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Pretty sure I'm going to hell for this one.

So this is a collab story with Inwiththebooks among other things. And uh...a few disclaimers here.


No, this story does not represent my opinions, political or otherwise. Nor is it judging anyone or meant to insult anyone who may have certain beliefs. This is purely a fetish story with a political satire edge to it. If you can't really handle that then I don't know what to say.


Now that said, I hope you enjoy. Because this was really fun to write.







The scene before the White House was a cavalcade of chaotic cries and exclamations. For miles out figures could be seen standing before the iconic building bearing red signs with catchy phrases emblazoned along them. A horde of people compacted together and stretching out for the entirety of the White House lawn well into the Washington Monument and the streets beyond.

Rumored to be the largest procession to ever be gathered for such an event. Granted, it was the largest procession of women to ever be gathered. No matter, largest was largest. Sure, there were men here or there but they were few and far between and very obviously not the bulk of the mass of people. To even call them 1% would have been incredibly generous.

Before the pristine chalky building, a stage had been prepared. Complete with a podium, currently empty, as well banners declaring the jovial reason for such a gathering.

Inauguration Day

Yes, the fateful day was here at long last. After years of debate, scandal, and heated tensions the American people had spoken and made their voices heard. It was this fateful day that the 45th President of the United States was to be officially ushered into office.

The crowd was restless, having waited hours with nothing to show as of yet. It all still seemed too good to be true and yet here they all were. The campaign had seemed like such a wonderful dream but one glance to the various signs levied by the various people assured any doubts.

We are not Objects!

Down with the Patriarchy!

It’s Lady Liberty. Not Mr. Liberty!

Make America Big Again!

Such phrases had been the talking points for the preceding months as an underdog candidate took the world by storm. Her approach was uncouth. In fact, some might even say unworthy for someone trying to be President. However, her words resonated with her peoples and it had paid off in the end. Certainly, this would be the day that America would become the greatest country in the world once more.

“She’s here!”


Murmurs began to spread along the restless people as a long dark limousine pulled into view to the roaring chorus of cheers and applause. It came upon the impressive entourage of military uniform-clad soldiers and famed politicians, soon stopping somewhere out of view. The crowd grew silent once more. Those gathered on the stage turned and looked towards the back.

Time seemed to grow still for a moment as the country watched with anticipation, and in some cases fear. At first nobody could see it, but then came the first bit of blonde hair as more of the President Elect began to come into view. Behind her a brunette head also made its appearance and seemed to grow in stature with each step.

“Trent Piece! Trent Pierce!” The crowd gleefully cheered the names of the duo with nothing short of reverence.

Stepping down along the carpeted path set before her was none other than Dianne Trent, soon-to-be 45th President of the United States.

She carried herself with a presence and posture that radiated confidence. Dianne walked with a perfect yet relaxed posture, one that seemed to make her already imposing 6”2” figure even taller in comparison to the smaller politicians around her. Long flowing blonde hair billowed in the air behind her as her heels sank into the carpet and she strolled towards the podium, eyeing it for just a moment before calmly taking a position at its side.

Say what one would of her, Dianne made for an impressive face among the crowd of soldiers and elderly men. Despite possessing 45 years under her belt she didn’t look a day over 30 (Which considering the amount of money invested into her looks she damn well better not). A tall, busty body teased itself through the form-fitting confines of a black business dress that danced around her nylon-covered legs. Brilliant blue eyes gazed on ahead with the utmost confidence.

At her side her running mate stood equally as impressive. Being just as tall and perhaps even more developed than the Lady President, Michelle Pierce maintained a calm visage from her position behind her blonde partner. Unlike Dianne, her hair was meticulously straightened and restricted into a ponytail. Always the face of professionalism and business that one.

Such were the two women that took the nation by storm. Their stances were extreme. Their tactics ruthless and perceived by many to even be incompetent. However the results spoke for themselves, and now these two women stood on the victor’s stage.

With a sly smirk Dianne glanced over at a number of the politicians surrounding her, many of them shying away from her intimidating gaze. It was fairly obvious who was afraid of who here; and standing there right at the heart of the gathering of cowardice and masculinity was none other than her defeated opponent himself: Hal Colton. A picture perfect example of everything wrong with the system if ever there was one. Old. White. Male. Weak. A spineless coward like the rest of the system he represented. A representative of all the problems Dianne intended to fix.

Eventually the roars of the crowd died down once again and the general peace returned for a moment. Ceremonies weren’t set to begin for another ten minutes; but when those ten minutes came to pass nothing was more deafening than the cries of pure elation from what felt like every woman in the country.

From the swathe of politicians on stage one man stepped forward to the podium. Despite the obvious unease he must’ve felt to be delivering this address he carried himself with the cool, collected grace of a politician. A modest applause greeted him.

“Thank you.” He began to the dimmer of applause. “As the President, the Vice President, the President Elect, and the Vice President Elect stand here...Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States of America.”

More applause, still rather lackluster.

“Today the branches of government come together to celebrate the passing of this nation’s torch…”

His words quickly bled into one another, weaving historical facts and quotes into elongated dribble that sounded pretty but ultimately amounted to padding. Another instance of the ineptitude of the current regime at play. The crowd may as well have been dead on their feet they were so utterly silent. Even Dianne, known for her bombastic voice, looked rather bored by the proceedings.

Half an hour passed before the words that would revitalize the crowds were uttered.

“And so, it is with great honor that I introduce, for the first time, the first female and 45th President of the United States...Dianne J. Trent!”

As if they had simultaneously awoken all at once, the crowd roared louder than it ever had before. An endless shriek of female voices that filled the air with an energy that wasn’t there moments before. Change was in the air and they could all feel it.

Dianne calmly walked and took the podium, standing proud as countless figures screamed their praise and adoration for her. A level of unanimous joy that had never before been seen at any Inauguration. All for her. Applause would die down only for more applause to begin, putting off the President’s words for several minutes as the world basked in this glorious moment.

“My fellow Americans…” Dianne began and the crowd fell silent. “And people of the world…” She glanced aside at the politicians who had opposed her for a moment. “Thank you.” More applause from the crowds before her. “We, the citizens of America, are now joined in a great national effort to rebuild and make our country great once again. For many, many years to come.”

As had defined her campaign, whenever Dianne spoke the world listened. Whenever she said something the people praised her. This was no exception. Any who weren’t praising her this day were simply a part of the problem.

“We will face challenges. We will face hardships, but we will get the job done.” She said with a bright and confident smile. “Every four years we gather on these steps for a transference of power. So that one generation can usher in the next; but today is a special occasion! For the first time in American history, a man is bestowing this nation’s ultimate honor onto me, a woman.” An especially loud applause erupted after that declaration. “From the system to me, and from me to you, the people.”

Now it was beginning. Any who knew Dianne and her speeches knew where this speech was heading. It was inevitable really. “For too long has the power of this once illustrious nation of ours been locked away within the White House! Within its large room filled with men. Too long have they denied the American people the services that they have been promised. Not anymore!”

Behind her many of those men she had spent her campaign defacing shifted uncomfortable in their seats. They knew Dianne was a radical. They knew her position and what she promised to do; but never in all of their lives could they have ever imagined things would turn out like this. With each artfully delivered word she riled the crowds of people even more. Not just at the White House, but across the nation.

“The establishment has cared only for itself! Not for the people. Their victories have not been your victories. So I beseeched the American people to ask who they wanted, and the people have spoken!” Her arms flew up at her sides in a grandiose gesture, the applause growing overwhelming. “Incompetent they called me! Sexist! A bigot! The corruption at the heart of our government tried to silence my message, but it was you America that stopped them!” Technically it was about 85% of all women in America and 5% of the men, but she naturally didn’t offer such specifics.

By her usual standards the statements were downright tame. Dianne had been known to allegedly say many things. Like all men were rapists (But some were okay). That the government was a corporate cesspool of misogyny that had turned a beautiful system in on itself. Too many things to keep up with really.

“It’s okay now, because today is your day America!” Dianne called with a clear gesture to the predominantly female crowd. “No longer will you fear your safety in walking the streets at night! No more will you be afraid of being judged for what you wear or how you talk. No more will criminals and rapists get away with violating this sacred country of ours.” She stopped, exhaling under her breath before looking up. “America was great once. We were born from men, fine men, and women, fine women. Both of whom worked together to make the greatest country in the world; but we’ve lost our way. Once we were the biggest exporter of goods in the world. Now we aren’t even 1%. We trade less than any other country in the world!” Not true, but the crowd sure didn’t seem to mind.

“Still, I love this country deeply, and I love its people. America was great once. It was the strongest, biggest country to ever exist in the history of the world, and I think it can be again. That’s why I decided enough is a enough! It’s time America!”

Everyone in the crowd knew what came next. An endless swathe of voices joined Dianne’s as she spoke the key phrase that had become her rallying cry. The words that had given her this great power.

“Make America Big Again!”

The cheers exploded into an uncontrollable celebration of the new Lady President; and as half the country cried tears of joy, the other half wept in sorrow.



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