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Laurissa has me!  There’s no way she’ll let me return to normal size until she’s had her fun.  Guy felt his naked body being compressed as he was lifted up and out of his T-shirt.

            His head spun as he was raised high into the air, his inch-long body dangling as the now familiar sight of his sister’s gorgeous billboard-sized face came into view.  Between her thumb and index finger he struggled with all his might, but to think he could defeat a teenaged girl who was hundreds and hundreds of feet tall was unrealistic to say the least.

            Laurissa laughed smugly.  “I knew I’d have you small again.”  Moving her feminine hand, her wrist gently bent back and forth as Guy’s itty-bitty legs swayed from side to side.  “I never said it before, little bro, but you getting the shrinking disease is the best thing that could have ever happened to our relationship.  I absolutely love having you tiny.”

            Guy knew that his younger sister had always enjoyed the size fetish, just as he did, but her enjoyment of it seemed to be taking a more personal turn — an almost incestuous turn of events.  The 19-year-old stared into his sister’s giant blue eyes… his heart racing a mile a second.  “Laurissa!  Laurissa!” he shouted in his squeaky, high voice.  “You know I’m not a toy!  Right?  Just because you made me shrink again doesn’t let you —”

            His sibling cut him off, saying, “That’s right, little Guy, I did make you shrink… again.  And it was easier than I thought to turn you on.  I didn’t even have to strip.  But I can always do that if your tolerance gets too high.”

            Guy was speechless as he continued to dangle helplessly in front of his sibling’s face.  Strip?  What is she talking about?  Even if she is incredibly hot, she’s still my sister.  Guy blinked as he shouted once again — his tiny voice barely audible, “Laurissa!  I am an adult!  I’m over 18.”

            The girl smirked.  “Yes, and it pleases me how our roles have reversed.  You’re older than I am… and yet I have all the power.  You’re the big brother… but I can hold you in the air effortlessly like this… like you weigh nothing.”

            His sister’s teasing was beginning to cause excitement in his genital region, and he was desperate to stop his arousal.  Anything to make his mind go blank.  Guy grunted as he struggled in vain to free himself.  “Let me go!”

            “Come now, little bro.  Is that anyway to treat your sister who is the size of a goddess to you?”  She giggled bringing him close to her mouth.

            Guy gasped as the teen’s full lips parted and her wet pink tongue snaked out… slowly running across her upper lip.  The next thing he knew his sister had extended her enormous tongue, his diminutive form being pressed into its tip.  He instinctively grabbed hold of the moist, warm muscle… not wanting to fall… and then he was aware that she was no longer holding him with her fingers.

            His naked form crawled desperately further up onto his sister’s tongue — sensing that she was moving it gently from side to side.  He heard her vocal cords vibrate as she said, “Ahhhhh…” lifting her tongue slightly up and down.

            Hearing her girlish giggle again, Guy was completely focused on maintaining his grip, the front of his body firmly pressing onto the top of her tongue.  The next thing he knew was the sensation of footfalls, feeling the ‘thud’ of his sibling’s steps.

            He seemed to be losing his slippery grip, but then he turned his head and suddenly saw the reflection of his sister’s beautiful face.  She was looking in the bathroom mirror, and he saw the surreal image of his nakedness atop her giant extended tongue.  Oh, wow, his thoughts raced.  Oh, wow…  The image of being on his little sister’s tongue combined with feeling the heat and wetness beneath him began to raise his libido to another level.  Oh, no!  This is not happening!  My dick is starting to become a boner… again.  Laurissa choosing to keep me on her tongue for so long isn’t helping.

            “Ahhhhh…” his sister teased again, and then giggled.  She began to speak with Guy holding on for dear life, but her words did not come out clearly.  She returned her tongue inside her mouth… pausing for a moment.  “There.  That’s better.  I can speak clearly with you inside my mouth, little bro.”

            Darkness enveloped him as her mouth closed.  Oh, my God!  She actually brought me all the way in!  This can’t be happening!  Guy shouted, “Laurissa!  Laurissa!  Laurissa!”

            A sliver of light entered as she answered him, “Yes, Guy?  You’ve never been inside your little sister’s mouth before, have you… big brother?”  Her seductive laughter sounded from deep within her throat, surrounding her brother from every direction.  “I was thinking about this all weekend while out with my girlfriends.  I just knew I would get to trap you in my mouth sooner or later.”

            Guy started to shout in protest, but then his sister’s lips sealed shut, leaving him once again in total darkness.  Lying on his side atop her tongue, he sensed Laurissa’s movements… deliberately moving her tongue and him gently from side to side… lifting him up slightly and then back down.  He felt down along his genitals, sensing his cock had become a full erection, and he held his hands around it to protect it, which only made him more aroused.

            She seemed to be in no rush to let him out.  Time within his sister’s mouth went on and on… and on.  And then he heard soft, seductive moans… one after the next… rhythmically rising and following.  Guy took hold of his cock, unable to resist pumping it.  Damn it!  This isn’t fair!  Laurissa can’t do this to me.  But I need the release.

            “Ohhhhh…” his sister cooed.   Her teen voice was already naturally erotic-sounding, even when she was simply speaking normally… when she wasn’t even trying.  But now she was using her God-given talents to the fullest… moaning purposefully… deliberately making her brother feel small inside her.

            “Mmm… little bro.  I’m going to lift you up… play with you along the roof of my mouth for a while.  So, hold on, little Guy.”

            Guy was lost in rapture, stroking his cock.  He then felt the slippery wetness of the top part of her mouth as his shoulder and back slid along… forward and back… forward and back.   Oh, my… oh shit…  He continued pumping away on his rock-hard dick as he finally ejaculated the first part of his jizz.  It gushed out.  “OhhhhLaurissa…” he moaned.  “Laurissa…  Laurissa…”  He didn’t want to cum because of his little sister — but he knew he needed to.  His arousal was past the breaking point, and he was completely helpless to stop it.  Oh, wow…  Oh fucking wow…  He continued to blast out gush after gush of thick cum.  And yet he knew that what was a big load to him was far less than a single drop to his titanic sibling.

            Laurissa’s moans seemed to slow right around the time he was finishing his business.  There was the sound of pleasure and satisfaction in her voice.  “Ooooh… Ohhhh…  Yes.  Does little brother like being trapped in his big sister’s mouth?  What if I never let you out?”  The teen giggled, gently moving her brother around her mouth with her tongue… along the sides of her smooth teeth… and back up to the roof of her mouth — holding him there for ten seconds before starting all over again.

            A few minutes later… light suddenly poured into his sister’s cavernous mouth.  Guy took a deep breath as he felt his inch-body being taken hold of.  He blinked as his eyes adjusted to the new surroundings, squinting from the influx of bright light.  After a moment he saw Laurissa’s huge white grin.  “Did you enjoy being roommates with my tongue, little Guy?”  She laughed happily and confidently to herself.

            He noticed himself being lowered into the palm of her hand.  And as he stood naked, he was lifted before the beauty of her face.  His cock was still extremely hard, and this realization caused his face and cheeks to blush horribly.  He attempted to cover his genitals, but he was simply too aroused.

            “Looks like my tongue wasn’t the only happy roommate.  Did you play with your cock while inside your sister’s mouth?  Come on, little bro.  Tell your big sister the truth.”

            He knew his arousal was more than obvious — hiding it was futile.  He shouted, annoyance in his tiny voice, “Yeah, okay, fine!  I did masturbate.  I did orgasm.  So what!”  He watched a subtle smirk begin to form on Laurissa’s voluptuous lips… until it had become an obvious smirk… and then she was grinning.
            His sister laughed softly to herself while she continued to grin.  She brought her brother close to her lips.  “I’m glad you jerked off, little bro.  It pleases me… greatly.”

            Then holding her palm further away, Guy’s eyes scanned the enormousness of his sister’s 50-foot-high head.  She had flawless beauty… a truly erotic quality to the shape and proportion of her facial features.  Oh, my God, he thought.  Her face… just by itself… is sufficient to bring a man to orgasm.  How can she look that beautiful?  He tried to turn away, but her magnetic presence continued to hold his gaze captive.

            And then she abruptly said, “Oh, I forgot I have a surprise!  But let me first wash you off.”  She walked over to the sink in the bathroom, and proceeded to douse her inch-brother under the faucet.  Drying him in a towel, she returned to her own bedroom, setting Guy down on the pink blanket of her bed.

            Guy stood, curious, observing his towering sister as she stepped gracefully over to her closet.  From this vantage point, he could fully see the hourglass figure she possessed… every curve hugged by her skintight and revealing summer clothing.  She then quickly turned and jumped happily as her large breasts jiggled in her top.  “Look what I found, little bro.”

            Oh, no, Guy thought.

            In his sister’s hand she teasingly displayed a large glass jar, measuring 6 ½ inches high, the type used for canning.  “I found it under the kitchen sink a few days ago,” she said cheerfully.  “And it has a metal lid, too, so little brothers can’t escape.”

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