUT OF THE WAY, NOW I CAN DEAL WITH YOU.”

Elia struggled even straining to seeing the finer details of such tiny people but she could tell that Lord Tywin was attempting to muster as much dignity as he can. As if I give a shit about that now.

“NOW LORD TYWIN, UNLIKE YOU, I AM NOT A MONSTER. I WILL NOT DECIMATE THE WESTERLANDS AS LONG AS YOUR HEIR BENDS THE KNEE.” Tywin must have been mouthing something but the Giantess would not dignify him by listening.

“YOUR SON TYRION MUST BEND THE KNEE AND I WILL NOT CRUSH HOUSE LANNISTER. LITERALLY AS YOU CAN NO DOUBT IMAGINE.” Elia stared down at her luscious feet and she remembered visiting Casterly Rock years ago. I can only imagine how it would feel to crush the famous castle into rubble.

“YOU HOWEVER…” Elia paused; a smirk appeared over her magnificent face.


Lord Tywin reduced to such nothingness make Elia smile, to prove this newfound status Elia had a wicked thought. “LORD TYWIN YOU WILL MOVE IN TO YOUR NEW HOME.”

Elia giggled as she stuck Lord Tywin in her puckering Asshole, she deposited him legs first and had him stuck there. The crush should have killed him, but she felt that Tywin was still alive wriggling around in complete agony and humiliation. Had the Ring given me more powers than I realised? Elia nonetheless giggled and kept moaning: “STOP TICKLING ME!!!”

As much fun as Elia was having in destroying the image of Tywin Lannister as a ‘high born’ ruler, she also did not want to appear wicked to the citizens of King’s Landing so she went back to the outposts of the City. I need to show mercy to the others. Elia drew back to the City Walls and as she towered over her audience she announced: “LORD TYWIN IS THE EXCEPTION TO THE RULE. I WILL NEVER HARM THE INNOCENT OR THOSE LOYAL TO THE THRONE. I SOLEMLY SWEAR TO THE OLD GODS AND THE NEW THAT I WILL NEVER HARM LYANNA STARK EITHER. I WISH TO BEGIN THE NEGOTIATIONS WITH THE REBELS AT ONCE, MAY THEIR LEADER WALK TO ME.”

Elia began to think about the future, she would eventually have to confront Lyanna Stark. What would she say? What would she do? She had just given her word not to harm her, but that does not mean she would love her either. I should give her to her brother most like or to Lord Robert. Let them both suffer each other. Lord Robert was another she needed to deal with. Should I kill my husband’s killer? It would be expected, he was a rebel after all. But she offered him the chance to surrender as well, and Elia cannot imagine anyone rebelling against her son’s rule now. A sign of peace may be more beneficial than an act of spite. Queen Rhaella may disagree, but she was safely in Dragonstone dealing with her pregnancy. The Gods giveth and the Gods taketh away.

Thinking of her own spite, as much as she hated Lord Tywin, Elia thought how Ser Jaime Lannister would take his father’s punishment; Ser Jaime will take this terribly, but he is a Kingsguard. Ser Jaime was young, callow, and arrogant; but he swore to marry no wife, father no children or hold any land in order to live his life for the King, and that commitment should never be forgotten or taken for granted. Elia did note that he did fail Aerys as he was murdered in the slaughter. Ser Jaime will be allowed to bring some honour back to the name Lannister, and possibly reduce Tywin’s agony if he remains loyal to his King. If he tries anything with Aegon or Rhaenys though, Casterly Rock will be crushed to the ground. Elia was a humongous Giantess now but a tiny betrayer could still do great harm to her children if they got lucky. They would not dare now though. Elia then remembered Rhaenys’ look of pure love and trust as she picked her up from Rhaegar’s bedchambers. Nobody will ever hurt her again.

Elia’s pondering of the future was cut short as while she looked over to the gates of the city, still intact somehow, she noticed a lone man walking slowly towards her. A brave man. Elia stood perfectly straight, all two miles of her glorious frame stood proudly like a mountain; her olive skin gleamed through by the heavy rays of the sun, her long brown hair floating over the sky like rays of sunshine itself, and her ginormous breasts arched over like a relic of the divine. By the time this solitary man had reached her toes she began to bend down and put her hand on the ground and saw the man climbing up her nail to reach her finger. Elia slowly rose as she cupped her hands to protect him, and lodged him into her left ear. After some time Elia whispered: “And who is it I am speaking with?”

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