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While driving to the pickup location, it became apparent to Sam that he did not enjoy Valentine's Day. If you were single, every couple you saw made you sick and reminded you of the past that no longer existed or the emptiness of being alone. If you were with someone, it seemed cliche and more of a nuisance to buy each other gifts and create some "magical" moment meant to last forever. For that exact reason, Sam found V-Day to be an excellent opportunity to make some cash driving for Uber. He didn't do it often but on days like today, it was a great way to pick up some extra income and avoid participating in the holiday.

Sam rounded the block, spotting a popular bar a few buildings ahead. As he neared the entrance, Sam threw on the emergency lights and parked illegally along a red curb, waiting for his next rider or riders. He pulled out his phone, beginning to call the person when the door popped open and woman entered into the back. It was dark and hard to see. Looking into his rear view mirror, all he could see was the silhouette of her head which sat abnormally high, blocking some of his view outside his windows.

"So Club 33 is up next?" Sam asked her, wanting to confirm the drop off location.

"Yeah." She replied shortly.

Sam switched the car into drive and pulled back into the road, beginning the Google route which was mapped on his GPS. People were out everywhere tonight, all in couples, and yet here he was driving others to have a good time while he chose to work. Sam felt a tap on his shoulder from the woman.

"Yeah?" Sam responded.

"Is there no special Miss for you tonight? Seems a little boring to be driving tonight." She questioned.

"Uhhh yeah. That's right, no Valentine for me." Sam replied.

"Mmm good. I'd like to change my location from Club 33." She said sternly.

"Ok where to?" Sam questioned.

"Your place." She replied to Sam.

He choked on the air he was breathing, unable to respond to the bluntness of her demand. Sam had never heard of something like this happening and spat out his disbelief.

"I don't think you do. Are you feeling okay? Would you prefer I just take you back to your house." Sam offered generously.

"I've never felt better, now drive! I imagine you haven't forgotten where you live." She remarked sassily.

At this point, Sam was as curious as she was relentless. He shut off the directions and the Uber application, and let his hands guide the steering wheel. For several minutes there was silence as it became clear that Sam was indeed not driving to the club, and instead to his home. The woman secretly smiled in the back, watching as they parked outside what she could only assume to be his home. Sam hopped out of the vehicle before opening her door and offering a hand. She grabbed on and stepped out, standing to her full height.

Sam immediately noticed the extraordinary height of the woman. She must have been 6'4 or 5, making her over 8 inches taller than he was, not that he cared. Her endless legs and fit features were nothing to complain about. After shortly observing the contour of her body, Sam led her in through the house and into the living room. She discarded her jacket onto the couch and spun around to observe the room.

"I'll be back, I have to go to the restroom. Sit if you'd like, ma'am." Sam suggested before making his way down the hall.

"It's Asha." She replied as he walked away.

Sam quickly relieved himself in the toilet and wondered to himself what he'd gotten himself into. He calmed his nerves and closed his eyes, taking in a deep breath before heading back out to the living room. As his eyes came across a familiar set of legs, he realized something had changed. Standing in front of him was now an 8 foot tall Asha, who was mischievously smiling from above.

"Hello again. Would you be so kind as to get on your knees and kiss my feet?" She asked, not needing an answer.

Sam saw no benefit to arguing with the giant woman; she knew what she wanted from the beginning of the night. But Sam wasn't this woman's slave, and especially not while in his own damn house. He kept a gun in his office drawer for moments of self-defense like this one. If he bolted quick enough, he could grab it and kindly escort her out. The reward seemed too great to pass and Sam turned, taking a quick first step away from the giantess.

Clearly he had misjudged the extent of her reach (granted not many people encounter 8 foot amazons) as Asha immediately snatched his arm within her gargantuan hand. The force of her yank was more than enough force to pull him back, knocking him onto the floor just before her feet. Before Sam could react, she planted the largest foot he had ever seen across his upper chest and arms and pressed down, pinning him to the floor.

"Going somewhere? We're just getting started. In fact, why don't you suck on my toes for a little bit. I love foreplay." Asha demanded, shifting the position of her foot above Sam's minuscule head.

With nothing but the sole of her foot in view, Sam grimaced at the thought of putting his mouth anywhere near her feet. His disgust did nothing to shield him from the inevitable as Asha's impatient foot inched closer and closer to his face. Despite his distaste in feet, Sam did notice the lack of callouses anywhere on her feet. The surface looked especially smooth with her toes slightly arched back, pulling the skin taut. Accepting his fate, Sam grabbed onto the massive ped, wrapping his fingers around the girth of her foot. It took both hands to tilt her foot downward and lead her toes in the direction of his mouth. Sam watched her blush as his eyes scaled the length of her legs and body up to her face. At the same moment, he could feel Asha gently push her toes down into his open mouth. Sam closed his eyes as her big toe slid between his lips, nearly filling his mouth completely with the one digit.

She moaned as he sucked on the salty digit. Asha loved the feeling of small men worshipping her; it made her wet knowing they would do whatever she wanted. Sam was no different. She bobbed her toe in and out of his mouth several times before removing it entirely. Asha planted a foot to each side of Sam's head, noting her arch was a tad shy of being the same length of his head. No longer entertained by a mere visual comparison, Asha escalated her dominance over the small man, lifting her foot back over his face before gently stepping down with her heel on his chest. Even then, her toes outstretched passed his forehead which she gleefully scrunched into his hair.

"I wanna feel those lips still." Asha urged by pressing a bit harder.

Sam struggled against the weight of her foot as he attempted to kiss her sole. Asha was enjoying his feeble attempts to kiss her foot as she manipulated his head from side to side. The smell of her foot was pungent; it was a mix of scented lotion and sweat from being trapped in her boots from earlier. Sam was relieved when she finally set her foot down again, revealing a graphic image of her fingers between her legs.

"Not bad for someone not into feet. They don't smell too bad do they?" She asked.

Sam was about to respond when Asha snatched his nose between her long toes and mashed her soft sole against his mouth. He was forced to breathe the strong aroma from between her digits which he had estimated to be nearly four inches long. The smell overwhelmed his senses while Asha giggled uncontrollably, amused by her relentless torture. She pinched her toes together, sealing his airways shut for a moment before releasing it again.

"You are just too much fun down there. Now why don't you stand up. I have a new job for you." Asha instructed.

She watched as Sam stood up, his head leveling somewhere around her belly button. Asha ran her fingers through his hair repeatedly as she slowly cornered him against a wall. Her finger traced down the front side of his body while she simultaneously crouch down until they were eye to eye. The delicate fingers continued to wander across his body, ticking his sensitive skin until they wrapped around his fragile throat. She squeezed, increasing the pressure and constricting his airways, and gradually lifted Sam from off the ground. He squirmed as the choking sensation took over, but Asha had no intent of letting go.

"Sam I want you to fuck me. You understand that?" She asked.

All Sam could manage was a frantic nod with the amazon's hand wrapped around his throat. She continued to raise him higher against the wall, clearly enjoying the power rush. Her arm was fully extended and Sam's head was only inches from the ceiling. He was staring straight down her busty cleavage while his legs remained suspended in the air, dangling for mercy. Suddenly her grasp around his throat disappeared and Sam was dropped, his body slamming into the ground. He coughed and sputtered, preparing himself for what was next. To his surprise, Asha was undressing herself, revealing her sea of porcelain skin and model like proportions.

When she was done, she climbed onto the bed and leaned over with her ass still up. She patted the bed, looking at Sam.

"I'm ready." She whispered.

Sam was shocked but wasted no time in undressing himself. He hopped onto the bed and lined himself up appropriately for the unique doggy style. Despite being on her knees, Sam needed to stand to make this work. Leaning in, he slowly inserted his member into her wet slit and began rocking back and forth. Her ass was easily wider than any part of his body and he hugged it with each thrust he put forward.
The soft fleshy tush molded around his body, enveloping him like a warm blanket. Asha's hand shot back and gripped onto his backside, engulfing both cheeks, and assisted Sam in the rhythmic rocking, pumping him deeper and harder.

"That feels so good Sam." She moaned.

For several minutes, Sam continued to pound away, the intensity growing with each passing second. Suddenly Asha sat up; she was now a full head taller than Sam even on her knees. He stared at her toned upper back until she spun herself around, changing his view to pair of perky tits with erect nipples. Without asking, she aggressively snatched the back of his head and buried his face between the watermelon sized tits. He gladly suffocated in the fleshy prison until she pulled him out.

"My turn to be on top." She claimed, throwing Sam to his back.

Asha positioned herself above Sam as though they were about to 69. Her giant feet were sandwiched his head as she lined up the landing zone for her wet pussy. Sam watched in fear as his world was engulfed in darkness. She sat forcefully onto his face, burying him underneath and into her lady parts. Sam lapped at the giant pussy, doing his best to please her. She gripped tightly around his calves as he pleasured her with his graceful tongue. Asha cooed in delight as he massaged her wet lips. She loved this; Sam may be the best lover yet, she thought.

She spun around again and quickly cupped the perimeter of his face in her large hands. Slowly she leaned over and pursued a passionate kiss with the much smaller Sam, who in no way protested. With her hand still gripping his jaw, she continued her kiss before slightly pulling away. Her other hand snuck up with pinched fingers and sprinkled a fine powder into his mouth. Sam immediately pulled his head back and coughed.

"What the fuck was that?" He asked, now irritated.

"Sorry Sam, but this happens to all my lovers." She said ominously.

Sam watched in horror as the world around him grew. Each passing second reduced him in size until finally stopping. She now looked like a building to him, making him estimate his size to be somewhere just under a foot. His predicament only worsened as she bent over, gripping him between her now limb sized fingers. He fought to free himself, but he strength far exceeded his. Once he realized where he was going, Sam quickly stopped struggling to conserve his breath.

Asha shoved him head first into the entry of her vagina, gently pushing him farther inside her. His squirms had ceased and now she could finish what they had started. After a couple slow deep inserts, Asha decided to quicken the pace. Her fingers gripped tightly around his ankles and furiously pushed and pulled, dictating the pressure and depth with each repetition. Her orgasm built with each slide of his dildo sized body and it didn't take long before her body seized, undoubtedly squeezing her tiny victim inside. The moment lasted for several seconds as her lower half convulsed in pleasure.

"Oh fuck yes." She exclaimed, pulling Sam from her pussy's grasp.

He looked dead, but Asha could see his chest moving up and down, indicating he was still breathing. Thank god, she thought. That would have been disappointing if she killed her best one yet. Asha grabbed her clothes and began redressing herself. She hurried to the bathroom and drank the small vile of liquid she had in her pocket, returning her back to a more marmalade height. This time she ended up around 6'6''. Her post orgasm pee finished her time at Sam's house, and she walked back into the bedroom, seeing Sam still on the bed.

His eyes fluttered awake as the giantess re-entered the room. She approached him with a smile on her face and then lifted a foot up on the bed next to him.

"Alright, it's time to go, Sam. Hope the ride isn't too rough." She stated.

Her words became clearer as her sole descended upon him, covering the entirety of his body underneath. She left him there for a moment to enjoy the sensation of his squirms and then slid her foot downward, revealing Sam's head. Sam's face was then pinched between her toes as she lifted her foot off the bed with him attached. Sam's world turned to black as she placed her foot back into her boots. Sam was simply another tiny to add to her collection.

What a great Valentine's Day.
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